Roberto Abbondanzieri comments on Emiliano Martinez as Argentina goalkeeper


Roberto Abbondanzieri spoke about Emiliano Martinez being the Argentina goalkeeper.

Abbondanzieri represented Argentina at the 2006 World Cup. He was the starting goalkeeper and won numerous titles with Boca Juniors. Speaking in an interview with TyC Sports, here is what he had to say about Martinez:

“I have known Dibu for a while. We have the same agent that is Gustavo Goni and he would always mention to us that there was a goalkeeper in England.

“I’m very surprised by his form with the Argentina national team. Putting on the Argentina shirt is not easy at all. And he put on his shoulders a team that had been beaten through the finals lost. Becoming Copa America champion was what he was missing to become the starter of the Argentine goal.

“He has a bit of everything: He controls the area, he makes himself bigger than he actual is and he is very strong at crosses.”

The former Argentina goalkeeper was a great penalty stopper himself. He also spoke about Emiliano’s tactics during penalty kicks:

“I would only tell him to remain as serious as he was in the first games. For a national team goalkeeper, I like something else. In any case, everyone has their own personality. And Argentina is very calm with Dibu in goal.

“I think when he’s in goal, he already shows his personality, I see him as very firm, he has a big presence.”


  1. Marcos senesi is solid player and deserves a chance in the nt based his performance at Feyenoord however eredivisie isn’t strong league compare to another top 5 European leagues I mean senesi don’t face top quality forwards week in week out and it’s fair to say He hasn’t test properly yet. You may say what about lich martinez?
    The answer is simply lich has been playing uefa champions league, Europe league and he has been faced top players and came up on the top of it plus lich is much better player than senesi.
    — is senesi better defender than the ones scaloni already have called. Some may argue that he is better than lmq and pezzella? In my opinion I don’t think that is the case
    Those two are playing better leagues and faced superior players than marcos faced plus they already wore nt colours and perform admirable well with under pressure.
    – will he be better defender than them? Maybe maybe not
    I see and totally understand why likes Samuel and ayala
    Prefer to have lmq than marcos senesi in this moment.

  2. Leo paredes won’t be joining to spurs I mean no chance
    The guy has made few good friends at psg.
    According to some report Antonio conte doesn’t keen to sign leo paredes and paredes himself doesn’t want to go dead wood club like spurs plus toxic fans who already destroyed his pal gio lo celso.

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