Luka Romero, 16 year old Argentine wonder kid, set to join Lazio


The 16 year old wonder kick is set to leave Spain and join Lazio in Italy.

Luka Romero, who has represented Argentina at youth level, has been part of the Mallorca set up for several years. However, it now looks like he will be leaving Spain as his contract with Mallorca has ended.

According to several reports coming out of the Italian media, Romero will be signing with Lazio. Similar to Lionel Messi’s case, Romero is a free agent and Lazio appears to be his next destination.

An attacking midfielder by nature, at international level, Romero has attracted the interested of not only the Argentina national team but the Spanish one too. Spain have tried getting the Mexican born Argentine to play for their youth team but Romero has already decided on the sky blue and white. That is not to say that he cannot still switch as he has yet to play a senior international match.

Argentina U23 Olympic coach Fernando Batista did not select Romero for the tournament which begins later this month.


  1. Even I do not think Luka will be as big as Messi.

    But I still remember in 2006, in my very late teens, I was very upset that Messi was not played much just because he was considered “too young”. Yet the small amount of time he spent on the pitch was enough to show that he was as good as anyone else in the team.

    It is a matter of fact that teenagers tend to be severely underestimated in football.

  2. Olympics was the perfect platform for Luka Romero.

    In fact, in 2006 Messi was 16 year old at the start of the world cup and then turned 17.
    He showed that he was perfectly capable of scoring at 16 in a world cup.
    And Argentina paid the price for benching Messi in the World cups. He was arguably the best Argentina player even in 2006.

    Traditionally, a 16 year old has never been considered a “kid”. It is a very modern notion in an overprotective world that 16 year olds are considered “children”.
    At a personal level – neither me nor any of my friends grew much taller after our 16th birthday. Even Messi’s height at 16 was already more or less what it is now.

    I understand that football is a physical sport, but Olympics is not even a fully senior tournament in football. It is basically an u-23 tournament with a couple of senior players allowed.

    And you guys want to convince me that Luka cannot even come as a substitute in Olympics?

    • Actually I just realised Messi was 18 in 2006(my bad memory), but even so my basic point stands.

      Pele was 17, when we won the world cup.

      Luka can at least be used as a substitute.

  3. He is only 16,He has a whole career ahead of him. Hope he stays level headed and make a mark for himself in Lazio and slowely become a player we all want hom to be. Its a gigantic task.

    Isnt it a concidence that Messi and Romero both became free agents at the same year…

  4. Good move? Maybe. I would think that in Mallorca he’d get more top flight minutes than in Lazio because the senior team in Lazio is much better. But for the long term it is decent. By the way, so many people are asking him to be a part of the olympics or the ’22 World Cup, both of which are ridiculous. I think this stems from people’s inner fear of Messi’s future retirement and they want another Messi to be ready and propped up at a seconds notice. They think Luka Romero is the “next Messi”. I don’t want to devalue Romero but the reality is that he is not going to be as great as a Messi or Maradona in levels of talent. He can become world class absolutely but he is not the “third”. I think the third will come but it is not him. But because many people believe he is another Messi they want him in the next world cup. When Spain won the world cup he was a six year old child. He is far too young to be considered for this stuff. Who knows, maybe he can end up being a revelation at Lazio and sneak in to the world cup at the age of 18 but based on how it is looking now not at all.

      • I Agree. If he was even close to being next Messi Mallorca would never let hime go. At 17 Messi was leading Barcelona attack. However he is 16 has shown great potential to be a very good player!!

    • @olive 100% right mate, i havent seen any of our fans commenting as matured as you did here on romero, he is not going to be the no. 3 (messi, maradona). Like you said he can be worldclass.
      As fans we must be patient to get our next football God remember the gap between messi and Maradona like that we must wait for our next MEGASTAR

  5. Mrinal1235

    “Cox4, so you think revenge of war can be completed in football? You just mentioned you are old enough but you still sound pretty kiddish.
    Revenge of defeat in war can only be taken in Battle ground and Football in football ground”.

    you didn t read carefully my words. i wrote ” Plus he kind of take the REVENGE from our enemies”. HE KIND OF i wrote.
    Despite that allow me to tell you that even so i don t agree with you.
    Yes we can t take revenge of war with football but we make a loud statement in all around the world. we make widely known our believes and our position. we use football to “promote” our issue. we use football to heal ourselves. In football and in every way posible for us we will take small revenge for what we suffer from English. We will not forget and we will not allow them to forget why we hate them. we can t take guns and start kill every British we see in the street. this is not revenge too. For not mention it is not for humans. we are not Nazi s and we are not English too. we are Argentines.
    So to end my post i don t agree with you that you can take revenge for war defeat ONLY in battleground. exist other ways too.

    I APOLOGY to all Mundo posters for my kind of political post but i needed to answer to Mrinal 1235. Sorry if some people feel unconfortable because of that. i will try to not do that again.

    • Cox4, no need to apologize! It’s still “sports” related and even though people may not agree, it gives those that aren’t familiar with history and culture a chance to read a different perspective.

