Argentina squad announced for World Cup qualifiers, Paulo Dybala included


Paulo Dybala has been included in the Argentina squad for October’s World Cup qualifiers.

Dybala, who scored and was substituted off due to injury for Juventus, has been included in the Argentina team for October’s matches. Lucas Alario, who missed out on the September matches due to injury has also been included.

Mauro Icardi, who was originally going to make the September matches but was injured, also misses out. Emiliano Buendia, who was part of the September squad is not selected. Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni has decided once more to select four goalkeepers. Of the four, Geronimo Rulli, who made the September squad is out and Esteban Andrada is back in the team. Joaquin Correa, who was a doubt, is included. Here is the squad for the October matches:

Franco Armani (River Plate)
Juan Musso (Udinese)
Emiliano Martinez (Aston Villa)
Esteban Andrada (Monterrey)

Gonzalo Montiel (Sevilla)
Nahuel Molina (Udinese)
Juan Foyth (Villarreal)
Lucas Martinez Quarta (Fiorentina)
German Pezzella (Real Betis)
Nicolas Otamendi (Benfica)
Cristian Romero (Tottenham Hotspur)
Lisandro Martinez (Ajax)
Nicolas Tagliafico (Ajax)
Marcos Acuna (Sevilla)

Leandro Paredes (Paris Saint-Germain)
Guido Rodriguez (Real Betis)
Nicolas Dominguez (Bologna)
Giovani Lo Celso (Tottenham Hotspur)
Exequiel Palacios (Bayer Leverkusen)
Rodrigo De Paul (Atletico Madrid)
Alejandro Papu Gomez (Sevilla)
Nicolas Gonzalez (Fiorentina)

Angel Di Maria (Paris Saint-Germain)
Lucas Alario (Bayer Leverkusen)
Lionel Messi (Paris Saint-Germain)
Paulo Dybala (Juventus)
Lautaro Martinez (Inter)
Joaquin Correa (Inter)
Angel Correa (Atletico Madrid)
Julian Alvarez (River Plate)


  1. Why they are slected LMQ,Pazella, Armani,Andreda.
    Marcos senesi,Rulli,Benitez,Buendia,icardi all are better this midcore player but Scoloni always prefer this baldy player, when they’re face european team then understand who is real big stage player.

  2. Agree with all players except 3, Hope Pezzella and LMQ will cost us any game in Qualifiers. So that Scaloni will think about other best CBs.Armani useless selection.

    • Wanted to see more cb. Because LMQ & pezzella could damage. It’s time to see what can do Foyth & Lisandro martinez. Hope Romero will fit.
      In this three match Argentina can play different cb pair
      1.Acuna,Otamendi, Romero,Foyth
      2.Tagliafico, LMQ,Romero,Montiel
      It’s only my opinion.

  3. Scaloni have the winning team, he will not push a change and on – off trial anymore. Just avoiding error and mistake now. 97.5% of the team formation and players are on his mind already, Reluctant to call up Lamela or Icardi unless the core players are injured.

  4. A predictable list, which is a good thing because stability is essential at this stage of the game.
    With Dybala possibly injured and Alario on the bench, I am surprised that poor Icardi hasn’t been called up but in all honesty if Paulo recovers by the this time next week then he and Lautaro are more than enough for Argentina’s ‘9’ quota.
    I love Buendia and think he’s a legit talent but in his position (RW, RFW, CAM) is already taken by Lio (RFW, CAM), Maria (RW, RFW), A.Correa (RFW), hence I don’t think he’s needed at the moment.
    I like Andrade, he’s actually a decent GK but with Benitez and Rulli doing so well, I don’t get his inclusion.
    Lastly, Palacios, I get Scaloni wants to check on his status and I don’t blame him considering how Neverkusen insisted that he wasn’t fit to go to copa only for it to turn out to be non sense. One good thing to come out of this is that maybe N.Dominguez gets a chance to show what he can do, because he’s superb.

  5. argentina needs to find better player in defence rather than quarta pezella. some reason i don’t feel good about palacios .i feel he is slow and injury prune.. he is not in the level of modric.. this are the game when you can test other player within your team.. coach needs to innovative, coach selection keep rooling some error

  6. I don’t think the reason Icardi is out is due to the damage he may cause in the dressing room. I think it is purely because of the pecking order. Both Aguero and Alario have always been high on the back up 9 of Scaloni’s list.

