Gio LO CELSO of Argentina, Real Betis says Angel DI MARIA was his idol, talks Lionel MESSI


Giovani LO CELSO of Argentina and Real Betis gave an interview where he discussed Angel DI MARIA, Lionel MESSI and more.

Following him scoring in a 2-0 win for Real Betis, the Argentina man gave an interview with Marca. The former Rosario Central midfielder stated that Angel DI MARIA was his idol while also talking about Lionel MESSI and his current coach. When asked about who his reference was, here’s what he had to say:

“It was Angel DI MARIA, who came from the same club (Rosario Central) as I did. He’s had a great career and he was humbled. Characteristically, we are very DIFFERENT but when I left there, he was my idol and my reflection. I took the time to thank him for everything he’s done for me. He did a lot for my adaptation in Paris. I couldn’t believe that I would share moments with him.”

In regards to Lionel MESSI, LO CELSO said this:

“There’s only one MESSI, we see it match after match. That comparison does not make sense. There’s only one, he’s Barcelona’s number 10 and he always surprises us. He fills the eyes of all football fans.”

About the goals for the rest of the season:

“We always set goals. We have three competitions and we are well positioned in La Liga, first in Europe at the moment (Europa League) and there’s the Copa (del Rey) left. There are objectives for the future, a beautiful season with a lot of excitement. It’s a very passionate city.”

When asked about his coach, LO CELSO said this:

“He likes to play a way which I like. He wants me to be a protagonist, to have the ball.”


  1. I just saw the Barca Tottenham game. It was a sad game to watch as anybody with any objectivity can see that Messi just doesn’t have the legs he once used to. At one point I thought I was watching Riquelme play. He just walked the pitch most of the time and no bursts of speed or anything like we used to see. Either he is injured or the years are finally catching up to him.
    I hope he succeeds in the copa and lifts a trophy. For those that think that in 4 years from today he will be a factor in the World Cup they are in for a major disappointment. Unfortunately we all lose the battle against time.

    • You missed the point. Barcelona already won being as group winner, brought in new players, different setup and look at the other players, some of them were new and didn’t pass a ball to Messi. This team looked the same as Argentina were in the 2018 World Cup. They didn’t know how to play except Dembele and Goal Keeper. You can’t expect everything from Messi as This is eventually Team Game. I don’t think age is catching up Messi and can play until 37, 38 years. Copa 2019 or World Cup Success will entirely depend on whether or Not Lionel Scaloni will make a competitive Team or not.
      Argentina first needs to build a competitive Team and adding Messi to the Team. Then, You will see how Messi performs for Argentina.

    • Barca already qualified as group winners, Why should he play as hard and risk injury? How could you say he does not have the legs he once used to, after what he did against Espanyol 3 days ago?

      Some might go as far as thinking that he conspired and did not play as hard just to sink Inter Milan !!!

      • > Some might go as far as thinking that he conspired and did not play as hard just to sink Inter Milan !!!

        Tomorrows Arg media headline “Messi retaliates against Icardi for speaking against Club de Amigos”

        ….and then some mundo buffoon will post it soon after

    • No I disagree, if you watched the first leg game between the two you would’ve seen messi bossing the whole game with goals, passes, dribbles and running and that’s because in that game barca had to win while in the this game messi didn’t even need to shift gears, he was essentially on ‘neutral’.
      I would go as far as to say that this season Messi has been far more effective and dynamic than he was in 2014 before the WC where he looked tired and out of sorts. It’s important to remember that physicality was never a part of Lio’s game, it’s his footballing mind and his reading of the game that makes him the GOAT.

      • ” It’s important to remember that physicality was never a part of Lio’s game, it’s his footballing mind and his reading of the game that makes him the GOAT.”

        Straight to the point.

      • I’ll have to agree with elpipita. Messi doesn’t need to run , he makes the ball do the running for him. Also one of the reason for his extremely fit body could be the growth hormone he took at a very young age. Otherwise how could someone display extraordinary play season after season and at the same time maintain the supreme body fitness!! I don’t see any player overtaking Messi for atleast 3 to 4 years. Barring any unfortunate injury , he should make it to the next world cup as undisputed player No 1.

    • San Isidro looks like you are not followed European football this season, Messi is the best player of this season with (17 goals from 18 matches, highest scorer of laliga with 11 goals, highest assist maker in laliga, top goals scorer of the Champions League with 6 goals from 4 matches. Yesterday match against totonham was a useless match where Barcelona already through to the last16 as a group leader, so Messi didn’t take risk. Don’t worry if Messi is injury free he will be best player of Argentina in the next World Cup…

    • Well… under Valverde Messi is being spoiled rotten!!!!! He is walking like never before under Valverde, and that is translating into Argentina as well. Guardiola, Luis Enrique got more effort out of Messi than Valverde is. Dembele showing up 2 hours late to training and still starts games is unbelievable. Valverde is such a pushover its even funny.
      Valverde is not only ruining Barcelona but Messi as well.

  2. Lamela is damn good …..his energy and talent are priceless. ….

    j correa should see him how he runs and shows energy after coming from bench …..j correa talent is equivalent to lamela though

  3. Gallardo next Argentina coach, AFA must hire him otherwise lost a great coach after simeone and phochetino

  4. Patronato – Velez 3:3

    Velez boys always impressive. This time Matias Vargas had scored 2 goals (the first one in very his style with curl shoot) and contributed to the third. Nicolas Dominguez has scored one while Thiago Almada made assist. Lucas Robertone and Gaston Gimenez noted good performances too. All the 5 players are NT material for now or for future. They take turns one by one are on being MOTM.

      • Vargas called again to NT (as well as move to Europe) is just matter of time. Maybe months, maybe years but that will happen sooner or later. He is best when have the opportunity to use his fantastic quick right foot. Actually I consider him even more as playmaker than winger so a little bit central position than LW would be best for him. The only thing Pavon is better than Vargas is speed, the rest is on the Vargas side.

        Several comparisons to Vargas were made: Hazard, Shaqiri, Tevez but I like to see in him our Lorenzo Insigne. The same positions. Insigne is even shorter.

    • Yeah Velez did quite well considering the fact that they were down to 10 by the end of the first half. That team has alot of talent but for now I’d only take Dominguez for the NT. I’d also take Defensa’s Barboza-Martinez pair and Godoy’s Angeleri. Finally I would keep my eye on Alexi MacAllister who is in my opinion a superior talent to Palacios.

  5. Glad for him to find back his natural position. He is the old school 10 that I like, always head up to be aware of his partners’ position, never dribble too much, strong ball holding and additionally decent at defending. There are many players who can play this role too but not as good as him: Pity is more a winger, De Paul too(better as winger or winger back), Vazquez is now more a box to box with his club and did it well, Banega is excellent with his club but never consistent with NT, Dybala is more a 9 half although some experts qualify him as 10(maybe they saw sthg I didn’t see), Pastore let’s just forget. Lamela can do the job but he is more attracted by dribbling and make the difference alone.

    My dream team is always to have a regista+a playmaker 10+Messi. To me, there are 5 players that we should keep for every game: Pezzella, Tagliafico, Paredes, Lo Celso, Messi. For the rest we may change accordingly to the tactics.

    By the way, seems Lo Celso’s ex coach Emery seems to be interested in Tagliafico and may bring him to Gunners. Me I’d also love to see Pity or De Paul joins this team as well. Why not also Lo Celso to replace Ozil. Emery knows well Argentine players.


    Giovanni Praising Di Maria and Messi !!!!

    It’s official , Lo Celso is part of the ‘friends club’ 🙂

    Now guys this is just a joke, don’t take me seriously

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