Julián Álvarez reportedly mentions he received offer from Bayern Munich


Julián Álvarez has reportedly mentioned that he has received an offer from Bayern Munich.

German singer Marita Köllner stated to German media outlet Express 24 that she was in Mexico where she met the Argentine forward. According to the singer, when she stated that she was from Germany, Álvarez told her that he had received an offer from Bayern Munich. The club is one of many that has reportedly shown interest in signing the 21 year old.

Bayern are one of several clubs, with Manchester United reportedly showing interest. In addition, Juventus and FC Barcelona are other clubs which are interested in signing him.

The forward played a big part in River’s success as he scored 18 goals and assisted seven times in the league this season.


  1. A lot of people mention he will lose his pace if he goes to Europe but I don’t see that connection. I mean with Aguero out and Icardi being on the outside and with Lautaro being the only option we lack quality false9 / attacking CF. Alvarez is a CF with the mind of a poacher and intelligence of an Attackjng Mid.

    No matter where he goes, as long as he has regular playtime and stays fit, he will do whT he does best to be assured of a WC spot. No offense but if WC is our aim, then we must be willing to let our top talent tryout in Europe… only a strong European team will finally stand between us and the WC and we need the experience of European top-tier football…typically in the big 3 leagues – Spain italy and england

  2. He is not going to Bayern. It would have been great, but I don’t see this happening. Bayern is going to sign Raphinha from Leeds.

    I don’t see him going to any top clubs. Not even Barcelona. Italy could be good. I don’t like our players always going to small and mid table clubs.

  3. No local league players including Alvarez would refuse to move to Europe especially if they offer 5-10 times the salary plus the starting spot. Come on be real. It is their dream as a footballer to move to Europe and make their career there.

  4. I don’t think he will move anywhere else before the world up, river is his best shot to world up spot, and I think now he better stay,
    I mean europ move is only for money right

  5. His top priority should be regular playing time. He must avoid offers from big clubs and struggling clubs like Barcelona. Big clubs will bench him and struggling clubs will put tremendous pressure on him from the word go and if he fails to impress right away then the fans and media will destroy his career. Midtable Spanish or Italian clubs will be best for him but due to the media coverage I doubt those clubs will be able to outbid the big fishes. Alvarez future is largely going to depend on his transfer decision and his current club River plate. Are they willing to sell him to a midtable club for 30% less cash???

    • there is negotiations with River to renew his contract. it is going well till now. the plan is to stay one more year with us and right after world cup to be sold to one big European club in transfers of January. in senario that he will not renew his contract he will be sold next month to whoever give the bigger number of money. D Onofrio and Gallardo have advice him to stay in River till world cup because it will be the best for him and for the club. for club for obvious reasons and for him because he will not risk his place in world cup squad. they explain him that if he go to a new club he need time to establish himself in his new team and if it not go well he risk his place for world cup squad. it is up to the player 100%
      just i believe he will choose the first senario which is what i want too.

      • I actually would like him to move to Europe and play a year of football there before the world cup. I agree that if he fails to impress right away he might lose his spot but if he takes the risk of moving to Europe then one full year of experience against good competitive defense could be extremely beneficial for us in the world cup.

        • I feel the best option for him, if he leaves would be to join Dortmund. Especially with haaland leaving next summer and malen not playing well in the striker role. We all know that at Dortmund, he would get enough playing time and plus he would also get a taste of the UCL

  6. Conte on if we’ll see more of Lo Celso over Xmas period: “Romero is still injured and Giovani is trying to have good training sessions, to improve his physical condition and then to be ready to play with us. That is all.”

  7. Conte on Lo Celso’s position: “He can play as a midfielder, if we decide to play with three midfielders. He can play as a number 10 if we decided to play with two number 10s behind our strikers.”

  8. Bayern is an incredible team but no way he gets into the squad right now and he will probably end up being loaned out and hopping between different clubs in a foreign and different country like Germany will not be easy for him to acclimate. I could honestly see him being loaned out twice and then being sold. Who knows, he may have a Bayern Munich level in the future but his first move should be one to a club where he can acclimate well with the squad and be guaranteed at least some minutes from the get go in order to grow and play at a high level in a stable environment.

  9. And become back-up for Lewandowski? The guy just beat Gerd Muller’s record after decades. Julian would become bench warmer. Better look for alternatives. although Bayern is probably the best clubteam at the moment.

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