Vicente del Bosque: “Lionel Messi is the best player of all time”


World Cup winning coach with Spain in 2010 and Euro winner in 2012, Vicente del Bosque has coached some of the best players in the world. Now former coach, del Bosque spoke with TyC Sports about Lionel Messi and his place in history. Here’s what he had to say:

“Messi is a player from the neighborhood, from the streets. He has a vision of the game, a dominance and a dribble that is not seen in today’s world. And he does it where he needs to do it, which is near or in the penalty area. He’s presently the best player in the world.”

Del Bosque also commented on the never ending Lionel Messi and Diego Maradona debate.

“Messi was a great heir to Maradona and I think he has already surpassed the master.

“Messi is the best player of all time. Maybe someone can refute it.”


  1. This debate is moronic. We have two best footballers in our beloved nation team. Enjoy them. Personally I am a messi fan due to that I became albiceleste fan. Just like everyone else here in this forum, I want messi to lift the god damn world cup at all cost, be it handball or anything i want messi and Argentina to become world champions. Gracias to every albiceleste fan here from India

  2. Let me share my perspective on this.

    I became an Argentina fan because of Maradona. 82 World cup was my first one. By that time I was already a fan, because of 78. I did not watch a minute of 78 as I was barely a kid. Maradona in Barcelona, WC is Spain, it was a great antinication. It was anti-climax but then 86 happened and made me a permanent fan. Since then I followed Argentine players, followed and loved the clubs where they played. My loyalty changed as players moved on from the clubs. I realized my only loyalty and commitment is with Argentina. Then Messi happened.

    Different eras, different comparisons. I am going to take out “what have they won?” question from the debate. Just the players attributes – skills, personality & leaderhsip, game reading, consistency, longivity

    Skills: This is tough one. Maradona’s time, the pitches were not so perfect. The rules were also not so lenient for players like him or Messi. Messi is studied and scrutinized more. There is whole data analytics on his movement by inches. And I have not seen anyone with ball glued at his feet and at that speed. It almost seems like he does not control the ball but the balls wants to with him. I feel its an equal zone. A draw. It will be unfair to say one is better than another.

    Personality & leaderhsip: On the pitch Maradona, off the pitch Messi. I have to admit I am liking Messi on the pitch more these days. However, when things go bad, Messi looks like a lost man, whereas Maradona seemed like a beast even when he was losing. Not sure, between on and off this is even too. Remember, many players feel Messi made them a better player and they want to go to Barcelona because they can play along Messi. I will go with even.

    Game reading: Guardiola says, Messi walks for the first 4-5 mins and then he has a map of players and space in his head, he knows how the game is going to unfold. He knows what he has to do, where he has to go, who is the weak point today and attack there. I will be honest, I was not so savvy during Maradona time. I was in my teens and mostly felt he was a brute force and skill type of guy, instead of tactical magician. Probably the reason for his coaching failure. I will go with Messi.

    Consistency: Messi edges Maradona here. I cannot say Maradona was inconsistent, but Messi almost boring in his conistency. Its only at this age, I feel I am not sure which version of Messi will show up.

    Longivity: What can you say. I have never seen this longevity as from Messi and Christiano Ronaldo.

    Overall, I am huge fan of both, but Messi outscores. Someone can completely see differently and opposite and that will be fair.

  3. Ill echo . . . both Messi and Maradona are legends, best ever. I personally prefer Messi as well but i understand those that prefer Maradona.

    It’s moronic and irrational to call Messi overrated or choker / pecho frio or whatever insult i’ve heard over the years.

    It’s also moronic and irrational to call Maradona overrated or drug addict or whatever insult i’ve heard over the years.

    We are truly lucky to have them both. Enjoy Messi while we can 🙂

  4. Maradona and Messi are both legends. I personally feel that Messi is the best ever. But what Maradona can do with his feet if u guys think he is overrated than you are probably still in School. When legends of football thinks Maradona is the greatest than who do you think you are to judge sitting in your room infront of your pc/phone. You are all entitled to your opinion but dont pass your judgement, you are nobody, no one cares about you. Respect other cules to earn respect. Argentina did not form after Messi. I know there are so many bandwagoners here. But there are real Argentina fans here who’ve been supporting Argentina from Passerella days. Dont hurt anyone’s sentiments. You have no right to do that. I have been in this forum since 2013 and we always respect each other here. Try to be respectful.

  5. Lionel Scaloni is the best coach do not ask for his removal.I can see this current Argentina can beat Brazil with or without Neymar.There is no South American team ehich can beat cutrrent Argentina.

