Franco Armani continues to test positive for Covid-19, may still travel to Brazil with Argentina


Franco Armani has once more tested positive for Covid-19 this Saturday, but there is still a possibility he travels with the team and even plays vs. Chile.

Per a report from last Friday by Olé, Argentina would have received the “OK” from Brazil’s government to include any player who is no longer contagious, even though he still has a positive PCR result.

This is good news for coach Lionel Scaloni since the main reason why Franco Armani didn’t participate in the World Cup qualifying matches last week vs. Chile and vs. Colombia had to do with sanitary protocols where the matches took place and not the protocolts set by CONMEBOL. As for CONMEBOL, Franco Armani can even play, if coach Lionel Scaloni decides to select him.

With this, the decision of including Armani in the plane that will depart this Sunday to Rio de Janeiro will depend on Argentina’s coaching staff. There would be no impediment from the city, even less from CONMEBOL, for River Plate’s goalkeeper to travel without any inconveniences this Sunday with the national team for Argentina’s first Copa America game against Chile. That match will be played on Monday.

It is worth mentioning that Argentina will not be staying in Brazil during the tournament. Conversely, the national team will be returning to Argentina after each game, settling in AFA’s training facility in Ezeiza.


  1. It seems love and affection of Scaloni & MGT. towards Armani & Riverplate..What a strange love to keep Armani . A covid patient going to travel with other fitplayers..

  2. It is difficult to win the big tournament for Albiceleste, if the coach and manager keep thing ths same name players over and over again, although the player underperform and unfit;

    Clearly it’s something that have not yet settled within the AF policy; local based player and big elite domestic like River or Boca club player should be include in the N/T ; just suspicious. The coach are controlled that’s why Sabella, Peckerman refused to be in charge

  3. If i am Scaloni, the first thing i do is to ‘write off’ and make it clear; No Armani in the team for this Copa; if i need 4 GK, better bring Sergio Romero back !!!

    and can we stop the Armani positive issue

  4. So Conmebol just changed the copa rules last minute. All teams can now call up new players, no cap in number, due to any covid complications. Scaloni could call Dybala, Foyth, etc if any cases hit the squad.

    Venezuela just had a dozen or more cases hit their camp.

    Also alexis is out for the first full round..

  5. Someone, please tell me why Scaloni and AFA management are so obsessed with Armani and Otamendi? is there any proper and acceptable reason?

    We have Emi Martinez who was the europs one of the finest performer last season but there in Argentina he is not our first GK. are u telling me Armani is better than Emi Martinez? Are they really considering the Latin league better than the European league?

    And again there is Otamendi. Once he was our most dependable defender..but he passes his prime two years back. These days we have talented defenders like Romero,sensi,Lisandro but scaloni and management still ignoring them and give priority to Otamendi.

    Here comes another one Emi Buendia. Last two seasons he was the top performer in the league. But Scaloni did not even give him a 5 proper min in the squad. over him he choose dominguez.Are dominguez better than Buendia?
    And in the squad we choose 4 gk are you kidding me? A squad needs four gk..r u serious.

    For this local politics and corruption, Argentina will never win an international trophy…I’m fade up

    • Omg! In what a mess once again we find ourselves ! This never ending story year after another makes me wonder will i ever witness the our golden glory times again? Well it certainly doesn’t look or sound promising with this year’s Copa played in Varzil even i won’t stop supporting us but after so many year’s of suffering it just seems to hurt more and more every time when we come against so many different kind obstacles whether is corruption, bad luck or bad decission making from our coaching stuff so i just hope that somehow they will finally get it together at once after so many disapointments!

  6. I have seen pictures of the goalkeepers training together. They all seem to be happy and friends. I think Armani is selected because he has a good connection with the team or gives some help in the locker room

  7. It worries me that Scaloni is adamant on selecting Armani. He already has 3 European based goalkeepers in the team. I am sure that Armani, once fit, will continue to be Scaloni’s first choice. I can’t understand why. I would even pick Benitez before i pick Armani. There is really something wrong with Scaloni. We finally have a top class goalkeepers in Martinez but he still wants Armani

  8. So if Argentina in top 2 from Group A. And Brazil in top 2 fr Group B… So there will be no argentina vs Brazil till finals.. we have Bolivia Chile Paraguay Uruguay… So just need to be in top 2

  9. I think messi needs to speak up against this disgraceful AFA. Even if it gets him banned. Better be banned than suffer heart break after heart break.

      • Yes u are absolutly right! 2006 we had a great team who played far the best and most beautiful way of the whole tournament, but sadly even we deserved to win like 2014 for as example of many our teams history or past which allmost sometimes seems like curse or some really weird stuff like just for somereason the luck never seems to be on our side even specially then when we are at our best and playing so greatly so this is really hard to live with because since supporting for 43 year’s only and forever Albiceleste i just think we should have won till now at least 4 world cups and not to even mentioning how many copa’s we should have won too! But football god is just not on our side and even the times when it will be on our side then offcourse we allways face corruption neither from Fifa or Conmebol and offcourse from our dear AFA! Even Philip Lahm said recently that Argentina should have won at 2006 against the German’s and that our team was way better than the German team so i bet at sometimes in the near future Gotze would propably say the same the exact same thing about 2014 etc… poor, poor messi and whole Albiceleste team just seems to somehow allways find a somekind of obstacle against them whether is corruption from Fifa and Conmebol bad luck or AFA and their neverending story to get us a proper coach like Pekerman was specially at with our youth’s before or Sabella who had to change from the best South American Fab 4 to a very good defenssive team because the whole fab 4 was more less injured during 2014 in Varzil and if he would have just 1 or max too better bench players specially atackers then we would have most propably won against German’s because even without them we were clearly the better team in the final as was the case also in 2006!

