Argentina starting eleven against Brazil for World Cup qualifier


The Argentina starting eleven has been confirmed and there are a few changes from the win against Venezuela.

Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni had named the same starting even which started and won the Copa America. Cristian Romero is back in place for Germán Pezzella, Gonzalo Montiel in for Nahuel Molina and Leandeo Paredes for Guido Rodriguez. This is the starting eleven:

Emiliano Martínez; Montiel, Romero, Otamendi, Acuña; Di María, De Paul, Paredes, Lo Celso; Messi and Lautaro Martínez.


  1. CONMEBOL Statement: “By decision of the match referee, the match organized by FIFA between Brazil and Argentina for the World Cup Qualifiers is suspended.”

    “The referee and the match commissioner will submit a report to the FIFA Disciplinary Committee, which will determine the steps to be followed. These procedures strictly adhere to current regulations.”

    “The World Cup Qualifiers is a FIFA competition. All decisions concerning its organization and development are the exclusive power of that institution.”

    • ENOUGH SAID, I don’t know where all that talk about ARGENTINA being at fault, makes no damn sense just as the Brazilian health authorities doing what they did.
      In my opinion, their imbecile president has his hands all over this, he fucked up his handling of Corona and what could be better to save face other than stopping their biggest rival from trashing them on their own soil AGAIN AND stopping this game.

      FIFA decision should be clear and swift from this point on.

  2. If I am not mistaken all players take covid tests before every game and before traveling right? It is very clear that NONE of them has covid. Also, notice why we are doing three qualifiers? Because there is NO dates left. What the hell are we going to do?

  3. The game is officially suspended now. I hope we are not in too much of a trouble. FIFA will make decision based on report from match commissioner and referee.

    I am afraid we could be in trouble. Hope it stays within this match. All of these countries are snakes. Now everyone will come out and try to take 3 points. Like Venezuela would come up with something

    • Relax man, as per CONMEBOL , all the S.American countries have agreed to provide exemptions to players. Argentina would never bring their player without getting a go-ahead from CONMEBOL. Its nothing but Brazilian government vs health authorities fighting each other. As a result, Brazil has lost 3 points because of them.

  4. The news coming out is there is a bus to take Argentina to the airport and out of the country. Brazil is going to have a training session in the field.

    At the end of the day, as I said, unless we have solid official documentation in support of the players playing, we could be in big trouble.

    • I think we’ll loose 3 points. If it’s against Brazil’s national law, you can’t do anything. Or at best the game is played again, no way Brazil will loose points sadly

    • An order has been sent to the Brazilian football association stating that if they refuse to allow the players to take part in the match or if the match is called off, Argentina would be awarded the 3 points. This would be because Brazil would not be complying with what all the South American delegates agreed on.

    • Nothing to do with documentation, players are exempt from having to quarantine as per the COMNEBOL. Today’s drama is a result of the tussle between Brazil’s health authorities and their government.

    • First of all..they should block all the 4 players from entering country, if it’s not allowed. Second, why did they wait until match start to detain them?
      Sure, it’s a play from Varsil to get all the three points. Shame.

  5. Here’s the full explanation.
    Yesterday Brazil authority said that they don’t agree with release of players from England. They were told this morning by conmebol that the players from England are authorized and the game is “a go”. They also said that if Brazil health department wants to cancel now then 3 points will be awarded to Argentina.
    The health authority of Brazil said they tried to cancel the match before the start of match and take the 4 players and deport them. They claim that the locker room for Argentina was locked and they were not admitted by the Argentina officials on hand. So they came to the field trying to flex their muscles. The Brazilian team along with staff stayed on the field because they know that Argentina will get full points if this stands as the outcome. What an embarrassment in front of the world. Brazil could not handle covid, their authorities have been embarrassed for over a year because of the pandemic. Now they want to flex on their rival Argentina. Congrats to Argentina and big congrats to the Brazil government and their trash dictatorship over the poor lower classes of the country

  6. Remember how prior to the final we were so afraid of a robbery? I think we let our guard down because it is a miracle we weren’t robbed that game. I am not surprised at what is occurring at all. Brazil is still Brazil

  7. This is a well planned corruption. I will not be surprised if Brazil gets 3 points now. God knows what kind of paperwork we have. Brazil will try to show that they intimated that players from England must be quarantined for 14 days. Which we failed to do so. If we don’t have a document showing these 4 players are allowed to play, we could be docked of points. Watch out!!!