  6. Dfox1942

    somehow somebody should communicate with Roy.
    i was not fan of ignore button because i believe that even if somebody saying nonsense he is welcome here because this is freedom.
    but yesterday i realize that we have in this forum lately one fasist kid.
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    this is the definision of FASISM.
    i don t care if this kid is young and excused because his age.

    FASISM is FASISM and it should be expeled from everywhere.
    how much more from one place like Mundo that exist people from all around the world.

    i believe Roy should make 1 warning to this kid to be careful his behaviour inside here
    and if he don t stop then to expel him out of here.

  7. This Argentina NT needs another coach. Our current coach has no experience or the charisma to lead this team. How can you lose to Brazil in Copa without Neymar in it? It’s irresponsible.

    • Do you know when was the last time Argentina beat Brazil in an official game (not friendlies)? 2006 World Cup qualifier: 3-1, 2 Crespo, 1 Riquelme. Roberto Carlos from Brazil.

      Did you see copa final in 2004? Brazil would usually send B or C teams.

      We are all die hard fans. I just want to see Argentina win something again in my lifetime.

      It’s not Scaloni. It can be anybody. If Argentina plays Brazil 10 times in official tournament games, we will win 2, may be 3 tops. Unfortunately true.

      • DDr1123
        I dont agree with you. THE LAST DECADE WE WERE FAR SUPERIOR TO BRAZIL EDPECIALLY WITH MESSI. Brazil was lucky to not face us in Official matches at our peak time.

        • We were better than Brazil as a team I agree. But winning is a different thing. Since that game in 2006, we have at least played 6 WC qualifiers. Can you tell me why we can’t beat Brazil? Why is that we cannot win anything? If we were so far superior we should 6 out of 6, why 0?

          I am not saying we are bad, but there is mental block. this has to go. Something need to happen. A change of event. A change of mindset.

    • How can you lose to Brazil in copa? Easy, have the game in Brazil, bribe the refs and make sure that VAR ignores 2 legit penalty calls, the second of which led to a goal via counter attack.
      Argentina didn’t lose that game, the Brazilian authorities won it for Brazil.

      • Thanks you elpipita
        That was exactly what was going to write Plus how many compatative matches Brazil and Argentina play against each other
        Since 2006 world Cup qualifier
        as far as remember one 2007 copa
        Final which made me few nights
        Sleepless .
        world Cup qualifying for 2018
        Drew at home but Argentina deserved to win.
        lose to thier yard but you know arg nt was chaos from 2016 to 2018 even Paraguay and ecuador beat arg In thier home that was first time
        I saw Argentina lose to those countries
        In thier back yard so everyone could imagine how bad things was going to be. To me I genuinely believed arg will miss World Cup in 2018 in other word i gave up.
        also they drew home what they used call minnows likes Valenzuela peru
        My point is it wasn’t shame to lose
        Vs Brazil in 2018 world Cup qualifier
        But referee robbed arg 2019 copa
        Arg gave Brazil more than a game
        In front of thier home fans
        That is why have big respect likes
        De Paul parades tagliafico pezzella foyth L martinez cose they fought that night. But dickhead refree denied them.

        Oh I forgot 2010 world Cup qualifier
        Lost to them at home under legend
        Diego that was another very bad period too

        I’m very confident arge will win vs Brazil thier home game for 2022 qualifier.

        • I am sick and tired of hearing all these excuses. Scaloni’s tactics and inexperience cost that game for Argentina. If we had a world class coach, we would have won that game.

        • I agree with you guys on the 2018 copa semi. Not a fair game. But things are often not fair. No one stopped us from scoring goals. No one stopped us from stopping Gabriel Jesus goal.

          And to your count, we played 7 times since that game. There was a confed game also under Pekerman we lost, not sure when it was. Anyhow, 7 games, 7 my friend. Why can’t we win 1? Why 0 out of 7? I am not talking about “almost won” or “deserved to win” games. I want to be in a position where we can confidently say if we play Brazil 10 times, we will win 4-5. They are a good team also, so they may win a few too and some can be draws too. We have to get to those position.

      • Usually I agree to your comments. For the last 10 years over!

        I agree to your argument to some extent also. It was a a dubious game. We played better than we expected. Calls did not go our way. But still it is an excuse. What about the first goal of Brazil? Illegitimate? Why couldn’t we score a goal that no one could deny? Just one?

        Why is that when we play in our ground also, we don’t win? Is the whole world against us? if so, how did we make 3 finals in a row? why didn’t anyone stop us?

