Gio Lo Celso comments on Argentina national team, missing players


Gio Lo Celso commented on the Argentina national team and the players that were missing in the 1-0 win vs. Colombia on Tuesday.

Lo Celso was back in the starting eleven for Argentina after starting the 2-1 win against Chile on the bench. Speaking to TyC Sports after the match, here is what he had to say:

“As friends, today, we also played for them, to leave the national team at the top and represent it just as they would have done. Obviously they are missed, we had to move forward with this game which was very diffuclt.

“We have incredible days every time we are here, we enjoy it a lot and that I think that is later shown on the pitch.”


  1. PSG management have informed Mauricio Pochettino that he will be fired at the end of the season , 2 weeks before their tie against Madrid. If he doesn’t win against Real then they will not wait till the end of the season and Zidane will take over and that might be even more bad news for Messi! Leonardo & Co might have thought that by isolating Messi and giving more lime light to Mbappe, they will be able to persuade him to stay but he signed a precontract with Madrid already!! Playing 1-2 is the most important part of Messi’s play and that is how he was able to get Barcelona so much glory but at PSG nobody even bothers to pass back to Messi and he is left stranded raising his hands begging for the ball. No sane manager will completely isolate Messi unless he is getting direct orders from his superiors and that might be the exact case with Pochettino!! Shit is about to hit PSG’s fan soon!!

    • It makes zero sense to be honest.
      Why would the higher authorities of PSG will try to diminish Messi’s abilities when he plays for their team & also their highest earner, when they know Mbappe has already sealed the move to Real.

      Atlast, the blame goes to Pochettino for Messi not receiving adequate amount of passes & PSG playing horrible game.

      Afterall, Poch is just a clown manager, he is still living with the reputation of his fluke UCL campaign

  2. i wonder what fifa waiting for take desition about game with Brasil?
    till november of 2022 is it possible or we have time till 2026 world cup?
    i wonder.

    • Probably, they want Brazil to top the qualifier. If Argentina win next both matches and Brazil lose or draw any of the remaining matches… Argentina will top the qualifier if given 3 points from that Brazil game. May be, in that condition…point will be shared.
      If Brazil win both of the next matches.. they are free to take decision…!

  3. Argentina is planning to play against European teams before WC. Belgium and Denmark are the two teams currently in their idea.
    So, there will be at least 3 matches against European teams; These will be versus;


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