      Mrinial1235, here’s a bit more on the subject, copied from an article. Cox4 isn’t speaking in literal terms when mentioned war payback. its more symbolic and a chance for the “the little guy” to give the middle finger to powerful england.

      “In England, though many have praised his skill and achievements, his death has provided the opportunity to dig up the old humbug about the Hand of God goal at the 1986 World Cup, …..
      The inability of a few in England to move on from that goal speaks to the historical ….

      The Hand of God goal and “Goal of the Century,” which came minutes later in the same game, brought joy and spiritual uplift to so many people in Latin America. It represented a “cosmic” rupture in the universal order of things .. which up-ended English assumptions of superiority that had been accepted by some elites across the continent.”

      Sport, in these terms, had become a surrogate for warfare, an opportunity for the defeated to inflict pain on the victors through whatever means possible.”


    • I agree with you both Cox and Chori. We all know that beating England in a football match did not make the islands ours again nor was it a replacement for the deaths and pain suffered by Argentina in regards to the war. But football is lived very emotionally and passionately in both England and Argentina (although I think the English way of living football can be very obnoxious at times). Football occupies peoples minds in both countries more than the war does. We watch football every day and think about it all the time, and while the war is a painful and sensitive subject it does not live in our minds like football does. That is why revenge through football is a perfect way of emotionally messing with them — look at how Peter Shilton still can’t get past the Maradona goal. What I like about that game was that Maradona humiliated them in opposite ways — one with an illegal goal and the other with one of the best goals in history. Both goals represent the opposite ends of the spectrum. On one hand it is extremely frustrating to concede an unfair goal, you think that the opponent must be worse than you if they need to do that to win which angers you because you think your team is better and should be winning (think about Brazil’s goal against us after committing a foul), while on the other hand it is embarrassing to be utterly outclassed and made inferior through the legitimate skill and talent of Maradona. Both a few minutes apart. That is why I think it was a sweet sweet victory and form of revenge.

  6. What do you guys think of:
    1. Paredes: Will he able to establish himself into the starting 11, as they have newly recruited Wijnaldum.
    I think his position is at a threat now.
    2. Lo Celso: He is a squad player but not a fan favorite for Spurs, but having appointed Nuno Espirito (who is basically recognized to run a Portuguese camp in the PL).
    I doubt he is going to give Lo celso enough minutes.
    Want these guys to have enough game time, so that they can reach their potential nearing the World Cup in Qatar, as we don’t have enough squad depth in the midfield category (who has the potential to be World class).

    • Friends lo celso has enough quality to explore himself in midfield…don’t forget before copa he was not get enough minutes in club for injury, so get him some time for fittnes, he will definitely come back as much as strong inshaAllah. lo celso and de paul chemistry as superb, i just doubt about parades….he is telented but more vulnearable performance…

    • Paredes not in danger but dont think he will be a key player, maybe a rotation player. The fact that Pochettino is the coach helps his case. I want Paredes to improve his short passing, his passing is too slow. He still has a tendency to hold the ball before passing it. He needs to learn from Xavi or Busquets.

    • Regarding your points:

      1. Paredes has already established himself in the starting 11 and he and Wijnaldum are completely different types of players, not to mention the fact that Veratti is very injury prone so I wouldn’t worry about Paredes’s playing time unless he becomes lazy.

      2. Celso is a classy midfielder and the Spurs fans love him but it’s no secret that he has become very injury prone since moving to EPL. If Celso stays fit he’ll most certainly establish himself at Spurs just like he established himself for Mourinho in his first season after having so many injury problems and being left on the bench during the first half of his 1st season.

  7. its in spanish …heres a touching video of Messi responding via video message to a 100 year old grandpa that kept track of all of Messi’s goal with a pen and notepad.

    the 2nd video below shows the how messi found out.

      • Humility is a big reason why he has so much global love. Incredible to know someone with godly skills, can still be humble. I guess it’s also a trait so many people can related to. Messi also grew up with a ton of physical challenges so he didn’t develop arrogance at that age. Opposite to gucci model CR7

  8. In September wc qualifying match i think some playes should get the opportunity for backup…
    GK- Walter benitez, Musso
    DF- Senessi, Medina, Licha Martinez, Foyth
    LB- Angileri
    RB- i didn’t found any name (in my analysis Foyth is not RB according to mordern football)
    MF/CDM/RW- A. Correra, Gomez, Buendia, Cervi
    FW- Dybala, MacAlister, Gaich, Chimy Avila (if he is fit)
    I think avobe mentioned players have the quality to lead NT along with present Scaloni team.
    What about u think dear friends….above list only my opinion

    • On GK, why do you want to “try out” anyone? Emi is one of the top goalies in the world at this moment.
      Angileri is 27 years old. What do you want to “try out”? He is what he is.

      Foyth, he has to prove he belongs. Too much loose play at the NT and some very bad, bad mistakes. The kid needs to grow up.
      Dybala is way too inconsistent and immature.