    Icardi was an insurance in case any of these 2 is injured. Once one of them is available, Alario in this case, Icardi is dropped in Scaloni’s pecking order.

    Remember Alario originally was making the 28 Copa America squad. Only injury cancelled his participation, Julian Alvarez was called instead.

    I got no complaints at all. For me Scaloni calls every single one that deserve to be there. The likes of Armani or LM Quarta might be just so so, but at least they are not part of the Scaloni core 18-19 players.

    Those calling for Buendia. Face the reality, I said it many times he is NOT part of Scaloni’s first team. I mean how come he was not even among the bench against Venezuela and Brazil if he was that important??? I mean he was just staying at the hotel or whatever. If he can reproduce what he did last season with Villa this season then OK. If not, no.

  7. I’ve no objection except the inclussion of Armani & the exclussion of Lamela!

    Armani’s issue is completely a political issue, its 100% sure! If not, a shit like Armani will never be selected when we have inform Rulli, Ledesma & Benitez!

  8. Sticking to the same squad, working on team spirit, training patterns and tactics has clearly more priority than getting the best players into the team. Could be a wise choice. We’ll know in 15 months.

  9. Very disappointed. Worst defender pezella again selected. No senesi?? No buendia?? What the hell. Clearly scaloni not wanna play romero-lisandro or otamendi-lisandro cb pair as scaloni likes tall cb. Then u have to select senesi now. No point selecting senesi just before wc u need understanding between defenders. And not selecting buendia is unbelievable.

  10. few players i hope gets back to the team,

    1. erik lamela
    2. marcos rojo (hopes he continues to impress in boca and get back to europe soon he is still 31 and can comeback strong)

    my wished final 23 for the world cup. ( 3 goalkeepers, 7 defenders, 8 mid , 5 forwards)

    emiliano martinez
    juan musso
    (gerenimo rulli / paulo gazzaniga / benitez) peaked at closer to world cup

    nahuel molina (i do not see lot of talent in motiel although he has experience than molina)
    juan foyth (i sense he would be world class very soon needs to read the game well)
    marcos acuna (no doubt)
    marcos rojo (hope he comes back strong)
    cristian romero
    nicolas otamendi
    (pazzela, balerdi, senesi, lizandro, palomino, licha) -any one at the peak closer to the world cup

    guido rodriguez
    leandro paredes
    exequeil palacios
    giovanni lo celso
    rodirgo de paul
    erik lamela
    nicolaz gonzalez (would train him to play left back , left mid and left forward)
    angel di maria

    lionel messi
    sergio aguero
    lautaro martinez
    joaquin correa
    lucas alario / mauro icardi / Paulo dybala ( any one at the peak without any discrimination )

  11. erik lamela

    what a talent if you watch closely

    technically gifted ,great passing, speed, covering gaps, stamina, finishing , wing play

    i hope and pray he stays fit and gets goals and assists this season im pretty sure he will get into the squad no doubt

  12. why the fourth goalie

    1. he is for sure preparing for the world cup in mind (future is unpredictable any body can get injured although goalkeepers very rare but cannot say (eg . marchesin)

    2. scaloni was in the coaching staff of 2018 world cup he knows how we panicked changing goalkeepers mid tournament.

    3. if you have a four goalies and have 28 players in the squad he can train half court practise matches for 4 teams with seven players. if you had only 3 goalies you cannot do that

  13. a very good squad

    Things i like in scaloni coaching style is that

    1. gives time for players to gel

    People are worried why lamela not their why buendia not their why icardi is not there etc. but what i have realized is when scaloni gives players a selection he prefers to give some time to settle and would not rush things unless a player is very special eg : cristian romero inclusion (he and the coaching staff saw the talent) and immediate action taken.

    2. building team around the best player (messi)

    people are worried lets say why icardi is not there okie i know some say he is only good in tap ins and feeding in goals that are created but icardi is not the main man in the team scaloni is building the team, i admit just to play for psg icardi is super talented (keep away the personel issues)

    3. not rushing players into squad

    as spectators as soon as we see some player scoring few goals we want him in the team thats the nature. but specially i have seen scaloni takes time with players specially with a bad past injury record (lamela, lanzini, dybala etc)

  14. Erik Lamela should have been in the squad. Buendia needs time to prove himself, Ocampus is not good anymore Argentina have better player in form of N. Gonzalez and J. Correa.Dybla addition is good, Icardi not selected may be tactical decision, wants to see Aguero back in pitch with good form like Benzema.

