Lionel MESSI nominated for FIFA Best Men’s player


Lionel MESSI has been nominated for the FIFA Best Men’s player award.

MESSI has made the top 10 players list once more and is one of the favorites to win the award. A league winner with FC Barcelona, MESSI made the semi-finals of the Champions League and captained Argentina to a third place finish at the 2019 Copa America. Here are the nominees.

Lionel MESSI
Cristiano RONALDO
Frenkie de JONG
Matthijs de Ligt
Harry KANE
Sadio MANE
Mohamed SALAH
Virgil van DIJK


  1. Kane is completely undeserving among the list, Aguero has much better season even Abuamang though Alison deserve to be nominated than other

  2. I hate how this is a popularity contest where the fans get to vote ! It should be captains, coaches and journalist. That said if Messi doesn’t win…. it would be blasphemy …. yes, a Sin against God!!

  3. Sorry but this guy “El MASCHE” need to be expel. This that of language is offensive and unacceptable. If you are a f***ing ignorant human being, you have no business to be here. Every single of you in this panel need to understand that period.

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