Lionel Messi, Sergio Aguero, Lisandro Martinez, Gio Lo Celso to make Argentina team


Lionel Messi, Sergio Aguero, Lisandro Martinez and Gio Lo Celso are among the names who are expected to make the Argentina team for the month of November.

Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni has two more matches left this calendar year and the list of players for those matches will be announced in the next few days. Per a report by TyC Sports, several names will be making a return to the team when they play Brazil and Uruguay in a few weeks time.

The biggest name of all is that of captain Lionel Messi who has been suspended since the Copa America. Messi will be included in the list for the two clashes while good friend Sergio Aguero will be in the list as well. Aguero has not played for Argentina since the tournament in Brazil.

Lisandro Martinez of Ajax has spent the last few months in the Argentina U23 team but is rumored to be making the senior side this time around. Giovani Lo Celso who missed the last few friendly matches due to injury will be joining them too.

Boca Juniors goalkeeper Esteban Andrada and fellow team mate Alexis Mac Allister will make the squad in November after having been left out in October due to their Copa Libertadores matches vs. River Plate. Another player who missed out in October due to the Libertadores is Walter Kannemann of Gremio who is set to be there against the two South American nations. In contrast, no River Plate players will be included for the month.

Two more names are rumored as Rodrigo Battaglia and Matias Zaracho could find themselves making the team.


      • ??? Stuttgart conceeded last year 70 goals with Ascacibar in Bundesliga, ARG fckin lot in his every tournament with total chaos in midfield, telling what?

        • Yet, in common opinion Ascacibar was one of the only 2-3 our players on U-20 WC and Olimpic Games that vindicate themeselves. This is fact. In 2017 U-20 team he looked better than some well known today players like Palacios, Foyth, Lisandro Martinez, Cristian Romero, Montiel, Zaracho, Senesi, Lucas Rodriguez, even Lautaro.

          So according to your opinion all the young defenders above are not NT material because we our youth teams lost a lot of goals with them?

          • No he was not good, made only chaos on midfield…better than Lautaro? He played quasi 1 game and was on a diff level…absurd logic that Stuttgart conceeded six because lack of Ascacibar. Btw Hamburg is the strongest team of Bundesliga 2, and had to be a hard reason Ascacibar didnt play.

          • “No he was not good, made only chaos on midfield…”

            You can’t even confirmate with quotations your accusations of other Mundo members so the more this is not problem for you deny something that is kind of common opinion. Back to comment of the tournament and read

    • For me…he’s the best Argentine DM.
      If he improves his passing and lowering his card prone nature, he will be playing regularly for NT and in one of the big club soon. Hes just 22. Long years ahead of him to learn and correct.

  1. On monday we start our U-17 WC playing against Spain. The next opponents are Tajikistan and Cameroon. The tournaments starts today.

    Of course we never win that participating 14 times. We reached 3rd place three times (1991, 1995, 2003). and we had some big names in the history of the tournament: Fernando Redondo (China 1985), Juan Sebastián Verón (Italia 1991), Esteban Cambiasso y el propio Aimar (Ecuador 1995), Javier Mascherano y Carlos Tevez (Trinidad y Tobago 2001) y Fernando Gago (Finlandia 2003).

  2. Central Cordoba – Lanus

    River – Estudiantes Caseros

    these are the pairs of Copa Argentina semifinals. As usually some smaller or second division teams goes far.

    Lanus beat Independiente 2:0 in yesterday’s quarterfinal. I like the team. Bunch of eyecatching players. Especially Maximilano Moreno, Lucas Vera, Leonel Di Placido. While playing legend of the club, Jose Sand, is now best goalscorer in history of the club.

    • So River could win Copa again without a single strong opponent, just like in 2017. This Lanus would be the most strong, but a lot of second/third division opponents again.

  3. I saw lot of people here hate to see Di Maria’s back, but the fact is he is currently the best #10 in Europe. I see Messi more advanced as half 9 and so no conflict with ADM. In the #10 position, we have ADM, Lamela and Lo Celso as options. In attack, I go for 2 strikers, except Icardi, all of them can play as #9 or half 9: Messi, Aguero, Dybala, Alario, Lautaro. Look at those names, really impressive. There are also some wingers like Vargas, Ocampos and Joaquin Correa who can play as supporting striker. I believe that in attack, 1 playmaker behind 2 strikers is the best formation possible with the players we have. Either 3412 or 4312.

