Lionel Messi scores in FC Barcelona defeat to Levante


Lionel Messi scored the only goal for Barcelona in their 3-1 loss to Levante.

Messi is still scoring but this time the result did not go his way. Barcelona were awarded a penalty kick and up stepped the Argentina captain. He sent the goalkeeper the wrong way to score his third goal of the week.


  1. Lol , I don’t know ,who the gk was today against Tajikistan , but he looked real time nervous on the ball …I mean superb nervous , fumbled at times while controlling the balls , distribution was the only positive ,which convinced me of him .

    But he look real tensed and nervous in those situations , Everytime, he got the ball , it gave me goosebumps , of conceding goals.
    Thank God , but the kid needs a bit of mental coaching , of how to keep calm and composure in those situations, without losing the control all over .

  2. Feeling bad for Andre Gomes , not at all a deliberate attempt from son , but the way he collided with Aurier gives me an air of suspicion ,that he had done his ankle with that collision. Respect to son , after all , horrendous was the scene ,for anyone it could be.
    Pray for a speedy and healthy recovery to Gomes, all prayers with him.

  3. Matias palacios , again the difference maker in the match( he deserves that no 10 for Argentina) , both of the goals coming of from his plays , first one was an inch-perfect ,well weighted pass to godoy ,who with some nimble footwork beat the defender and laid a tap-in for Orozco ( another star in the making), second was just a ridiculous assist , totally sick from palacios … ,at once I thought ,where on Earth did he find that space to do that …..and again poachary instincts from godoy and another increment to the scoreline.

    Really good well worked organisation of the defence , always pressured for the ball , a few sloppy instances in b/ w , but overally they impressed me a lot .

    Alan velasco , was fierce in that right hand side , and he went from heights to heights ,as the game went on ….a serious competitor for zabellos , but glad we have them both.

    Now the real tournaments starts , let’s hope for the best …

    Vamos argentino.

  4. Joaquin Correa won the match for Lazio, this Immobile-Correa-Luis Alberto tridente is good, but still Correa has to score even more goals, he is not a winger anymore.
    Only Riquelme was capable to give these passes such a young age, but i still dont see Palacios place in a modern big european club, he need to be a hardworker midfielder to play in 3-man midfield. Pure enganches dont exist anymore.

    • On this U17 WC too Palacios-Velasco or Oroczo—Godoy-Zeballos 4 would be fckin dangerous, but Palacios cant play in 3man midfield due his lack of defensive work, make the team unbalanced but we lose a lot of firepower so. Palacios task is clear, to become an Iniesta David Silva-type workhouse, otherwise he has not bright future for what his talent predestines.

    • May be it irks you that he scored and won the match against Milan at San Siro to the point of coming up with this bail now. But happy that you have again set new standards and benchmarks for him, just as usual. Anyway, your anticipatory bail on Correa scoring is rejected by the court of the loyal fans in here, if in case you thought you’d simply pass off like that for the umpteenth time.. LoL..

    • “Joaquin Correa won the match for Lazio, this Immobile-Correa-Luis Alberto tridente is good, but still Correa has to score even more goals”

      Bad day for you is going to be even worse. So better stop create again your new standards cause our players makes regularly laughing stock of you.

      • ??? Correa has more shots per game than Immobile, his xG/90 is neirly the same, 0,72 and 0,66, but Immobile scored 13 and 4 assists, Correa only 4…but they should score same amount buddy, xG show its clearly, Correa and Immobile have the same quality chances…its not OK. Thats why Correa not NT-material.

        • What kind of idiotic PS comparison is that? Someone is always played through balls down the middle to chase/hunt and someone scores/shoots from the acutest of the angles possible. Who takes penalties? Tomorrow it shouldn’t surprise us if you gauge Ocampos and Chicharito with the same comparison!

          • You dont even know what xG mean asian footballidiot, LOL im not surprised. Educate yourself, then you wont write such irrelevant things on this topic. “Someone is always played through balls down the middle to chase/hunt and someone scores/shoots from the acutest of the angles possible. ” Btw Correa missed his penalty,

          • Oh is it? ‘Correa has missed one penalty’ is the talk of the town across Europe now? Csabalala, you self-proclaimed football genius, before spewing such hatred on a whole continent with your hideous and disparaging remarks about their football knowledge, you must please understand thay you’re one with the least football knowledge on this forum, at least in terms of plane real sense/perception and savviness. BUT… whenever it comes to PS game attributes or copypasting ratings, there’s not one that can come any close to you… ypu can now rest on your laurels you European panhandler.. go tramping elsewhere, not at my door.. PS genius indeed.. teaching others how football is to be viewed and analysed! We do have ‘’ url available on our browsers.. what the hell makes you think we’re in all ears for your narration/copypasting of those 7.2s and 8.6s… idiot..