  15. Scaloni is not blind, he knows finishing is a problem. Icardi would be great at the end of games to finish off chances — I am sure he knows that too. But he is not willing to risk compromising the dressing room or cause drama with the media. I trust that if he is not called up it is for a reason and I am sure Scaloni is making the right decision at least for now. Plus, when you are talking about full games Scaloni does not seem the kind to like a static striker that sits around and waits for tap ins or shooting opportunities. He likes work-horse type players that provide more outside of their traditional role which is why he plays Lautaro so much and calls up Alario. Some people seem to be angered at the inclusion of Alario especially outside of this forum but he is a perfectly competent player that is very complete and has performed admirably for us in the past. Of course if Icardi did not have his history I would be very angry for him to be snubbed. A greater concern for the future is center back call ups.

  16. Disappointed about Lamela. No player in this squad has more skill than him except Messi.
    The dribbling, the technique… if only he could combine his world-class skill and consistently play at a high level with 15+ goals 10+ assists maybe we could all see who he really is.

    Too bad with all the injuries and wasting his youth in Tottenham, he is still the “29-year-old prodigy with a great future!”

    All jokes aside, he should be on the NT replacing aging DiMaria.

  17. Never happy to pick injured players and wasting time…Other than Armani, Andrada or Alvarez – is Argentina short of local players?

    Icardi – Is he not better than Alario or he doesn’t fit inside Scaloni’s winning streak?

  18. I never like keeping injured players are squad…instead of Alario, J.correa,,Dybala, Palacios and Armani-

    O’.trejo (rayo vallecano), Facundo Medina(Lens)

    no 4th goalkeeper needed..

  19. Being reported that Dybala’s injury isn’t serious. He would only miss 2 league games. Makes sense to include him in the NT. Phew!

    “However, Sky Sports via Football Italia claims the attacker has been examined and thankfully, he didn’t have any lesion.

    Both strikers underwent medical examinations this morning and according to Sky Sport Italia (via Ilbianconero), Dybala’s injury is not as serious as first expected.

    The Argentinean should be available against Roma after the break on October 17.

  20. Guys, a question.

    Euro 2000 allowed 26 players.
    Copa America 2021 allowed 28 players.

    How about the World Cup? I hope it is more than just 23 as a lot of our players don’t deserve to be excluded.

      • Having extra slots provides cover in case of injuries and higher quality options to rest players. Personally I like a few more slots in our squad. Plus some of the younger players who won’t play much (Alvarez, Dominguez, Licha, Buendia, and potentially Senesi) will at least get experience with the NT and train together so that in a few years time when they need to step up they are ready and comfortable

  21. I just wanted to add that I love scaloni.
    He is a G for not including Icardi. Icardi may produce goals here and there, but he shouldn’t wear the Argentine colors anymore. He is not good for morale, he is terrible in the locker room, and we can’t afford anymore drama with one year away to the Cup.
    By the way, this isn’t my opinion, this is all reflected by Icardis own actions. He should smarten up and make a formal apology to the team before he plays again, if he does.

    • > this is all reflected by Icardis own actions. He should smarten up and make a formal apology to the team before he plays again, if he does.

      I can recall few things in the past that i thought Icardi shouldn’t have said or wasn’t the smartest thing to say given the circumstance.

      When you say he should apologize, what is he apologizing for?

      • He should be apologizing for a few of his remarks, he should mainly apologize for being with another man’s wife, weather it’s consensual or not, its against all codes of teammates in sports, business, and in any situation where you are working with a team. You can’t be trusted, and you leave the teammates in awkward situations.
        It’s very clear and logical. You can ask an under 20 player if this is acceptable from a teammate and you will always get the same answer.

      • he and his manager should be apologizing for number of insulting statements against national team and members of it the years 2017-2018.
        people like me and SorinXcrespO we don t have short memory and we have something that Icardi and his manager don t have.

    • Yes, Icardi’s time as player for Arg are most propably over, because of his and someone else’s actions( no need to mention more names ) there was absolutly no way for him to getting squad as i think he has allways known that since that day that he won’t be playing regularly for Arg and specially not in WC, though not sure why Scaloni did pick him for the previous list as he only missed it as being injured so it was quite close for him to get in to Arg locker room as if this had been the case then as u said things might have not been that good in that locker room and for this reason Scaloni also should have not selected him on previous list either…well who know’s what Scaloni thinks, but i also think that it might be too risky to bring him in to this Copa winning squad as like u said there is only a year left with not that many games before the WC !