    It’s a trap and we walked right into it

  8. I am out of town on a conference. Can anyone tell me whats the issue with UK based players and Brazil health ministry. I could not check any news last few days.

    • The Brazilian health ministry basically wanted and have STOPPED the game because and listen to this, THEY CLAIM THE 4 ARGENTINE PLAYERS WHO PLAY IN ENGLAND FAILED TO DISCLOSE THEIR WHEREABOUTS BEFORE traveling to Brazil for this game”
      Where do they think they were before flying over to Brazil??? MARS
      They are simply worried about getting trashed and that is IT

      • I believe this is not just health officials..this is done by all authorities…they didn’t want this match to be played.
        Where they were until match starts..?

        • Yes, exactly, like I said, worried about getting trashed and wanted to stop the game by any means. it is no secret where they play or where they came from, I wont be surprised if their idiot president is all behind it.

  9. This is comical ………………enough said.
    Brazil worried about getting TRASHED plain and simple…………worried about Covid?? look at your own fucking president who let Corona run a amock in his country and now they’re crying about 4 ARG players, REALLY????

    • If i am guess this right…. brasilian authorities announced that players that came from england have to go to 14 days pause, then i really dont know why we put this 4 guys on the squad. Its redicolous. This is surely 3:0 brasil. Someone has to take full responsability for this. If this is true, this ia shame on us. Wtf

    • Honestly I have no idea how long this could take, when games were interrupted in Europe for different reasons I remember it could be like 40 minutes of waiting only for the game not to be played. I also didn’t see the beginning of the game or what happened because I was on the phone with a fubotv person to set up my account.

  10. I hope Brazil pays for that. Either you stand firm initially and ensure the UK based players don’t play at all or leave them alone completely. Incompetent idiots. Ridiculous.

    Una verguenza…

  11. The Brazilian health ministry is a joke. Brazil can’t get covid undr control, and the worst is that their authorities there have a pride issue. They have an ego and dont feel that they need to listen to fifa or conmebol or anyone.
    They were told this morning that they had to allow the players from England to play, bit they resisted, and now they are showing their defiance and protest by stopping match after a few minutes of it’s start.

  12. This is a trend now.. just after the Copa final.. Brazilian authorities created issues in the Copa Libertados match as well.. it was a disgrace.. this is same

  13. Brazil health official came on field and stopped game because of the four premier league players from Argentina. They are suspending the match as far as I can understand. Fuck Brazil

    • Brazilian health authorities buffaloed their way onto the pitch and Acuna pushed one off the pitch. Everyone off the pitch right now..might be cancelled. Im guessing this is a public display of strength as these brazilian fucks could have done it prior to the game but decided to wait until after it started.

  14. Last 4 matches…Brazil 2 win Argentina 2 win..!
    Last 9 matches..Brazil 4 win Argentina 4 win..!
    This is final in both cases (5th and 10th match).

    And Argentina won three continuous match against Brazil 64 years ago..! We have a great chance to do it this time..Vamos.. Argentina.

  15. Strong team,Argentina defence is took strong.
    Scaloni bring substitutes little early. Wants to see Foyth, A. Correa,Papu and Buendia

  16. What Brazil did today is simply a proof of their low class mentality. It is just a game and the whole world is watching. What will they gain from this? Even if our 4 players does not start, we have alternatives ready. Can they say the same?

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