        Fact is, we bottle when it comes to Brazil, Germany etc. Big countries. talent is not the issue. But we bottle. We choke. Refs are an excuse for losers.

    • Scaloni is the perfect coach for Argentina right now. The team is thriving correctly under scaloni. Its seem Argentina is going to win something finally ( copa21 or wc22) under him. Those want scaloni to be removed have very limited football scence or don’t well wisher of ARG national team.

  8. Palacios made mistake joining Bundesliga, unfortunately he won’t be in Argentina squad unless moving to other club

    • So you think he performed bad coz he the Leverkusen style (bundesliga style) is not suited to him or because he just wasn’t on his day?

  9. Very odd decisions by Peter Bosz knowing Conte will always play his favorite 352. Defending in something like a 433 (instead of usual 442) and leaving huge room for the wingbacks to advance on both sides. Perfect example is second goal. Ashley Young with all day to jog up the left and place the perfect through ball to Lukaku because no right side mid to track him.
    Even on offense decision to play Palacios so high up very surprising almost looking like 4141. Their #15 with no option to advance the ball and leaving their midfield outnumbered on transition with almost anyone from Inter running through it all night. Very poor game plan on attack and defense.

    • Yes, bayer Leverkusen deserve better than Peter Bosz, that guy lacks simple football acumen.
      I still think palacios should have shown some character, when he had time and space he was still not looking for offensive pass and that’s not a sign of strong mentality. May be because he hasn’t played for a while and doesn’t have much confidence.
      He should see lo celso, de Paul, Paredes, Guido… matter where they are playing, they always look for forward passing.

  10. Good performance by lautaro at times can improve his decision making but it was a hugely improved performance than his previous matches. he took on Jonathan tah really well and came out successful on many occasions on either wing. Palacios didn’t play well his passing was poor but it’s only his second competitive match in some time .

    • Whole Leverkusen team was poor
      I don’t doubt palacios talant but
      I very much doubt his manager
      Will get best out of him
      I said palacios isn’t his singing
      Rather the directors of the club
      Peter Bosz is head coach
      Honestly they should sack him now.

      • analysed palacios n lautaro’s indvidual performaces . lautaro needs to improve his first touch n ball control at times he was sloppy with his touches. as for palacios in the first 25 mins of the match he played as a right centre midfield role and he didnt play well but after inter scored the second goal he was moved upward and played as a no.10 role and he actually improved after that he was involved in many of leverkusen’s attacks n his passing improved so i think the issue with palacios is definitely the lack of game time which is the reason why his play is a bit rusty now but im sure with his talent he will adapt to any role when given the regular game time he deserves and as for peter bosz i dont tnk bayer would sack him right away as bayer were playing well for large parts of this season and almost missed the champions league spots also if charles aranguiz didnt miss this match against inter i tnk bayer could have had a good chance to win.

    • I think despite this poor display by palacios, he is still better than many midfielders in Leverkusen, maybe all of them except aranguiz, you can see how Leverkusen lost possession and looked lost once he came off.

    • Damn……Covid can damage the heart big time and i forgot about Correas heart condition. Think a 29 year old basketball player recently got covid (asymptomatic) and dropped dead from heart attack soon after. Not sure if covid was the cause but they are correlated.

      Terrible news but hope Correa turns out ok and continues playing at a high level.

  11. Vrsalko and Angel Correa its official, sad, he would be a clear starter…no Angel Correa, no Aguero, Di Maria is suspended too vs Atalanta, only Messi and Papu remain in UCL, im not 100% sure Icardi (Mbappe will likely back) or Paredes will start vs Atalanta…plus Palomino is injured, Otamendi only a sub.

  12. Maradona who ? Messi is the greatest football player world have ever seen pls guys don’t write a stupid comments here . Compare to maradona with pele. Cruf . Gulet . And others don’t compare messi to maradona . Messi is another level no one can reach messi level

  13. […] World Cup winning coach with Spain in 2010 and Euro winner in 2012, Vicente del Bosque has coached some of the best players in the world. Now former coach, del Bosque spoke with TyC Sports about Lionel Messi and his place in history. Here’s what he had to say:“Messi is a player from the neighborhood, from the streets. He has a vision of the game, a dominance and a dribble that is not seen in today’s world. And he does it where he needs to do it, which is near or in the penalty area. He’s presently the best player in the world.”Del Bosque also commented on the never ending Lionel Messi and Diego Maradona debate.“Messi was a great heir to Maradona and I think he has already surpassed the master. “Messi is the best player of all time. Maybe someone can refute it.” Read from source…. […]

  14. ” i will demand from him to leave Barcelona and go to one second row team of Spain,Italy or England and WIN local championship ,local cup and European tittle.