      Gaich, MacAlister, Buendia, Senesi and Licha I would definitely make a priority to see what they have

      • Friends i mentioned earlier that everyone need times for backup..
        in GK i know emi now fixed bt if he is not fit then whom u see there??? Armani???? Of course not, so i think at least musso will get minutes….
        i know foyth dybala aren’t in form now bt don’t forget they have potentiality n big club experiance which is surely improve themselves….
        if otamendi pezella parades get chance more n more then why not they??
        I know otamendy was a fighter in copa but his mistake also suffer the team in previous…
        i think we need strong bench backup along with current core players…

      • yes I think its ok to leave him out of tokyo. difference between 23 and seniors might not be much physiologically, but same difference between 16 and lets say someone 18-19 can be night and day. if batista has serious ambition for this tournament it is difficult to use roster spot on him. also in terms of locking in nationality olympics does not matter. U20 will be good for him.

      • i will certainly watch him if he played in Indonesia, but unfortunately rescheduled. Luka is something but it will be not fair if we compare him with young Messi or young Ortega; For Olympic the selections is already settled but in after Olympics he might be called up.

  9. Luka Romero already chooses Argentina and the fact that we won the Copa and he witnessed how joyful the whole country are, surely make his decision easier that he will play for Argentina.

    So Mexico/Spain… sorry.

  10. Saw the latest video of Leo Messi on the YT channel named MagicalMessi.
    It’s absolutely pathetic from Argentina how on Earth you can diss him to that extent, when the whole world admires him infinitely and many even consider him as to be the GREATEST. God knows how much mental trauma he was going through, any player would have definitely abandoned from the NT duty.

    Do they really think, Argentina would have reached the finals w/o Messi??
    it’s literally impossible and cent percently would have left out from participating in the World Cup in Russia.

    They should be proud that a player of this calibre represents Argentina NT. Do they know, the whole footballing world was supporting Argentina, even some Brazillians, not because they admire Argentina, but the love every football fan has for Leo. As Argentine, you must support him, he will definitely hand you silverware for the country. Frankly, never seen him happy even after winning the sextuple as he did after winning the COPA.
    Moreover, seen an envious prick called MARIO KEMPES literally insulted Messi publicly, even after winning the COPA. You may priortize Maradona, there’s nothing bad about it..but that dont give you the pass to insult Leo. Maradona is a legend of the game and one of the greatest, there’s no one denying that, but keep in mind Leo is not absolutely a single place behind Maradona to be honest.
    Respect the guy who has done so much for the country. If he would have picked Spain,he would definitely had atleast 2 World Cups and 2 Euros by now, but he didn’t.

    • Mario Kempes’s statement is in the wrong time and wrong place, doesn’t show any respect to his Argentina fellow footballer who just did and successfully bringing trophy to his homeland after the 28 years. He should be proud of Messi and the team; no need to compare to Diego, they are living on different era; just enjoy the beauty and the joy of football, You’re right even Brazilians admire and become Messi fans just because they appreciate the beauty of football.

      I never heard them saying Ronaldinho is better than Messi..coz they all have their own magic and style. We are blessed to witness these great player. Mario Kempes will be always remembered for his contribution of scoring 2 goals at WC 1978 final, others than that not so much memory

    • Kempes just jealous that Messi never play for Rosario, yet he ‘s bigger Rosario legend than Kempes 😀

      as the old saying goes….”You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.”

    • This is what I don’t understand about the people of Argentina. It seems that they still don’t accept him as Argentine. The number of times Maradona has come out to say Ronaldo is better than Messi or Messi is useless, or not a leader is countless. Couldn’t care less about Kempes. Says a lot overall!

    • Agureo. I completely agree with your point. You are very fair. Kempes did not respect Messi’s contributions not only to Argentine football but to the whole world in the art of playing football. Kempes spat in his own face. No one can justify his stupid statements.

    • It is always the voices of people that diss Messi that are amplified and then everyone outside of Argentina thinks that all of Argentina hates Messi, not true AT ALL. Yes there are some people that will compare him to Maradona or be mad about things like his penalty miss (the one’s that call him “pecho frio”) but that is a minority. As someone that has been there in person and seen many opinions on the internet and real life I can assure you most Argentines LOVE him. The Maradona – Messi subject may be split over there but those that diss Messi are not a majority at all. That is the wrong perception and a myth

  11. Hey cox argentine basketball team play really bad so far in friendly matches: vs Australia 84:87, vs Nigeria 71:94, vs USA 80:108 (surprisingly Nigeria and Australia beat team USA too).

    • yes i saw that. i am surprised because of that. i didn t expect us so bad honestly.
      Just i hope when the games will start we look much better and play better than friendly games.
      just I HOPE.

  12. Absolutely.

    Come 2026, if he’s nurtured properly he should take the mantle from Lionel Messi. And also the no. 10 shirt.

    He’s the closest thing to Lionel Messi we can ever have. If not Messi, at least a prototype of Messi. That’s good enough.

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