Champions League preview: Joaquin Correa and Lazio host Bayern Munich


A total of eight Argentine players could take part in this week’s Champions League coaches.

Diego Simeone has a difficult fixture when they play Chelsea in Romania due to COVID restrictions. Angel Correa is the only Argentine on that team as back up goalkeeper Willy Caballero won’t be starting for Chelsea.

Lazio have the most Argentine representatives with three as Joaquin Correa, Gonzalo Escalante and newly signed Mateo Musacchio host Champions League winners Bayern Munich.

On Wednesday, Jose Palomino and Cristian Romero will try to shut down Real Madrid as they will look to build off last season’s competition where they made it to the quarter finals.

Sergio Aguero will try to get some minutes as Manchester City travel to Germany to play Borussia Monchengladbach.

Here are the matches for this week:


Atletico Madrid (Angel Correa) vs. Chelsea (Willy Caballero)

Lazio (Joaquin Correa, Gonzalo Escalante, Mateo Musacchio) vs. Bayern Munich

Atalanta (Jose Palomino, Cristian Romero) vs. Real Madrid

Borussia Monchengladbach vs. Manchester City (Sergio Aguero)


  1. Foyth can go up against Neymar or other world class wingers not sure about Montiel.It is better to tighten Argentina defence as defence is Argentina’s weakness.Argentina already have world class midfielders and forward players but defence is average. Sarvia is best RB option for Argentina.Even Acuna has played outside of position for long time in Argentina

  2. Juan foyth is cb isn’t right back but he can play that position if needed especially if you want play more attacking full bk in other side like acuna I see that as valid point however you can say same something
    If you put f. Medina or lich martinez in left back and play gonzalo montiel young molina or even Ocampos in right back position.
    I do think g. Montiel is modern full back
    All he needs to move top 5 European leagues. Tbh he has been decent for nt and I believe he can play a lot better than he is now plus his penalties look convincing too.

      • Raj may have stopped with the incessant trolling, but he has only been capable of mentioning mundane things about Icardi or Mbappe and German players. Don’t know why he’s on here

  3. I managed to watch Villareal’s game and Foyth put in an impressive defensive display but to be all honest from what I’ve seen thus far he’s not a RB but rather a CB covering for a RB and doing a good job.
    As EnganChe and olive_majestic already said a fullback needs to be atleast competent in both attack and defense. Some pundits were calling Alexander T.Arnold as the best fullback in the world (typical inept English media analysis) but the kid is hopeless when it comes to defensive analysis and positioning. Foyth is the other way around in the sense that he’s very good defensively but is yet to even attempt to venture out forward and to be honest that’s something that Emery has develop in him during training, it’s not something that comes naturally.
    Regarding the RB position, unfortunately that is the one position of real weakness for Argentina and right now there is only Montiel, who has not really impressed during the WCQ but I do seeing him getting better and he was especially impressive during the copa lib.
    Monlina has been really impressive (especially offensively) with Udinese but the kid is yet to earn a starting position and I’d rather wait until the season is over before I make a final judgement on him.
    I said before that if it comes to Montiel’s backup I’d rather see C.Romero in there ahead of Foyth because he has played on the right side of a back 3 and he is simply a far superior defender to foyth, but I’m talking only in desperation where Montiel is unavailable because having C.Romero out of position is a waste of a great CB’s talents, that ofcourse if he gets called up.

    • Foyth is not good at anything when it comes to delivering (read actually playing). Decent, inconsistent and often careless performances. Why he is getting all the chances at Spurs and now at Villareal is because of his potential. He is raw talent. Way too much raw talent to go waste. I guess we will see whether he lives up to the potential or not. Time is ticking and soon people will lose faith. Not everyone is an Argentina fan, that will keep giving chances.

      Now, coming to NT and the next set of matches of Uruguay and Brazil, I would keep him in the team. As mentioned below he gives lot of options – CB, RB, DM. This opens up a place if you want to take an extra attacker or winger.

      I agree he is not good going forward as a full back. For Brazil and Uruguay there is no need to go forward. Stay back and deal with the right side. Anyway, Messi will not defend. It will be down to De Paul and the RB. Don’t give space and get a draw, it will be great. That’s me and my opinion. Don’t expect everyone to agree 😉

      • Why not take Lisandro Martinez if you need a utility player. He is a better CB or DM than Foyth. Although without a proper back-up to Montiel we are screwed…

      • Yes no need from the side backs to attack, so we will score again a huge zero against Uruguay and Brazil without width and attacing contribution from the midfielders. No problem, no not OK. Btw Messi presses much more than CR, Neymar or Mbappe statistically.

        • True mamoun, I am pretty baffled at how overrated TAA is, forget how poor he is defensively, this season he has also been poor in attack due to bad form. I hope Molina becomes a starter for Udinese so he could be a more viable back up option. About the WCQ I don’t mind if Foyth plays as a RB because I doubt he’s going to be attacking much against Brazil anyway, and he has to contain Neymar. If Messi is in a more creative position and Lo Celso is fit, we should be able to create good chances for our strikers anyway. Uruguay I would prefer to try Montiel again.

