Agustin MARCHESIN of Club America to get Argentina call-up for friendly matches


Agustin MARCHESIN will be called-up to the Argentina team for this month’s matches against Venezuela and Morocco.

Per a report by TyC Sports, the Club America goalkeeper is expected to be one of the goalkeepers who will make the Argentina squad this month. MARCHESIN started the 2-0 win against Mexico back in November.

There are rumors that the goalkeepers which will be called up are Franco ARMANI of River Plate, Juan MUSSO of Udinese and possibly Esteban ANDRADA of Boca Juniors.

As we reported earlier, his Club America team mate Guido RODRIGUEZ will get called.


      • i always think joaquin correa can be much better in next 2-3 years, tactically he is very useful. if 433 is the main formation ,correa can be a midfielder with lo celso and paredes as number 5. He also can be a false 9 and winger .

        i think lanzini+paredes+lo celso will be scaloni’s midfield .with messi on the right,di maria on the left . LB should be lisandro martinez or tagliafico RB: montiel or Saravia. CB: otamendi and foyth. at that time correa can be used as a false 9,or may be put messi forward correa left winger, di maria right winger. supported by lanzini +lo celso+paredes

  1. hopefully joaquin correa is within the list .i think he deserves to be called.joaquin correa,lanzini,paredes,lo celso,lisandro martinez,juan foyth,juan musso,gonzalo montiel and pity martinez.

  2. News coming in that Scaloni will be making a big surprise call for a promising player from outside of the top 5 superliga teams. I would bet my money on Pedro De La Vega. He is a phenomenal player with maturity in his gameplay.

  3. Star in making… River plate Christian Ferreira score one super freekick for river today in copa liberators. He scored total 15 professional goals for river surprisingly all are Long ranger…

    • Yeah, the guy from my profile photo 😛 Great long range shoots. He is must starter for oupcoming U-20 WC. River found Pity Martinez successor in him.

    • I rate him just moderate may not be better than Julian alverez .hopefully he can keep on scoring but that’s not enough ,he must improve his dribbling and passing skill

      • His dribbling is quite good. Julian Alvarez is forward. Ferreira rather attacking midfielder/LF. Ferreira more talented to me.

    • Actually Ferreira scored 4 goals (all long distance) for A team and the rest for reserve team. I saw some of his goals in reserves were not long range but absolutely most of them.

  4. One thing is good in Scaloni is that he is choosing good players.I wish Tagliafico out,Ansaldi in for copa.
    PSG were unlucky just like Barcelona against Roma.We might see some underdog team winning champion league this season.Porto, Ajax are doing great.

    • Dude, your obsession with Tagliafico is unhealthy, he is the least of our problems. If he was that bad he wouldn’t be linked with so many clubs and Sorin wouldn’t have said what he said about him.

  5. If it’s for experience then he got Armani or Romero. Why do we have to call him? Baffling!!! Not calling a inform young GK Benitez then calling a retired citizen what we already have two more in the team. Now Scaloni making sense as a Argentina coach. I was wondering why the heck Scaloni was good with his call up yet. Now he is showing character of a proper Argentine coach. Every single of them will do something bizarre!!!

        • Dani Alves is the last one who should be criticizing someone since he was one of the worst players on the pitch.
          To tell the truth I’m kinda glad PSG is out if for nothing else but to highlight what an amateur Tuchel is, getting rid of Celso when the team clearly needed more midfield reinforcement and then giving away a legit UCL lead to a 2nd string ManU squad.

          • @mamounelpipita You’re way too harsh on Tuchel and his players mate. How can you blame Tuchel and Alves for the gifts Buffon and Kehrer gave to the opposition?! I didn’t see anything wrong in his tactics yesterdayor the majority of this season. They outclassed Man united over the two legs in every aspects. Two fatal mistakes cost them, nothing tactical; nothing Tuchel could do about it. Adding to that, the numerous missed chances makes it rather more painful for PSG. Carved open Man united midfield and defence with ease, simplicity and such command but yet they lost. That’s football’s cruel part. Like the 99 CL final, 2012 final. Definitely this one ranks up with them, in fact it’s the “Steal of the Century”.

            PS: Paredes needs time to get used to the PSG rhythm. I see PSG losing their short passing cohesion when he was introduced in both the games. He dwells with the ball longer and makes passes to his teammates who then have no chance of keeping it or succesfully passing it to his other teammates to maintain that rhythm. I guess it’s only temporary and he’ll get better and better with more playing time and training.

      • 1st goal wasn’t his fault, 2nd was simply bad luck and Lukaku precisely in the right moment and a PK is just that…can go either way.

        and oh yeah, he’s 41 years old.

      • ”rather the biggest UCL clown ever”

        Honestly sometimes I wonder whether you even watch football at all. Yes Buffon was terrible today but to call the guy a UCL clown is a…….well, a clown statement.

  6. Lets see what Di Maria does today, its been a while since I seen him play.
    If I ever loved a player who is not an Argentine then its gotta be Gigi, class personified in every way possible and then some.

  7. Scaloni can do whatever idiocy he wants. He is the worst manager argentina ever had has once he himself stated the he learnt coachig a lot from sampoli . No wonder why two best players of argentina Messi and Aguero denied the selection , anyone would get irritated by AFA behaviour. Tagliafico’s satement “A UNITED GROUP WILL REACH ITS OBJECTIVES BUT THERE WAS NO ORGANIZATION BY THE AFA.”
    Gk choice .
    Romero- Most dependable GK i can still trust on him beside being a reserve GK for Man United and trains with de gea , whenever he gets chance for the club his performance is as good as de gea.
    Benitez- Seems nice should be given chance in frendlies , how does he perform for NT.
    Rulli- Risky but when he is in form , he is one of the best GK in the world.
    Gazzaniga- Nothing special , he is just an average GK, could not save a single penalty against Chelsea in penalty shootout. Do you guys really think any team can win Copa America without penalty shootout?
    Musso- OK goalkeeper but very bad passing accuracy , he always gives the ball to opponent.
    Marchesin- Jst another GK with bad handling of ball.
    Armani- LOOSER.

  8. Hello fan mates. I’m really disappointed of this selection, how can Scaloni leave Rulli and Benitez? He should include them along with Franco Armani as he really tried I liked him.
    He will regret because of this choice.

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