Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni talks about the team, Gio Lo Celso


Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni spoke about the team and Gio Lo Celso.

Lionel Scaloni now has Argentina undefeated in their last 24 matches and had them playing very well in the 3-0 win vs. Uruguay. Speaking to the media after the match, here is what he had to say:

“Football has moments: When they gave us problems, we were able to resolve it and after that we managed to grow.

“The team played a good match, like they did against Paraguay for several minutes. Football is not only one moment: When the opponent attacks, you have to be strong and we knew how to do it. When the team can play, the truth is that it makes you want to watch.”

Scaloni also spoke about Gio Lo Celso. Here is what he had to say:

“Lo Celso has been with us since the fits day. We value his football a lot but we could never have him at his fullest, for one reason or another. For us or for any club in the world, he’s one of the better players.”

In regards to the team and the fans:

“The players feel identified with the people, with the shirt and that is good.”

He also spoke about the win:

“Up until the goal, it was a tremendously difficult match in which they closed very well. They complicated things with two plays from Suarez but it’s what we knew: It’s a team with a great back line and first class attackers.

“Before we got the goal, we had two situations where we could have unblocked the match but this team is very aware of the difficulties of playing the qualifiers. Patience is a virtue of this squad.”


  1. It would be good for there to be a couple of changes against Peru but not to many — either as starters or off the bench. I say not too many changes because Peru is not a pushover team but maybe game time for any of Licha, Palacios, Dominguez, A. Correa, or Papu. What yesterday showed is how strong our team is with its starters, but we need some players that are back ups to Lo Celso, De Paul, and center back to get some game time every now and then to cover in the case that some of our important players can’t play at some point, so that the drop in quality is not huge.

    • Zanetti connection is there so in theory yes. Argentines always play some important part in Inter. However, in Serie A they don’t always give a chance to very young players to start right away.

      Almada is the most promising youngster we have and it would be a shame if he ends up in MLS.

      • I think he already in contract with one MLS club now he cant go to other club i am curious to know the other young playmaker we have who will be that??
        Matias palacios is also in europe so somebody else will be here on line those who watch argentina legue must know

  2. I will start by saying that I have not seen Argentina play this well (last two games), since the Tata Martino Era (2016).
    Although we still have weakness, the most being at the #9 position, I believe Argentina can compete to minute 90 with anyone in the world.
    The evolution of Romero and Martinez and the development of Acuña at left back mixed with the leadership of otamendi and the speed and composure of Molina has now given Argentina a stellar defense and a All World Goalkeeper! Defense wins championships!! Having tagliafico and montiel as satisfactory back ups are important as well..
    The midfield is starting to click… finally!
    Locelso, depaul and parcedes mixed with Guido and palacios coming in as subs has shown balance in both defense and attack and we are starting to control the possession game once again! Scaloni has dreamed of their potential for years and now it is starting to show!
    The key to our midfield is Depaul!!! Fucking beast and I must admit, he makes acouple bad passes per game but it was evident yesterday when depaul left the pitch, Uruguay started to apply pressure on out defense. He is everywhere on the pitch!!
    Scaloni’s subs are always on point to his credit and not many countries are as deep as Argentina with 11+5 subs!! big Advantage!
    I like the mix of dimaria and/or Gonzalez plus add Papu to the formula as he proves over and over again that he deserves time on the pitch!
    Ok… now…Lautaro Martinez…
    Positives first always…
    He runs! He works defensively…his positioning is good… clap for him!! But the negatives… Jesus fucking Christ! I yell more at the tv because of him than anyone! Even more that tagliafico!! Lol
    First, his touches… one touches and traps are BAD … really bad… he has good “hold up play” be his runs without the ball are poor. he scores by fault (like the tap in yesterday) but missed more good opportunities than he makes… the biggest thing as a number 9 that he doesn’t do is …LAUTARO MARTINEZ DOES NOT CREATES SHOTS ON GOAL FOR HIMSELF! watch Benzema’s goal against Belgium … he created the shot.. Aguero created opportunities !
    So we sacrifice with Lautaro offensively for defense which sounds crazy if a #9 but it’s true.
    Where as with Aguero we would sacrifice defense for a better offensive player.
    Personally, I believe the two should slip time 65 minutes to 25 minute sub every game when Aguero gets healthy. Aguero starts when Argentina is the dominate team and Martinez start when against tougher opponents where our defense press and pressure is key to transition offense.
    Well I guess I have to bite the bullet and keep yelling at the TV as Lautaro is still young and growing as a player and his touches are getting microscopically better every couple games … lol

    Argentina is growing…23 games undefeated now… we just need to start finishing but the build up and opportunities are there!! I think we are peaking at the right time to finish the qualifiers strong and head to Qatar as one of the favorites …
    Vamos Argentina

    • I don’t mean to bust your bubble but Tata is coach who inherited Sabella’s team and could not improve on it. Which game under overrrated Tata did Argentina play like last night exactly? Tata was a downgrade from Sabella. He preferred possession over attacking spaces. If you go back to 2013 match vs Uruguay under Sabella was better than this match.