        • Messi will press but he is not going to come down to our box all the time. Messi will mainly attack and occupy space in midfield and attacking third.

          I am telling again, a draw in Brazil, with the past records, our transition in work and VAR (its a fact and we have to prepare to defend against VAR too), a draw will be great!!

      • ddr1123, I see what you’re saying and you’re thought process is logical since you want De Paul and Montiel to cover for Messi and stop Neymar but Argentina cannot get into the mindset of going into the game to get a draw especially since Argentina’s been every bit as good as Brazil in the WCQ thus far and if it wasn’t for some shocking referring/VAR-ing in the Paraguay game, Argentina would have equal points to Brazil.

        I like what Scaloni did in the most recent encounter between Arg-Bra (over a year ago, how time flies), he utilized a 4-4-2 compact structure that used physicality to prevent Brazil from playing their regular counter-attacking game, something like this:



        Now, Ocampos won’t be there and neither will Nico Gonzalez, Celso is also highly doubtful, so some adjustments must be made, I’m thinking something like this



        Bring De paul back to the position that made him a star in Italy, since him being stuck on the right side covering for Messi is the reason why he hasn’t been as impressive as he was in copa when he did play on the left.
        Starting Palacios may be an issue since he hasn’t played at all in that s**tfest of a club and if it’s up to me I’d start Nico Dominguez but I can’t deny that when ever Palacios played for Argentina he was fantastic.
        A.Correa is ideal to replace Ocampos on the right side because he brings in the same level of intensity and he spent years playing in the position for Atletico.

        All in all to a cut a long story short, Argentina has the players to take down Brazil (and any other time for the matter) so they shouldn’t go with a defensive mindset hoping to get a point but rather a defensively disciplined unit with an attacking bite.

        • Totally agree with your last paragraph. We should go with solid defensive plan and not be naïve and go all attack. Away to Brazil we have not got any win in 40+ years? Also, Brazil loves someone attacking them giving space. We will be playing in their hands. We have done that way too often. Curb the ego and be clever is my mantra. Play counter attacking.

          I am worried about our line up. I don’t rate Palacios too much. lets see.

    • This sounds a lot like what her majesty Kidulthood used to say.

      Not everybody here is from the lands where they like cricket. You go pms somewhere else.

      Kid, is that one of your many guises?

  4. Foyt did not venture forward much because
    Of I. Williams
    Most of you guys on here are tactically inept.
    Emotionally unbalanced
    Anything that comes out y’all mouth you guys just put it ob here.
    Jesus christ

    • Yes, because this is a very emotionally balanced post 🙂 FYI, Iñaki Williams is a CF not a winger, Foyth does not attack because he is a CB, as simple as that.

      But it’s nice of you to come our woodwork with solid emotionally balanced observations…

        • Mr. Master Tactician, a footballing guru, Foyth was not on the left flank but rather on the right, this was elementary 🙂

          How is comparing Dest to Foyth valid? Why not compare Foyth to Lahm? Zanetti? Sorin? Not all offensive fullbacks are created equal…but defensive fullbacks all have the same limitaions…

          • Have you ever set foot on a football field??
            I don’t claim to be a guru I know basic football tactics and formation to know that foyt did not go forward much because he had to keep an eye on I Williams.
            Just like dest did not go forward much
            Cause he had to keep an eye on mbape.

          • Mars2301, have you watched every single game where Foyth was asked to play as a RB? Can you honestly say that you know his strengths and weaknesses? Do you know how he tends to play in general and not just against a specific opponent?

    • That’s like saying that hakimi should not attack because Lukaku and Lautaro are strikers. Modern day football needs full backs to attack or contribute in build up

      • Have you ever set foot on a football field??
        I don’t claim to be a guru I know basic football tactics and formation to know that foyt did not go forward much because he had to keep an eye on I Williams.
        Just like dest did not go forward much
        Cause he had to keep an eye on mbape.

        • If Foyth wasn’t supposed to defend from Williams but rather attack he would not be able to either, the Williams thing is irrelevant. As of now he does not have the characteristics of a modern full back (width, crosses, etc) but more of a ball playing center back or defensive midfielder. Your “point” is irrelevant to the original discussion, you select one game and believe he will be needed to play that way every single game

  5. Apply the following filters to champions league teams and then think

    1. Is he an automatic starter?
    2. Does he actually have any chance of getting any meaningful minutes?
    3. Is he part of the stronger team? Will his team progress to next round?

    The story is pretty grim for many years.

    Also, I hate it when our players are pitted against each other 🙂

  6. Foyth had a good game against Bilbao. A defensive fullback on the right could be useful against teams like Brazil. He would then be up against Neymar (if fit)

    Not sure if he is just uncomfortable attacking and bringing offensive width on the wing or if these are just the instructions from Emery.
    From what I see looking at his Villarreal stats as RB, he hasn’t even attempted a single cross yet.

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