CONMEBOL allows 28 player squads for Copa America


CONMEBOL announced on Thursday night that coaches will be able to select a squad of 28 players for the Copa America.

An additional five players will be allowed for the Copa America per team, up from the original number of 23 players. Furthermore, coaches can add 10 players to their provisional list of 50, meaning it could go up to a list of 60 players.

The deadline to add the provisional players is the 1st of June.


  1. Good to have more subs. In training this is weird, training match 11 vs 11 and six will be sidelined in stead of just the 3rd keeper.

  2. Let’s wait for the match day and we will see the playing eleven.I think Scaloni will surely start Emi Martinez and C. Romero. Foyth is little doubt as he may be having concussion. For me the line up for the first match should be
    Emi Martinez
    Mollina. C. Romero. Pezella. Acuna
    De Paul. Paredes. Emi Buendai
    Messi. Lautaro. Ocampus
    As some players are little injured and suspended.

    • Good lineup. May be di maria for ocampos as a sub. I think Argentina has good attacking option but dont have so many option in Central mid or cdm. Need more holding midfielders.

      • Guido Rodriguez and Paredes are enough for holding midfielders. Just one or two good defenders are needed.

        • Guido is not a good option. He is not a holding mid. I am talking about a player who can hold the ball and can defense as well. Like we had biglia before. May be Scaloni should add ascacibar or battaglia. Or may be someone like them.

  3. As per TYC this is the rumoured line-up unfortunately:

    Armani; Montiel, Pezzella, Quarta, Tagliafico; De Paul, Paredes, Lo Celso; Messi, Lautaro, Di Maria. Di Maria on the left is not a good idea, he rarely plays to his full potential there.

    28 players is a good idea though…

    • Shit why Armani, Pezella, and Quarta. Argentina coaches never learn anything and they are doing everything to degrade the team.

    • Not surprised. If Armani plays it is a local politics of AFA. We used to have members who could give insight on local politics. We are responsible for the results we get.

    • I don’t trust it’s bit early to conclude the start 11 I will believe if the game is tomorrow night however since its next Friday and few train session to go it’s unwise to any coach to give hints his 11 start
      I firm believe emi martinez and cuti Romero will start i even think emi Buendia may have good chance to start a long side paredes and de Paul in middle of the park.

      • Early to conclude , but we can do much better with a no doubter Martinez at the goal , let’s say he wants pezella for experience but quarta why , he’s form has been dropping and is benched at fiorentina even though he has potential . Romero is a beast and I would take the gamble if it’s called gamble on him starting the 11 especially with otamendi suspended who I wouldn’t like him back starting especially since he left city because of his bad performances and city completely changed when he left and Diaz and stones partnered up . Also I think foyth without a doubt is more defensively solid than montiel but scaloni might be scared of him commiting one of his pass mistakes even though I see that as harsh .

        Nevertheless we haven’t seen anything wrong from montiel , he’s good not superb both offensively and defensively . I’m very happy with the midfield , and in attack instead of di maria , Nicolas Gonzales is more ideal but he’s injured and still isn’t 100% fit even though he will be for copa and di maria isn’t a big performer when it comes on the left side .

        • Foyth deserves to be in playing xi…. He is becoming mature day by day and talking about montiel, he’s not well deserving.. He is not offensively that great and defensively good neither…. So I Guess foyth would be the perfect and with that being said, Foyth can also help the team while build up… We have seen that as well….

      • Exactly… It’s too early to conclude on possible starting line up. Our full squad is not yet reached. Then how Scaloni can decide on starting line up. I think Juan Foyth is a sure starter for us. So it is a fake news I guess. Also I am not much intrested in rotating our players in the 2 upcoming matches. I think we should go for same line up with quality all over in both games…building a chemistry for copa. One or two changes are acceptable incase of any injury or fatigue.

  4. Emi Buendai has impressed Messi in training so Buendai is going to play in playing eleven either a starter or substitute. I am very impressed with Juan Foyth and Emi Buendai. They are crucial part of Argentina.

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