    Sevilla, Valencia,Bilbao, Roma, Lazio, Fiorentina, Arsenal, Everton, West ham or any other club this level he likes.”

    What type of bullshit is this? So cause Maradona failed in a huge club, and go in a smaller to be a king, Messi should do this too. Why? He is best Barcelona player ever, biggest players play on the highest level.
    Btw that Napoli with world record Maradona signing and other players was in 80’s like Manchester City, Chelsea or PSG in today football. In 80’s conditions, when only 3 foreign players were eligable. A nouveau rich club.

  15. Guys what r ur thoughts on Dybala’s possible transfer to Madrid? I think he can fit in there,as a CAM instead of finished isco and james. Plus odegaard and Kubo r too young.

  16. I would like to comment Messi vs Maradona, if messi won 2014 world cup then nobody can talk about Maradona, only winning World Cup preventing messi to remove Maradona name from History. Statistically Maradona no where near messi or in club career. Argentina wasted messi 2010 and 2018 world cup, hope messi win 2022 world cup and icardi needed in the team for scoring goals

      • What can u expect from a kid who says icardi is argentina’s 2nd best player and the worlds best striker behind lewa?

    • Agree with romance king after all he is my son who has brain unlike a person named cox4 Penaldo fan just leave nobody wants to hear your comments idiot

  17. just to make clear something. somebody can easy vote for Messi or Maradona as best.
    every choice is welcome and excused.

    i am speaking about Argentine people and Argentina national team point of view.
    in this side of view Maradona is the biggest SYMBOL. NOT NECESARILY biggest PLAYER.
    the last can change according to every person idea.
    Maradona hand goal was not the reason we win the world cup.
    it scored in quarter final and didn t decide anything more than one advantage our team take in this single game.

    BUT the important of that cheat goal was something else beyond football.

    Personally and the majority of all Argentinians we are PROUD for that goal.
    if i was inside pitch i would do much more things to cheat believe me. to win 4-1 or 5-1
    with 3 or 4 handballs.

    one for each of my 649 btothers that lose their lives to prevent British steal our islands.

    if we suppose have cheated against any other country in world i would feel shame for Diego and us. BUT NO WAY with them. i don t feel shame about that goal.


    • Maradona was a failure at Barcelona and he needed handball goal to beat that strong English team. If the didn’t cheat, england would have been in to the final. The fact that you are praising cheater to be above Messi is disgrace to the football.

      • Maradona was a failure at Barcelona yes and he was not failure with Napoli.
        nobody cares.
        with handball or not we was better and we win fair. handball give us advantage only. we didn t win the game or world cup because of that as i told before.
        IF Egland suppose beat us he suppose advance to semi final. not final.

        maybe i am disgrace to the football ok. i can live with that.
        but i prefer firstly i don t be disgrace for my country.
        i advice you to visit the cementerio de Darwin in the Islas Malvinas.
        you will take there the answers you ask my friend.

      • Brother indisputabled12 don’t argue with this brainless person like cox4 he has no brain don’t understand football Maradona played alongside best defender and players for NT some of them played in 1978 who won the world had more experience heading into 1986 World Cup this guys don’t know anything this guy is Penaldo fan not Argentina fan ignore this idiot

    • Don’t worry my friend, you are the one making the most sense here. Many young people here don’t understand the greatness of Maradona for the Argentine people and society. A true symbol. Unbelievable that people say he is overrated for Argentina. I strongly recommend any Albiceleste fan to watch the documentary Diego Maradona by Asif Kapadia, released last year, to gain a better understanding of Maradona and his era.

      4 years before 1986 WC, Argentina was at war with England over the Falkland Islands so this game had a symbolic meaning. The Hand of God goal was a deserved middle finger to England for the whole world to see. The other goal was the goal of the century to show his true genius. Then he went on to bring the World Cup to Argentina. For Argentines, I don’t think it can ever get bigger than that (perhaps only on par if Messi does something similar against Brazil in a WC final)

      All in all, Maradona is the greatest for Argentina.
      For the rest, Maradona and Messi are the only players to have reached God tier.
      Everyone else is under them. And they are both Argentine so we should be happy with that!

