An Argentina preview from 2006 to 2010, goalkeepers, defenders


Following the 2006 FIFA World Cup, there was a post put up previewing potential Argentina players who might have a chance to make it to the 2010 tournament in South Africa.

All of the posts from 2006 have been uploaded onto Mundo Albiceleste (the rest of the years will be posted as well) and going through the preview for 2010, there were a few names which made the cut but many that never amounted to anything with the Argentina team.

Here was the article originally posted on July 6, 2006 previewing the players. Were there names that were missed or names which you thought would have been there for the 2010 team?


Roberto ABBONDANZIERI was one of the highest points for Argentina in 2006, but he might be too old for the next World Cup. He is almost 34 and even though Jens LEHMANN is 36 now and he had a great World Cup, ABBONDANZIERI will have almost 38 and will be almost impossible for him to be included. That said, he is poised to get a contract in Spain and start a brand new international career at his age. So you never know.

There is nothing to be worried about. Argentina has other options between the three posts. Oscar USTARI was our only player in the squad not to play a single minute in this World Cup, but he gained experience by being with the team in such circumstances.

Leo FRANCO will be 33 and if he keeps up his performances in Spain he could become our first choice.

Running behind these two there is German LUX (who very narrowly missed the trip to Germany). He is very young and he is established in River Plate (and may be going to play in Europe very soon).

Other candidates?

Mariano BARBOSA made a move to Spain to play for Villarreal and will continue to gain experience and improve in this coming four seasons.

Franco COSTANZO is another product of River Plate’s youth system and has incredible reflexes. He got relegated with Deportivo Alavés in Spain but no doubt he has the qualities. He has four years to establish himself once again.


Out of the current squad, there might be some defenders still in contention to play in 2010.

Instead of going case by case, I’ll name those who I think will have to stay and try and explain why.

Gabriel MILITO: Solid. Played a great game against Holland and has the best years of his career still to come. He’ll be 30.

Nicolas BURDISSO: Adaptability. He can play in every defensive position. Had a great World Cup before his injury against Holland. If he keeps up his performances for Inter Milan, he should be heading for South Africa. He’ll be 29.

Gabriel HEINZE: Experience. He’ll be 32 and he better use his experience to avoid silly mistakes like those he made in Germany. Playing at a high level for Manchester United could help his case.

Of those I like from our defensive core these three are the only ones who have a chance to make it to the next World Cup in terms of age. Captain Juan Pablo SORIN (34 in 2010) and former skipper Roberto AYALA (37) will miss out. And guys like Fabricio COLOCCINI, Lionel SCALONI and Leandro CUFRE should not play unless they improve dramatically in the next few seasons.

New faces?
Gonzalo RODRIGUEZ should have played in this World Cup if it wasn’t for his nasty injury sustained in a Champions League encounter last season. He will be one of the top central defenders for the next years to come. I’m thinking of a couple of central defenders formed by him and Gabriel MILITO. We have a future there! By the way, if you want to follow GONZALO, he plays for Villarreal and he’ll be 26 in 2010. He has 5 caps with Argentina and scored 1 goal (against Mexico in a friendly match).

Walter SAMUEL did not make it to Germany. He never got to be the same he was when he won the Scudetto with AC Roma (2000/2001). But he can make a comeback and be an experienced 32-year old central defender in our next World Cup squad.

So we’ve got 5 already. No room for surprises so far! We might take 6 or 7 defenders to the next World Cup and the last two spots could be filled up by new-comers. Four years is a lot of time in football and lots of careers are build up in less than that.

But here are a couple of bets to the future:

Gustavo CABRAL. He plays for Racing Club and is familiar with Argentina Youth Teams. He is already established in the first division and if he manages to secure a move to Europe, he’ll be better regarded by everybody. Has speed. Knows how to head the ball and will be 24 at the time of the World Cup.

