Argentina vs. Brazil suspended, health officials storm pitch


Argentina vs. Brazil was suspended just minutes after the start of the match.

With reports prior to the start that four Argentine Premier League based players would not be allowed to take part in their World CUp qualifyign match against Brazil, a decision was taken and three of the four Premier League players started the match.

It was Emiliano Martinez, Cristian Romero and Gio Lo Celso started the match with Emiliano Buendia not making the bench. As the match started, Brazilian health officials stormed the pitch as the match was stopped. The demand is that all four players from the Premier League isolate for 14 days.

The match has since been suspended. A report by TNT Sports states that should the players be banned from playing or the match not take place, Argentina would be awarded the three points. This would be because Brazil would not be complying with what all the South American delegates agreed on and that is that the players would be allowed to play.


  1. The game was in the middle of my night so I record it and watch in the morning. I didn’t this time as I was bombarded with info about in being canceled.
    How long did the play for? I’ve seen a screen grab that shows 10th minute. Did they play this long? If so, how was it going?

  2. Well, from where to start as i never ever seen anything like this happen as this is an completely the most unreal thing of total idiotism from theese barazilians called” healt officer’s” or what ever they are called as i do not give a shit about their idiotic actions done by purposely as tney are acting like the ’hero’s fighting against Covid”, bullshit i say and i will repeat it and keep on repeating that as they were invading the pitch as ”hero’s fighting against Covid”, Bullshit and i bet none them have ever seen or faced in real someone dieying from Covid or tried to safe of the lifes of those who numerously have died in Brazil as victom’s of Covid !
    Can anyone even give the proper amount of deaths of those who died as victims of Covid ?
    No ! No way ! We will never know the real amount of those who died as victims of Covid in this idiotic country run by their Covidanator who just want’s destroy everything as he has looked too many movies of terminator ! What a fucking bullshit treatment and humialiation for the latest winners of Copa America from this idiptic country run by their even more idiotic Mr. Bullshit A Nero who have claimed several times that there is absolutly no problem with Covid as it just an different flue, but nothing dangerous, LOL !
    What a fucking statement from the head of this idiotic country who can’t obviously deal with that Argentina won the last Copa at their Mecca or Jerusalem called as the mighty Maracana !
    Well i did expect something to occur, but not anything like this as i never ever have witnessed in global football as stupid thing done as this !
    Well, football has had several really scary incidents around the world that has cost life’s of too many, but as it is past history unfortunatly we can’t change that instead the world should have remembered those who died at theese brutal incidents as will just mention some as i’m sure there are plenty more and unfortunatly i’m quite sure too that there have been most propably several similar incidents happening in SA too, even i do not have seen those one’s with my own eyes, yet, as i will go maybe later on to look at them at utube or find them via internet !
    Well, just to start of with

    The Superga Air Disaster 1949

    Torino had the greatest team in Italy at the time of this disaster. They had won four straight Serie A titles and up to 10 of the club’s players were Italy internationals.

    On the way home from a testimonial match against Benfica, decreased visibility and an error in navigation led to the plane crashing into a building on Superga Hill.

    All the passengers and crew died and as a result both the club and the Italy national team were severely weakened.

    Munich Air Disaster 1958

    On the 6th of February 1958 Manchester United suffered some terrible losses. The majority of the “Busby Babes” died in a plane accident on the way home from a European encounter.

    After two failed take-off attempts the pilots decided to try for a third time, and the plane crashed while trying to take off.

    Eight Manchester United players died as well as members of the Manchester United staff, a number of journalists and other passengers and crew.

    Matt Busby was at death’s door but survived and was able to establish a second crop of talented players for the club.

    The “Battle of Santiago” 1962

    As you can see from this video, the “Battle of Santiago” was definitely not about football. Apparently two Italian journalists made some not so nice comments about the state of Santiago prior to the World Cup which heightened the tension between the teams.

    Chile played Italy, if you can say the word played, in this game. Back then there not any red or yellow cards but thankfully the referee saw fit to send some players off. At the end of the game there were nine Italians and 11 Chileans playing.

    The Heysel Disaster 1985

    Four years before the Hillsborough disaster, Liverpool fans were involved in another tragic event. On May 29, 1985, Liverpool was defending its European title against Juventus at the Heysel stadium in Belgium.

    As is usually the case, fans were separated into various sections but Liverpool fans in section Y ended up next to a number of Juventus fans in section Z—which was supposed to be a neutral section for Belgian fans.

