New Argentina fixture dates for Copa America announced


Argentina have a new schedule for the Copa America as they are no longer hosting the tournament.

As hosts of the tournament, Argentina were set to play on the first day of the Copa America. However, that has changed. They will no longer be kicking off the tournament on June 13 but instead it will be a day later. Here is Argentina’s full schedule for the group stages:

June 14 vs. Chile in Rio – 5:00pm Eastern
June 18 vs. Uruguay in Brasilia – 8:00pm Eastern
June 21 vs. Paraguay in Brasilia – 8:00pm Eastern
June 28 vs. Bolivia in Cuiaba – 8:00pm Eastern


  1. Even though Emiliano and Romero is starting for now. I m sure had Otamendi and Armani were fit to play they would have started. Anyway happy for both. Its upto both of them to make a statement and grab the opportunity.

  2. I just realized that this Copa will not have guest countries Qatar and Australia participating. This will be the first one since I can remember without guest countries. I’m not sure how this will affect the group qualification round, but I’m a bit disappointed. I always felt the guest teams added new variables and outcomes and made things more interesting.

    • I am fine with guest countries as long as they are from the Americas, e.g. Mexico, USA, Canada, Costa Rica, Honduras, Panama, Jamaica, etc.

      Qatar and Australia in Copa America sounds ridiculous though.

      • @enganche do you remember the cup with Japan as guests. I think we had tevez and riquelme leading the team at the time, cambiasso still had hair and Heinze was young lol …..Maybe it was 2004…..
        Anyways, that was the most exciting Copa, even if Brazil won, every game was exciting. I understand these teams are far off in terms of geography, but it makes our Copa unique to other international tournaments.
        My honest opinion is that south and north America should merge tournaments.

      • yes true. i agree with you totally. can you imagine by the way UEFA to invite us to play in Euro? it will be nice but komik in the same time.

    • Qatar doesn’t add any competitive value though. I like guest teams but not when they stink and it’s pretty much guaranteed points. On a related note to what Enganche is saying, they should consider merging Copa America with the Gold Cup. Not sure about logistics though and what that entails given the vast geographical distance. and id imagine they would have to alternate locations between North and South America (which isn’t a good thing).

      • Yes, that’s what I said. They need to merge both continent s, north and south. Smh(refer to yesterday’s comments on approach)
        Also I wouldn’t underestimate Qatar. I have been travelling between Qatar and Argentina and USA the last ten years. And from what I see they have been building a team. They aren’t a “great team”. But they have a team that shouldn’t get too embarrassed as hosts of the world cup.

    • I completely agree with everyone that it is weird to have Qatar and others. I also agree we should merge with the Gold Cup (but not all teams). USA, Mexico, and Canada would be nice to see because they make more sense.

  3. argentina going to play back to back game with chile and uruguay within a very sort period of time..

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