Argentina possible eleven with Alejandro Papu Gomez starting, players on yellow cards


The Argentina starting eleven has one remaining spot with nine players on yellow cards.

Lionel Scaloni reportedly has his starting eleven completed with one doubt remaining. As we reported yesterday, Scaloni stated that Juan Musso will be starting the match for Argentina. In addition, ESPN Argentina are reporting the following as the eleven:

Musso; Montiel or Molina, Pezzella, Otamendi, Acuña; Di Maria, De Paul, Paredes, Alejandro Papu Gomez; Lionel Messi and Lautaro Martinez.

It would be a few changes from the last eleven against Brazil with Musso starting with the doubt beingbetween Gonzalo Montiel and Nahuel Molina.

In addition, nine players are on a yellow card. Those nine being the following:

Nicolás Tagliafico
Exequiel Palacios
Gonzalo Montiel
Rodrigo De Paul
Giovani Lo Celso
Nicolás Otamendi
Germán Pezzella
Lucas Martinez Quarta
Nicolás González


  1. Very well written and your point is the absolute truth, what has allways been unfortunatly Arg’s weakest link if may so…

    1. It was so bad not that Bielsa Did not play Batistuta and Crespo together !

    2.Leaving Tevez out was a big misstake as he scored those 30 goals at Juve before 2014 WC also we should have picked Icardi and most propably Banega too for WC 2014, though i Still salute Sabella how he was able to change in a less than month the most best attacking side( as Fantastic 4 who were all injured more or less during WC2014) to an best defenssive side of the world and offcourse he was force to do this as all of the fantastic 4 were injured more or less or should he had taken instead Tevez, Icardi and maybe Banega too ? Well, hard to say, but i would have surely dropped Palacios, most propably Maxi Rodriquez and deffenetly Ricardo Alvrez and even Gago too as i would have chosen Tevez, Icardi and Banega and Pastore !

    3. Lavezzi was clear victim as was Pastote too speacially when they were at their highest Park !

    4. Arg will allways need their best players available and also use them and not just bench them forever, though i do understand that everyone can’t play, but what if Arg suddenly will have serious injury issues as we seen in past ! Then theese strong and technically good players will suddenly make the difference, but if they are not given any minutes as a game against Bolivia for example we did not see Dybala or Lisandro Martinez either, though Scaloni made and used his subs, but why did Pezzella had to play at all as instead Arg could have a given a fully competive game to Lisandro and also why we did not see Dybala as many of our sub players have allready show’n what tney are capable as exxelent players so instead using them as sub’s we could have tried those who have not got hardly any minutes as all specially Lisandro and Dybala !

    5. I dont want Arg to make the same misstake that cost us 2014 WC as instead of Palacios, Alvarez, Maxi Rodriquez and Gago too we could have taken Tevez, Icardi, Banega and Pastore who would have made the difference most propably at least in the final against Germany as Arg clearly Dominated Germany and were the better team, but could not capitalize from Big Time scoring oppurtunities as Messi, Higuain, Aguero who was no needed as injured once again and Lavezzi should not been subbed off instead we could have used at latest on the extra time fresh Tevez or Icardi or even both as Banega and Pastore would have alsomade the difference, though i Still respect Sabella for his workand specially how did he changed in such a short period of time the most best attacking team as all of the fantastic 4 were injured (as some even before the WC started and some during the WC) to the the best deffinseve team that took us to the Final, but unfortunatly could not capitalize from great scoring oppurtunities and as Arg did not have hardly anyone on the bench exept Enzo perhaps, well what a difference would have been as if Arg would have even one of theese 4 names on the bench as Tevez, Icardi, Banega and Pastore, period !

    6. Arg must really learn from theese misstakes and errors that could have won Arg so many trophies as Passarella also did left Redondo out as for Pekerman well he should not have taken Riquelme out and Bielsa should have played Batistuta and Crespo together up front !

    7. It is really fissapointing to see this same thing happening year after another as Papu was just selected now for this year’s Copa as Arg should have had him allready for so long as howlong it Dibu to Replace Armani and Still no Lisandro or Dybala are given hardly any minutes, but Pezzella played 180 minutes ! LOL !

    8. If Arg don’t even try to use and see for example Lisandro and Dybala and how would they fit in with others and with who will they suite to play as best, though for Lisandro it is very clear that he can play with anyone as for sure can Dybala too !

    9. No need to be sorry for your very good ” long graphic novel” !

    10. Hopefully before WC we will finally see Lisandro and Dybala too, but unfortunatly i do have the feeling that if Arg don’t use them in a game against Bolivia with all my respect as i do understand that this was not friendly game as there will most propably hardly will be any friendliess to be played as after this” Super Fiasko” which happened in Brazil and everyone know’s why ? As things like this stupid and idiotic act’s from Brazilian authroties will just make everything more complicated and difficult for any in team and notvonly for Arg as it will effect all the teams in SA and worldwide too !