    Both sets of spectators began to throw projectiles at each other and soon the Liverpool fans broke through the barrier separating the two groups and forced Juventus fans towards the wall.

    As more and more Juventus fans tried to escape the wall collapsed, resulting in deaths and injuries to many.

    Hillsborough Disaster 1989

    Liverpool were to face Nottingham Forest in the FA Cup semifinal on the 15th of April, 1989 at Hillsborough stadium.

    What should have been an exciting day of football ended up with over 93 people dead and hundreds injured in one of the most disastrous events in British football history.

    Liverpool fans outnumbered those of their opposition yet they were allocated tickets to the Leppings Lane end of the stadium which held fewer seats.

    As more Liverpool fans came to the grounds the push from those outside the stadium led to those at the front being crushed together and against fencing surrounding the pitch. The inadequate preparations and actions by police officers exacerbated the situation and tragedy ensued.

    The disaster led to the Taylor Report which called for several changes to stadium design, including seating assignments for all spectators.

    Andres Escobar Murdered After 1990 World Cup

    If you’ve never watched ESPN’s 30 for 30 series and specifically “The Two Escobars” you should.

    Andres Escobar will be always be linked with that own-goal against the USA which resulted in a loss for the talented Colombian side. Upon his return to Colombia, he was shot and killed.

    It is generally believed that he was murdered due to his own-goal.

    Gabon Air Disaster 1993

    In 1993, Zambia had a squad that seemed set to make it to the World Cup.

    While on their way to a World Cup qualification match, the plane carrying Zambia’s team crashed into the Atlantic Ocean resulting in the deaths of the entire team.

    The crash was a result of a faulty plane which may have helped cause a pilot error. Zambia lost the majority of its team as well as the coaching staff and one or two officials.

    Zambia’s captain at the time, Kalusha Bwayla, was not on the plane and led a hastily assembled squad through the rest of qualifications and into the 1994 African Nations Cups finals where they lost to Nigeria.

    Marc-Vivien Foe’s Death

    Marc-Vivien Foe(number 17 in this picture) collapsed in the middle of the pitch during a Confederations Cup semi-final between Cameroon and Colombia.

    Many attempts were made to resuscitate the player on the pitch and on the way to medical center in the stadium where he died.

    Foe was posthumously diagnosed with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy which increases the risk of sudden death during physical exercise.

    Togo National Team Bus Attacked at 2010 African Cup of Nations

    Two years ago, Togo’s team bus was attacked before the beginning of the 2010 African Cup of Nations. Three people were killed and several more wounded in the incident.

    According to some reports, a rebel leader said that the team wasn’t the intended target.

    The Togo team pulled out of the tournament due to the wishes of Togolese government officials.

    Fan Riots in Egypt 2012

    There Jere reports of over 74 people killed and hundreds injured in this tragic incident.

    After a match between Al-Masry and Al-Ahly, fans of the winning team, Al-Masry, invaded the pitch and began to attack both opposition fans and players.

    There were rocks thrown and fireworks set off by the attackers, and apparently the security forces at the grounds made no attempt to quell proceedings.

    Al-Ahly players even called into the team’s local station to describe events.

    “One of Al-Ahli’s players, Mohamed Aboutreika, rang the team’s own television channel to describe the violence as it unfolded. He said Masry supporters invaded the pitch after the referee had blown his whistle, despite their team winning 3-1.”
    Officials within the city that this incident occurred, Port Said, were fired and there have been various theories as to how exactly such an event came to pass.

    And here a bit more positive history as the former was really horryfying history incidents that unfortunatly happened in the past, but Still some idiots will keep on doing their anti football things that are such a shameless actions for the global football of the world, not even mention other subjects that are even more shameless than anything in the world as war, conflicts, politics, banker’s, world economics, and those who clearly don’t care even of their own nation or those who are gaining money from global pandemic as Covid and it’s different variations that have killed millions of people around the world ! Etc… this list is endless…

    So here some bit of positive incidents and some good memories at least for me personally even unfortunatly i was born after 1950’s,…
    And some not luckily so tragig that lead to death’s of many people or to even and one invidiual player !

    USA Defeats England in the 1950 World Cup

    Before Uruguay upstaged its opponents in the finals, the United States beat England earlier in tournament. The English side was one of the best around at the time with the likes of Sir Alf Ramsey, Stanley Mortensen and Tom Finney in the side.