    • ADM is best 10/ on Europe we are happy .but not in national team.its over .time is not in his side let’s move forward .its inevitable

  4. Why Walter kannemann was called for friendlies when he was also due to play semi final of copa libertodores??

    Why only argentine club players are getting special treatment??

    • Players like Messi or he and he alone for that matter is used to playing twice a week for years. He’s proven his diligence, strength and fitness over the years while Palacios, Quarta are all still tender. No club wants to risk losing their key players before a key match and that too a superclasico with the arch-rival.

      As for Kannemann, may be Gremio was least hopeful after that 1-1 tie at home against Flamengo, who are now almost the runaway champion of the Campeonato Braziliero. May be Gremio knew something similar to that 5-0 thumping which happened last day was on the horizon!!

      • No one knows that you’re going to loose before the starting of the match.
        I think scaloni and co didn’t send right message by including Walter kannemann in the NT when he also had as much as important match like river or Boca players.

        • River-Boca is a different dimension altogether. As some say, it’s beyond the game itself. But now we’ll see if both Flamengo and River will cede players to NT purpose or not. If Flamengo does and River doesn’t, we’ll see how things pan out here.. LoL..

  5. Injecting speedy wingers would be an additional asset indeed. Ocampos has good pace too and i hope Pavon regains his form because has tremendous pace as well, i think he will be a good alternative too. Argentina tradionally used to have pacy players so the reinforcement in this department would have been a good idea in my humble opinion. I still remember one of my favourite players ever when i was young, Claudio Caniggia. I don’t know if some people in here are old enough to witness this guy at his peak but his pace was something else, i was stunned when i first witnessed him running through the field! Quite many young talents from the new generation are very fast too, De la Vega, Urzi, Ferriera and others.

    • I dint mention Pavon only because, his ball control need to be improved when under pressure plus I thought his finishing also needs improvement.

    • I think injecting high speed players in the formation will be the next step in the next 2 years. I agree with you that we need pace to break the lines. Right now, we don’t have that kind of players who can put Lautaro or Messi on the bench

    • Di Maria and Pavon the only argentine players who have real pace, Lanzini not a winger, i dont see much Buendia, and Vargas not that type too, he will not outpace defenders without the ball, not slow with it, but not the Lavezzi, Di Maria, Pavon, Gnabry, Sane, Dembele, Mbappe, Sterling, Salah, Mane etc type, these are speedsters.

    • Need a player with speed and control also. Speed alone will not do. So dimaria is obviously out. If pavon could develop then it’s good. So occampas Vargas are better now

    • Di Maria is not a winger anymore but a real #10. I like Buendia but more as a box to box, similar to De Paul. Lanzini is a #10, same position as Lamela, Lo Celso and ADM. The fact is we don’t have many real winger, maybe just Vargas, Ocampos and Joaquin Correa.

  6. At this point we have new players coking in almost every break. This is good but also confusing. We have our attack consistent but our midfield and defense keep switching around. By the time the cop rolls around we need to have a fully functioning and consistent team.

  7. Lisandro Martinez is only 21. But he has the calmness, composure and maturity of a veteran, like many mentioned here before. A defender by trade. Currently playing in the middle of the park for Ajax. And doing considerably well. It’s not easy playing in midfield and still have the same composure playing as a centre back, but he’s still doing it. This current midfield role will only help him and make him better and stronger.

    Similarly Foyth, Lautaro and other youngsters/kids are seen through a microscopic lens meant for well experienced players and measured on that scale. It can’t get more irrational than that!

    • Paredes is currently Scaloni’s 1st choice in the DM. I may be wrong but don’t see how that can work between him and Martinez as double DM, they are too similar position wise. So I don’t see him as DM with NT, but more like Otamendi’s replacement in the defense, along with a taller stopper like Pezzella, Romero or Kannemann.

      But things may change, in terms of potential, I think the best midfielder pair would be Palacios-Lisandro Martinez in front of the defense.