Daniel DIAZ. While this is not exactly a bet to the future, he’s a player who can become a power house in the next couple of years. With experience in Mexico and being a key to Boca’s recent success, there might be a spot available for him. Some defenders seem to hit their best form in their late-20’s so a move to Europe would not be something crazy to think. He’ll be almost 31 in the next World Cup.

Nicolas PAREJA. He comes from Argentinos Juniors (just like MARADONA, REDONDO, CAMBIASSO, SORIN and RIQUELME to name a few) and he have just secured a move to Anderletch (Belgium). Watch out for him in the coming seasons. He’ll be 26 and he can present a good battle for a starting position come 2010.

The goalkeepers and defenders included in the 2010 team were the following:

Diego POZO

Gabriel HEINZE

Not a single one of the goalkeepers which were mentioned back in 2006 made the squad four years later. Meanwhile for the defenders, Nicolas BURDISSO, Gabriel HEINZE and Walter SAMUEL all made it.


    • So Alvarez, Gaich, Colidio, Romero – all included. No Garre, Lovera and also our best player on COTIF – Barreal.

      • Anibal moreno n lo celso instead of barreal or Garre?? I guess different coach have different preferance.
        Also no Ayala so who is going to play in middle Insuarralde??
        Not going to care much about the omission of Gonzalo maroni but who will be our set-piece taker?
        Anyway happy to see Almada.

        • Yes, I think he missed too many players of COTIF starting eleven: Avila, Ayala, Maroni, Barreal – especially the last three were important for that team.

    • I’m not really sure this squad is well balanced: 4 strikers?! It’s too many(Gaich, Alvarez, Romero, Colidio) with deficit of defensive midfielders and wingers. No Maroni, Barreal, Garre, Lovera, Marinelli.

  1. River lost chance to win Club World Cup is one their own heads and bad luck but still rather combination of accident at work and disregard of opponent than any important indication. Real Madrid with Ronaldo and all his biggest stars was also 2:2 with Kashima Antlers after 90′ minutes of 2016 WC semifinal. Accidents happens.

    People of ill will always see what they want to see. Always one side of coin. If River or Pity Martinez have 10 great games in a row, including wins over some Brazilian potentates they will keep silence. But when River is having one bad day they will take this out of context and comment about as if it was final of finals. The only final of finals for River was the historical game against Boca.

    I’m not really paying much attention about today’s River win over Kashima but only idiots and trolls may suggest superiority of Asian football to South America. Like vocal mad dogs that broke their chains when got the one happy day (after looong times of frustrations) to give issue of their satisfaction because of one bad day of the team that should be supported here as Argentinean.

    • Accidents? Europeans won 11 of 12 of the last CWC, before that south american won 50%. This Al Ain seemed an amateur team in the final and Real dont even forced to destroy them. Way weaker team than Kashima, and look at Pity, without pressure he shines, the reason he never ever will be a class player, and only Atlanta wants him.

      • So you want to say Al Ain is better club than Gremio, Cruzeiro or Boca – the teams that River beat recently?! LOL. That’s your insane logic.

        Today’s River win was also without giving 100% with few best players on the bench. So the previous game just accident.
        Maybe I should bring here comparisons in your style like: “Al Ain players were total exhausted after 2 more games, and they drew against half-ametuers Wellington from New Zealand. What are we talking about?”

        River won with Kashima higher than Real – nonsense?! yes, but that’s your logic of comparisons. You say about exhausted Al Ain but what about exhausted River about whole CL? Double standards?

        Only the 4th goal of Pity shows how very little you know about the player, the team and generally about football. You make fool of yourself.

        • “Only the 4th goal of Pity shows how very little you know about the player, the team and generally about football. You make fool of yourself.”

          Usual bullshits, “only Atlanta wants him.” the fact, 15 million euros, garbage price, mediocre player, end of debate

          • BTW:

            Gallardo words just few hours ago: “El Pity está capacitado para jugar en una liga mayor que la MLS”

            or maybe you know more about players quality than Gallardo

    • I think today is the day batista will announce the 23 squad…so many forwards wonder who will get the cut. Julian Alvarez being not with u20 team for past few days may diminish his chances for being selected.