    They were facing a bunch of amateurs and semi-pro player from the USA.

    The USA came away 1-0 winners in a result that was totally unexpected. Before the goal England created chance after chance but couldn’t find a way through. Neither team made it through to the next round.

    No, wonder they had to cheat at 1966 WC to win in their soil or homeground, but football will never return to England or as they to HOME ! LOL !

    Petticulary i like this one as i would have love to seen it as broadcasted, or even better a live !

    Uruguay Win 1950 World Cup

    It was all a formality for Brazil really. In that tournament the final stage was basically regular group stage play. Four teams—Spain, Sweden, Brazil and Uruguay—would play each other once and the team with the most points was the winner.

    Brazil dominated the two European sides while Uruguay drew one and won one. All Brazil needed was a draw or a win to be crowned champions.

    After going down 1-0 to their opponents Uruguay responded with two goals that left the hosts reeling.

    They came out on top by one point and were crowned champions much to the dismay of the Brazilian nation.

    No wonder, theese idiots don’t like loose on their home ground or in their idiotic country ! I’m not talking about the players or the nation instead when i use the word idiots i reffer it to their leaders and to those running the show in that idiotic country and by this i reffer again to those who are in charge of this idiotic country and for those who support them !

    Well, here was some of my absolute favor one’s, though i was Still not born yet at 1950’s…
    And offcourse the most favorite incidents that are unique memories with such a emotion that i can’t describe with word’s !!!
    So the best memorie’s of world football for me personally are offcourse starting with from 1978 First WC win for ARGENTINA and 1986 as second WC win for ARGENTINA and ofcourse this one will never ever disappear from my Mind !

    Diego Maradona’s “Hand of God” 1986 World Cup
    21 OF 25
    Arguably the greatest player ever credited this first of his two most memorable goals to some divine inspiration.

    It is unclear how just about everyone else seemed to know what had happened except the referee at the time. Pictures like this and even video replays from a far out angle show that something was amiss.

    It was a shocking bit of play from the Argentine.

    Well done DIEGO !!! And R.I.P !!!

    And then some teally stupid invidual act’s and incidents by some players who were quite good footballers at once, LOL !

    Eric Cantona’s Kung-Fu Kick Against Crystal Palace Fan 1995

    Eric Cantona’s temper was well known and he showed it in one of his most infamous moments against Crystal Palace.

    Cantona reacted to some fan abuse with a kung-fu style kick into the crowd and received some hefty punishment for his actions.

    Zidane Headbutt in the 2006 World Cup Final

    One of the greatest players ever, Zinedine Zidane ended his career on the worst possible note. This didn’t necessarily tarnish his reputation but it is something that not many will forget, especially non-football fans.

    Well, Xidane was a great player, but nothing compare to for example RIQUELME and many more players from Argentina as no need to mention namesas everyone who has followed and truly supported Argentina knows them even many were borned long time a go before in the past ! As they are simply LEGENDS OF ARGENTINA OF ! AS THE CURRENT TEAM IS STANDING FIRM AGAINST ALL EVIL ! SO PROUD OF ARGENTINA, even i’m not an Argentine Person or do not even ever have been in Argentina, YET !

    And this one really pissed me of as i will allways support Ireland as Denmark and Italy and also Spain from European depending how they are playing and if they deserve to get some silwerware by the their way of playing as for Ireland it purely about how England has treated Ireland for Century’s ! Bloody British Scum Emperial Bastard’s !

    It was such a bizarre moment as Ireland was clearly on at their on level’s of European Football and then the lightning striked in the wrong end of the pitch as once again in global history of football i had to witness unfairness as i have witnessed around the world by my travels and seen things beyond imagination of my own as also i have seen and witnessed so many beautifull people and culture’s around the world too !

    Theirry Henry Handball vs. Ireland 2009

    Thierry Henry shocked a lot of fans, and hurt a whole nation, with his actions in this incident.

    In the first half of extra-time in the pivotal game to decide a World Cup spot, Henry handled the ball and flicked it to William Gallas who scored what would be the game-winning goal.