  18. I completely disagree with u, the goat is playing for the country and u should be delighted for it.
    Argentina in recent times is not the same as used to be, even Portugal are producing some world class talents…a lot of things are rumoured here about Musso, De paul, Lo celso,blah blah..bdw all these are overrated among the albiceleste, coz if they are so, they would have been recruited by big clubs. And secondly, the whole world agrees Messi is better than Maradona ND it’s a fact.These are allegedly proved through stats, Maradona is nowhere near goal scoring or assisting records of leo and not to forget about the individual accolades
    Now please don’t bring the tournament context here,coz it is won by the team and not by a single player .But paradoxically, Messi too went into 3 finals and also not to forget about hand of God of Maradona.

    • there is no problem that you disagree. i respect your opiniion anyway.
      we can t agree everybody. it is the most normal thing.

      just only i have ro say about this ” the whole world agrees Messi is better than Maradona ND it’s a fact.These are allegedly proved through stats, Maradona is nowhere near goal scoring or assisting records of leo”.

      this statement is your personal opinion. it is not fact. Plus we are not able to consider anything as fact because we can t compare fair different era s.

      the only sure is that young people that don t live the era of Maradona is very normal to have similar opinions like you.
      football is not only numbers my friend. football is not like basketball.

      if in one categoty for example Ronaldo have bigger numbers than Messi that doesn t mean that Messi is not better than Ronaldo.

      anyway my point of speak from beggining was that everybody is free to believe anything they want. just everybody have to respect symbols of Argentina. and Maradona is the biggest of them about sports. just like Juan Peron in politics for example.

      • I completely agree with you on Maradona, I like both of them. But failing in the 3 finals is not his fault and Messi also had a brilliant world cup & calling him failure is unexpected and he is an Argentina icon for the past 2 decades and is one among the top 3 Argentina footballers ever produced, eclipsing both Maradona and Messi is not easy for any footballer.

    • Honestly why don’t people bother to watch actual football before making silly comments! First of all Celso, De Paul and Musso are not overrated and if you bothered to watch even a single game of theirs you would know this. Spurs were CL finalists when Celso was recruited, Inter wanted Musso but he is smart enough not to be a backup while waiting for Handovic to retire and DePaul is being chased by every top club in Italy including Juventus, one of the ‘big clubs’ you were talking about.

      ‘the whole world’ does not mean YOU, but the whole world could mean the 1.5 million people who voted in 2000 FIFA poll for the greatest footballer ever where Maradona came out the runaway winner.
      When FIFA conducts another poll involving millions of people and Lio comes out a winner then you can make such expansive statements.

      When it comes to Maradona a tournament has to be brought into context because in 86 Maradona did something that one has ever done (and is yet to do), he totally DOMINATED the world cup, didn’t win it on his own but he dominated that tournament like no one ever had and sure the hand of god was a cheat but that 2nd goal aka the goal of the century was not cheating, although scoring a goal like that in QF of a world cup does cheat all logic!

      Lastly we’re here in an Albiceleste message board and you people are arguing and belittling both Messi and Maradona to support your logic? Seriously! Just enjoy the 2 of ’em and thank your lucky stars that your favorite team houses the 2 greatest footballers of all time.

    • Juve won’t let Dybala go specially Prilo, Ronaldo might move to PSG for a new challenge in Farmer league and Icardi goes to other direction

      • Juve nearly let Dybala go to Manshitster United and Taattinham Hotspur…..
        If Dybalangoes there will be a chance Penaldo stays cuz they cant sync together

        • But that was a year ago, Dybala saved Juventus season don’t think they think to sell their best player

          • Dybala was juve’s best player of 3 seasons,still they tried to offload him.
            Dybala will suit galacticos i hope

  19. if Messi want to consider himself equal to Maradona about football then
    i will spare the world cup Copa america etc subject and i will demand from him to leave Barcelona and go to one second row team of Spain,Italy or England and WIN local championship ,local cup and European tittle.

    Sevilla, Valencia,Bilbao, Roma, Lazio, Fiorentina, Arsenal, Everton, West ham or any other club this level he likes.

  20. really some people don t allow me to stay in my silence with the unthinkable things that they are writting.

    i will try hold my patience from ungry and i will say only this.
    MARADONA is for Argentina the biggest legend we ever had.
    Symbol of Argentina equal with people outside sports.

    He is the spirit of the people of Argentina in picture.

    MARADONA is even more than this things but i don t want to make tired the friends here.

    Messi is not even close to than. so some Messi fans here should be careful and respect Argentina s symbols.
    BIG NUMBER of people here we are ARGENTINA fans FIRST not MESSI fans FIRST.
    everybody we have to respect each other here.