  5. Palacios, Zeballos, Amione etc not playing today…Aimar prefer to be second in the group..?

    Prefer Italy or Paraguay than..Senegal in the next round.?

        • With due respect, if you ever get a chance to introspect, how much negativity you spill in the forum day in and day out? Hope this doesn’t describe your life in general.

          The reason I am pointing this out isn’t the fact that we don’t acknowledge your football knowledge and constructive debate with Gonzalo, but that we, the readers spend time reading all comments in this page and some are constantly frustrating. Why don’t you show us your positive side more often than the other side, mate?

        • If you think he is only good shooter then I don’t think you saw him enough. This “period” conclusion was typical KidultHood arrogant ending when he missed counterarguments. Also to say “period” about 20yo player, possible star in making, is always something inappropriate.

        • Its funny that, you didn’t even open the link I Shared.
          The video showed how he fooled Armani with his placing skill. It’s nothig about shooting.
          This type of skill we see from Messi,Ozil,Isco,Hazard type of players.
          So please if you don’t know much about a player, learn and watch and then comment please.

      • To Gonzalo, what’s your opinion about Almada?
        I think he is a great talent, too.
        But still why he wasn’t been picked up for Under 23 team or even in regular Valez squad?

        • Almada is among biggest talents no doubt. However I’m more cautious when it comes to players at this age. So is with Dario Sarmiento from Estudiantes or Matias Palacios. Almada should be a starter in Velez. This is not that obvious with U-23 teams cause we have plentifull of options, while Almada was not even in WC U-20 team. He is spended for next U-20 WC in 2011, as well as next Olimpic Games. His age gives him the reserve of years to achieve every aim.

    • If u mean that as a criticise towards ascasibar for not scoring much goals I would like to say mascharano also scored very few goals both for barca and Argentina. As a cdm it’s not a big problem

        • Giving that what you’ve said on superiority of Masche, Ascacibar should not be even compared to Mascherano while number of people in here (including me) see something special in Ascacibar. You should revise your opinion because Ascacibar is going to prove you being wrong sooner or later.

      • Not my day? De paul 1 goal 1 assist Cervi 1 assist Ascacibar 1 goal 1 assist in whole season…compare with our world class players…we exactly know they are average footballers.

        • De paul is great because of his hustle and good passing and recuperating the ball. We need his hustle on the team. He’s badass. You are judging him the wrong way.

    • Csabalala statistics are as usually irrelevant. Just compare it with Mascherano number of goals. Givien that he is 22 and developing quicklu Ascacibar has good chances to score more than Masche.

    • He may still prove to be an excellent challenger to Acuna’s left midfield spot. Different style, but hopefully similar result.

      Acuna is such a good utility player that he won’t be replaced, but perhaps given some real competition.

    • I know right!! I’ve been very confused as to why he suddenly disappeared from view, as in ‘poof’ and gone, I thought he had a major injury or something like that because he wasn’t even on Benfica’s bench but I couldn’t find any news about him so I assumed he might’ve had a big rout with the manager or the Benfica Managemen and still I could find no news.

      Cervi is such a legit talent, a true b-2-b midfielder and many people don’t realize that he used to bench Celso at Rosario!! Watching him play gives me the idea that he might make a good backup for DePaul because their style of play is very similar (defend like a freak, run all day and pass the ball forward).
      He’s only had a few full games under his belt so I’ll wait and see how he does till the end of the year but if he keeps this up then he should definitely be called up for the WCQ on March.

      • He is underestimated by coaches. Just look at his performances in NT. Very little chances he got, but so far was outstanding for us, bringing a lot of energy and movement.

      • Cervi is one of the best on free kick and corner, definitely on fire since some time, acuna, de paul, buendia and him are all similar player that I like, able to play as winger and as box to box. that’s why it makes sense to play in 442 or 4312 for the national team.

  6. What a player Lautaro is…!
    Both goals scored by Lukaku today..all praise him…hey did you watch the match?
    Lautaro’s diving shot stopped by GK and reached to Lukaku’s leg..just a tap in. 1-0
    Lautaro fouled by opponent..penalty. Scored by Lukaku. All media..all fans…praising Lukaku..!!

    They under estimate our lion…?
    Lautaro….what a striker Argentina got..!

    • Underestimate Lautaro?! Inter want to raise his buy out to over 120 mill and Barcelona are genuinely interested in him (before they were just rumors). The boy is receiving praise from all corners and rightly so but he’s still 22 and he needs to keep his head down and keep improving because he has the potential to be one of the world’s best.

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