Fernando GAGO to stop playing, will have new role at Boca Juniors


Fernando GAGO has reportedly reached a mutual agreement with Boca Juniors to terminate his contract.

It hasn’t been the easiest of careers for Fernando GAGO. What started off with a lot of potential quickly went down due to his number of injuries. GAGO made a name for himself with Boca before joining Real Madrid and at one point had established himself in their midfield. But the injuries began and with it, he left on loan to AS Roma.

He would eventually find himself at Valencia and even on loan with Velez in Argentina but in 2013 he went back home to Boca.

The injuries continued to grow and per Luis FREGOSSI, he will no longer be a player for them but could be offered a role within the club.


  1. Watched paredes Vs vellafranche , he was fantastic in his debut game , good playmaking passes from the deep of the midfield. But psg was playing as shit as they can , paredes wanted to give his trademark long passes over the defence , but no psg player dared to make that run , which ultimately resulted him giving side ward passes.

  2. Peredes passing is sublime………what he lacks is energy in defense if u want as a good DM……..but his distribution is one of best in world already………….he seems to he out of position in counter attacks………if u wanna be DM U NEED GOOD DEFENSE

  3. His destiny is so similar to that of Pastore. Again it proves that talent is not everything. I think it’s too easy to say he was just unlucky. The top level requires so much discipline in diet, training and life balance in order to reduce chance to get injured. Banega learnt that from Emery and he took his responsibility, since then he become a decent player again but he missed already his best years.

  4. Was such a talent and while unfortunately he didn’t live up to his full potential due to injuries he did win the u20 WC and an olympic gold with Argentina’s youth and played wonderfully in copa 2007 and 2011 and the 2014 WCQ with the senior side. Club career involved playing for Real and Boca. All in all not a half bad career.

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