      • I hope he will be there. For me Gaich and Alvarez are 1st choices.

        What’s to come in River after Pity, Palacios and Quinter will left are players like Julian Alvarez, Cristian Ferreira and Matias Moya.

  2. I support Argentina national team. No player is more important than the team. We had, have and will have world class players.
    To name one example: Mascherano.
    I adore him from 2004 to 2015. He contributed to the team like no other. For that he is a legend. After that he hurt the team.
    The players are must earn day in, night in their place. Past reputation should not matter. Players should represent Argentina only at their best. That’s their job. No hard feelings.
    In conclusion Mascherano is will be always a Legend. Nobody will be able to deny that. The last world cup demished his overall contribution though. Had he retired earlier he would be regarded even higher. You either die a hero or live long enough to become the villian.
    All I sm saying is that I regard him a legend but should had not played especially in 2018. He wasnt deserving. Only because of past reputation did he play. He hurt the team by being selfish and demished his achievements.

    • Hard to blame Maschereno because all players will always want to fight for their country. To me, it’s the coach’s job to assume their choice. I still believe that we had the material to go far in this WC despite Romero/Lanzini’s injury if the right players and tactics were chosen. My favorite 11 would have been: Marchesin-Mercado, Garay, Otamendi, Tagliafico-Banega, Paredes, Vazquez-Messi, Angel Correa/Kun, De Paul.

  3. @Bodhi

    This is a post of mine from May:

    Not only the players you mentioned.
    we even gave other countries Legends.

    – In 1930 we went to the Finals next time some of our players that were there played for Italy and became 2 times Champions.
    – The Legendary La Maquina by River and Labruna, Moreno, Munoz, Padernera, Loustau inspired the Dutch Total Football.
    – Alberto di Stefano A top 5 player of all time if he only had the World cup would be ranked with Maradona and some do it anyway.
    he won the Copa with Argentina in 1947 scoring 6 golas in 6 matches and Argentina refused to participate in 1950 where he could have won us the World cup, he never played for Argentina again.
    it’s so sad for us. he played for Spain.
    – Sivori a Juve legend, Maschio, Angellilo “the dirty faces” who won the 1957 Copa moved to Italy and were banned by our AFA to play for Argentina so missed the 1958 World cup.
    Again missing a chance – self inflicting pain. They played for Italy later on.
    – 78 Menotti left Bochini at home, winner of 5 Copa Libertadores, a time when not all the best players played in Europe. Bilardo corrected the wrong and took him to the World cup 86 to make a wrong right.
    – Ramon Diaz in 90, we chose to let him at home but we missed him in the final.
    and in recent times we all know what happened.

    How we played in 2006, our style was copied and teams won Champions leagues and World Cups with it.
    Our History is rich like no other team, because our brand of football was taken copied and people won titles with it.
    We could have had more Titles if it weren’t for some egoistical people, and people supporting them.
    We have Legends and we will always produce legends that is what I guarantee you, but winning titles I don’t guarantee because ego is always above our team, and we lack managing, administrating, and coaching. Those things as proven in this post have held us down and continue to hold us down.
    2 World Cups, we could have won at least 4.”

    • @Ghostdeini
      That is my point. Even though we have had legendary players, we have only managed to win twice of which one was thanks to a once in a lifetime player. Messi is top two of all times (in my opinion) and we only came second with him. How can we say that Argentina is a superpower then? All the “would have, should have” is a theoretical discussion, don’t you agree? In my book, Argentina should have at least five stars.

      • @clee72

        Very Good points.

        Part of the problem with these critics and all the shit taking (oldie, silver gen, losers, blah blah blah) is that they think World Cup is a GOD given right.. Like we’re owed the world cup or something and when it doesn’t happen.. they start throwing verbal poop at players like a bunch of wild monkeys – Messi is pecho frio, Messi and masche are complete Failures, etc. Can you imagine any other nation taking shit to legendary players, showing so much disrespect. Argentina has the worst media and vocal minority of supports that will not stop talking shit. They really fucked the confidence of players. Example with messi vs Croatia you could see in eyes how stressed he was because of all the future backlash by shitty supporters and media.