    • @Ricky Villa thanks, bro. I forgot about Ricky Alvarez (the great pretender he was) and injured Gago. Even Lamela could have been included in 2014 WC over Ricky lol – Look what Lamela did in the friendly WC rematch vs Germany. I think him not being selected in NT destroyed his confidence.

      Great point about Redondo as well. All this over a haircut too!

      • Thanx Wisdom for everything u said it so kindly too! U truly know what u are talking about as i love to read your post’s ! Because it is so obvious how ware of things u allways are and that makes u in my eyes as very wise Person as u don’t talk about anything that does make Sense at all or some other nonsense things as u clearly know how to write really well and very accurate and u can also put it all together so easily with not that many words as i use, LOL !

        Yes, that hair cut story was quite an something to drop him by Passarella, but during that time i was not surprised as i knew what kind of Person Passarella was. at least once, hopefully,though not anymore as this thing he did in Italy while he was Still a player at Viola, but i can’t unfortunatly remember who they were playing against at home and this was not goog or it did not go so good with the Viola fans as he received the ball for throw in he was about to throw the ball back to the game, but instead he throwed it very hard straight at that poor young ball boy from Viola’s academy as purposly wanting to hurt that boy as he was pissed abou the boy not giving the ball quick enough to him even they are both representing Viola, LOL ! No wonder Ortega spitted in face of Van der Saar, was it ?
        As Netherlands had just had one player can’t remember who, though send of just before Ortega went nuts ! etc….well some they clearly had some issues about themselfs as it reflected on the pitch while Arg was playing as some were true soldiers for all the way and would have done anything for Arg to benefit and that is why i like this current team as it slightly reminds me from those true soldiers of past Albiceleste’s history as Arg’s great past players as De Paul, Dibu, Cuti, Acuna, and offcourse Otamendi has allways has that spirit in him too as has the 2 Correa’s also Nico Gonzales and Lautaro too are hard workers, but with very good quality too and that makes them so important for this Arg team ! As there is good balance also with this that we got the most best and humble player ever existed on earth as also others who remain calm too, but are not scared of anything as far as Arg will continue like this with this true fighting spirit for the team and the country things will only get better, so i must salute Scaloni and the crew for this as there allways been in the past some talk behind others back or the media actually have created such drama for so many times out nothing, but i hope that now finally that Arg ended their 28 year’s of trophy drought so that also the media will remain as calm and as focused as current Arg team ! All the best and stay as healthy u can and looking for to read more of your great post’s !
        Saludos ! Ricky

      • Yes Lamela should have been there too at 2014 as things went bad for Sabella just before or right after he had announced the first squad list and then the last one and in the end dropped Banega for, well should i say maybe for Banega’s habbit, perhaps ?
        Habbit or not he was a great player and also good friend LEO’s as i’m sure this must had effected Leo too, though i know that he was carrying several knocks with him and was not even close to 100% as for Aguero he clearly somehow convinced Sabella that he will be allright as was not the case, but Still i don’t Mind him being on that 2014 team instead Ricky Alvarez, Maxi Rodriquezz, Palacios and injuryprone Gago could have made the room for Tevez, Icardi, Banega, Pastore and Lamela too !
        As in the Copa after Lamela and Pastore were so good until the final with Chileno’s using all their” dirty dancing ” throughout the whole Final and did not Aguero hit post at least once as Arg was also superior to Chile in that Final as the year before against the German’s, OMG such bad luck, but i quess it doesn’t matter that much any more as things are very different now, though those players deserved to win all those Finals they went through, but sometimes life is what it is and u never know what is behind the next door as allmost like waiting to happen…well i don’t regret any moment in my life as being supporter of Arg as it somehow just allways sparks out naturally since the first WC win for Arg as that was the first world cup i ever saw, though i do not remember that much or every single game as 1982 was such a big disspointment and so harsh for DIEGO SPECIALLY !
        But, it all paid off and lined perfectly for 1986 !
        As i recorded every Arg game and watched them for until 1990 WC which left another sour taste in my mouth as it was close once again for Arg to win a 3rd WC !
        Well i will refuse to pass away until we get that 3rd WC that we should have got it allready and which we deserved to win…. hopefully at Qatar !

  2. Are people questioning Dybala on here? Are we serious??? “He can’t play with Messi”???

    They said the same bullsh*t about Tevez (didn’t you wish we had 30 goals Juventus Tevez in 2014 WC?). For years Lavezzi couldn’t make the team and even Pastore.

    Yet Lavezzi was a boss in the 45 minutes of the final of WC 2014 and in several games in Copa 2016. The same with Pastore 2015 Copa. Look at old man Papu now (Meza over him in 2018??)!

    We need to release our technically gifted players! This includes Lamela!

    This mentality is what kept Crespo and Batistuta not on the field together. At least experiment. I think Scaloni will do it.

