Willy Caballero wins Champions League with Chelsea, 21st Argentine to win it


Congratulations to Willy Caballero on winning the Champions League with Chelsea as he becomes the 21st Argentine to win the tournament.

Willy Caballero has finally gotten a Champions League medal and also joins an elite group of players to win both the Champions League and the Copa Libertadores. When Chelsea defeated Manchester City on Saturday to win their second Champions League trophy, Caballero joined a very rare list of players to have won both tournaments.

In regards to Argentine players, Caballero is only the fourth Argentine to win the two biggest prizes in club football. He initially won the Copa Libertadores title in 2003 with Boca Juniors.

The first players to complete the historic double was Juan Pablo Sorin, who won the Champions League with Juventus in 1995-1996 and the Copa Libertadores with River Plate in 1996. Carlos Tevez was the second after winning the Copa Libertadores with Boca Juniors in 2003 and the Champions League with Manchester United in the 2007-2008 season.

Walter Samuel completed the Argentine trifecta in 2009-2010 when he won the Champions League with Inter to go along with the 2000 Copa Libertadores title he won with Boca Juniors. Only a select few players in general have managed to win both continental trophies.

In regards to the Champions League, Real Madrid legend Alfredo Di Stefano won the tournament five times in the 1950s with the record holders. Hector Rial also won five wih Madrid while Hector Olsen won it once in 1956-1957, also with Real Madrid. Luis Carniglia coached Real Madrid in 1958 and 1959 when they won the trophy. Rogelio Dominguez was a Real Madrid goalkeeper when he won it three times in 1958, 1959 and 1960 as part of the legendary Madrid teams.

Helenio Herrera was the first Argentine not related to Real Madrid to have won it as he coached Inter to the trophy in 1964 and in 1965, winning it twice.

As mentioned, Juan Pablo Sorin won it with Juventus before former Real Madrid captain won it with two different teams. Redondo won it in 1998 and 2000 with Real Madrid and in 2003 with Milan. Albano Bizzarri was with Madrid when they won it in 1999-2000 while Santiago Solari was with the club in 2001-2002 when they won the trophy. Jose Chamot in 2002-2003 lifted the trophy with Milan.

Lionel Messi first won it in 2006 with Barcelona before winning the treble in 2009, a double in 2011 and another treble in 2015 with the club. Maxi Lopez was also part of that 2005-2006 Barcelona team which won the Champions League.

Carlos Tevez became the first Argentine to win the trophy with an English club in 2008 with Manchester United. Gabriel Milito won it once in his career in 2010-2011 as part of that legendary Barcelona squad.

Javier Zanetti finally got his hands on a trophy that long eluded him when he captained Inter to their first treble in 2010 with Diego Milito, Walter Samuel and Esteban Cambiasso also in the team.

Another Javier, but this time Mascherano became the 20th Argentine to win it in 2010-2011 and once more in 2014-2015 when Barcelona won the treble. Angel Di Maria put on a man of the match performance in 2014 he won it with Real Madrid.

And finally, Willy Caballero joined the list on May 29 as he was part of the Chelsea squad which defeated Manchester City.

Congratulations to Willy Cabellero on the win!


  1. @cox4,

    Advantages Chile and Brazil had in 2015 and 2019 were not due to full stadium. The advantages were decided by men in suits and ties, in a room far away from stadium. Conmebol chief hugged Bolsonaro after Brazil’s first goal, remember? Then Messi’s red in next match…It was so blatant.

    Anyway , I think there is a real chance that Copa will be hosted in USA. More money for CONMEBOL if fans can enter stadium.

    • yes i remember. the same things happened at game with Paraguay in Bombonera when Messi clear goal disallowed because one foul 2 minutes earlier.
      those clowns you believe will hesitate to do that again? in Argentina or in other country they will not favor us be sure.
      But anyhow what i afraid most is not referees or any of our oponents.
      i trust Scaloni and anyone of our players. they will give everything they have. i am sure.
      what i afraid is covid tests before games. in Argentina covid situation is very bad and i don t want even to imagine to have situation like River plate s last week. it will be disaster.

  2. “Even with empty stadium, there are certain benefits when you are playing in your country”

    This is 100% right and I agree this with @Mafioso. Playing in Argentina and on Argentina soil will give more courage to the players and lifts up their morale. It’s no brainer that our players will fight and work harder more than they do when the tournament is held in a different country.

  3. Something Argentinians like to say is “el futbol siempre tiene revancha” or football always has revenge/compensation. I have heard this used about Kun a lot. I am sure that in a couple of months he will be celebrating with a trophy that means even more to him. I am sure his revancha will be copa.

