Inter to ask Lautaro Martinez not to travel with Argentina team for World Cup qualifiers


Inter will be asking Lautaro Martinez not to travel with the Argentina national team in March.

Lautaro Martinez has not been in the greatest of forms recently for his club. While the Argentine has scored 11 goals in 24 league matches, he has not scored a goal in eight league matches.

Argentina will play Venezuela and Ecuador this month in the World Cup qualifiers and Inter will ask him not to travel. According to Gazzetta dello Sport, the team would prefer that he remains with the club.

Lionel Scaloni is likely to call him up for the two matches. Argentina have already qualified for the World Cup.

The club has a big month as they play Salernitana in the league on Friday and are away against Liverpool in the Champions League on Tuesday. They also have two league matches against Torino and Fiorentina, before playing Juventus at the start of April.

Even if Lautaro Martinez does not get called up to the team, one player that will be is Lionel Messi. As we reported on Wednesday, Messi is expected to be included in the team after having missed the last two World Cup qualifiers.


  1. I think this was the team lautaro last scored against before this game in an open play. Any way he could get the Mojo back. I think after a long time Dzeko is replaced instead of Martinez. Now to Anfield. 1 goal against liverpool means it would end UCL goal drought. But yeah a really tough task. J correa is not a finisher and he keep on showing this. Alvares is not that experienced to play in a wc stage. A correa as a CF is not a goal scoring threat but might help in tracking back. Gio Simeone also not guarantee against good teams. Alario needs to show his finishing skills. Tommorrow match is vital for him.

  2. Lautaro….hat trick… shut the critics ..
    I watch many inter matches…he’s not getting proper balls…he could score more goals in an attacking team…

  3. Inter deserves to reserve Lauturo at this last phase of qualifiers. They have released him every single game without even conditions. As many people said here, it’s time we start other strikers as we will need to be able to have different options at the world cup.
    Also all due respect to Ukraine, but what about the other countries who are being invaded or have been in last fifty years. Are we never going to give them attention or even to persecute their oppressors at least on the level of sport and Fifa?????

    • Well. Kuwait was liberated after an invasion by Iraq. Many other wars are internal conflicts, Eg. Yemen, Syria, Congo. Terrible wars all of them but not invasions by another country.

      • Richard thanks for the response, but No, Yemen is being invaded by saudia Arabia and the UAE unfortunately. No one has said anything in terms of football. Saudi has qualifed for the cup I believe and UAE is still in the race. UAE is now in the process of bombing 5 Arab and African countries on a weekly basis. Palestine has been invaded for decades and on the contrary people defend Israel. How about France? Do u really believe their colonization and invasions of Africa for over hundreds of years has ended? Almost all in fighting in Africa is instigated and or started by france. France is the enemy of freedom and democracy, yet they are always applauded. How about when England killed hundreds of our citizens…. Did cnn or bbc or even fifa say anything ?

        • Thanks for correcting me.
          The world has never been fair and never will be.
          A difference is that the Russian invasion could lead to WW III. The wars in Yemen, Congo, Libya will not lead to a global war.

          • Good point Richard. I can agree with everything u said. The world definitely isn’t fair. Let’s hope the best for all that are on the unfair side of the stick.

      • Yemen is a horrible genocide by Saidis brother. And they have full military support from the US. Its worse than what is going in on Ukraine. The west doesnt care when brown people are getting starved unfortunately.

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  4. Since there has been a lot of talk regarding our striker situation, I have made a compilation of goalscoring stats from Lautaro, ACorrea and Simeone from their respective leagues this season. I have not included Alvarez, Alario or JCorrea because with my sources I can’t compile from leagues outside of Europe top5, and players with 300-500 minutes can not be compared fairly imo
    Sources: understat, bbc top scorers list, sofascore

    Lautaro Martinez (25 by WC)
    24 appearances (1505 mins)
    11 goals – 0.66 goals per 90 / 135 mins per goal
    Total shots: 48 – 23% goal conversion – 60% shot accuracy
    Big chances missed: 14

    xG 15.10 (underperforming by 4.10) – xG90 0.90

    Angel Correa (27 by WC)
    26 appearances (1504 mins)
    11 goals – 0.67 goals per 90 / 134 mins per goal
    Total shots: 27 – 41% goal conversion – 70% shot accuracy
    Big chances missed: 2

    xG 6.28 (overperforming by 4.72) – xG90 0.38

    Giovanni Simeone (27 by WC)
    25 appearances (1735 mins)
    15 goals – 0.78 goals per 90 / 116 mins per goal
    Total shots: 39 – 38% goal conversion – 59% shot accuracy
    Big chances missed: 4

    xG 7.62 (overperforming by 7.38) – xG90 0.40

    Both Correa and Simeone are having the best season of their careers. They have relatively low expected goals count (xG), but they are overperforming their xG by a large margin (Simeone tops Serie A and Correa top 3 in La Liga, when comparing to their league’s top10 scorers). They also have the highest goal conversion and shot accuracy in this comparison, while they both have the lowest amount of total shots. It doesn’t paint the whole picture of course, and maybe says more about their clubs, but these stats are impressive to say the least. Correa has also been playing in several positions which makes it more impressive, but it looks like he can finally cement his preferred spot as CF. I hope they keep it up as it appears they are now entering their prime.