      Might be better idea to try use all possible time to get Dybala somehow used to Scaloni’s plan’s even he might not be able to play…as Arg will need also goals not only from Messi and Lautaro so hopefully this time J.Correa and A.Correa will get on the scoresheet as also Nico Gonzales or some one like N.Dominquez and Lo Celso should get one too just to show Arg future opponents that there is plenty of Fire power in team as so far some players like Nico Gonzales just been unlucky not to score that many goals yet for Arg as he is getting in to great scoring spaces and just been unlucky to finish them off,…

  22. That is a great list
    be happy guys

    I’m still wondering why everyone is still shouting for Buendia.
    Since he’s playing in the Premier League he did not perform. I’ve watched the last two games from Buendia and he was horrible against Chelsea and ManU…
    I’ve started watching Aston Villa because of Emi Martinez. But I’m highly disappointed in Buendia… As most of you always praised him I had high hopes but they shattered…

    I like the list a lot and I’m looking forward for the games

    • Well, sure it is, but why Armani and Andrada are picked ahead of Rulli and for what reason 4 GK’s ? As one spot could have been handed to for example Lamela or someone else as Senesi or Medina etc.,,

      • I think Scaloni keeping pretty much the same list is good. The reason is we are doing extremely well. Copa America champs, all those winning streaks, all those not losing streaks, the harmony of the team and so on.

        Those 28 Copa America players all deserve to be there. They are doing their things. The 2 ones not making it not there only because they are badly injured: Aguero or Marchesin.

        So 26 plus 4 new ones: Andrada replacing the injured Marchesin. Alario replacing the injured Aguero. And 2 new in Foyth and Dybala.

        As much as we would like to see new faces, it will be very hard as the team is currently doing very well. Let’s put it this way. Those 28 when healthy are untouchable. Scaloni will only call 30 players now as he has been calling only 30 players in the last 2 WCQ edition.

        So basically only 2 new ones. And Scaloni already has his favorite for the 2 new ones. They are Foyth and Dybala.

  23. I would speculate that Icardi is not called because he is too static and does not participate in the build up, does not dribble, does not make runs to open space for others, does not exchange one-twos, just waits for the ball to come to him. Not to mention his toxic wife and all the other baggage.

    Contrary to what some people think Buendia is not a back-up to Lo Celso or Palacios. He is most likely seen as competing for spots with Angel Correa and maybe Nico Gonzales and Joaquin Correa.

  24. Notes:

    The 3 injured ones: Dybala, Palacios, and J. Correa all making the list. They will highly unlikely take part. The fact that they are there show that they are part of Scaloni’s plan.

    The return of Andrada. He wins the 4th goalie battle beating Rulli. The first 3 for Scaloni are Emi, Armani, and Musso.

    The battle of the back up strikers: Dybala and Alario won it. Icardi out. Scaloni is really high on Alario.

    The missing ones: Buendia. I said it that he is not part of Scaloni’s plan. Some of his fans here don’t believe that. He is NOT national team material as of NOW. Sorry to say that but it is the truth. The fact thag Palacios is injured and Buendia still not getting called up means that he is not among the consideration yet. Maybe in the future if he improves with Villa. A big IF.

    Ocampos. We have too many right forward. It is correct not to call Ocampos.

    Everybody else is part of the Copa America winner. They all deserve their spots.

  25. Looks pretty straightforward. all have been his standard call ups for a while and he’s stuck with his priorities. No surprises.
    Probably called the partly injured guys to be diagnosed by the team doctors and not go by club diagnosis and also besides the actual 90 minute games he can still have them do workouts, drills etc to keep building the foundation even if they don’t end up playing.

  26. Y alario over icardi? Y Armani still making this squad? Y Injured palacio over buindea? Every other nations does pick their best possible squad except Argentina

    • Well only 24 out of these are going to the world cup so we all should not wish or expect many new players in future. About, Palacios and Bundea they play in a completely different position as Palacios is our third defensive centre mid after Guido and Paredes. Regarding Icardi, well its unfortunate but Scaloni has Alario and JCorrea on a higher pecking order and when Aguero comes back he will be even further down the list. However, since he is playing with Dimaria and Messi week in week out and is able to formulate a good onfield chemistry with them, maybe then he might get a call.

      It seems like J.Correa, Palacios and Dybala are recovering quickly! Thats great news.