    Messi is Argentinian but raised in Spain and have the Spanish culture in him.
    Diego is the picture of the classic middle Argentinian.
    some fans that are young should learn this and the fans that are bigger age should remember this FOR THEY UNDERSTAND the Argentine way of thinking.

    • Maradona with 5 goals & 5 assists in 1986 can never be eclipsed by any player ( with all respects to messi). Similarly the way he moved a mid tier club like Napoli to the top of serie a is epic. It was like a social revolution…considering south Italian clubs being treated like trash then. Serie a was the best league in late 80s. Its like a movie script. To me ( an argentine diehard fan) Maradona is always the GOAT for these achievements. If I was a non Argentine fan I wld have said messi for his club exploits & the fact that
      he was consistent & disciplined. But the absolute peak Maradona acheived in Mexico 86 is just unparalleled

      • Idiot best player don’t player for smaller team get in your head players like Messi neymar Christiao and pele player for bigger club they were better player then him and every club wanted them

      • Even if that goal had been disallowed, Argentina would have gone on to win the match. They played a great game and Maradona was unplayable at times.
        Lack of discipline is the only reason, he is even being compared to, if not he would have been a god.

    • Stupid no body is Argentina fan because of Messi everyone is Argentina no one will support this stupid team in the future after Messi they will not support this team

    • You have no brain your useless no one will watch Argentina after Messi they not even make one penny for fans who go to see Messi not Argentina idiot cox4

  21. In my opinion Messi and maradona are of different era.. maradona single handedly take a medicore Argentina team 1990 to WC final..if hiquain had scored vs Germany 2014 & chile in 2015, 2016 Copa America final story could have been different.. maradona played 21 world cup games which was a record at that time..Messi played 20 games.. Maradona had a decent team 1986..1990 Argentina form wasn’t great however maradona dragged to world cup final..but Sergio goycochhea was phenomenal in that WC..Messi on the other hand had great team 2010 but with maradona as a couch they struggled throughout qualifiers, Martin Palermo comes to rescue vs Peru.. without any proper coach Argentina thrashed badly vs Germany 4-0…2014 Messi had a great team , with a good couch who always think about strengthen the defense.. Argentina reach the finals hiquain missed vital chance Argentina lost final..

    • Idiot maradona is overrated he did not carry how many goals did he score in the final and 1986 World Cup team had more world class player some of them played with Maradona in club team

  22. Remember Vicente Del Bosque has managed some great players, winning a WC and Euro is not just an achievement, it’s special and not everyone can do it ; an he talks objectively and straight forward even the Argentina coach did not acknowledge Messi greatness…

    Football will not be same again without Messi

  23. Yes Messi is great but Maradona was something else. The One can make the difference by his skills and leadership and the other one is second to none in footballing skills, however, he is a choker.

    • Maradona something about else how many goals he scored in final tell me none at 1986 and 1990 final zero goals just like penaldo Maradona and Penaldo gets all the credit for not scoring they won what a joke these two are overrated you should be lucky that Messi is playing for that useless county like Argentina can’t produce world class players like the did 1980-2006 that’s why I think Luke Romero might not play this country is useless talents that they produce but I’m grateful that Messi choose this country instead of Spain if I were in his place I would have choose Spain I would have won World Cup by now

      • Maradona is overrated???!! Maradona is Like Christina??
        I don’t know where you were in 1986 or 1990 to see what Maradona was doing at the time and I’ll just leave it there.

        ROY, you’re probably ignoring me but its ok, I’m keep asking.


    • Maradona is a legend in his own way, but calling messi a joker is not correct.he took mediocre team to three finals and dragging barca alone to title contention with little help. If Higuain had taken any one chance you wouldn’t say this.

    • I completely disagree with u, the goat is playing for the country and u should be delighted.
      Argentina is nowadays not the same as it used to be, even Portugal are producing some world class talents…a lot of things are rumoured here about Musso, De paul, Lo celso,…bdw all these are overrated among the albiceleste, coz they are if they are so, they would have been targeted by big clubs. ND secondly, the whole world agrees Messi is better than Maradona ND it’s a fact.This proves through the stats, Maradona is nowhere near goal scoring or assists records.
      Moreover, Don’t talk about tournaments,Messi too went into 3 finals and also not to forget about hand of God of Maradona.

  24. Did this guy say Mohamed Salah was not even good enough to sit on RM’s bench!?
    He didn’t tell us anything we didn’t already know about MESSI.

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