Lionel Messi scores twice in FC Barcelona 5-2 win vs. Real Betis


Lionel Messi scored twice for FC Barcelona in their 5-2 win vs. Real Betis.

Messi would start the match on the bench but would play the entire second half where he would score twice and dummy on another goal. With the score at 1-1, Messi was brought on in the second half and would make an instant impact. A ball was played inside the penalty area and Messi would let it run through his legs and onto Antoine Griezmann who would score to give Barcelona the 2-1 lead.

The Argentine would make it 3-1 as Barcelona were awarded a penalty. A well placed, very powerful shot beat the goalkeeper as he would score his fifth penalty in a row. Betis would make it 3-2 but Messi would score the fourth.

A pass into Messi as the Argentine with a powerful shot into the net would make it 4-2 before Barcelona would add another goal.


  1. Gaich gets a rare league start today. Hope he capitalises the chance fully & has already contributed with an assist in 20th min. Medina playing with RC lens after club is back from covid halt.
    Romero head on with Martinez today. Hoping Perez also gets a start today against real Sociedad.

  2. Is it me, Messi’s Penalties have become more sharper. He has adopted a new technique i think. He used to go more on the sides according to the movement of the Goal keeper. Now he is more consistently hitting on the upper corners of the Net. Penalties was one of the weakness of his game considering his higher standards in other departments where he consistently operates.

    • I agree as well, I always thought he was a better pk taker than what the eye’s see but his attitude was more nonchalant and even cute while taking them.

    • Yeah it is true Messi’s penalties have become sharper because now he now he shoots in the areas where the conversion rate is usually higher. He shoots anywhere he likes that is positive in his game. Now he has more options in his penalty.

    • I found it strange that he accepted Barca captaincy after being screwed over by the board and forced to stay against his will. Perhaps he did it in order to avoid further problems with Koeman.

      NT captaincy is another question.
      What’s the general opinion here? Should Messi remain captain or hand it over to someone like De Paul?
      IMO he has progressively improved on the leadership role since Copa 19.

      • You are absolutely right, Leo’s leadership and team motivation role improved a lot since last Copa and I want him to wear the armband for NT since we don’t have a Mascherano type player, but if for some reason Leo decided not to wear it anymore the player I’ve big faith in his leadership is Tagliafico.

  3. Boss of bosses strikes again!
    Missed the game but watched the highlights and there is always extra motivation for Messi whenever he sees Bravo in goal.

  4. Acuna’s injury opens up one more change unless he is recovering fast ( not expected ) . While perfect chance for him to call lisandro Martinez as backup, I guess he will just stick to the local options. Maybe casco & bustos /bufffrani( for rb backup)

    • Could also be that the international call-up window has closed now. Really hope Acuña quickly regains his great form he has had since joining Sevilla!

  5. DeMaria had a very good game. His volley, which hit the bar post was a banger. Based on the club form, he is only second best to Messi.

    I know a lot of you don’t want to see him close to the National team. But none questions his commitment to the National team. Putting together, how can a player consistently performing at the highest level and in the most competitive tournaments with the best of the clubs in world football but doesn’t perform well with the National team (who has no lack of commitment to the team)? The answer is simple, most of our coaches failed to utilize him properly. As was the case during Maria’s time in ManU. He is not the kind of player who performs in any condition or system. He is too good to be less utilized.

  6. Two powerful strikes shows how desperately he needed that. Hope he scores against paraguay and peru. Best wishes from nepal. 🇳🇵 🇦🇷

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