        • Choripan,

          I just can’t understand what’s the problem to name this well-known generation as silver. This is exactly the word that contains in it all the truth about the generation i.e. that they went far, really far but they didn’t win. When it comes to silver coin of WC no doubt they succeeded. Everyone was proud of the silver. But when it comes to all the silver coins of Copas this is more like disappointments, especially when the last two Copas Brazil was weaker than have ever been. They almost reach the top but they did not and the word “silver” is perfect to express all our joys and disappointments about the generation.

          You can’t say they make us fully satisfied. They were probably more talented than our few other generations but Argentina is always aiming gold. They are also silver because, despite their numerous attempts they didn’t won single trophy on the senior level.

          Finally a lot of people is switching from love to hate towards the generation and I think the main reason of that is some of the players overstayed their time and got more chances to win something than deserved or at least got the chances at the expense of few other, younger and talented competitors.

          It works like that: if you want to stay in grateful memory of forever you need to know when to say: enough. If not you may finish as the unwanted one.

          It’s clear peak of the generation was in 2014. The cosnsecutive silver coins of Copa are not the same as silver of WC. I’m sure if they have had played another WC in 2015 or 2016 they could never went so far as final. The peak was clearly in 2014 and whatever happen later, also in last qualifiers and finally WC 2018 is confirming that.

          That is simply silver generation – only silver and so much as silver.

          • Finally to say “silver generation” about them is compliment and words of appreciation IMO not way to depreciate any player. That’s true Italy, Spain or Germany have their gold generation, we have our silver – that’s a lot.

          • @gonzalo-pity-martinez

            DEFINITION: A golden generation or golden team is an exceptionally gifted group of players of similar age, whose achievements reach or are expected to reach a level of success beyond that which their team had previously achieved.

            “Gold Generation” is not used to describe actual silverware.

            1) If Chile didn’t win both copas, they would still be called the Golden Gen with Alexis, Vidal, etc.

            2) Croatias current crop is called Golden Gen, because what…they achieved a second place after France in the wC?

            3) Belgium right now with Hazard, lukaku, de bruyne, kompany, courtois, etc they are called Golden Gen because what, they achieved nothing?

            4) Portugals Golden Gen in 2004ish with Figo, Deco, Dimas, Barbosa, Baía, Rui Costa and guess what, they achieved jack shit.

            I have never heard anyone refer to the Messi gen as Silver Gen. It’s only the haters that are looking for anything to degrade who they actually are. You guys are changing the use of the term to suit your narrative and bias against these legendary players. The worst part is the lack of awareness of trying to degrade players, you guys don’t even realize.

            It’s ridiculous if you think about it. If a team never wins 1st place, would you argue that the country has never had a Golden Gen?

          • @Choripan

            Yes, it’s silver generation. You know why? Because there’s difference between the nations you mentioned – Chile, Croatia, Belgium, Portugal – and Argentina. Argentina was World Cup 2 times winner in history, (as well as 14 wimes winner of Copa America) while none of the teams above won the WC. For the reason the last generations of CHile, Croatia, Belgium and Portugal are really their gold because they gave the nations biggest succeses in history (barring 4th place of Belgium in 1986), while the current Argentina generation did not. Our golden were 1978, 1986. This one is silver and nothing more(and it’s really privilege to be named in this way) and nothing more, because we are not Chile or Belgium or Croatia or Portugal to call one of our generations as “gold” if they didn’t win any trophee. We are more than the long periods mediocree teams you mentioned.

          • It’s just like with Golden and Silver Age of Ancient Rome literature. The silver period was full of outstanding works but no one can say it’s so much prominent as the Golden Age

          • If history of Argentina football has started after 1993 that would be no doubt Golden Generation. But with all the titles before 1993 and didn’t deserve nothing more than being called silver.

