Arsenal reportedly interested in Lautaro Martinez of Inter


Arsenal are reportedly interested in signing Lautaro Martinez of Inter.

The Argentina Copa America winner is a wanted man, according to a report out of England. Per The Telegraph, Arsenal have inquired about Lautaro as it appears that they are serious about signing him.

Per the report, the Gunners have made contact with the reigning Serie A champions over signing the 23 year old striker. While Inter don’t appear to have any intentions of letting Lautaro leave, it would be interesting to see if Arsenal end up submitting a bid for the Argentine.

With Argentina at the Copa America, Lautaro had three goals in six matches, scoring in the last group stage match, the quarter final match and the semi finals. With Inter, he finished with 17 goals in 38 matches in the league as Inter would go on to be crowned as Serie A champions.


  1. Don’t go tp Arsenal, and don’t expect Arsenal bring Argentina players and give them the best chance, it had not happened since Arsene Wenger in charge till Arteta. Arsenal is not a club for Arg Players. Better to other club or even to France is much better

  2. Yoooo. Please don’t go to arsenal!
    Not only is the team in high drama but they are an Emirates team. All respect due to the UAE but Argentina does not support Emirates or any other country that bombs it’s neighbors and steals their ports in the name of Isreal and France.
    This is why I was unhappy a decade ago when aguero went to city.

  3. So our CL players are getting attention from mid table EPL teams. I don’t like it at all. The agents have to do better. Varane for 41M to ManU. Do you think he will go to Arsenal or Spurs? NO! But here we are, our players are forced to go backwards – Romero to Spurs and then Lautaro to Arsenal. This is nonsense. No value for our players. I am liking it that Atalanta is holding to 60M valuation for Romero. I would go as high as 80M for Romero.

    • Cuti Romero’s value should even be more than $60m. Harry Maguire is $100m and he isn’t close to Romero. As you said, our players have useless agents who always downgrade them. Rember when Paredes left Roma for Zenit? That was one of the worst transfers for our players that I have ever seen.

      • England always overrate their own players. Someone named Ben White just moves to Arsenal for £50 million (poundsterling not euro), so around the same value as Cristian Romero’s. Harry Maguirre is a good defender, but to value him €50 million more than Romero does not make any sense.

        • Right, Ben White and Romero going for the same price is outright ridiculous. Even De Paul who got a great move went for incredibly cheap, almost insultingly cheap. But who cares, let our players go for cheap, be underrated, unknown, and ignored for players from second or third tier clubs in England. Because in the World Cup when nobody expects it we will give them a big punch right smack in the face and people across will learn to watch football instead of play fifa. This actually puts less pressure on our players — the only thing to avoid is brain dead transfers

  4. Chance to see Boca reserve kids again tonight against San Lorenzo. They will be playing with upto 9 of them with the exception of fabra and cardona. Third game in four days for them so probably might not be the most intense show.

    • Sucks about Fabra, Barco is the best reserve player in Boca and was excited to see him. Unless they move him up to midfield. Will be interesting to watch although I would be surprised if San Lorenzo don’t win

  5. Too bad Inter is in need of cash. Conte left, Hakimi to PSG, DeVrij maybe to Everton and now Lautaro. It could be years before they win serie A again.

  6. if i have to choose between Inter and Arsenal there is no way to pick Arsenal.
    if i was in his place i would sure stay in Inter.

    • Sponsor money and TV rights. Man City gets 140 millions yearly from TV rights or sponsors, I am not sure. But the amount when compared to other leagues is very high.

      English clubs have wealthy owners. They can pump money from various source. Even though Chelsea has debt of nearly one billion USD, they are all owed to their Russian owner or his companies. Even Aston Villa has a very wealthy owner group.

      Clubs like Barcelona and Real has no owners. Their debt is actual real world debt, owed to various banks. They also have bad financial management. Barcelona players have very high salary and long contracts. Griezmann makes 800k a week. Lenglet and Umtiti won’t leave because they will never get such salaries in any clubs. So it is bad planning from the beginning.

      Say whatever you want to say about British people, they are good at management.

    • English clubs have owners who are there until they decide to sell the club. They make sure their clubs are well manage in the short and long term while Spanish clubs have elected president. They only care about their time. they don’t really see the future of the club. Barcelona is a perfect example, they brought old and expensive players with very high wages to get immediate results. Now the new president is in the middle of a mess where no other clubs want Barcelona’s players because of the wages and the players don’t really wanna go because they have a contract…. I hope my explanation helps …

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