Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni comments on team, World Cup, undefeated record


Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni commented on Argentina’s 1-0 win.

Lionel Scaloni, who missed Argentina’s 2-1 win vs. Chile due to COVID, was back coaching the national team. With many players missing, the team played outside of Buenos Aires in Cordoba. Here is what Scaloni had to say about it:

“Before the start of the match, the fans were euphoric. Beyond the result, the most important thing is that the people feel identified with the team’s play. Hopefully it’s always like this.”

Scaloni also spoke about going 29 matches undefeated:

“I don’t think that’s important, it’s how the team functions and how these players feel wearing the shirt.”

Regarding the injuries and missing players:

“We had the possibility of calling up players but we preferred not to expose footballers who aren’t playing right now. Not only did we miss players but we had to improvise in putting players in positions. We went forward with these call ups who came to contribute and in the end, it went well.

“Here, you can’t relax. Everyone is part of this process but on the pitch, you have to perform. The players that were here today took advantage of their opportunity.

“There’s still a lot left until the World Cup. No one has their spot secured, except for one, as I have always said.”


  1. I’ve never seen a player of any team in any sport who’s respected to the degree of Messi. His team mates and coach don’t just say nice things, they say grandiose things about him.

    “No one has their spot secured except for one (Messi).” – Scaloni after his 29th win in a row and winning the last 2 without Messi.

    “Today we won but we missed the best player in the world” – Di Maria MOTM speech after beating Chile and scoring a worldie with all eyes on him

    These aren’t just any random people off the street glorifying him. These are people who are also glorified on a daily basis by media and fans, yet they’re the ones acting as if they are fans themselves.
    Messi IMO transcends football. He enchants those around him. He is majestic.
    We are so lucky to be alive in his era.

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