    Dybala needs a run of 5 games on the field with Messi for over 75 minutes. Why can’t this happen? We had Pratto, Benedetto, Pavon, Meza, and even DiMaria (2017-2019 – 80% bad form) playing for longer periods if we’re honest.

    Dybala, Icardi, & Lamela were not given the same chance (minimum 75 to full 90 minutes for 3 games).

    Until Dybala is given a real opportunity to prove himself, we must reserve opinion because this player would wear the #10, 7, or 11 on any World team and play an important role.

    No nation in the World would bench him. That’s a testament to how great Argentina is but our greatness has also been what has cursed this team.

    2014 WC Final – no Tevez, no Pastore, no Banega but we had Biglia, old Maxi Rodriguez, and let’s not forget “Rattail man” (Palacios).

    Who scored the goal to beat us again in the WC final? Mario Gotze, a player that was once expected to be great when playing for Borussia Dortmund, but struggled after injuries (sounds like our boy). In reality, he was treated by the German NT like Dybala. Could you believe it? “The German Dybala” (once hailed “the German/next Messi”) beat us with a technically gifted goal.

    So remember this, when speaking of Dybala, just ask yourself, could he – if given the opportunity to be in Palacios’ or Higuain’s position, score a World Cup-winning goal like Gotze?? The same goes for Nico Gonzalez – he is our future too.

    We need Dybala. We need all those that can make a difference. I don’t need to speak on who wasn’t in the defense & midfield in 2010, 2018, or who didn’t play 2006 against Germany. History is our only lesson and we can’t make the same mistakes.

    Sorry for the long graphic novel.

  3. It has been 4 years since Paulo’s Argentina debut.

    What are these coaches doing? I have faith in Scaloni but why has absolutely no one utilized our gem? He is literally one of the most consistent and solid players in the last 3-4 years. Always a starter for the top Italian team, yet here we are deciding between some random group of midfielders from South American leagues. No offense to those guys they are talented but they still have a lot less experience than Paulo.

    Same goes for Foyth! Make use of them Scaloni!

  4. The leading teams in Europe are clearly way ahead of the South American leading teams. They are scoring rampant against the weaker teams like England beating Andorra 4-0. Netherlands beating Turkey 6-1. Here, even against Bolivia we are speculating about teams, yellow cards, who should be the goalie etc. It seems the South American qualifiers concern teams all at par. Not sure whether that paints a very good picture of the South American football. Scaloni stands on the sideline with such an worried face looking frustratingly at his shaky defence which is troubled by even a single player like Soteldo, players making basic mistakes of handling over the balls to the opponent and Lautaro missing jolly good chances. Sometimes I feel sorry for that man.

    • European qualifiers are joke. Also it is difficult to play in SA qualifier due to rash tackles. I think SA countries will give lot of troubles to likes of France than Andorra or other crap countries.

    • the difference in the level between the upper teams and lower teams in Europe is immense and incomparable. Some of the countries in European followers are smaller than the city of Rosario. Yes our qualifiers are more even and intense and physical but that is the way it is, it does not make our top teams worse than their top teams.

    • I would bet money Bolivia beats Andorra, Faroe Island, and Turkey 9 out of 10 times.

      Bolivia also way more physical But I do agree, we’re suffering in attack. It was so painful seeing them play like gods for first 15 minutes and then turn to shit for the remainder of game. We’re getting better I suppose but still a ways to go.

      • Maybe Faroe island and Andorra… But definitely not turkey. U must not know much about football in general if u r speaking against Turkish soccer. They always have a good team, and usually make it to the world cup

        • Yes turkish football has the biggest local rival in the world after River vs Boca or vice versus as in Turkey it is Galatasaray vs Fenerbache or viceversus, but as in Argentina also in Turkey there are other teams who can and have won the Turkish Super Lig as Besiktas or Trabzonspor etc… and it is quite competive league with big history too as this is mostly the biggest part of it’s history :

          The Intercontinental Derby (Turkish: Kıtalararası Derbi) is any football match between rivals Fenerbahçe SK and Galatasaray The fixture is widely regarded as the biggest football match in Turkey, and one of the biggest matches in international football because of the success both clubs have had in Turkish football, the intensity of the matches, and the immense hate between the two teams.The fixture has been in existence for more than a century and has developed into one of the greatest, most intense and often bitter derbies in the world, traditionally attracting very large attendances and nearly equal support for both teams throughout the country.The derby is known as “intercontinental” because Fenerbahçe and Galatasaray are two of the major Turkish teams from the Asian and the European parts of Istanbul respectively.

  5. Is there a better time to implement dybala to the plans than this 😐
    High time i think after messi dybala will be the player most worried by the opposition with all respect to di marria

    Also i think lautaro can score many goals if MESSI DI MARRIA GOMEZ/DYBALA IS BEHIND HIM HE GONNA GET SO MUCH BIG CHANCES

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