Joaquin Correa could be out for lengthy time for Inter


Joaquin Correa is set to be out for a lengthy amount time for Inter.

Correa was substituted out for Inter three minutes into their Coppa Italia match against Empoli. According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, the 27 year old suffered a thigh injury. It would be the same thigh injury he suffered back in December which kept him out for three Serie A matches.

The Argentine was selected by Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni for the January and February World Cup qualifying matches.


  1. I suppose its time for endless starting 11 preferences/guesses –

    Di Maria on the right and move De Paul to dominate/support left touchline. And maybe Guido over Paredes to let our attack focus on what they do best instead of compensating for Paredes def weakness. I definitely want to see LMQ and Alvarez get minutes.

    —————Toro – Dybala

    —–De Paul – Paredes – GLC – Di Maria

    Acuna – Lisandro – Otamendi – Montiel/Molina


    • You know, I feel like if Dybala plays then it has to be some sort of 4-4-2, or 4-2-3-1, I am not sure Dybala can play well as an inverted winger in a 4-3-3.

      • Spot on. A version of 442 suits him best. He’s lost pace since he beefed up and he does thrive towards the center. Besides, we have better players like ADM, RDP, fullbacks, etc for the wings.

        • Right, I personally like the 4-4-2 we played against Brazil and Dybala could sort of adopt Messi’s role in that game with Di Maria as the right most “midfielder” that breaks on the counter, although it also depends what team we are playing against since it is defensive by default

  2. Algeria case in continental cup shows how useless winning streaks are, 34 games without loosing before the tournament and 1 point 2 losses and horsesh.t performance in the group, better to lose some learn from it and fix the problems till not too late.

    • Very true. Some people love our 27 unbeaten streak way too much. I rather experiment with tactics a bit, lose, and learn from it as Germany does in non-WC games.

  3. Emi Martinez – Montiel Lisandro Otamendi Acuna – De Paul Paredes Lo Celso – Dybala Lautaro Dimaria

  4. Argentina playing style is not beautiful. They play ugly football. 2022 wc favourite is Germany, france,brazil etc.

  5. Joaquin Correa normally is the back up of many positions, mainly Lautaro’s back up or even Di Maria’s. Now this is a perfect opportunity for Julian Alvarez to show that he is good enough to back up Lautaro.

    • I agree, its about time Scaloni start playing Julian Alvarez regularly. Lack of experience was evident when Julian was played against Brazil. His runs and decision making clearly indicated that he needed to play more often against competent defense. It seems like he has been playing in easy mode in FIFA for too long and it’s about time he start playing in higher difficultly level. That is why I wished and hoped, he move to Europe this January to a mid table team in Spain or Italy to get that much needed 1 year competitive experience before the world cup, but doesn’t look like it is happening.

      We don’t have a proper back up for Lautaro and all other backups aren’t proper no-9. As a matter of fact, Scaloni has selected only one striker in our entire squad for the two upcoming qualifiers. Even though Alvarez himself is not a proper no-9 , we need him to be ready to be the back up for Lautaro before the world cup starts and that is why he needs to play more in the remaining qualifying matches. That will give Scaloni & Co a good perception of our striker situation , i.e. whether they can count on Julian or should they bring in a proper no-9 reinforcement !!

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