Lionel Messi out of PSG squad for Champions League match against RB Leipzig


Lionel Messi is out of the PSG squad for their Champions League match against RB Leipzig.

Messi has been left out of the PSG squad as they play RB Leipzig on Tuesday. It had been rumored on Monday that Messi would not be part of the squad with PSG announced it on Tuesday.

The medical update released by PSG states that Messi has discomfort in his left hamstring and pain in his knee following a contusion.


  1. Messi needs to rest and listen to his body. He shouldn’t play any more qualifying games – or play every other two. Let Dybala, Lamela, Correa(s) take his place until the World Cup.

    Let this team play without him in the meantime to grow stronger.

      • Yea, I foresaw this happening. During Copa, I mentioned that he at times looked tired and players kept hacking at him with rough challenges. When he couldn’t finish off Brazil in the final when he was one-on-one with the keeper, you can see it. He always plays 90+ or 120+ minutes, and penalty shootouts in League, Copa Del Rey, UEFA tournaments, qualifiers, and even charitable matches.

        “sit his ass down” is the best way to put it.

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