Roberto Ayala comments on Argentina team, situation with European leagues


Roberto Ayala commented on the Argentina national team and the current situation regarding some of the European leagues not releasing their players.

Argentina will play three World Cup qualifying matches in September. The first against Venezuela, the second would be away to Brazil and the third, the only match to be played at home, against Bolivia. Roberto Ayala, part of the current Argentina national team staff and winner of the Copa America as part of that staff, spoke with De Futbol Sew Habla Asi and here is what he had to say:

“We submitted a list, we are in contact with the players and we know the domino effect from England. It’s an issue that has to be resolved by FIFA and as soon as possible. The three fixtures has been known from before, it’s odd that now they tell us that some leagues don’t agree.

“We fly out on Saturday to play Venezuela on Thursday. What will happen if the European based players are confirmed to be out? We will have to see if we are allowed to add more players from the local league. It’s a big disadvantage having to call up players that have never been here and having them just once. One option would be to take away one match and have it two matches and after that program something. But it doesn’t depend on us, not even on CONMEBOL.”

Ayala also commented on Mauro Icardi and the number nine situation:

Icardi was come back, although we always considered him. Also, Alario but he is injured. Lautaro (Martinez) has a yellow card, so we wanted another number nine. Too bad he got injured.”

In addition, he also spoke about possible having a national team consisting only of local league players:

“We would like to work with a local national team. Even Menotti asked for it but sadly it’s not possible. There is no will from the clubs. It would be good to have something in case we don’t have an answer from someone playing abroad.”


  1. Maybe it’s time to give the experienced but overlooked players another chance.
    Why not call up Marcos Rojo, Funes Mori, Gazzaniga or Sergio Romero, Esteban Andrada.
    If bullshit that these European countries can stage a an Euro with fans but act all discriminatory towards the rest of the world. They have huge rosters. So fucking what if their returning players quarantine for 2 weeks?

  2. I hope Dzeko wont be the new Lukaku, the sacred cow in Inter. Lautaro-Correa duo would be much better, Dzeko is a good player but old and horrible finisher, biggest xG underperformer.

    • Molina n Lamela both are on fire. Molina was supposed to be the one replacing Hakimi for Inter but the fact that he did not play in the final of Copa America and had a below average game in the semi final changed Inter mind. Now he is playing with a chip on his shoulder. For me he is our best RB currently.

    • Good thing lautaro didn’t go to Spurs, it is so much more valuable for him to form a connection on the field with Correa. Great move from Correa and one of the underrated Argentine moves of this summer. Not to mention an impressive debut

  3. Brazil Tite adds 9 players to his 23 squad:
    Everson (Mineiro) and Santos (Paranaense); the defender Miranda (San Pablo); midfielders Edenilson (Inter de Porto Alegre), Gerson (Olympique de Marseille), Matheus Nunes (Sporting) and wingers Malcom (Zenit from Russia), Vinicius Jr (Real Madrid) and Hulk

    They assure that their Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese based players will still travel. So get ready to face a very strong Brazil.

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