  8. Regarding River-Boca players given break (been discussed here before):

    1. Argentina NT is only playing friendlies, meaningless friendlies and River/ Boca is playing crucial Copa Libertadores semifinals and final(River in this case). It’s the best thing to do in this case. Giving “Argentine ” clubs all the help and advantage to do their best in those matches and make Argentina as a nation proud as well.

    2. The next year same time it will be different (assuming Argentine clubs reach this stage) as it will be the qualifiers instead of friendlies. Interesting to see what happens then.

    3. Some still have a misconception that clubs can stop players going on senior international duty(FIFA approved). No! clubs have no power whatsover in that case. In River- Boca case and some European clubs case it’s “mutual agreement” between clubs and country, if I’m not wrong. Not “one-sided”.

    4. Roy got it wrong, inadvertently ofc with the Kannemann thing. He was called up in the October friendlies and played the Ecuador match. If Gremio was an Argentina club, for instance, he would have a gotten a break then.

  9. I do not know why some people are blaming Lisandro Martinez he had a very good game.Because of him Ajax shared larger proportion of possession.I like his back heel dribbling.He was good vs Chelsea.He worked hard in the midfield if you think creativity is only about giving key passrs in dangerous area or in final thrid then that is narrow mindness.He controlled the game in middle.Tagliafico was good too he forced Lampard to take out Willium.

  10. With the influx of quality, several players will be out.
    Rojo and Correa will be out (and should be banned forever).
    Pereyra will be out as well.
    Who else?

  11. Rodrigo Battaglia come back is something important. Either he or Ascacibar is must. If Battaglia comes he should even start against Brazil.

    • I doubt Battaglia will be effective after such a long layoff. While he was a super effective CDM , I think we may have lost him on injury ( similar to how we lost Augusto Fernandez when we started to look as a great solution in our midfield )

    • Our midfield is crying for someone like ascacibar who is not even in scaloni’s radar unfortunately ,next is battaliga who is spending more time in hospital then football ground ,then comes lisandro who is too much static and not doing good as DM (unfortunately he suffers against crosses when he plays as cb) ,so the only option left is Guido Rodriguez I hope he will step up by overcoming his loopholes with his hard work

    • Destroyer is not important in Scaloni system, one regista+2 box to box (usually one creativer, one defensive minded with good stamina) Matuidi—Pjanic—Khedia/Rabiot or Kante (not as DM)—Jorginho—Kovacic….thats a structure, so dont mislead peoples…Battaglia anything but important. The regista/playmaker who dictate the tempo with the most touches always in the middle. Palacios/Lo Celso—Paredes—De Paul always a good and safe passer in the middle (pressure resistence with good long balls), maybe Palacios and Dominguez could play this role too, but not Ascacibar and Battaglia with their limited passing skills

      • I’m stunned. Csabalala is that you, mate?

        I for once agree with what you’ve said. Spot on!

        It’s not a secret and you need no rocket science to find out what Scaloni’s been trying to do. The holding midfielder or deep lying midfielder in his system is more of a regista oriented than a destroyer profile, infact 100% regista with 1st choice Paredes. 2nd choice Guido brings more defensive cover along with the ball playing skills. And I like this system and I’ve said it plenty of times. The whole “team” has a collective responsiblity now, attacking as well as defending. Particularly defending. Glad that it’s not the responsilbilty of one player to do all the dirty works and defending.

        And the ability with the ball of these two players gives attack an another dimension and gives the team more confidence as well. And you won’t have to defend that much, when these guys know and do very well in keeping the ball and moving it.

        • Allegri, Conte and Sarri like you mentioned. You can add PSG to that (particularly in the past). Pochettino also does it, when Winks it fully fit. Barca with Busquets(although some may disagree with that, but I see him more as a regista although he’s good defensively too). Wolves do it. There are many examples.

          • All teams teams you mentioned above has or had World class CB pairs with good GK but Argentina without a destroyer will have a big problem. The reason our defence looked solid under sabella because Maschareno was there in the midfield to break down the attack.
            I dont agree with PSG ,veratti is one of the best destroyer in the world.

        • “I’m stunned. Csabalala is that you, mate?

          I for once agree with what you’ve said. Spot on!”

          I too agree with csabalala for first time.
          That is correct scaloni doesn’t use
          Destroyer or double five.

