CONMEBOL confirm Brazil as hosts of Copa America


CONMEBOL have confirmed that Brazil will be hosting the Copa America.

It was confirmed on Monday morning that current champions Brazil will be hosting the Copa America in June and July. The tournament was originally supposed to be hosted by both Colombia and Argentina but Colombia withdrew from hosting duties several days ago.

Argentina were rumored to be the sole hosts but CONMEBOL announced on late Sunday evening that the country will not be hosting. An emergency meeting was held on Monday where it was announced that Brazil will be hosting it. Cities and match fixtures will be announced in the next few hours.

They also hosted the tournament in 2019 where they were crowned champions.


  1. Great news!!!! We have unfinished business in Brasil !!
    And also my brothers remember this… there is NO pressure on Argentina now… we are not the favorites .. the pressure is on Brasil.. if we lose, the Argentinian media will not crucify Messi like if we didn’t win la copa in Argentina!!!

    Also what is greater than beating Brasil at the maracana !!!! Until the triumph !!!!!!

  2. I won’t cry. Congratulations to Brazil. Argentine govt, media always make sure that Brazil win everything. Messi should stop playing for National team.

  3. According to Bolsonaro it is just a flu….
    Crazy president, crazy Conmebol
    Let’s finish what we started in 2014!

  4. Guys, is there any way FIFA is ever allowed to hold Conmebol accountable for this kind of stuff? The fact that it happens so consistently and blatantly I don’t understand.

    • Fifa is corrupt itself. And FIFA don’t really monitor regional federations. In our country, we have a federation president whose corruption is known to everyone except FIFA. Last year when election was held, fans organized online activism against that person, tried to bring Fifa’s attention, nothing happened.

      Argentina has only one option, play dominant football. Florentino Perez could not bail Real Madrid when they got outplayed at field. Corruption works when it is 50-50. Our job is to outplay brazil at field. Make it 70-30.

  5. What sickening news to wake up to. Sickening in every way. I mean lets compare covid in Argentina to Brazil
    Cases: 3,750,000
    Cases per 1 million population: 82,000
    Death rate per 1 million: 1,700
    Cases: 16,500,000
    Cases per 1 million population: 77,000
    Death rate per 1 million: 2,100

    The difference in infection rate per million is 5000 more to Argentina. That’s it. Unless I am wrong with anything here this has NOTHING to do with Covid and EVERYTHING to do with CORRUPTION and POLITICS. What irony, you have a covid problem in Argentina and out of all places on Earth you choose BRAZIL? The corruption and favoritism is so blatant and obvious I don’t understand how they get away with this so consistently. Being a fan of anything in South America is just heartbreak after heartbreak and disillusionment constantly. All they are doing is taking away the dream from Argentina and everyone who has waited for this dream since 1993. I won’t be surprised if there is corruption on the pitch and refereeing and var problems. Actually, I will be highly shocked if there ISNT. I’ve seen enough these past two years to be able to GUARANTEE you there will be these problems will show up as always. They will try to rob us of it I promise you. How do we stop that? It’s difficult, nearly impossible. Our players will have to fight so much and win so well that even var and the referee can’t stop us. We have to create a huge margin so that no matter how hard a ref tries to make us loose they can’t. Doesn’t it suck we have to do that? It’s South American football for you. I truly don’t know how to express my anger and sadness through this but I hope you all know this is more than three times the anger and pure frustration and especially hopelessness I felt when Boca robbed River three weeks ago.

  6. Argentina govt is the one who was unsure about hosting it. We should not cry about it.

    USA is not possible in such a short notice.

    It is the brazil govt that came forward and ‘rescued’ Conmebol. This is a chance for Bolsonaro to calm down Brazil population. He will do his best to rig this and do a nice photoshoot with winning Brazil team.

    It is better than cancelling the copa. If play well and take our chances, we will win. This time we are better prepared and we know what to expect.

  7. WTF… How come Brazil squeezed in,
    if the choices were between Chile and USA. This shows how much influence thw Brazilian federation have in the Conembol.

    No way we are gonna win this Copa.Either by Hook or Crook these people will beat us.There goes our chances to end the lossing streak of 25 years and above.🤦🤦🤦

  8. \#ConmebolCorrupta!

    This is some bullshit if I know it. So if I understand correctly Argentina’s public health crisis meant that they can’t host the Copa… and Brazil can, even although their presidenet is a COVID denying lunatic? Come on!

  9. I don’t know if the difference will be so significant given that the stadium will be quite empty. I think it’s the best timing for Scaloni to test as many players are in top form during this season with their club like Messi, Emi Martinez, Buendia, De Paul and Romero. I think the spine of this team should have those 5 players as the non changed elements in the starting 11 and Scaloni may adjust the rest according to tactics/formation, opponent style …etc. I will love to see a team switching from 442 to 343 from time to time, aggressive on pressuring the opponents, play fast transition football.

  10. it is better that Copa America is in Brazil than being canceled still I believe Argentina can win it in Brazilian soil.

  11. I swear I had that feeling since late last night
    When Conmabol cancel Argentina to host copa, Straight away it comes to my mind that Conmabol Will hand over to Brazil as host and it happens to be. Conmabol are Brazil and it will be very hard for Argentina
    To win because it’s f…king corrupted.

    • Don’t know what to say! Really frustrated and angry with Argentine politicians. Varzil situation is much much worser then Argentina but yet they convinced CONMEBOL. Money really talks.

  12. This is honestly equivalent to having a big signboard saying CONMEBOL is corrupt right at their headquarters, anyway I’m just happy that it isn’t cancelled
    Vamos selección Vamos Argentina🇦🇷

  13. indeed a good place to fulfil the dreams of lifting Copa at Maracana and revenge of 2014 WC and last Copa… this time luck is on Albiceleste side

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