    Meanwhile Lautaro is underperforming, missing plenty of goals he should be scoring, and looked very frustrated the other day against Milan. He remains Inter’s top scorer however. I will forever be thankful for his open goal miss against Colombia in Copa. It lead us to penalties, which not only made Dibu a legend, but allowed us to enter the final with a different attitude and confidence. But these misses have to stop. Thankfully he performs better with Argentina. Letting him remain with Inter in the upcoming qualifiers is the right choice. He has his spot in the squad already, but he can not become comfortable being the automatic choice of 9, even if he is Scaloni’s top scorer alongside Messi. Besides we need to see the performances of others in the position. Leaving him out this time could very well be what pulls him up in the end

  5. Lautoro is the main striker without any doubt; however Scaloni need to find and have a back up. And Lautoro performance at this moment is not so good and drought. Meanwhile on the other side, Scaloni could see that Gio, Alvarez, Correa is having a good time. Is it the right time to switch ? No and Yes; No dilemma. No Trial error.

    Lautoro has cemented his place at N/T; the chemistry is doing quite well. He is young, energetic and promise to deliver; why worry. Yes, the team need a good back-up in every position. So the upcoming two games can be used as a evaluation and rotation of players. Messi will be back, so do Maria and De Paul. Time to check the engine to be well prepared and ready for all situations. Beside the players, the formation and game plan must be flexible. Football has to be creative, flexible and joy!

    • No you have to prove your worth every single day, every single match,nobody will be taken for granted.

  6. Most Goal Contributions in a calendar year in the 21st century: 10. Messi 2017 70 G/A 9. Messi 2010 with 77 8. Messi 2018 with 77 7. Messi 2015 with 78 6. Lewandowski 2021 80 5. CR 2014 81 4. CR 2013 83 3. Messi 2016 90 2. Messi 2011 95 1. Messi 2012 113…crazy.

    • He has set his standards so high that if he doesn’t score every match and a hatrick every 5th match, he is finished!! Hos scoring might have been totally out of form but his creative skill us still no-1 and unmatched. Hopefully he will get back to scoring tomorrow!!

  7. This is an important game for alario. He is against Bayern. If he shows his potential scaloni would include him in the qualifiers. Also Schick is out for 2 weeks or so I think. So this is a great chance for alario to impress scaloni and to get valuable minutes in the club.

  8. Giovani Lo Celso Characteristics
    + Strengths
    Tackling Strong
    Blocking the ball Strong
    – Weaknesses
    Aerial Duels Weak
    Giovani Lo Celso’s Style of Play
    Gets fouled often
    Likes to do layoffs
    Likes to dribble
    Likes to tackle
    Commits fouls often

    Emiliano Buendía Characteristics
    + Strengths
    Passing Very Strong
    Through balls Very Strong
    Key passes Very Strong
    Long shots Very Strong
    Taking set-pieces Strong
    Dribbling Strong
    Crossing Strong
    Holding on to the ball Strong
    Finishing Strong
    Defensive contribution Strong
    – Weaknesses
    Discipline Weak
    Emiliano Buendía’s Style of Play
    Likes to cut inside
    Likes to do layoffs
    Gets fouled often
    Likes to play long balls
    Likes to tackle
    * Strengths, weaknesses and styles are calculated from statistics of each player’s latest two seasons

    Honest to God I followed closely those two players for last three seasons.
    I was lo celso camp before however the more I watch him the more I became unconvince by him. As emi Buendia I was always impressed with him even when he is having average game still tries to impact the game and take more risks as he always makes more forward and risk passes unlike gio lo celso who fade way more oven. In my opinion emi Buendia is better than lo celso.

    • Lo celso is better than buendia atleast for the current Argentina team. Lo celso is one player who really blend with our current play. He knows how to impact in important games. He makes good play with Messi which is vital for us. He has that vision. He is enough for us to play the midfield with Paredes and Paul. There is Papu and palacios. May be buendia could be also used as a sub at best. But a forward back up is the tough task. Alario may be the right option. We have to watch him in next 2-3 games

    • If you want to get best out of Lo celso play more in and around penalty box. For me Lo celso is the best. I prefer Mac Allister over Buendia.

  9. Lucas Alario Characteristics
    + Strengths
    Finishing Strong
    Headed attempts Strong
    Aerial Duels Strong
    – Weaknesses
    Offside awareness Weak
    Defensive contribution Weak
    Lucas Alario’s Style of Play
    Likes to do layoffs
    Does not dive into tackles

    Giovanni Simeone Characteristics
    + Strengths
    Finishing Strong
    Defensive contribution Strong
    – Weaknesses
    Holding on to the ball Weak
    Offside awareness Weak
    Giovanni Simeone’s Style of Play
    Likes to tackle
    Commits fouls often
    * Strengths, weaknesses and styles are calculated from statistics of each player’s latest two seasons

    For me Alario should be the back up for Lautaro. The guy will score goals for coming as sub. It’s no brainer that he should be in the squad for world Cup. Plus he is much better footballer than G. Simeone.

  10. Any idiot on a street corner can talk crap, Gonzalo! There’s more strength in showing restraint than running mouths! I wish you peace!

  11. Its about time Alvarez , ACorrea and Dybala get adequate time on the pitch. Especially with Dybala out injured again Scaloni needs to try both Correa and Alvarez in the next upcoming qualifiers.

        • So what should I call a kid who can’t handle an argument, just knows the word dumbass and has the lamest comebacks?
          I keep saying it cause that’s what all your comments sound like to me

        • I’ll be the bigger man between me and toxic and end this convo… cause this person toxic is really looking for friends out here.. join facebook.. or whatever social media u want..

        • Hey Gonzalo, you are literally bullying the guy! Noticed a trend from you calling people this or that and trying to show superiority. Get it sorted before it eats you from the inside…Stay respectful, brother!

  12. At first I was a bit mad reading this because I hate it when clubs get in the way of our call ups but now I realize this may be an invisible hand forced opportunity to find a clearer second striker to Lautaro and give them minutes. It may force Scaloni to use Alvarez as a striker which can become a very important change

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