        • No till 2016 not much possible talents deserved more only Dybala and Icardi as subs, but they are still not integrated in the team. Who else? Current midfielders were nowhere at that time yet. Sampaoli lost the generational change, not Tata. Previous generation were peaked in Tatas time.

          • Argentina only played 4 WCQ matches under Sampoali and he was appointed after huge failure of Bauza who took over after 2016 Copa final loss. Not that I am trying to defend Sampaoli’s 2018 WC strategy but he had no time to integrate new players and had to stick with washed-up and average players who were regulars in the starting xi. However, even with that washed-up aging 2018 wc team Sampaoli could have gotten better result in the WC.

            Macherano the hero of 2014 was already done by the time Bauza took over and Biglia was nothing but backpass master , Rojo was warming the bench at United, Juventus was done with fat Higuain . Sampaoli’s both predecessors sticking with Romero even though his best days were done long time ago and was lacking proper reflexes due to warming the bench at United was one of the reason we were conceding goals after goals in the qualifiers. Macherano, Biglia and Rojo , these three were the weakest link which killed our midfield and Bauza failed to replace them and the reason Bauza failed to replace them was Tata martino had failed to integrate proper replacements in the starting xi. Tata and Bauza’s lack of long term vision was the reason we were on the brink of not qualifying for the WC. It’s not that no proper replacements were present, Perroti, Pezella, Lamela, Paredes, Augusto fernandez should have already been transitioned into team or the starting xi. But I agree up until 2016 final, our players were performing quite well.

      • @sabellista You humor me … let me give you a brief history of not just a game better than yesterday but a whole copa America chico… 2016, under Tata Argentina was undefeated 6-0-1 with 18 goals for and only 2 against. Please name another FIFA tournament that Argentina has ever came close to those numbers. Those number alone reflect the quality of football that was played under Tata… matter fact watch ever game from the 2016 copa America like I do… and trust me, you will thoroughly enjoy the games even though you already know the outcomes … one word… “fluid” play

      • sabellista You humor me …opinions we all have them and I respect yours but I will not leave it up to opinion. People lie, numbers don’t!
        let me give you a brief history of not just a game better than yesterday but a whole copa America chico… 2016, under Tata Argentina was undefeated 6-0-1 with 18 goals for and only 2 against. (+16 goal differential) Please name another FIFA tournament that Argentina has ever came close to those numbers. Those number alone reflect the quality of football that was played under Tata… matter fact watch ever game from the 2016 copa America like I do… and trust me, you will thoroughly enjoy the games even though you already know the outcomes … one word… “fluid” play
        No opinions just facts … Tata Era we flourished !
        And like I said, the last two games was the best I have saw Argentina since then… your welcome

    • Yes Depaul was the MOM and he been and will be the most important player in every Sense !
      As u said : The key to our midfield is Depaul!!! Fucking beast and I must admit, he makes acouple bad passes per game but it was evident yesterday when depaul left the pitch, Uruguay started to apply pressure on out defense. He is everywhere on the pitch!!

      He’s done that allmost in every game he has played and offcourse maybe sometimes his work is not so visible as for today or the Copa Final, but what a player Arg truly have in him ! As all other middfielders like Lo Celso, Paredes, Palacios, Guido, Dominguez and even Papu can be used more centarally also if necessary as there are also other options too !

      Arg has also the one’s like A.Correa, N.Gonzales and J.Correa who can be used At the sides or flanks and Di Maria too, though i think he will be better coming on maybe as sub…?

      And Yes indeed with Goalie like Dibu and with defenders like Cuti,Acuna,Otamendi,Molina,Lisandro,Medina maybe no more need to yell at Tagliafigo so much, LoL ! Looking good indeed for the future of Arg !

      It will be intrested to see as Alario has not yet played a single minute so far the outcome for No.9 as Lautaro will go to WC forsure if hopefully not injured…who will be the another striker or striker’s perhaps…? Should Arg maybe try Dybala, Alvarez and if Aguero can get fit and will gain his previous form then offcourse he will be most propably the one, but first he has to get fit and then back to super form, hopefully he will do it like Tevez did or tried for 2014 unfortunatly Sabella did not pick him as he was worried about team chemistry, well the irtirevittyjä Fab 4 were all injured more or less throughout 2014 WC so Tevez would have been hands option…though that is allready past history so better to put my focus back to this great present moment and form of Arg and hopefully it will last til’ the day i die ! Thanx once again Arg for making me and my family so, so happy ! As the year’s goes by there is and there will be never any other team in the world like Arg been for me since 1978… it has clearly and purely been a plessure and honor to be able to see our beloved Albiceleste first with my past away father and now with my kids the journey of supporting Arg will continue hopefully for decades and also forsure with more plessure and maybe some more glory too !