    As, this one felt the most closest feelings and emotions that i have had with Argentina as many members in here have had too and waited 28 year’s for that AMAZING COPA AMERICA TROPHY WON BY ARGENTINA AT THE MIGHTY MARACANA ! So this one was kind of similar sad feelings that i have gone through so many times with Argentina as for example i wanted to watch the game against Brazil with my Son who supposed to go to sleep allready, but ihan promised him that we will look the game together as we did when the Copa Final was played at Maracana ! And offcourse i could not explain him basicly nothing as him being only 8 year’s old kid who u can’t tell about everything, yet ! Or at least it is very difficult to try explain him what really happened as obviously for myself this was arranged by Bullshit A Nero by himself ! So now he went bad were sad allmost crying as i was when i was kid with lot of expectations after 1978 watching Argentina playing and DIEGO gettiNG kicked around at 1982 !

    Well, nothing is fair or has rarely been fare in life,though there are plenty of good moments in life with also many, many sad things happening too, but what van we do except just hopefully wish that all this unfairness around the world that has existed for too long will end one day !

    Here is great example what once happened in France and Italy !

    Marseille Scandal 1993

    Marseille was once at the height of things in France and Europe. After hitting the highest of notes by beating AC Milan in the European Cup Final in 1993, it was reported that some Marseille officials had bribed players of their last league opponents, Valenciennes.

    The players were asked to throw the game and not injure any Marseille players as they had the European game to look forward too.

    The team was stripped of its previous league title, relegated to the second division and not allowed to participate in the upcoming Champions League nor to participate in the Intercontinental cup or the European Super Cup.

    Calciopoli Scandal 2006

    Big teams in Italy punished to varying degrees for their involvement in this match-fixing scandal in 2006.

    After some police investigation uncovered some scheming between various club officials and refereeing institutions. Clubs involved included Milan, Fiorentina, Reggina, Lazio and Juventus.

    Juventus came off the worse as the club was stripped of two Serie A titles, kicked out of the Champions League for the following season and relegated to Serie B. There were also fines and a lifetime ban as well as a jail sentence for then Juventus managing director, Luciano Moggi.

    And i will end this evergoing boring post of mine which will most propably, just create an fuss, though i don’t Mind as i do undertstand oppinions of others too and respect them too !

    For this one i don’t agree really about with the writer of theese Articles named by MIKHAIL TURNER from as i think and liked this rebellious act from this coach from Madascqar, though 149 own goals is quite an number !

    149 Own Goals

    Staging a protest is can be a good thing, depending on how you do it. Madascgar club Stade Olympique l’Emyrne probably chose the wrong way.

    In its final game of the season against AS Adema, Stade Olympique l’Emyrne’s coach, Zaka Be, decided it was best for the club to humiliate itself due to one controversial call that may have cost them the title.

    The club did just that and Be was suspended for three years while some of his players were also suspended for shorter terms. Shocking decision from the coach there.

    Well i quess it is time to watch some european qulifiers after this really entertaining training session which was the first i ever saw from Brazil as Iowasta waiting for the bloody English comnentator to brief me about what is really going as it was clear that those idiots who invaded the pitch and stopped the game were brazilian ”healt hero’s” send by their super hero named as Bullshit A Nero ! as i’m not really a fan of Chileno’s either, so more intrested of what will be the consequences of this act of unjustice against Argentina ! Hopefully we will get those 3 point’s automatically as win against Brazil even Argentina could not play i hope Argentina will TaKe them as now theese 3 points belong to Argentina, only !

  3. Calm down guys. Argentina is not going to lose any points. The possible scenarios are either we will get 3 points or the match will be rescheduled. I think, Fifa will go for the later option since we have another match against Uruguay to be played. It is more likely that the 2 matches will be played in a new set of match days. In no way, Arg will loose points. Because they got the approval from Conmebol before the match to include the 4 EPL based players in the XI. Plus Arg players didn’t leave the field nor did the Brazil players. Referee suspended the match due to ‘external intervention’. The last point can go against the Brazilians. But imo, Fifa will take the safer route and reschedule the match. It will create more controversy than it already is if Fifa gives Arg the 3 points, although that should be the decision based on current regulations. Lets see what happens. I don’t mind a rescheduled match. I don’t want free 3 points from the Brazilians.

      • Oh yeah. Each team getting 1 point is a real possibility. For Brazil, it really doesn’t matter. They will qualify easily. Unlike the last WCQ 2018, we will also qualify for the WC 2022 quite easily. I just wanted to enjoy another superclassico, especially when we were flying high.

