Report that offer made for Argentine Leandro PAREDES by PSG to Zenit


PSG have reportedly made an offer of 35 million for Leandro PAREDES.

A report on Gianluca DI MARZIO has stated that PSG have submitted a bid of 35 million to Zenit for the Argentine. Chelsea have not made any changes to their pursuit of signing PAREDES.


  1. Ansaldi scores against Roma and he can play in various position.If Argentina wants easy ride in Copa America then they should select Ansaldi as left back rather than Tagliafico who has nil footballing IQ.

    • Tagliafico is our best LB hands down. Get used to seeing his name in the starting X1.

      And really think “all we need is Ansaldi for EASY ride in copa”. Pass whatever your smoking…wish futbol were that simple. Such asinine Logic: We fill 1 spot and left back with X player, and BOOM automatic WIN at COPA. WTF.

        • i’m not downplaying Ansaldi but rather defending Tagliafico. he has a higher ceiling than Ansaldi right now. Since Ansaldi is 33, Tagliafico is our guy. If ansaldi plays really well in comparison to other options, he could be useful for copa. Well see what the manager decides.

          • Agree.

            Tagi is best available LB along with Acuna if playing in a LWB
            followed by Rojo.
            Many call for Ansaldi who is about 33 to replace Tagi (26 Years old) but at the same time don’t want Aguero or Banega because they are 30 years old and will be 34 in WC2022 !
            Tagi should be main LB

  2. What’s wrong with going to PSG? They play champions league every year. It’s way better than staying at Zenit. In the top clubs of Liga, EPL or Serie A, I don’t see any available spot. The truth is the big teams won’t target to upgrade on this position and mid-cap teams cannot afford that bid. Maybe City is a good place as Fernandinho is getting old but don’t see any interest from them. I’d also like to see him coached by Emery at Arsenal, as I am not so impressed by Xhaka and Torreira but doesn’t seem to happen.

    He’s actually a good fit for psg, there are very fast players like Ney, Cavani and Mbappe so he can use his long passing skill. Next to him there are Di Maria and Verratti who can combine well with him in small space. But it seems that it’s actually De Jong their 1st option. The deal will only happen if De Jong decides to join Barca. Honestly don’t think that gonna happen.

      • No it was legit but Real went back on it, which I think is a good thing because Palacios needs more time to prove himself and get more experience in Argentina. If he is as good as everyone thinks he is he’ll get another chance to go to europe sooner or later.

    • I am glad that’s just rumour. Sitting on the bench all year long won’t help him and the national team. He need to be the number 1 of in his position in Argentina before leaving for an European club, he has the potential but still quite far from that.

      • Playing for Real Madrid often needs a heavy price tag and jersey sales considerations. But I still think Palacios should go to Europe sooner rather than later. The question is when to make the jump. If he misses the right time, it may be counterproductive. Europe do offer better facilities, coaching and competition.

        Besides, I cant watch him at Superliga. So the sooner he moves the better for me 😛

  3. I hope.he goes to to EPL at the moment.
    Is the best league in the world.
    Hate or love it soon arg
    Will have very good group of players
    Leading by Leo paredes lo celso
    Lanzini mammana foyth taglafiaco
    Dominguez E barco l Martinez
    W Benitez S Caseres C Romero
    and many more come from Under 20s .
    But most important thing is afa
    Are making right calls now
    They have ten year project
    Which I think with in this 10 year
    Project Argentina will win copa
    And world cup .. Argentina will
    Be first country to stop European
    Domination for the world cup

    • Prem is the most entertaining league due to recognizable club names, coaches, and international media attention. In terms of quality, La Liga is King and i think the NT would benefit the most of players like Paredes developed there.

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