          • Boludo, your argument is just “moving the goal post” to suit your bias….completely ignoring the commonly accepted definition. It’s not the actual silverware that defines a generation, it’s the expectation and improved performance over last few gens and no one on planet earth, except Haters, would refer to this group as “silver generation”. You know darn well you’re only doing it to degrade who they are. Here’s an absurd example that might resonate with you. If Messi, Aguero, Romero, Di Maria, etc were all injured and for some miracle, Pavon, Meza, Benedetto, Fazio, Acuna, Salvio, Ansaldi, Guzman, managed to squeak by with a WC18 win, they would not be considered Argentinas GOLDEN generation.

            “It’s just like with Golden and Silver Age of Ancient Rome literature. The silver period was full of outstanding ”

            Yes, Olympic gold plus reaching 3 finals is OUTSTANDING work. you act as if ARG has a rich history with victories. They did way better than most other previous generations. For the last 20-30 yers, arg achieved nothing but group stage and quarters in the WC. Messi’s golden gen reached qtr, final, and grp (sampas fucking fault, nothing you can say to change my mind). Similar gap with Copa.

            “If history of Argentina football has started after 1993 that would be no doubt Golden Generation.”

            Thats exactly how the term should’t be used. The term Golden generation is not only meant for 1 generation or beating the record of the previous golden gen. Countries can have multiple Golden Generations and not have equal medals. Similar to Belgium, if in 20 years another group comes along and wins the WC, that wouldn’t take away the title of golden gen of the current group. Now with Arg, If Messi and Co won 3 times, that wouldn’t take away the golden gen title of the 86 team. Both generations are golden and we will have more golden generations in the future whether or not they bring home the WC gold medal.

          • Choripan,

            your first problem is that you are oversensitive with this generation. Everywhere you see people who allegedly want to depreciate them. You are talking as Romance King who knows history of Argentina NT since 2006 and for him before Messi era Argentina was like Colombia.

            But the fact is that’s you who want to depreciate Argentina NT historical achievements: 2 past World Cups and 14 titles of Copa. This generation didn’t win anything on highest level and they absolutely can’t be taken as gold generation. All the silver coins of Copa make us really frustrated and for that they even didn’t deserved to be called “silver” because also 2004 team of youngsters lost that final in penalties. They deserved to be called “silver” mostly thanks to final of WC. The “silver” is symbolical because contains all our joys and disappointments connected with the group of players. They gave us a lot of joy but also big disappointments in crucial moments (sweet/bitter feelings).

            Hence “the silver” is exactly the word to describe what most people feel.

            That is true one football nation can have several so called golden generation in differnt eras but for no doubt this one is not golden. If the had won WC or 1-2 Copas with silver coin of WC – then of course but to say about them as gold generation is just depreciate 2 WC titles of previos Argentina teams. Man, you must understand that: they didn’t win even single Copa while we have 14 such titles.

          • Our young players dont have quality to represent argentina NT . Dont talk about history , present scenario is different football has changed a lot.
            Italy has 4 WC but the truth is they didnt qualify for the WC .
            They overstayed because our younger generation dont have quality to replace them not even close.

          • “They overstayed because our younger generation dont have quality to replace them not even close”.

            No one was giving fair chance to younger ones.
            While Scaloni’s only first call ups revealed new alternatives from nowhere like Palacios – talent in this nation always is there.

            Palacios, Pity, Saravia, Tagliafico, Foyth, Lo Celso, Paredes, Icardi, Dybala, Pereyra, Gazzaniga, Benitez, Cervi, De Paul, A. Correa, J.Correa and more are alternatives

          • Nobody knew who was palacios last year, Tagliafico came into shine after he joined ajax and afterthat a regular part of NT beside being mistake prone, Foyth just started to play, De paul form was horrible last year,
            Cervi is not a good to be called watch him against bayren, Gazzaniga and Benitez starts performing from last 6 months. Lo celso came in picture since last year after that he has continiously been called. A correa had called earlier, J correa doesnt deserve to play in NT.
            Dybala is no way can replace lionel messi. Aguero is still a way better than icardi.
            So who has overstayed man again you are talking in the air .
            Only player you can argue about paredes , he should had beed given chance instead of biglia.

