Argentine Champions League Quarter Finals preview: Angel Di Maria, Sergio Aguero


The quarter finals of the Champions League begins on Tuesday as we have six Argentine players who are left in the tournament.

We have Sergio Aguero, Angel Di Maria, Leandro Paredes, Mauro Icardi, Agustin Marchesin and Willy Caballero as the only Argentine players left in the tournament with PSG manager Mauricio Pochettino as the only Argentine coach left. Of the six remaining, only one has managed to win the Champions League and that was Angel Di Maria back in 2014 when he won it with Real Madrid prior to the World Cup.

Two matches on Tuesday and two on Wednesday with only one Argentine representative on the first day and the other five on Wednesday. Real Madrid host Liverpool in a repeat of the final from a few years ago, neither team has any Argentine players at the club.

Manchester City along with Sergio Aguero host Borussia Dortmund in the second match on Tuesday. This is Aguero’s swan song season and he would like to cap it off by winning the big one but they’ll first have to go through Dortmund and make it to the semi finals.

A repeat of last season’s final will take place on Wednesday where Bayern Munich host PSG in the first leg. Angel Di Maria, Leandro Paredes and Mauro Icardi will be out for revenge in hopes of knocking out the reigning champions and edging closer to a place in the final once more.

Wednesday will also bring a clash of two Argentine goalkeepers. Agustin Marchesin will start for Porto after they knocked out Juventus in the last round while fellow Argentine Willy Caballero will be watching from the stands when Porto host Chelsea in the other match that day. Here are the matches:

Real Madrid vs. Liverpool
Manchester City (Sergio Aguero) vs. Borussia Dortmund

Bayern Munich vs. PSG (Angel Di Maria, Leandro Paredes and Mauro Icardi)
FC Porto (Agustin Marchesin) vs. Chelsea (Willy Caballero)


  1. Navas is very underrated GK last match saved from humiliation against Barcelona and this match put PSG ahead in the tie against Bayern Munich though Bayern favorite to go through next round.

  2. No way its over, PSG will score at least 3 goals from counters with Mbappe, Neymar and Di Maria. Sane or Coman finishing is poor, Choupo Moting is not on this level, maybe Müller could score goal.

    • Bayern Munich created 20 chances but missed a lot, Navas saved it for PSG lucky day for Farmers but everyday isn’t sunday.

  3. Mbappe is currently best player in the world, Halaand overshadowed Ronaldo this season. Welcome to the new rivary.

  4. the quality of your posts are of “farmer” calibre…how about you come up with something at least a tiny bit more sophisticated than that…

  5. Argentina should prepare two players for each position otherwise they will be in experimenting stage in Copa 2021 just like in Copa 2019.As in Copa 2019 once Right Back,Renzo Sarvia looked flop Scaloni tried Casco and Foyth in that place and ultimately Foyth got the place, same thing in midfield happend De Paul and Pereya was tried in midfield ultimately De Paul got that position till Argentina got best formation it was too late to win Copa 2019 so this time Argentina should be already prepared.
    First team
    Emi Martinez
    Sarvia. C. Romero. Otamendi. Acuna
    De Paul. Paredes. Lo celso
    Messi. Lautaro. N. Gonzalez

    Second team
    Foyth. LMQ. Pezella. Tagliafico
    Lamela/Palacios G. Rodriguez Papu Gomez
    Dybla. Alario. J. Correa

  6. Emi Buendia has 12 goals and 15 assists 33 matches. He has 3.4 key passes per match, so that’s 112 key passes in whole season so far. 112 of his passes has become a shot. Emi Buendia is unreal when it comes to creativity.

    He also has 2.8 shots and 1.6 dribbles per game. So that’s 92 shots and 52 successful dribbles. He would be massive in our settings.

    • A truly world class player, yes I am comfortable calling him WORLD CLASS now! When it comes to creativity he is only second to Messi, add that to his youth (24yrs), athleticism and his defensive discipline and kid needs to be in the NT pronto!
      For some odd reason he’s not even on Scaloni’s radar and very unlikely to go to copa, but I hope he’ll atleast be considered for the olympics because De la Vega, Alvarez, F.Vera, Caupaldo, Almada are all starting for their clubs in Argentina, while the likes of Medina, Balerdi are now getting regular football in europe. If the AFA manages to convince Ajax and Udinese to let Licha and Molina go and Batista selects Emi, we’re talking about a seriously solid team here.

      ———————————–Gaich / Ponce——————————————

      ——-De La vega—————–Alexis / Almada——————-Buendia————-




      With additional solid talents like Velenzuela, C.Romero or Senesi (if either don’t go to copa), C.Medina and G.Maroni (Boca), honestly we’re looking at a team that can really compete.

      • The good thing is Argentina media noticed about Emi Buendia but I won’t call him world class yet.
        But he can be if moves bigger club than Norwich Likes arsenal or Aston villa and continues this kind form in to the EPL.

      • I like your line up but taking buendia means, it cost one of the three overage player spot which I doubt batista will do.
        Also would prefer nico dominguez in midfield assuming that E.palacios will take his place in copa america.
        Check out Ramon mierez as Gaich substitute. He plays in a low league(craotian) but scored 20 goals this season.

        • Oh I agree, I truly doubt that Batista is even thinking about Buendia let alone taking him to the olympics, it’s just wishful thinking on my part.
          I think Dominguez will be going to copa alongside Palacios. Scaloni’s midfield selection will most likely be: Paredes, De Paul, Celso, Palacios, Dominguez and Guido. There is an outside chance that Pereyra might go instead of Nico but I doubt it.

          Ramon Mierez eh, thanks for the heads up Rhaelyn, might have to seek out youtube for this.

      • I agree. Sometimes I have great suspicions about these types of things. The local politics play a role and I don’t know if excluding Buendía has something to do with money or short sales at home or whatever. No clue, but it is truly disgraceful. There has to be a non footballing reason it is impossible for it to be otherwise

      • Buendia is a rare consistent Argentine in Europe this season. It baffles me that he has never been in Scaloni’s radar. I mean they even scouted Molina in Italy. With the likes of Ocampos, Gomez in off form, Nico Gonzalez on and off from injuries Buendia is a great gift to have.

        Who knows? Scaloni is probably thinking about Roberto Pereyra 😀

        • I hope Spain wont call him, Scaloni still have some time, Luis Enrique will not choose a new player for Euro, Scaloni must to build a deep 30+men squad for the WCQ before Copa with ofc Buendia too.

  7. Our representation has really weakened in this tournament over the years. There was a time I used to stay awake and watch 5-6 games in a night, as almost all top teams had our players.

    Well now its really PSG, who will be gone soon too. I don’t count Willy Caballero or Aguero anymore.

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