        • oh yea, speaking of bad luck… remember how Saviola scored hattrick in Copa 2004 opener? and then he got injured for the rest of the tournament…

          Crespo scored 3 goals and then got injured for the rest of Copa 2007.

          Lavezzi was having a great tournament in Copa 2016 and then broke his shoulder and out.

          ADM got injured for 3 consecutive tournaments 2014-2016.

          Icardi was serie A top scorer in 2018 and didnt get picked for WC 2018 lol

          Out of 4 Copa finals we lost since 2000s, 3 of them were from penalties while in 2011 , Uruguay beat Argentina on penalties and ended up winning the thropy.

          The voodoo against Argentina is very strong one haha

          • Yes u are absolutly right and correct as u mentioned in your post which was very well written and detailed indeed of our past Copa history! This voidoism has just some how since i remember been around us allready from 1990 when most our first eleven got injured as allmost allways as usual before even travelling to Italy if i remember right and if not please u are most welcome to correct me. As i look even more further i can find clear evidences of this allready. from 1966 WC against England offcourse on their homesoil! 1966 World Cup[edit]
            In spite of all of this history, it was not until the 1966 FIFA World Cup, held in and eventually won by England, that the rivalry picked up the sometimes bitter and fierce edge that it retains. The two teams met in the quarter-finals of the tournament, a game referred to in Argentina as el robo del siglo (“the theft of the century”)[16] that England won 1–0 thanks to a goal from striker Geoff Hurst, disputed by the Argentines due to a claimed offside.

            The game, however, was particularly noted for the sending off of Argentina captain Antonio Rattín after receiving his second caution of the game. The Argentines considered the second caution to be unfair, including Rattín himself, who had to be escorted from the pitch by police as he refused leave the pitch. Rattín was cautioned at the start of the match for a lunge on Bobby Charlton. Rattín then fouled Geoff Hurst and received another caution (the use of cards yellow/red would not be adopted until the next World Cup in Mexico) for arguing with the referee for a teammate’s foul.

            It was reported in Argentina that the German referee, Rudolf Kreitlein, said that he had sent off Rattín because he did not like how he had looked at him,[while British newspapers cited the official as having given the reason as “violence of the tongue,” despite the referee speaking no Spanish. Rattín’s intention appeared to have been to speak with the German referee, as according to the Argentines, he was ruling in favour of the English team. Rattín made a visible signal showing his captain’s armband and intention to call a translator.
            Ken Aston, the English supervisor of referees, entered the field to try to persuade Rattín to leave, but he only exacerbated the situation since the Latin American teams had already suspected that the English and Germans were collaborating to eliminate them from the competition. After his dismissal, Rattín scrunched the corner flag (featuring the Union Jack) with his hand before finally sitting down on the ground. After the match, England manager Alf Ramsey refused to allow his players to swap shirts with the Argentines (as is traditional after the conclusion of a major football match) and later described the South Americans as “animals” in the press. The Argentine press and public were outraged, and one Argentine newspaper published a picture of the official World Cup mascot, World Cup Willie, dressed in pirate regalia to demonstrate their opinion of the England team. And i’m pretty sure that this shit has been going on even more further as their alsoclear evidences of it as well etc…

  10. Now this is proper corruption. Forget wc Argentina now will not win copa also. Argentina is finished now can’t win anything with this much corruption messi should retire after wc and quickly escape this circus now

  11. I have seen a lot of corruption from AFA. But this one takes the cake. And how no one asks the question when you can play a maximum of 7 games why do you need 4 GKs?

    This is disgrace at a different level. As soon as he is fit, he will play.

    • I think he may even play from 2nd game itself Argentina football has damaged beyond repair now Argentina government should interfere bt u can’t expect any iq from govt which purchase junk fighter jf17 and Chinese vaccines

  12. Montiel PEZELLA/LMQ OTAMANDI TEGLAFICO is back line as per TYC.. with no Sanchez we have advantage still this back line looks okies type..

  13. Emiliano Martínez.

    Nahuel Molina (RB)
    Cristian Romero (CB)
    Lisandro Martínez (CB)
    Nicolás Tagliafico (LB)

    De Paul
    Lo Celso

    Di María

    Isn’t this our strongest starting XI now?

  14. we need someone like sabella…who is a fighter and selects the players that he wants not what AFA wants…A team is selected to win the cup not to pamper corrupt officials

  15. What a disgrace that is,a covid positive patient travel for copa tournament with the inaffected team,and i am quite sure that some player definitely infected from armani…how a covid positive player travel with the fresh team?

  16. I seriously dont know why scaloni is heel bound to add this covid positive 33yr old goalie to the team…Is he that important??? taking him as a 4th goalie while making emi buendia sit out is a day light robbery…its hard for me to say this as a life long Argentina fan…but messi should have considered to play for spain instead playing for Argentina with corrupt AFA at the helm 🙁

  17. I really don’t understand all that obsession for Armani. This is very disrespectful to the other goalies who have been doing way better than Armani. Sergio Romero who has a rich history with the NT has been left out despite the fact he would be able to play during the tournament…. As usual our beloved NT is doing it the ARGENTINIAN’S WAY…..

  18. Hope he recovers soon completely. Lets wish ourselves all the best. Hope for the best. No matter whoever is selected or playing for us in the starting 11 lets support our NT.

    • There is no question supporting Argentina, even though many of us are not Argentinian but it is impossible to overlook the amount of mismanagement and perhaps corruption in the National team. Supporting Argentina and criticizing mismanagement are two different things. But the latter one erodes your trust and makes heart burn.

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