  4. I wanna way in into the debate about current AFA and Before. One thing you have to understand Tapia doing very good job what was like a dream even think about it during Don era. With little money and little support he is doing outstanding job I believe. But obviously he has no power like Grondona. Grondona was proper power house even FIFA has to think twice before fuck about with him. Tapia still learning and will eventually become powerful if he stays for long. As for Scaloni and his team I would say SALUTE to them as far as they done so far. This coaching staff player selection is way way better then previous ones. All of the old members here should know this. If only VAR was fair in last copa semi we had good chance. Even their planning is spot on during qualify because we got away points from Two hardest places in South America. Scaloni might not be flashy flamboyant type guy but he is doing job done so far with his team. Same goes to Aimar, Ayala,Samuel and others. We started from bottom for now. Can’t think anymore as a powerhouse of football but we didn’t dry out in terms of talent. There is still players coming in and hopefully it will show very soon but obviously there won’t be another Messi soon. We literally went throw a complete transition and I think we doing good if you compare to the situation.

  5. Hans flick no one knew him before last season obviously he was assistant for Joachim Löw in Germany nt and Niko Kovac fcbayern, Germany appointed him can be good or disastrous because the way he plays it can be suicidal in international tournaments high line defence with intensity pressure can be very dangerous international tournaments however his style is perfect for club football. Us Argentina fans know with bielse in 2002 the way England and Sweden sat deep and countra attacks us and couldn’t beat them with all the possession we had . The way I see scaloni has done Very good job so far in terms everything ,his choice of players, the way he approach games
    Saying right things in front of the press
    Now all he needs is to drop Armani and otamendi and make emi martinez and cuti Romero regularl starts
    As said before the only manager I will swap with scaloni is Gallardo But that won’t happen anytime soon
    I’m in scaloni camp, Argentina nt will never get embarrassed again under him and surely he will beat few big favourites country a long the way. Why I’m saying This? Because his game plan with the players arg have are marching together in right time.

    • I am with you in this bro… I have been watching the national team for more that 30 years…. Scaloni and Basile are the only argentinean coaches who select the best players. Of course will not agree with every choice they make but overall their selection are made based on merit. In the case of Emi, Licha, Buendia and Cuti I really want them to play but he can’t revolutionize the team in one or two matches. I have big hopes in that team. We have good players in every position, the players are young, improving and building confidence. Vamos ARGENTINA…

  6. it is like somebody trolling us.
    when i see that face nightmares from Croatia coming to me.
    he is one bench warmer that collecting cups.

    having said that coming one idea to me. Messi should be in every national team squad about Copa or world cup as long as he lives !!!
    he doesn t have to play anyway. he will sit in the bench even if he is 50 years old and when Argentina will win one Copa or world cup in future then he will take the gold medal.
    Caballero showing us the way. simple things ha ha

    • Caballero’s howler was one of the darkest moments in the history of Argentine football, along with Higuain’s misses…it’s a sick twist of fate that he is lifting this trophy and not Kun…oh well, c’est la vie I guess…

      • Caballero error always haunt us but feel he’s just a scapegoat. He was among one of the top 5 keepers in 2014. Not even picked in the squad for that world cup and before 2018 we had two copas n qualifiers and he was never picked and all of a sudden his first meaningful cap is against Iceland in World cup and second match high intensity match against Croatia. Considering his little bit shy attitude he himself may felt alien to the squad and he was never given any chance for some reasonable chemistry between the defenders. The most sad part of the story is now Emiliano Martinez may end up as Caballero if we don’t realize and act soon.

        • The Caballero thing gives me nightmares yes, but I feel too harsh to blame him for it. For instance, if you put a seven year old in the front seat of a car do you really get mad at them for crashing? I know willy is a professional footballer but he shouldn’t have ben there to begin with.

  7. Marcos Acuna should be undisputed starter at Left Back for back up Tagliafico, Lisandro Martinez can fight.
    Lionel Scaloni should not start Tagliafico at Left Back right now Acuna is best for Left Back role.

  8. Juan Foyth should be undisputed starter at Right Back for the back up Renzo Sarvia,Mollina and Montiel can fight.

  9. Simeone and Pochettino refused while Riverplate cried ‘foul play by Boca’ when AFA approached Gallardo.

    The ill reputation of AFA, politics and bad luck means we are without any proven quality coach.

    I do not disrespect Scaloni. He did a good job considering his experience. But there is a difference between him and Flick. Just like there was a difference between Lampard and Tuchel.

    • I take scaloni anyday over Simeone and poch for different reasons yh they are better and well known managers but won’t say that if scaloni wins copa for us.yes I was shouting for Gallardo but he chose not to come. Weather us fans like or not Arg nt has been ruined by politics I always say arg are thier own enemy.

      • Other’s are ahead of us in terms of planning and execution. France and Portugal are suddenly producing so much young talents. How? It is not based on luck. Even England is producing world class talents like Mount and Foden. Our youngsters don’t event start for their teams, then when called upon clubs refuse to let them join the youth team.

        Few years ago during Grondona era, we had no plan but one man’s whims and corruption. But Grondona could get things done. Right now we have plan but no means to execute it. Current AFA don’t have the money or political power to get things done. Conmebol and local clubs can bully AFA as they want. During 2018 wc, parts of local media did everything to destabilize the dressing room. AFA could do nothing. Future does not look very bright compared to others.