      • Ascacibar is not inferior to Nico Dominguez on passing skills. Moreover I think Ascacibar has more reserves on this regard than Dominguez.

        • I think Scaloni didn’t really choose to build his midfield with Paredes but the fact is he doesn’t have any option. None of the real DM is good enough for him. And for once we have decent box to box players which can compensate. I don’t think he will change his mind in short term Coz he need to rely on a structure. De Paul and Acuna seem to be the 1st options, after that there are Palacios, Zaracho and Nico Dominguez.

    • You can’t expect a player who suffered an ACL injury recently to hit the ground running overnight. Besides when was he seen last in the Sporting squad? Suffered another minor injury like some mentioned here before?

      • I did and I really don’t know what you all are talking about, you make it sound like he crapped the bed but infact he was an excellent in that match. People say he wasn’t creative enough in the game but it was an intense physical game where neither side showed any creativity, it was a physical battle and Licha was a live wire, nullifying alot of Chelsea’s attacks.
        Licha would make a fine DM, but Argentina has the likes of Palacios, Dominguez and Paredes to fill the role of CM, what the team really needs is a ball playing, game reading, physical CB and Licha is it, so while I wouldn’t mind seeing him in the midfield I would rather see him in the back 4.

  12. I have notice scaloni is still looking for.
    a left side center back.
    He already tried several players
    Likes funes mori rojo and kannemann
    As well as otamendi.

    If lisandro Martinez is included next call ups
    He will play as left side cb not as holding mid. as many wants I don’t think he does Well when he plays as midfielder .
    He so static as many accused paredes.
    However when he plays as CB he completely Different player so impressive The way he reads the game is very good i believe ajax is misusing him to play him In midfield.i hope scaloni take advantage of him Play him as CB.

      • in my view – the team is almost set for Copa 20 & WCQ

        Marchesin , Armani , Andrada
        Foyth , Pezella , Tagliafico , Kaneman ,
        DePaul, Parades, Palacios , Acuna, Guido R , LoCelso ,
        Messi, Lautaro, Ocampos, Aguero, Alario, Dybala .

        I see above confirmed unless injuries strike. So its 4 roles where new entries can happen
        1) extra RB – Montiel vs Saravia – so contenders established.
        2) On LCB – go with experience of Otamendi vs the fresh Martin Quarta considering Ota’s dip in recent times
        3) Lisandro Martinez – bcomes a flexi LCB/ DM backup .
        4) one more central midfielder – hoping its Zaracho ( fitness not sure )

        Battaglia replacing Guido R unlikely as Battaglia has hardly played in more than an year. too late for Ascacibar now.
        While Benitez should have been given a chance , Scaloni will stick between existing 3 GKs

    • Scaloni testing players to have a backup in case of injury. Suppose Otamendi injured for next Copa we shouldn’t suffer. We should not suffer of any injury.

      Scaloni trying to have a clear idea who is first, second and third option in each positions.

  13. “no River Plate players will be included for the month”..

    Why are Boca and River players given special treatment? If other players can play both the Champions league and local league why can’t Superliga’s players do the same?? My only conern is Palacios. He needs to play more with the national team.

    • Considering the Copa Libertadores final is November 23rd. Argentina vs Uruguay is November 19th. It wouldn’t make sense to play a final when you have to play a friendly a few days prior. Especially, if they’re flying half-way across the damn world. The players need to be with their teams and get ready for the final.

      And it isn’t special treatment, to be honest, it is logical. The risks are far too high. Imagine if we had a friendly May 23rd, and Barcelona and Man City were scheduled to play in a final or semi-final a couple of days later, neither Messi or Kun would be called.

      • Actually I remember Messi played the most crucial Ecuador WC qualification match in Oct 2017 in South America & then played the Barcelona – Atletico La Liga match in 4 days in Madrid . So its possible also since playing Brazil is a always big one.

        • You’re clearly don’t understand what it means to prioritize. Obviously Messi was going to play that match v Ecuador, it was our last game of the QUALIFIERS and it was a must-win. I stated if we had a friendly v Australia for example, and a few days later Barcelona had a semi-final or a final, Messi would not be called. So, I hope you understand now… Priorities. A River vs Flamengo FINAL is much more important for the players of River than a FRIENDLY.

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