Argentina players available for World Cup qualifiers, possible replacements, players arriving


With the restrictions from the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A and the Portuguese league, coach Lionel Scaloni will only have 8 of the 30 players called-up available as players have started to arrive.

Four players from the Premier League, nine players from La Liga, eight from Serie A and one from the Portuguese league. Ligue 1 will be allowing their players to travel which means that Lionel Messi, Angel Di Maria and Leandro Paredes will be available.

The following players would miss out:

Emiliano Martinez
Juan Musso
Geronimo Rulli
Gonzalo Montiel
Nahuel Molina
German Pezzella
Juan Foyth
Cristian Romero
Nicolas Otamendi
Lucas Martienz QUarta
Marcos Acuna
Rodrigo De Paul
GUido Rodriguez
Nicolas Dominguez
Gio Lo Celso
Alejandro Papu Gomez
Angel Correa
Joaquin Correa
Nicolas Gonzalez
Emiliano Buendia
Lautaro Martinez
Paulo Dybala

The following players are available:

Franco Armani
Lisandro Martinez
Nicolas Tagliafico
Exequiel Palacios
Leandro Paredes
Angel Di Maria
Julian Alvarez
Lionel Messi

Copa America champions Argentina play Venezuela, Brazil and Bolivia in three World Cup qualifying matches in September. Leandro Paredes is suspended for the first match vs. Venezuela.

Roberto Ayala, part of the Argentina coaching staff, has stated that they will try and see if they can add players from the local league. For the moment, only two players from the initial 30 play in Argentina. Those two being Franco Armani and Julian Alvarez.

One of Argentina’s opponents in September, Brazil, have already called-up several players as replacements for those based in England, Spain, Italy and Portugal. Per TyC Sports, some of the possible names being mentioned for Argentina, based both in Argentina and Brazil are the following:

Fabricio Bustos (Independiente)
Gabriel Mercado (Internacional)
Carlos Izquierdoz (Boca)
Leonardo Sigali (Racing)
Matías Suárez (River)
Facundo Farías (Colón)
Cristian Pavón (Boca)
Agustín Rossi
Marcos Rojo (Boca)
Walter Kannemann (Gremio)
Milton Casco (River Plate)
Enzo Pérez (River Plate)
Ignacio Fernández (Atlético Mineiro)
Matías Zaracho (Atlético Mineiro)
Thiago Almada (Vélez)
José Sand (Lanús)

The Argentina coaching staff, along with Franco Armani and Julian Alvarez have landed in Venezuela, ahead of their match against them on Thursday.


  1. OMG ! What a mess it is indeed ! Hopefully
    Lisandro Martinez
    Nicolas Tagliafico
    Exequiel Palacios
    Leandro Paredes
    Angel Di Maria
    Julian Alvarez
    Lionel Messi

    And the rest who ever they will be will get those needed and very important points for our beloved Albiceleste !

    If it really is that any of those players from England, Spain and Italy can’t or not be allowed to travel to join our beloved Albiceleste, well then we just have to adjust ! that even we won’t never accep it as this is as unfair thing as it can be with an absolute level in world football will also remain in history of football, though, hopefully with the most positive outcome for our beloved Albiceleste ! We are talking about WCQ’s to the next WC at QATAR ! So if it stands like this those European teams and countries that won’t allow players from their club’s in their countries to join our beloved Albiceleste, well then they should face the same destiny and only be allowed to use their players that are not playing in England, Spain and Italy as it would be an equal justice to all ! Offcourse this will never happen, but it would be the righest thing to do from FIFA, who will never even consider it, though i would love to see England playing in a situation as players outside of England, Spain and Italy could not be called !

    I think they could get a team though from players from MLS, OCEANIA, ASIA and from other european countries too, though i would not bet my money on a such team, but for sure i will more than happy to see them play, LOL !

    As for Spain and Italy i would not be sure if they could get a full team, though i’m quite sure they do have players based in MLS, OCEANIA, ASIA and maybe some in other european leagues and as same for England i would love to see them play with a such team of players outside of England, Spain and Italy !

    Well, i know it is funny at all an in matter of fact i feel so disapointed specially now that allmost every single player from that last Copa team and also others playing in Spain and Italy are in such a great form !