          • “Tagliafico came into shine after he joined ajax and afterthat a regular part of NT beside being mistake prone”

            Not true: People were claiming for Tagliafico since years. He shined during U-20 WC, he shined for Independiente (won Copa Sudamericana as captain of the team). He is also shining since his first game for Ajax what is prove he was class player yet before he left South America because there’s no club that can make mediocree player into class player within few days/weeks what you suggest Ajax did with Tagliafico.

            What I want to say: alternatives always are there but our coaches were not looking for them.

            “Nobody knew who was palacios last year” – true – and this is best prove in Argentina such nobodies might be class players within short time if only someone pick them and give fair chance.

          • Tagliafico is not in competition with senior player positions, he has nothing to do with players overstaying. Like Mrinal1235 pointed out, Paredes is the only one but Id also throw in Icardi instead of Higuain. Thats what happens when we have a GOLDEN GENERATION and there is a massive drop in talent with next gen of players. Any coach will take the best there is. period. many the others are recently blossoming and too new to be included in the list of “potential alternatives” years ago.

    • I think after all it’s the coach to have the courage to make the decisions. Physical requirement is too much today and except GK, you cannot have more than 2 players over 30 on the pitch. That’s why I think if Messi comes back, no need to call back Kun.

  4. To incentive a little obtuse imaginatian of some people about how could looks career of player just most current example of Colombiano Jeison Murillo who is now joining Barcelona. First he went to Udinese but apparently didn’t shine, hence loaned to play for Granada B, then Granada A. Then again lower – loaned to Cadiz, then loaned to Las Palmas, then Inter, Valencia and Barcelona.

    For those who want quickly give up on 22-25 yo players..

  5. My selection – gk: armani, central defender : lisandro Martinez, fullback : renazo saravia, defensive midfielder : Wilmer barrios, offensive midfielder : pity Martinez, forward : beneditto, supporting forward : lisandro Lopez, revelation : exiquel palacious, coach : gallardo

    • It’s weird because some of the best players aren’t even an option according to this list.

      GK: Armani
      Central defender : lisandro Martinez, but where the hell is Barboza??
      Lateral defender: Renzo saravia, but where the hell are Angeleri or Abecasis?
      Defensive midfielder : G.Gimenez, but where the hell is Nico Dominguez who would’ve been my #!
      Offensive midfielder : Pity.
      Center forward : Beneditto.
      Second striker: Licha Lopez
      Revelation : Palacios only because of his performance against Colombia because to be honest he hasn’t impressed me that much in the primera and where the hell is Alexis MacAllister? He’s my choice
      Coach : Gallardo
      Rojo vs nigeria…

    • GK: Armani,
      Central defender : lisandro Martinez, Lateral defender: Renzo saravia,
      Defensive midfielder : G.Gimenez*, Offensive midfielder : Matias vargas, Center forward : Beneditto,
      Second striker: Christian Pavon*,
      Revelation : exiquel palacious,
      Coach : Gallardo,
      River-boca in madrid,
      Goal of yr:- Rojo against nigeria…

      *:- G.gimenez is not the best but I voted
      for my preferance
      *:- again voted for my preferance(Pavon)

    • Love how the 35 year old center back Pinola, Ponzio 37, Benedetto 29, Pratto 30 aka Oldie, aka washed up, aka selfish were voted the best or 2nd

      Oldie haters, where the fuck y’all at??

        • “Solo cuando les convienen critican”

          Yeah just like you emerged suddenly after River single lost, without single comments when our clubs were winning against Brazilian ones.

          • I had already answered that question last post, under the Gago Retirement post.