      • Regarding personnel, De Paul has been the most important piece of the puzzle. He’s the box to box midfielder who we have been looking for every since we lost Simeone and Redondo. He is elite at nothing other than energy but does everything pretty well. Tackles, passes well, can dribble when needed, fast enough, makes himself available, shields the ball.

        Mascherano – as great as he was, too one dimensional which left our defense unlinked to our offense.
        Riquelme – same as Mascherano but opposite talent.
        Verson – same as Riquelme.
        Gago – had the skills but injury prone and wilted in tough matches.
        Cambiasso – he had all the tools like De Paul but De Paul’s energy and attitude seems to make the difference.

  3. If Argentina is a club not a country. Last summer in the transfer windows they bought Cuti Romero and Emi Martinez. As a result they become unbeatable now. A really good transfer windows for them.

    Against Peru, I don’t think Scaloni will make major changes. Remember the third game last month against Venezuela? No major changes except Cuti and Dibu and Lo Celso who had to fly back to England. Scaloni really takes it seriously now.

  4. It’s remarkable that this team and coach during the initial days most of us were not confident in has now become a fearsome unit, if all goes well we would be a team to beat in the WC. We had some major loop holes in 2 key spots in the past, one is Goal Keeping, another is Defense. Emiliano has solved our Goalkeeping headache, Defense meanwhile with the insertion of young Romero looks rejuvenated. Still some holes are there but we are on the right track. Will need to play some friendlies with some European giants to know the real depth of this team. Maradona Super Cup will be an apt test for sure, The stakes are higher for that match means we have to play with the heart out. Unlike friendlies.

    • We beat Germany before WC 2010, beat them again before WC 2014 (in 2012), beat them again after WC 2014. But we didnt beat them in the WC itself.

      Qualifier, regardless who we play, still more competitive than friendlies where opponents tend to experimenting. Last year, we fielded second strings players and still able came back from 2 goals behind against Germany.

      The Super cup thing against Italy definetely would be a proper test.

      • We definitely need to play against some good attacking side before the world cup, at least 3 games against Europeans. I would love a rematch against France, we are already scheduled to play against Italy, and may be if AFA could arrange a friendly against Belgium or Spain our defense would benefit greatly from these games. After seeing how one top class Striker (Suarez) tested our defense multiple times yesterday , we need to get our backline accustomed to playing against some top attacking teams. Conembol opponents are great in defending but when it comes to attack they can’t beat the Europeans! BTW nice profile pic. LMAO

  5. Maybe vs Peru Scaloni will make some drastical changes: Musso—Tagliafico-Lisandro Martinez-Pezzella-Montiel—Palacios (if he is fully fit, if not De Paul or Lo Celso)-Guido Rodriguez—Papu Gomez-Messi-Angel Correa—Lautaro. Subs Quarta, Foyth, Nico Dominguez, Julian Alvarez if the result will be good, if not Di Maria and Alario. Im 100% sure Messi and Lautaro will start.

  6. I’m very happy with that huge win against Uruguay…

    But most of the ratings are not very fair. I know everyone loves Messi (me too) bit there is no way in yesterday’s match he was better then Emi Martinez or GLC.

    Emi and Lo Celso where off the world yesterday… OMG I now I say that all the time but Lo Celso is among the best Midfielders right now..
    I hope he can stay fully fit finally…

    I hate to say that but now I’m ready to look post Messi era.
    Right now we are on a very high level with our Players…

    As for now I wish to see some rotations vs Peru.
    Maybe Foyth Medina Licha, Palacios, GLC, Dominguez, Papu, ACorrea, Nico Gonzalez and Alario

  7. The players rating from the always very reliable The one that I always fully agree with as they are never biased, they don’t have their favorite players, and they are very realistic:

    Here we go:
    Emi Martinez 9
    Molina 6.5
    Cuti 8
    Otamendi 6
    Tagliafico 6
    Paredes 6.5
    De Paul 9
    Lo Celso 8
    Nico Gonzales 6.5
    Messi 9
    Lautaro 6
    Di Maria 6.5
    Julian Alvarez, Palacios, J Correa 6

    I could not agree more with all these rating. The only thing is Lautaro deserves a bit higher. The 5 that deserve 8 or higher are correct: Emi, Cuti, De Paul, Lo Celso, and Messi.

    Other players they rate below that?

    Otamendi got 6 because he lost Suarez twice in the first half.

    Molina 6.5 movement is good.