    So it feels like this : A STATEMENT FROM ENGLISH,SPANISH AND ITALIAN CLUB’s and ALSO FROM UEFA, FIFA AND WHO FUCK EVER IS BEHIND THIS UNJUSTICE ! ”, Ok, hold on, let’s have a look at Argentina’s current form and also how well their players are performing at the moment ! Hmmm, well, Ok then, they are simply above everybody else at the moment so let’s ban them for travelling to their WCQ’s and hope that this will get them eliminated from the Qatar ! ”

    FUCKING MORON’s ! they truly are ! all of them who are behind this very, very UNFAIR. DECISSION ! And i truly hope that all the those who are behind of this will pay for their ACTIONS ! As i do not care even shit about them anymore ! Well, Ok i know this is not the decission taken by Italian or Spanish national team or their federation as it stands for the British FA, well i would not be surprised as they do have currently very strong hold on FIFA and i quess UEFA too ! And after their ”football did not came to than instead went to ROME ’ their team must be Still moraly low, so i would not wonder as it started off from England and moved further to Spain and Italy that the mighty English FA has pulled a trick of their magic hat, as it would not be the first time in football’s past history !

    Well, the way or another i quess it doesn’t matter and that we will never find the real truth behind this bullshit, so back from conspiracy to reality as it is and will allways be the most present !

    So, hopefully our beloved Albiceleste will just get and xtra boost of this and show the world that how good Argentina can be even without most their player’s selected for their WCQ’s ! Also Scaloni and the crew must get it somehow right even as it is ” THE WORST POSSIBLE NEWS ” for them and, because time is such alimited thing even on daily basis !

    Vamos ! Our beloved Albiceleste and just show to all of those motherfuckers behind this most unfair and really bullshit decission by taken all those CROOK’s that what is Argentina really made of and what is it’s football been about for more than Century not only for Argentina, but also for whole football in all the world and what it has given for the world to witness and seen ! No need to mention individual players of Argentina as everyone who follow’s football and has followed football all know this as the Argentine nation does on daily basis even it would be best for the country of Argentina to try to get their all club’s also behind their national team, though as i’m not an Argentine Person i won’t comment more on this matter rather just wish so that all the clubs in future in Argentina will allow their player’s to join the national duty’s even friendlies, but most importantly any competive game at any level no matter if it is for youth’s or for the current national team who is fighting for their nation to get to that next WC at Qatar and will allways put their national team’s and country before their Club’s ! Though i’m not blaming them as i’m blaming those behind this most unfair decission when the WCQ’s are at stake !

  2. I don’t really believe this list, calling up a 41 year old Jose Sand is almost comedic. I have seen other Argentinians on social media joking that we should call him up, yes as a joke. If Scaloni is going to be smart here we would see a mix of players from the u23/olympics team that know each other and then players that have already played for us and have experience (Perez, Rojo, Bustos, Mercado, Pavon, Suarez, Fernandez).

  3. I watched Aston Villa – Brentford 90 minutes which ended 1-1. Emi Martinez did not get tested again. The goal was from close range, nothing he could do. Other than that, no threat from Brentford at all.

    Aston Villa got £100 million from Jack Grealish but so far they did not spend it wisely. There are so many weakness on the team everywhere. Their 4 defenders all need to be replaced. Their left winger is super bad named Al Ghazi or something. I am afraid this year they will do worse than last year. How can Emi perform good if their defense is that shitty.

    Emi Buendia scored the only goal for them from just outside the penalty box where the opponent defenders had a slight miscommunication between each other. However, I am still not impressed by Buendia. Other than his goal he was still very average to me. For me he is very similar to MacAllister of Brighton.

    His set pieces are good, but other than that everything else is average. As a right winger, where Villa played him, he could not take his marker off the dribble. He does not have that one on one skill an elite winger is supposed to have. His speed also mediocre. His passing is supposed to be his strongest attribute but also is very average. So if we think that right winger does not suit him, well as a central midfielder he does not have that good of passing skill.

    I won’t give up on him but so far he is very very average. Guys, the Championship league (one league below EPL) where Buendia played for Norwich is a very low level competition. It is true that he ended up the best player last year but there is player named Ryan Sessegnon from Fulham, a 20 year old left winger. He also scored 16 goals (similar goal numbers as Buendia) for Fulham in Championship level (not EPL) a couple of years ago and was looking like a superstar. Then Hotspur bought him for around £23 million. Guess what? he is super average too!