            But long story short:

            Boca yes were impressive against the likes of Palmeiras, Cruzeiro and such. I personally am a Boca fan so I expect nothing less, that’s why I stay quiet. If I were posting here after every Boca, Barcelona, Mn City win, it’ll be annoying.
            River however, we’re NOT convincing against Gremio, losing at El Monumental and requiring a 90+ goal against a 10-man Gremio, who had sold their best player, Arthur, to Barcelona. N
            Don’t want to offend any River fans, but that is just what I feel.

            But they were horrible against Al Ain, no getting around that. And if that bothers you, then take it up with them.
            Had Boca been there it would be a different story.

            Had an Argentine club won the Club World Cup it would’ve been a boost, but they didn’t. The all Argentine Libertadores final was supposed to be a boost, but alll the fan violence turned it into a disgrace. There aren’t that many positive you can take away.

          • “Had Boca been there it would be a different story”

            River was showing their superiority to Boca all the year in face to face games. 5 games: 4 River wins (including 3 on La Bombonera), 1 draw. No doubt who was better in this year. The Brazilian teams didn’t deserved to be in final instead of River too.

            “River however, we’re NOT convincing against Gremio, losing at El Monumental and requiring a 90+ goal against a 10-man Gremio” That’s always one side of coin. Was Gremio convincing on Monumental winning River 1:0? Absolutely not. Everyone who had watched the game may admit River was the better side and doesn’t deserved the lost. It’s really hard to say River didn’t deserve the CL.

          • Gonzalo

            “River was showing their superiority to Boca all the year in face to face games.”

            Well, Barcelona show their superiority to Real Madrid every year in La Liga, but then again, who has one the last 4 of 5 champions leagues? Rivalries may be one sided, but what matters is how they perform in other big games, specifically knock-out games and finals.

            Had Real met Barca anytime in the knockout rounds in the Champions, they would’ve been eliminated. But against other teams they are monsters. River struggle against other teams but turn up against Boca. It’s what it is.

            Sure, admittedly River have been better than us this year, but against Al Ain, may sound biased, but I feel Boca would’ve put up more of a fight than River, and possibly advanced as well.

            Also, I never said any Brazilian team deserved to be in the final, I just said that River weren’t that convincing against Gremio.

        • True, the 2 clubs alwas has the supporters advantage. The more, winning that historical CL. Even if 40 yo players have had to be there for the masses of River-Boca supporters.

          Besides Benedetto is 28 and no to the oldies category. Ponzio only 36 😉

          There should be more younger players to choose of

  6. Oh yeah was a great period, so many world class players in defense. My favorite 11 in 2010: Andujar-Zanetti, Samuel, Heinze, Clemente Rodriguez-Maxi Rodriguez, Maschereno, Cambiasso, Lucho-Messi, Diego Milito. Just a simple 442. Unfortunately, Zanetti, Lucho and Cambiasso not selected.

  7. The only two realistic GK options we have are Romero and now Gazzinga.

    Romero has proven to be our best GK when it comes to penalties and SHOULD be brought to the next World Cup. He doesn’t have to start, but we can use him as Van Gaal did with the Netherlands back in 2014, when it came to penalties and he switched Cillissen for Tim Krul and became the hero. He doesn’t have to start, but he definitely should be around to make a switch if we were to go to penalties.

    Gazzaniga showed yesterday that… he wasn’t bad, but he’s not that good either. Now I know some people are going to chew my ass off saying “he was amazing, are you blind?” and “that save against Ramsey” or whoever it was. Yea well he almost gave away a couple of goals as well, specifically the one where I was like, no not yet for him, when he took to long to clear the ball when Aubemeyang pressured him and almost gave away a hilarious goal. Sort of remined me of Caballero there for a second. Overall, Arsenal were off and he’s lucky to have not conceded. But he’s at Tottenham, playing with Lloris, so he might not grow as much in that club but he certainly has potential and COULD be amazing if he moved on to a different club.

    But otherwise, the two I would consider are Romero and Gazzaniga as he has potential, just needs help from say Romero to polish his skill, as Lloris won’t help him improve for s***.
    Third choice keeper is debatable.
    Armani, Guzman never again.

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