Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni on Emi Martinez: “It’s not the same Martinez from 2 years ago”


Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni has a decision to be made regaring the upcoming World Cup qualifiers and the Copa America.

It is World Cup qualifying week in South America and coach Lionel Scaloni has nearly everyone in training. Every player is presently with the squad but for Sergio Aguero who competed in Saturday’s Champions League final.

With the team training, Scaloni has yet to decide on the starting goalkeeper for the qualifier vs. Chile, this per a report by Ole. It’s between Emiliano Martinez of Aston Villa and Franco Armani of River Plate.

Speaking with La Nacion a few days ago, here’s what Scaloni had to say regarding the goalkeepers:

“We called-up the goalkeepers because of their form, for us, it’s fundamental that they play. The Martinez now is not the same one from two years ago.

“Saying who is going to be the goalkeeper is not appropriate but we are very happy with everyone. Who is going to be the goalkeeper, I can’t say. It’s obvious that for us, Franco was always the goalkeeper but when the training sessions begin, we will see how the situation is going.”

That appears to be one of the two doubts in the team. The other is between Juan Foyth and Gonzalo Montiel for the right back spot. Per TyC Sports, here is the eleven vs. Chile:

Armani, Montiel/Foyth, Martinez Quarta, Pezzella, Tagliafico; De Paul, Paredes, Lo Celso, Di Maria; Messi, Lautaro Martinez



  1. To me, the best xi would be following :

    Foyth c. ROMERO pezzella tagli/Acuna
    De Paul. LO celso
    Lautaro. Ocampos /Nico

    I’d love to see Ocampos, but his current from was not that great in Sevilla, but I wish and pray that he might come back to his form very soon. He’s so fast and good dribbler… But he needs to enrich his finishing tho

  2. Not that it matters, but this is what I want to see in the Copa.

    A traditional 4-4-2 with the following players:

    Emi Martinez
    Buendia–Paredes-Lecelso- DePaul
    Messi – L Martinez

    I don’t think Scaloni will experiment with two new central defenders for the first time in a tournament. Otamendi will gradually pass the baton to Lisandro or LMQ

      • Exactly, Mamoun. I’m a bit defensive minded (maybe because I used to play in CD/CDM). I also think that Argentina has always been venerable on the right side since Javier left. With Foyth on the right will also allow for easy transition to 3-4-3 when Acuna moves to LW position. I always want to see at least three of us defending when the opposition counter attacks. Given that Parades is not a true CDM, in counter attacks when both of Molina and Acuna will likely be up field, our defense will be venerable and miss a Mascherano.

        With Foyth, the right side will be much rigid, allowing Messi the luxury to free flow and Buendia or De-Paul, depending on whoever plays on the right, to showcase their attacking talent.

      • Dear Mamaoun,
        Molina is offensively great, but his defensive work is not that good To be very honest and secondly while build up or attacking, Argentina usually transforms from 4 man defence to 3 man defence…. Till the match against peru, Tagliafico used be in the final third , but we all know that tagli isn’t that good to play in that final 3rd…so I will rather take Foyth in RB, so that he can join the final third and enrich our defensive appearance….

  3. With this comment, one thing is apparent that Armani isn’t the automatic choice anymore. Should Scaloni takes a few minutes to reason with thyself (,which seems what he is doing), unless he is insane (,which he is likely not), Emi Martinez will start at least one of the two upcoming matches (I will bet on the first match and then continue if he displays a stellar performance). Scaloni favors continuity but I think he isn’t a stubborn like some other Argentine coaches. So, I no more worry about Emi’s inclusion to the team.

    What I am worried about is waiting too late to change our central defenders. It’s good that both Romero and Lisandro are included in the 30-man list. I hope they get their chances sooner than later.

    I do not want to see the continuity of typical Argentina Selection sh**t shows, the likes of Redondo 2.0, Zanetti 2.0, or, Riquelme 2.0.

  4. Now is the time for Emiliano Martinez. I don’t want to see anyone under the goalbar except Emiliano martinez. Thank u sir.

  5. I play e. Martinez , I play c. Romero , I play montpellier, and I don’t start di maria. If di maria starts play him on the right so he doesn’t dribble into a corner. I would love j . Alvarez get in to spell di maria. On buendia, but some speed would be ideal

  6. It’s not a friendly MATCH. WC qualifier are so important… 6 points in these 2 matches will be great… Kindly start with EMI

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