    I really hope Buendia will improve but as of now, I can assure you that these players: De Paul, Lo Celso, Palacios, Dominguez, Di Maria, Papu, Nico Gonzales, A Correa, J Correa, and Messi are all better than him… and not even close.

    • I disagree with your judgement about emi Buendia, i’m 100% sure , he will prove you wrong just Wait and see.
      Emi is very very good player. Emi Buendía is creative player With hard working skill plus he can dribble, comfortable to get the ball in tight spaces and silde through balls Can dribble past player 1v1 easily plus he has long rang shootings, btw that goal was pure class No matter how much defenders messed-up, he olso made two keys passes, in my opinion was man of the match. He is improving game by game, Buendia played EPL 19/20 season before For Norwich he was only behind Kevin de bruyne most chance create in that season.

      • I am just being neutral here. As an Argentina fan, who wouldnt want to see a new prospect doing well? Of course I want Buendia to succeed, but so far he has yet to live up to the expectation.

        I would be happy if he ends up better than Lo Celso or De Paul tho. It is just after 3 EPL games, he is just average to me. I watch the game myself not just based on someone else report.

      • I am gonna say lets wait and see what he can do in this season in EPL. Lets not judge him yet and lets not count what he did in second division. So far he was average but its just 2/3 games.

  4. This is similar situation what Marcelo Gallardo faced in river…

    Really happy about Nacho Fernandez. Matias Suarez is expected so is other River players..

    Would like to see Pavon in action..

  5. During the Sabella era we used to have match off against Brazil with local based players only.Had something like that would have been there it could have been better for Scaloni. Now he has no choice to call in the Experienced fellows from Argentine leagues. If he can call up players from Brazilian league that mean Nacho, Zaracho and Kanneman is a must they are good players who have been in our setup before add to that the ever reliable Enzo Perez, it doesnt look bad to be fair. Bustos can may be give a shout at the RB spot, he is young too.What about Ponzio?Tevez?

    We cant blame the European leagues only. The Argentine league teams are also not far behind. How many times they had rejected the under 23 players to be released.

      • I don’t agree at all with comparing a WORLD CUP campaign to south american qualifier game in the context of calling up mostly local players. In this context calling up Enzo Perez is great, he is one of the best players called up locally and one of if not the best #5 in Argentina and in South America. Also Ponzio is nearly retired and hardly plays and Tevez has already retired a couple of months ago

    • I agree with you. Only for 3 matches, we can not experiment by calling someone who has never been called up before and rely on them. As much as we like the young ones but this is WC qualifiers worth 9 points total!

      Scaloni has to play it safe here. The 8 ex Copa America players will lead them. The remaining 3-4 must be someone who already know what it takes to wear the Albiceleste jersey.

      So Kannemann, Rojo, Zaracho get my vote as they were around before. RB is the only position where we could try a totally new player as we have no option. Maybe Saravia can return; he is also an experienced RB. It would be good seeing Saravia vs Neymar part II. Other than him, it has to be someone new.

  6. If Scalony called those overaged plyers only because he is not wanted take any risk as those match are world cup qualifiers not friendly. He needs experienced player because Argentina cannot lose against team like Venezuela and Bolivia. He is playing safe may be. What my thinking is whoever gets called we need at least 6/7 points if not all 9. If we get 6/7 points it’s ok if he called up farmers instead of football players 🤠 also. Vamos Argentina

  7. Why these old defenders? Mercado 34 Izquierdoz 32 Rojo 31 Sigali 34 Casco 33 Kannemann 30 plus Enzo Perez 35 Matias Suarez 33 Jose Sand 41 really? I dont understand, where are Senesi and Facundo Medina or Balerdi? We need only 3 or 4 players over 30 Otamendi, Messi, Di Maria and maybe Aguero if he is fit.

    • tyc sports is not to be trusted. Scaloni if he has not hit his head will call up as many of the Medina’s and Balerdi’s from European leagues as possible and the final spots will be filled with a mix of olympics players and experienced players from local leagues

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