Argentine 16 year old Luka Romero signs with Lazio


Luka Romero has signed with Lazio.

As we reported a few days ago, Luka Romero, who’s contract expired with Mallorca, was a free agent. After being linked with a move to Italy with Lazio and he is presently in Rome underdoing his medical.

Still only 16 years old, Romero made his debut in La Liga back in 2020 where he became the youngest player ever to play in the league at the age of 15 and seven months. Now out of Mallorca, per a report by Corriere, he has signed a three year deal worth 400,000 a season.

Born in Mexico, Romero has already represented Argentina at both the U15 and U17 level.

The official Lazio Instagram account put out an image of Romero undergoing his medical with the club.

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  1. Argentina’s best line up to win WC 2022
    Formation 4 3 3
    Emi Martinez
    Foyth. C. Romero. Otamendi. Acuna
    De Paul Paredes. Lo celso
    Messi. Dybla. Emi Buendai
    Di Maria
    G. Rodriguez
    Angel Correa

    • With otamendi in defense and with this midfield and forward we will maximum reach quarters. Lautaro is a must. Buendia should play in midfield we need to replace otamendi as he is old with fast and technical european forwards and midfield otamendi will struggle big time

      • Because of Otamendi Argentina defence was good in Copa beating Brazil in Brazil is not an easy feat. Lautaro missed many easy chances even open net so Dybla would be better even Icardi and Alario are on cards.

  2. Cant wait to see what Buendia will do this season with Aston Villa. I think he can be, with Senesi, the one we miss in the selection to step Up and win the World Cup. He have the skills, the talent and the creativity to be a amazing partner for Messi. And in defense Senesi can create a invicible defense with Romero. I really hope Senesi will move in a biggest club this summer.

    ——-Lo Celso—De Paul

    I wish Molina and Montiel will improve this season. The best of them this year could take the post.

    I like the fact Di Maria can be our Super Sub for the World Cup and give a big boost for the 30 last minutes like he regulary did during the Copa America

  3. Good luck to the kid. Play some good games, work hard and keep your head on the shoulders.

    On another topic: I really don’t like the news that Cristian Romero to Spurs talk is in advanced state. I really hope this does not happen.

    • Not as bad as him joining Man Utd. Atleast at Spurs he will get regular playing time plus he will have Locelso and Lamela along side him.

      • I can confirm this news. It seems like Romero will join Hotspur. As I said Atalanta choose cash than retaining him.

        Romero salary only £31.000 per week in Atalanta. I am sure his salary would be more than £100.000/week in Hotspur. No player would say no to this.

        Hotspur not even in CL. The only good news about this is that he will 100% be their key player.

        Also they will sign Atalanta goalie (Musso will be the Atalanta starting goalie), Gollini. I wish they would sign Emi Martinez instead.

        So Romero will likely join Lo Celso, Lamela there. Actually Hotspur squad not bad at all. Their coaching is bad ever since they fired Pochettino.

        • “Advanced state” sounds scary. When our players go to the premier league I am stuck in two minds. On one hand I like having our players in the most competitive and difficult league in the world that will in theory ensures great fitness. Even if he is not in the champions league he is still playing difficult games every week. On the other hand many of our players have failed there or have encountered difficulties. If he can get well settled, stay fit, and continue developing into one of the best center backs in the world then great. He will no doubt be a starter because center back is one of Spur’s greatest problems. As you mentioned at least there are other Argentinians there but I would prefer him to form chemistry with Musso at goalkeeper than with Lo Celso in midfield.

        • As a Spurs fan here, if he really come to us as you said it would be fantastic for us, he would be our 1st choice CB and get regular times play under our new manager Nuno Esposito, in my opinion I think better for him to come to EPL to improve his speed and aerial play as he is already good in ball play so he can link up play with Lo Celco and Lamela, actually if Mourinho still our manager I would never wants him to come but under new manager would be great for him to come, VAMOS CUTI COME ON YOU SPURS

    • I don’t believe any of it, sure Spurs might want him but he’s not Atlanta’s player, not yet atleast, so they can’t just sell him. Now if they buy him off Juve for 20 or so mill and then decide to sell him for double or triple that then maybe but as it stands I really doubt any of this is true.
      I’ll start believing this if A. someone like Fabricio Romano reports it or B. it’s announced as official.

    • After Messi there are many Messi-like Argentina players. Iturbe is one of them, but none of them shines like Messi. Iturbe even chooses Paraguay I think. Luka Romero for sure is better than Iturbe.

  4. Hope he is successful! I hope the pressure isn’t too much. I want him to ignore Messi comparisons and be his own player.

    At the end of the day he is a kid and he should enjoy his teen years!

    Vamos Luka! 🇦🇷

  5. I’m crossing my fingers for you Luka and I beg everyone to treat him like a kid, to give him time to adjust, to enjoy his teenage life and to avoid any comparison with Messi. Please guys don’t put on his young shoulders that heavy burden. Let Luka being Luka.
    Good luck buddy!!!!!

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