  27. 4 GK, I’m stilling trying to figure out why. Rather like to see Buendía or Icardi go unless Scaloni has no interest on taking them to WC.. I still think we need a good DM, anyone know of a young Macherano style player I can follow ?

  28. I’m not an Icardi fan but I think it’s bullshit that he keeps getting overlooked despite his form and him being injury free. It’s not right.

    Yes, his scandal with Wanda was terrible but it’s been about 10 years and it didn’t happen with the national team. If that’s the only reason he’s not being included then he should’ve never been called up to get any Argentina cap to begin with. At this point his best years are being wasted for sentimental reasons.

    It was also this sentimentality that had Maradona leaving out Zanetti for the world cup and Passarella excluding Redondo.

    Lautaro Martinez might be the main guy now but he’s not special. He misses too many chances.

      • Offcourse he truly deserves the trust no question about it, but what on earth he will do with 4 goalie’s as 2 of them are not even close to Rulli as he can play with his boot’s as for Andrada clearly can not !
        Armani, well better not to say a word about him as it might be a real misstake and golden opportunity for Romance King’s return once more, LOL !
        Better stand guard and be ready to kick him out again if he manage’s to reappear, LOL !
        What a nightmare it will truly be !
        And btw where is that yellow fellow in disguise ?
        Has earth maybe swallowed him and his big mouth or is he just so pissed because the list came out and Dibu literally scared Christiana and her friend Bruno too, LOL ! I hope Arg will truly meet Portugal so that Dibu could do it once more at International level !
        Though world media would somehow just ignored it and claim that Christiana and Bruno& rest of the ;portuegese team been misstreated brutally by Dibu, LoL !
        Actually i hope for Dibu to practice a bit German too with Alario and Palacios he might learn some few very needed words to piss at least Muller and Kroos, though not sure if Muller will be picked by Flick to WC as they got quite good young gun’s banging at the moment specially that guy from Salzburg who caused 4 penalties in one CL game also all at first half as there never had been 4 penalties inside 90 min in single CL game before !
        So hopefully Arg will get their revenge, but not before the Final of WC !

        • Oh, sorry about my comment on Andrada as i messed him up with Marchesin so what i was trying to say that Marchesin can’t clearly play with his boot’s at all as Rulli truly can, but Yes, sorry about Andrada as i do not know about his footwork, but Still no point 4 goalies !

    • why Senesi will play?of course no.
      AFA should make economy in this difficult period of time. so why to pay someone s tickets to come from Europe to warm the bench? we take 2 local players to warm the bench which will not cost us he he he
      it is not time for make extra expences he he he
      save money he he

  29. Perhaps Dybala’s injury is not so bad? This is a list with few surprises apart from some GK selections. Icardi’s omission is not a big deal as far as I am concerned.

  30. Continues not selecting Benítez still unknown. Even he say he don’t know why I don’t get selected. And he is ready to play for France when is documents get clear…

        • Yes loosing Benitez because of Armani and Andrada who can’t play with his boot’s at all is quite Bizarre indeed though i would have picked Rulli and leave Andrada and Armani out of the list and give that 1 extra spot to another player, but not for a 4th Goalie , LOL ! Is he seriously gonna TaKe also 4 goalie’s to WC ? Even 2 will be enough as Arg will need more players to run on the field and not 4 goalie’s as only 1 can play at the time so 3 will be ball watching, LOL ! Wake up Scaloni time is running…and there won’t be many friendliess maybe not even a single one…

          • Sorry instead of saying Andrada can’t play with his boot’s i meant to say Marchesin can’t play with his boot’s, just messed those 2 up, maybe because Scaloni called 4 goalies, LoL ! Exuse after another it might truly be, but Still 4 goalies are beyond anything basicly…2 would be propably enough as Scaloni can allways call an Local Goalie from Arg Primera if needed and if i understood right, ? Please correct if i’m wrong about this rule adding a local Goalie if one selected before will get injured, offcourse not during the game, but it is quite unlikely that 2 goalies will get injured in the same game, though i think that has happened too during football’s history, but not so sure if Arg has suffered from that before…?

  31. Feeling sad for bundiea. But he don’t get mints no point of calling him…. Instead of 4 GK should have gone for 3 GK. in case of injury he can call Boca GK.

  32. So who got out from last squad apart from bundia and j. Correa anyway we are settlings towards our best 11 for worldcup
    I am desperate to see dybala click with messi
    Its gonna be fun and joy for us if these two can sync

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