        • My friend mafioso
          All most Everything you have just said
          You got spot on but you have to know things do change as life goes we all know Argentina has been Super powerful in world football and still are to extend however no one can deny that they are behind those countries you have mentioned in terms talents yes British media will always hype thier up come young talents but 80% percent of them will disappear I would love see how young English talant will do countries like Italy and Spain without thier media advertising them over looking thier short comings whenever they have bad game
          A great example is John Stone he made so many huge mistakes and some of it led man City to got out uefa champions league like game vs Monaco fewe years back and look now what they re saying about him. don’t get me wrong Argentina media do that too but doesn’t have as much influence as those European has. in fact I can say other way around arg media do harm thier own players Especially those who grew up overseas and never played or relatively played little time Like messi, Dybala, cuti Romero and emi martinez list goes on.
          Having all said somehow still Argentina producing enough talents no one have thought Argentina will have very good keepers ,defenders and midfielders such quick time because last ten years we haven seen only quality attackers produced by Argentina.
          As far as now tapia has project going on and will take long time before we see fruits of it. Come to Grondona man that guy had power he run the show in South America, conmabol will never dream to do such thing to afa if he still a live.

    • Well said Mafioso. We have not beaten Germany in a tournament since 1986. I do not fancy our chances against a Hansi Flick managed team. Sigh…

      Therefore I think this Copa is the last chance for Messi, Aguero and Di Maria to win a trophy with the NT.

    • what is your problem i don t get it? now suddenly you don t like and the coach?
      last competition Copa at 2019 we lose in semi finals because var and in wc 2022 qualifiers in 4 games we have 10 points. we are passing pandemic and still we handle this terrible situation very well till now. i am used to see people crying inside here for one or other reason but because i have respect for you i am speaking to you now. because you don t used to be like this as i remember.

      • Dear cox4,
        Are the points I have made in earlier comment about AFA untrue?

        Argentina football system is not doing well for last few years. It may cost us in near future. I am not crying or complaining, I am just pointing out where we are lacking compared to other footballing nation. Constructive self criticism you can say. When I mention Germany hiring Hansi Flick, I don’t mean we should fire Scaloni right now and hire some big name. What I meant is Germany has better plan and means than us. Not that I am in awe of Germany and about to change my allegiance to German team, but I want Argentina to be better prepared and organized. That’s all.

        Regarding last copa, in football you not only fight against 11 players but sometimes with match officials and corrupts like Bolsanero. The solution is to become so good that they can’t defeat you with their cheating. And that comes with planning and preparation.

        • i see your point better now. AFA have corrupt inside true but not in level you believe. i mean the football part is not effected in its part.
          Politics and corruption in AFA of course exists but the damage is caused to financial and governing part. Not inside pitch.
          Grondona knew football very much despite all his bads. Tapia have not idea. He is just a puppet of Boca juniors board members.
          Just even him he has the smartness to put people inside team staff that knows football in the highest level. Tapia have the smartness too to let them work without interfere in their work.
          So to arrive to my point Argentine system to work need time. Be patient my friend and you will see in future the result of our people s work.
          something last. Germany football federation people are not less corrupted than AFA. i can say to you about Beckembauer about Hoenes and some other people but it is not my business or i have mood to speak about Germans. Germans and our federation have one common thing. BOTH are corrupted but both have put people that know the sport well and they leave them to work free without they interfere.

          • Dear cox4,

            Regarding this year’s copa, i believe that we have a real shot. This team is more balanced than that of 2015 or 2016. And I want Copa to be arranged in Argentina despite covid situation. We must use the home advantage. Even with empty stadium, there are certain benefits when you are playing in your country. Chile 2015 and Brazil 2019 got that advantage as we saw clearly. We are prepared football wise but outside battle must be fought by AFA.

          • about this part i don t agree with you. Yes Chile and Brasil true had home advantage but the stadiums wasn t empty. we don t have any advantage playing in empty stadiums in Argentina. i don t see any benefit really. not only no fans advantage but i see some extra not needed stress to our squad plus big risk for positive covid tests and as about referee calls i have to remind you the last game against Paraguay in Bombonera when the shitty referees didn t hesitate to disallow one clear Messi goal for one foul comited 2 minutes earlier !!! you believe that they will afraid do something like that again in empty stadium even if it is inside Argentina? i don t think so my friend.

            i agree with you that we have this year Copa one real shot.

  10. The CL once again showed that German coaches are getting better. Klopp in 2019, Flick in 2020 and now Tuchel. Next year Nagelsmann?

    • Germany does have good coaches but I don’t see a threat to Argentina. In Argentina there is much higher level of intellectuals in football than any country in South America. Name one well known Brazilian coach. I can’t. We have Simeone, Poch, Bielsa, and not to mention Gallardo who may become NT coach or go to Europe.

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