    Paredes 6.5 pretty fair as he was not bad but nowhere near Lo Celso or De Paul performance wise

    Tagliafico 6 He played just a normal Tagliafico game

    Nico Gonzales 6.5 because his movements and work rate were great but his end product and key passing were not good.

    Di Maria 6.5 I agree. Haters please stop…. He was not bad! Ole gave him what he deserves in 30 minutes of play. He could have gotten 2 goals and 2 assists easily in 30 minutes.

      • Like the ratings more from Ole as they seem’s to be more realistic as Tyc’s, though i would have given Dibu and RDP 10 and Messi, Cuti and Lo Celso 9 as i would have given also Molina 7 or perhaps even 8 and N.Gonzales 7 as for Lautaro and Paredes too, anyhow Ole knows forsure their thing and their ratings more better than Tyc’s !
        Very impressed in everyway through the whole 90 minutes with Arg as Arg could have scored a couple of more, though 3-0 against Uruguay is fantastic result and Dibu got and gave Arg that golden chance to win this game as he kept Arg allmost single handed until Arg scored allthough Cuti was so, so pleasure to watch again as he is so impressive and calm defender who can pass the ball so good where ever he want’s to place it as it look’s like a allmost an perfection everytime he cleans Arg’s defence and put’s things back in order so easily for Arg to start create and attack through RDP and Lo Celso constantly looking for ball and giving so many passses with very high accuracy too ! Well it allmost sounds like iforgot to mention King Leo as he clearly enjoys to play with theese guys and the whole team Chemistry is looking very good and proper too !

  8. Although many players had a good or very good game, my MOTM was Emi Martinez. Without his saves we would be 2 zero down in the first 30 minutes. I am so glad we have him between the posts and not Armani. His composure and attitude gives the whole team a major boost.

  9. Why Suarez got three brilliant chances from which he could have scored? I feel the understanding between Tagliafico and Otamendi was not working today. Second Molina was slow in attacking the offence of Uruguay. He allowed long passes to be sent to Suarez from the left. Thankfully our goalie is at his best. Had one of them gone into the goal, the result would have been completely different. Lautaro still needs to figure out how to convert half-chances. The one that he scored was from a seater sent by De Paul. But he missed a fair chance even before Suarez started looking dangerous. Scaloni needs to give more playtime to his combinations depending on first half scorelines. Otamendi-Tagliafico, Romero-Montiel, Palaciois-De Paul, Messi-Correa etc. We should start the Peru match as aggressive as today.

  10. Hopefully Alvarez or A Correa gets extended minutes against Peru and impress Scaloni. The chance of Aguero returning these days is just as scary as having Higuain in WC 2018.

    I’d take a third Correa we could find randomly from the street rather than glass legs Aguero.

  11. Lovely game.. nice free flowing football. Plenty to love about my beloved team…
    However, Oatamendi is as reliable as a wet paper towel holding a rock. Both Uru chances in 1st half were due to him. We badly need another C.Romero in LCB…Medina/ Pezella combo might be what we need perhaps… Licha might be an option too..

  12. Winning always boost the spirit, unity and chemistry of the team. Hope it will carry on continuity !
    Although Suarez gave 2 scary moment in front that could be a goal if not EMI isn’t the GK. The dominance and calm play and right substitutes is excellent. Angel Maria combination with Messi in the last 20 minutes unfortunately did not bear any goal, but beautiful played. Imagine that combination can be replicate with Icardi at PSG.

    De Paul and Lo Celso play an important part in the attacking. They maximize the wide of the pitch. Palacios and Nico are doing fine. Important things we won without conceded despite the Suarez strike few times – 3-0 or 5-0 does not make a huge difference; how we play is more important, and that need to be evaluated and improved. Yes, we still missed 1-2 players that can add more like Dybala, Lamela or Buendia

  13. Great win! But to be fair we got some lucks today. If Armany in the goal, we’re probably down a couple of goals. Messi’s goal is luck. The second goal is also luck as Lurato Martinez shot, but it became an assist. In a bad day, we may even loose with this performance.

    But we’re also unlucky in a couple of situations with Le Celso & L. Martinez. Nevertheless, it’s more like Le Celso doesn’t know how to use his right legs.

    The only team really worried me at the moment is France. Mbappe’s speed and Benzema’s tricky plays are really scary, not to mention Progba, Kante, … If we play compact, they can do much, but then it’s hard for us to score.

  14. Gio and de Paul were superb , what a match we produced today f..k espn pundits morons Probably they will find another excuse to be little albicelestes. I thought nico gonzalez had good game, He makes our team balance in order to make opponent unbalance, the pick of the day for me was medina replacing otamendi no because otta had bad game but scaloni trusting this left footed kid against likes suarez and cavani.