  4. Why the hell would Argentina lose 3 points?? Argentina didn’t walk off the pitch, which is how they would lose the 3 points, instead the match was officially suspended by the referee and neither Brazil nor Argentina were culpable, so neither are at fault.
    My guess is that FIFA is going to intervene and will demand to know why the Brazilian FA waited 2 and half days only to suspend the match AFTER the match had already started.

  5. I think the results are we’ll loose three points and our four players will get 1 year or so ban from international football.
    At best, the match will be rematched.

    • Why would Argentina loose those 3 points as the game can be Rescheduled, though in my oppinion those 3 points belongs to Argentina now as Argentina did not break any rule of Conmebol or neither FIFA or did they really do so ? Hopefully not ! It can’t just work like this at after 2 and half days being allready at the country and game had allready started and played for allmost 5 minutes, about ? And then they ran and raid Argentina as treated also Argentina very criminally minded ! No, it can’t be true or work like this that after all this Soap Opera created by theese federal idiots of Brazil and most probaply their even more idiotic Super Covid Saver Hero named as Bullshit A Nero ! And why would our players get international ban for even one game or for year ? OMG ! This is insane if this is truly the outcome and where all theese news are coming from ? Any source or link,please ? Personally i just can’t belive on this at all as those points clearly belong to Argentina now as promised by CONMEBOL, who no surprisingly has if i understood right to let FIFA DECIDE ON THIS MATTER INSTEAD…well really looking for to hear how this will be delt by FIFA AS IT SEEMS THAT FiFA WILL BE DECIDING on this matter now…? Really disgracefull stuff as why did not the imigration and health officers at the airport of where Argentina landed imeadtly acted on this matter and waited for 2 and half days to make such spectacle about this, fucking cunt’s ! This was clearly attempt of an trap and obviously preplanned or did they just figure it out of Blue at start of the game ? No, they can’t be that stupid even i know how stupid they really can be, but no one will belive that the federal health hero’s just figured it all out right before the game and drive directly through the trafic of Sao Paulo as evacuation squad to rescue every citizen of Brazil ! They should have planned this a bit more than they did as it is clearly an fraud and as clear as the purest water on earth that this is an Crime against global football and that should be FIFA’s statement on this matter, though obviously it won’t, but Still they can’t, but it on the as Argentina’s fault, no way they did nothing wrong ! It is like another realtime TV show from the custom’s of Brazil were u see Argentina captured and send to home as literally kicked out of country of Brazil by Brazil ! So are Argentina banned now to enter Brazil again and becoming an runaway’s ! Gimme a break Brazil, for god sake what on earth you are doing and why ? as evil as this can be in all terms !

  6. I hope that the AFA really thought this through well.
    We need the points more than Brazil so if we lose the points on the desk would be foolish because I am pretty confident we had great chances of winning this game or at least draw.
    I’m afraid Brazil knew this and they provoked this to win the points on the desk.
    I didn’t like the CONMEBOL statement because Argentina probably got assurance from them but now they put the hot potato in FIFA’s hand.
    Assurances are no more?
    Both Nations lost prestige, football lost aswell.

    • I start to believe this too. Remember during the Sabella era after we beat them 4-3 in 2012 in a friendly match, Brazil avoided Argentina for 3 years!

  7. Shame on Brazil. What a joke. I m only worried whether our players properly comeback to Argentina or not. Please provide us information about our players safe arrival at Argentina. Dirty Brazil. Same on them. Vamos Argentina.

  8. The matter will be decided by FIFA, as this is FIFA event.

    Players do not require quarantine, they go through bio bubble for 72 hours before each game. This is agreed to Conmebol by all federations. Otherwise many SA countries have mandatory quarantine.

    Conmebol gave greenlight to AFA regarding the match. AFA follows Conmebol health protocol, not brazilian one.

    Argentina did everything right. Brazil will loose 3-0 by default as things stand now, because external force stopped the game.

      • That’s BS man, everybody and his mother, including the Brazilian players, their coach and staff know where those 4 play.
        Just a ruse orchestrated by their president probably to save face and another defeat on the hands of their biggest rivals who JUST beat their ass in their own country to become COPA CHAMPS.

    • Really? why???? we would take them 3 point with a KISS on top too, its their fault all day and twice on Sunday and today is Sunday too.
      Let them go screw themselves

  9. There are lot of corrupt bodies in play here: Brazil, Conmebol and FIFA. This will unfold interestingly.

    Games and it’s rules aside, this Brazilian authority and it’s handling of COVID is criminal.

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