Premier League release statement, clubs will not release players for September matches


The Premier League have released a statement in regards to next momth’s international fixtures as clubs will not be releasing the players.

Argentina, along with Brazil, Venezuela and Bolivia will be without their Premier League based players for September’s World Cup qualifiers. The league released a statement on Tuesday mentioning that a unanimous decision has been taken “not to release players for international matches in red-list countries next month.”

For Argentina, that means no Emiliano Martinez, Cristian Romero, Gio Lo Celso and Emiliano Buendia as all four play in England. For the likes of Brazil, it means no Alisson, Ederson, Thiago Silva, Fabinho, Fred, Gabriel Jesus, Richarlison, Firmino and Raphina.


  1. Hopefully this action will be limited to England. If all European countries join in we are in trouble. Brazilian clubs are currently better than Argentine clubs. Just look at recent Libertadores results.

    Zaracho to replace Buendia?

  2. Typical england behaviour, they always create problems whenever international duty arrives as I have not heard and seen other countries like Germany, spain and Italy and France do it. English media and people are always shit always greedy. They only think about themselves like in past. Nothing has changed 💀🤬🤬

    • Well, i quess the mighty British East-Indian Company is Still alive though working most propably with other name though as things look and have allways looked like they can basicly decide and do as they please, because they are simply not concerned of others!

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  3. If this is true then Brazil will be severely weakened more than us and the good news is we would be facing them.

    Emi Martinez and Cuti Romero are 2 key players. I know Scaloni will likely select Armani to replace Emi, but I hope he will consider Musso.

    As fot Romero, Otamendi-Pezzella have played together for many games, Pezzella is not as good as Romero but he is quite reliable.

    Lo Celso is the easiest to replace as there are many players who are just as good as him such as Papu or Palacios.

    I wonder what would the Argentina and Brazil reaction to this? They just say OK. That’s it?

    • I will never feel any kind of peace of mind seeing Armani between the sticks. He never was a great golie and lately his form dropped badly. As you pinted out Scaloni should consider Musso in place of Emi.

      • there is also the chance to bring in Walter Benitez who is doing great with Nice in France.. She should be given look in the squad. He can replace Emi in the 30

  4. If this become reality and these clubs block the players from playing the qualifiers then football is dead and buried. How can these greedy clubs have this much control? I hope these idiots will be kept at bay by the football federations of those countries.

  5. Because of this are we given the option to call up alternative players? In that case it would be great for Senesi to be called up for Romero

  6. Brazil seems more badly affected, but Martinez and Romero are essentials. Is FIFA not able to intervene? How can premier league clubs themselves decide this? Pretty disrespectful considering England’s disgraceful final setup was a hundred times more dangerous for Covid than the bubble our players will be in. Sounds like a greedy decision to me. I am worried on who Scaloni will use as goalkeeper.

    • Offcourse indeed it is very grredy decission by the English as they do not want release their players that they paid so much money so it is just because money as the for the Covid is allover the place so they just use this ” new Covid map” as their main factor and claim that those red heated areas are not allowed to have their NT players which are owned by the English clubs ! Just pure maddness and total greedyneess as it has allways been, just workingly with different variations or formula from different era to an other era so nothing has changed as we see FIFA just keeping quiet ! one could say he s it is amazing, but this is route of all evil where money plays the biggest role, but offcourse humankind could have used the money diffently for present things to happen as such as war’s and hunger and suply clean water to all the world, but, well that is not been the case until now as things are just getting worst with this latest pandemic not helping at all or uniting no one as everyone prepares to look for their own, but this decission taken by the English clubs is something really wrong as it will have huge impact on global football ! Stay as well as u can and as healthy as u can !

  7. We can replace Romero, Lo Celso and Emi with Pezzella, Palacios and Armani. Not the best situation but they are acceptable alternatives.

    Brazil will miss their 2 main GK, much of their attack.

    For me, it is better for Romero to continue his work at Spurs. He has only began full training now. It is very important he succeeds at England. We can make do without him for now.

    • hopefully Scaloni goes for Otamendi-Lisandro. Would be really worrying to do Otamendi-Pezzella still in 2021. Goalkeeper is my main worry. I hope Scaloni goes for Musso. Palacios for Lo Celso is fine

      • Musso or even Rulli before Armani is a must for Scaloni, but i think or i’m affraid that he will go with Armani…oh my god, please hopefully Scaloni will not go with Armani !

      • Well i could allmost quess it that FIFA will allow basicly anything that any rich team or a country full of rich teams will request…FIFA, UEFA, CONMEBOL are no different to each other as matter of fact they all have common intrest and that is unfortunatly only in money

  8. What BS, England are currently a red country themselves and made it red because they themselves decided to allow fans in for the euro. How can they keep players back??? this must be illegal!!

    • So annoying. If I’m not wrong the players are strictly protected in a Covid bubble. Makes no sense. During Copa they could not even see their families for more than a month

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