Lionel Messi hattrick leads FC Barcelona to win vs. Mallorca


Lionel Messi scored a hattrick for FC Barcelona in their 5-2 win vs. Mallorca.

It was the Lionel Messi show and Lionel Messi week. A few days after receiving a record sixth Ballon d’Or, the Argentina captain lead his team to victory scoring a new record 35th La Liga hattrick.

Messi scored his first goal in the first half. He received the ball outside of the penalty area and a well placed curled shot beat the goalkeeper. Number two would prove to be just as sweet.

He would receive the ball once more outside of the area and just like his first effort, a great shot would make it 3-1 for Barcelona. His third would be just as beautiful.

Barcelona’s captain would receive the ball inside the area and a first time shot would rocket into the net.


  1. meanwhile back in bundesliga LEONARDO BALERDI has made his debut for dortmund by coming on as a sub in the 78th min int he 5-0 win against fortuna hope it will be a start for good things for the young prodigy

    • I knew when pochettino get fired
      Lo celso and foyth will have hard time
      Playing regardless thier talant
      Both were going to be regular under poch.
      Things do happen in football
      the best thing is for them
      To believe themselves cos both are
      Incredible talant but again will Mourinho
      Give them fair chance I very much doubt

      • I agree both need to leave Spurs and right away in January transfer because of the all important Copa America is approaching next year and both have a vital role to play

    • The playing time of Foyth and Lo Celso was almost closed to 0 before Mou. I think mou consider Lo Celso as Lucas’s or Alli’s sub. Giovanni is a crack I don’t worry for him but Foyth is too different from Mou’s classic defender.

    you can watch the match LIVE on facebook 20:30(praguay standard time) on the CONMEBOL official page
    the brazilian side is pretty strong but we believe in our argentina *vamos los pibes*

  3. Those three goals were amazing.For national team we need a bavk up for Tagliafico,Acuna’s only spot for vompeting should be Left Midfielder not Left Back so in that case we need a back up.No need to call Guido Rodriguez,Nico Dominiguez,Roberto Pereya.

      • i think it is you who are joking.Guido Rodriguez can only take long shot on goals he is not good in other aspect,Pereya is worst selection of Scolini,Nico Dominiguez is not future he has become a lame ass player for now but before he was good.

        • Nico dominguez is a very good player and he is still very young, he certainly is among of our future players but i have to agree about Guido and Pereyra though, despite i always liked Pereyra. Guido is being used now up to the moment Lisandro finally steps in while we already have a player who is very skillful, fast, athletic, he is a fighter and a workhorse and in my humble opinion he is an automatic starter especially when we play 4-4-2. I am talking about Ocampos and with his presence we don’t need pereyra, even though they are not same type players.

          One of the things i like a lot is that Scaloni is not only trying to cement a very good starting 11 but also to create very good reserves as well, giving depth to our team. I am eagerly waiting the transition of players such as Lisandro Martinez, Quarta, Romero, Perez, Urzi, Fereira etc.

          By the way, why Fereira is not included in Batista’s selection Gonzalo?

        • as i said pereya n guido cud be useful backups cause we dunnot have players better than pereya guido ofc can be definitely replaced by licha martinez but frm watching ajax’s matches i observed licha is playing more like paredes hence scaloni must be overlooking him . in counter attacks from the opposition he only jogs back to the penalty area much like paredes like a lazy cdm but its his first season n surely he will improve and also not to forget he plays under ten haag so hopefully he cud be the solution for argentina’s cdm position

  4. Copied from Reddit.

    This is how you appease both sides without telling lies: Pele and Maradona are legends of the game. Always will be. The modern game is faster and it requires more technical skill and athleticism. The game evolves as sports science evolves. That’s just a fact. So the modern game is the best we’ve ever seen it.

    We look at Messi vs CR7 and we can say this to give both players their due: Ronaldo is the best striker of the modern era. His career has been unreal from any historical or modern level. He had a prime playmaking days but he was never able to do both (score and playmake) at the same level. But his goal tally is as good as it gets in the modern era. Now we go to Messi, who is the greatest offensive player of all time (you see the difference in vernacular?). Offensive player means Messi is more than just a striker. He’s transcended beyond just a striker. His goal tally is just as impressive as Ronaldo’s while also competing with legendary midfielders as a top playmaker and dribbler. So while they both line up as strikers and they both have exhibited world class over their entire careers, it is apples to oranges.

    We compare the “arguably” best striker ever with the “undisputed” greatest offensive player of all time. This phrasing gives Ronaldo credit for keeping the goal tally so close over all these years, because outside of messi he is the best the position has ever seen. So he can have the title as best striker, because that is what his career has been. He is a striker and his comparison to Messi starts and ends at the striker position/role. In order to be crowned best offensive player of all time, he needs to be able to compete with Xavi/Iniesta at passing and vision, needs to be able to compete with dribbling phenoms like Maradona and Ronaldinho, needs to be able to compete against long ball artists like Pirlo, needs to compete against the greatest free kick takers. Unfortunately for Ronaldo’s case, he isn’t in any of those conversations but Messi is in every single one. That’s where the “debate” breaks down.

    I have no problem calling Ronaldo the best striker ever, as long as it’s clear and obvious that Messi is undisputedly regarded as more than that: the greatest offensive player ever.

    This to me is a happy medium that Madridistas and Catalans can actually agree upon. Both are phenoms of this era, but one is compared to more than just his direct rival at a particular position. One is compared to the legends of other positions. That is the hard truth that any Ronaldo “fanboy” has to come to grips with if they really want to be honest with themselves and with the game.

    • The 2 best striker of all time for me are Batistuta and Ronaldo Nazario, the Brazilian. Maradona is the best Enganche #10 ever. Messi and Pele are the top 2 Trequartista. In pure talent, Messi is above anyone but I consider Maradona as the greatest of all.

      • C.Ronaldo had the whole Madrid team feeding him almost all the balls while other strikers would only get the leftovers! His poor form in Juve is not just because of his aging body but because the team is not built around him anymore!!

  5. Meanwhile in Portugal league nehuen Perez’s famalicao’s fairy tale run at the top is coming an end due to consecutive defeats and are now third place in the league 4 points ahead of sporting cp

  6. Lazio 3-1 Juventus
    Joaquin Correa is improving by each matchday surely deserves a callup to NT.half of immobile’s goals are largely due to correa’s effort in earning a penalty. On the other end Dybala missed a golden opportunity to equalise

  7. Messi needs to unleash that kind of shots more often in National team. In Copa, he passes too often even when he had a space. He should just go for the kill by himself like he does countless times in Barca. He now has 15 goals in just 14 matches this season, he’s clearly not slowing down.

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