Lionel Messi scores twice, assists in Barcelona 5-2 win vs. Getafe


Lionel Messi scored twice and assisted another in Barcelona’s 5-2 win vs. Getafe.

Messi continued his excellent goal scoring form, once more netting twice in one match. The Barcelona captain hit the crossbar just a few minutes into the match and would score just minutes after that. A lovely ball over the top by Sergio Busquets found Messi as the Getafe backline tried to take Messi down but the Argentine continued on and his shot beat the goalkeeper to give Barcelona the 1-0 lead.

Getafe would equalize just minutes later off a Lenglet own goal but it would be Messi who would once more bail his team out.

The best player in the world would receive the ball again inside the penalty area as his initial shot would hit the crossbar but he would get to his own rebound and score to restore Barcelona’s lead.

A second own goal of the game, this time in Barcelona’s favor would make it 3-1 for the Copa del Rey winners. Getafe would get a penalty in the second half to cut Barcelona’s lead.

It was a Barcelona corner kick as the talisman would take it and find Araujo for the goal as Messi registered yet another assist for the season. A penalty in the last minute of the game was awarded for Barcelona but it was Griezmann who took it and scored.

Now on 25 goals and 11 assists in the league this season, Messi leads the Pichichi race for most league goals.


  1. @ddr1123, I like the team that you’ve put together but , IMO, it needs a slight change since we are selecting the most in form players for the national team. I think Emi Buendia has all the qualities and attributes that make him a NT material, so to make a room for him we can either drop one of the defenders, esp. Ota, because Licha, Foyth, and Tagli are versatile players or we can sacrifice El Fideo for Buendia. The rest of the team is super amazing and I like this squad a lot.

    The discussions in the blog are great nowadays due to the continous contributions of the likes of: Waveride, Enganche, Richard, Mamoun, Amit, Vikin, Olive, Godin, Mafioso, ddr123, and Choripan.

    Vamos Argentina!

  2. Did Manchester city ever und up getting Sarmiento or were they just rumors? Because apparently they have bought a 17 year old Brazilian from Fluminense that played against river yesterday from the same position.

  3. Argentina stepping down as co-host of Copa. Plans are now to host it in Colombia only. Even though conmebol (think Messi was involved too) helped secure 50,000 vaccines for South American players and staff, Argentina covid cases are skyrocketing.

  4. Off late, was going through couple of videos of our new players and the existing ones. It seems we have got a serious talent in all the departments. My only worry though is Defense, do we have that thing to not concede any goals at all like WC2014. Lisandro Martinez looks great with ball and attacking mindset. Not confident about Tagli as he missed to clear the cross as Pavard scored the Goal of the tournament. my questions are
    1-can these lads stop Neymar from advancing,
    2-can they defend as a unit, can they sync and attack,
    3-can they stop passing only to Messi,
    4-can they launch attack from the back,
    5-can they supply long balls and throughballs,
    6-can they defend set pieces
    7-Do they have the spirit to Perform and Win!!

    God Bless Argentina!!

  5. We will have to ditch politics and choose the best team. Please note, I don’t mean list of top names, but best team. Team made of merit. Team made of players, irrespective of age, which country or club they play.

    GK (3): Emi, Musso, Marchesin
    DF (8): Romero, Licha, LMQ, Otamendi, Foyth, Acuna, Tagliafico/Angli, Montiel
    MF (7): De Paul, Lo Celso, Guido, Ocampos, Di Maria, Paredes, Palacios
    FW (5) : Messi, Lautaro, Dybala, Icardi, Nico

    Wild cards: Papu, J Correa, A Correa, Molina etc.

    • Excellent squad. unless I’m forgetting someone obvious, think you picked the best possible inform 23, inform

      ….oh my boy Aguero is not there! lol. Yes he’s injured but Wish we could drop 3rd keeper

      • baundia occupy the place where depaul play, ocampos can’t be ignored there is very few player who has pace, sprint like him and his workrate in final third, in somecase he may be not perfect still his effort is countless. if the comparison between the joquan with ocampos, then ocampos is way ahead then joquan in terms of improve team spirit and quality, he has always that kind of workforce

        • I want Emi Buendai as a substitute for De Paul,both should be in the team.J.Correa is more clinical upfront than Ocampus and J. Correa also provides possession and assists.
          Ocampus does not have much speed,he is hardest player in La Liga but his dribbling can be easily tackled by any good full back. Ocampus is not fast and average dribbler that is why he is suffering in La Liga.For a forward work rate is secondary thing.

          • ocampos don’t have pace are you kidding me. correa dribbling more controlling then ocampos i admit that, but correa dribbling not either fast, and what do you mean by hardest player.. i don’t see anyone has sprint like ocampos in squad, workrate, effort and try always should given importance that energy light up the energy who haven’t that kind of energy

          • Pace 108
            Acceleration 107
            Sprint Speed 109
            Shooting 99
            Positioning 96
            Finishing 104
            Shot Power 102
            Long Shot 95
            Volleys 97
            Penalties 80
            Passing 88
            Vision 90
            Crossing 93
            Free Kick 75
            Short Passing 95
            Long Passing 77
            Curve 82
            Agility 104
            Balance 76
            Reactions 113
            Ball Control 105
            Dribbling 106
            Defending 69
            Interceptions 74
            Heading 90
            Marking 69
            Stand Tackle 61
            Sliding Tackle 58
            Physical 95
            Jumping 95
            Strength 97
            Aggression 93

          • What is with this stat. Ocampus right now has zero goals in la Liga from open play. Only penalties he has scored till now.
            If you see Ocampus closely you will notice that his strides during a run takes much time.

  6. Very talented very strong forward line.may be the best attacking force in the world. Messi,dybala,Lautaro, Di Maria,Aguero , Nico Gonzalez and Angel other country has this kind of forward line. Top class.

    We have pretty decent midfield players, De Paul, very talented ranked as best mid filed player in Europe’s top five league. Le ceslo, another talent , Parades, so far has shown good performance under Pochetino, Palacios, Papu Gomez, Ocampos etc

    Defence line is bit shaky, scolani needs to giv new lads chance to show Thier potential, Romero (ranked in top five ), Tagliafico, Lisandro Martinez, Acuna, Fourth,Sensi,

    goalies . EMI Martinez, I’m pretty sure that we can beat a NT by using these talented palyers

  7. Angel Correa has done well this season, 7 goals + 8 assists. That assists tally puts him 3rd alongside Messi & Kroos.

    Based on form, I think he should be a consideration along with Wandaboy, at least for our subs. I’m afraid Aguero & Dybala are too popular to be dropped though.

  8. Messi, Di Maria, Icardi,Dybla, Lautaro Martinez, Paredes, De Paul,C.Romero,Emi Martinez,Acuna,Foyth,Guido Rodriguez,Mascharein are in great form.Copa America belongs to Argentina this time.

  9. If Messi is in this excellent form, Copa and La Liga trophy will be in his hand; i keep my faith and prayers he will succeed this year.
    so humble, he can have a hattrick, yet he hands over the golden chance of the penalty to Griezmann, what a captain and leader; to boost the confidence of the teammate.

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