Lionel Messi: “After the World Cup, I don’t know. I’m going to have to rethink a lot of things”


Lionel Messi spoke after Argentina’s 3-0 win against Venezuela in the World Cup qualifiers.

Messi spoke to the media immediately following Argentina’s 3-0 win where he commented on the Argentina national team and his future. There has been a lot of speculation since Thursday regarding Lionel Messi’s Argentina national team future.

Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni stated how the match against Venezuela would probably be the last one in Argentine prior to the World Cup. This caused many to speculate about Messi’s future. When asked about it, here is what he had to say:

“I have been happy here for a long time. We won the Copa America with this wonderful group. Everything flows naturally. It’s easier on and off the pitch.

“I am thinking about Ecuador and the preparation matches. After the World Cup, I’m going to have to rethink a lot of things. It goes well or not, hopefully well…”

The Argentine scored for Argentina in that 3-0 win.

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  1. Scaloni is mediocre manager and you can see his selection are based on mostly the player he likes not because they earned their place through performance.

    Marc Allister..These players doesn’t get to play for Argentina under a fair manager but Scaloni is determined not to change them regardless of the quality and performance of others players in their positions. He simply won’t care and he will keep trusting his own set of players until Argentina fails once again. The fact remains the only Reason Emi Martinez become first choice goalkeeper when Armani had covid and It it didn’t happen then Armani would still be our no 1. That’s how Pathetic Scaloni is.

    So In world cup if any injury/suspension happen To Emi, It will be Armani who will guarding the GOAL instead of Rulli, Benitez. Same goes either of our first choice CB. Pezzala will be coming instead of Lisandro, Marc allister will keep showing his back passes and Nico gonzales as usual provide zero quality in attacking input will hamper the quality in left wing but only will be doing defensive run and pressing. Good luck escaping another disaster in 2022.

    • Yeah scaloni is the same mediocre manager who helped Argentina win the Copa America
      The same mediocre manager who helped build a team that is unbeaten for the last 30 matches
      The same mediocre manager that built an Argentina team that has an identity after a long freakin time

      Sometimes the best players don’t make the best team.
      Yes there are a few players that deserve a chance in the NT but most of those are for backup cause our best 11 is not gonna change

      • Like I said Scaloni only won COPA cause Armani had Covid and He was forced to play Emi. Even before 1 week before Copa His first choice was Armani. If he played the copa then we all know what wouldve happened.

        If a manager can’t distinguishe the best option and rely on luck to make best outcome for him, Then he isn’t good manager. His copa win and 30 game unbeaten run arent convincing. He didn’t play against Strong Europeans team to prove his qualities.

        • Oh okay, i guess pep must be a mediocre manager then. Man City is full of star players and yet he couldn’t win the UCL.

          If u think Copa America success was all down to emi Martinez then I guess u are just dumb.
          If u have ever seen Argentina play under scaloni then u must have realised the level this team is playing at. The pressing, defensive organization, attacking transitions and above all the mentality.

          The fact that you said the 30 match unbeaten run isn’t convincing shows just how little knowledge u have about football, especially international football.

          Scaloni has done a great job, the core of the team is all set and there are still a few spots up for grabs, which I’m sure will be taken care of

          • So you tell I am clueless in Football but telling me Pep didn’t win UCL ? Who won UCL in 2009 and 2011 ? You were in coma or what? next joke plz.

            Copa America success wasnt all down to Emi Martinez but without him we wouldve lost the Coloumbia and Brazil Game. Cause we definitely not winning any Penalty shootout when Aramani is playing. Same goes for 2 Vital save Emi made to keep clean sheet against brazil in final. Both wouldve been GOAL if Armani was playing who has slower Reflex than my 70 year old grandma . So yeah Argentina won Copa cause They finally found a realible keeper who can make world class saves and that Goalie was only playing cause the Lame Armani had covid. That’s says all about Scaloni’s judgment.

            Tata Martino who reached 2 COPA final did better scaloni playing much dominant football, Not like pragmatic one that Argentina is playing now and The only reason he lost 2 final cause he didn’t have a GK who could win those Penalty shootout for him.

            Just put Emi Martinez in tata Martino’s team and you got a team who can play build up football, dominant and same can keep solid defence. Just cause he lost 2 final in penalty shootout doesn’t make Scaloni better than him…He is clueless and He is only got bailed out cause of Luck. Attacking wise both our Colombia and Brazil one was mediocre. All we did just sit back like what Galatashary did vs Barca.

        • I guess u have trouble reading. I clearly was talking about pep at man City

          We won the PK shootout in the semifinal unlike tata who lost it in the final.
          He lost while having Romero as his keeper ( yeah the same Romero who won us the PK shootout against Netherlands ) so don’t use goalkeeping excuses for what tata failed to do

          And I guess u don’t understand that when u change a player, the whole aspect of the game changes. It’s not that easy as saying that if Armani was there he would have to make the same saves as dibu. If Armani was there things could have turned out in a different manner.

          We got to the semi with Armani as our goalkeeper but lost only to Brazil and some clueless refreeing.

          Did tata go on a 30 match unbeaten run?
          Did he qualify for the WC without losing a single match?

          Sampaoli had won 2 Copa against us and was doing a great job at Sevilla when we hired him.
          Sometimes you need the right coach not the best name out there

          Just ask yourself could poch, tata, simeone have done what scaloni did for the NT.
          Picking us when we were at our worst and helped build this team

  2. Messi scored ✅
    Di Maria changed the game ✅
    DePaul the engine ✅

    J.Correa may be good at speed and dribbling…may be he work hard too…but he needs to keep scoring for club to be the backup of Lautaro..when Lautaro misfire..we need a pure goal scorer. Currently, it’s not J.Correa.
    Currently Alexis Mac Allister is behind LoCelso and Papu. Acuna can also play there. So no need to talk about him. I believe, this is his first start.

  3. Tucu is the new Palacio. Always there for nothing but wasting chances. Messi should have had hattrick of assist today.

    Messi looks as good as in Copa last year, I’m sure this will makes PSG fans fuming, but nobody cares about PSG outside Mbappe fans. So many successful dribbles and defence splitting passes.

    One thing we learn from this game, Messi is physically fine. He’s just not motivated at club football , especially at PSG that has toxic atmosphere.

    Messi finishing still looks rusty due to playing very deep since arriving at PSG, but once he scores few more, he should be back at top form.

    • Emi, Romero, De Paul, Di Maria, Messi and maybe Lo Celso, Papu (if he makes it) and Lautaro will be huge difference makers for us in Qatar. I hope all of them stay healthy and play a lot.

        • Papu always impressed , he feels like a second mini Messi in the team , his record for man of match in history of serie a speaks for it self over 30 matches

  4. Good game, great result, an amazing way to send off the national team.

    Ecuador game interestingly not at altitude in Quito as they usually prefer but in a coastal, tropical city of Guayaquil.

  5. Honestly speaking I like Joaquín Correa, his movements, directness, Dribbling are really good his finishing no but goals will come, I see why scaloni likes him. De Paul is exactly what messi , Di Maria were lacked in thier earlier days of Argentine shirt,What a player de Paul is becoming the only difference between de Paul and De Bruyne is Guardiola, Simeone and English media. Paredes is always good in arg shirt. I’m happy for nico speedy on his goal and his overall performance.

  6. Messi is happier to play at N/T than PSG club. yes, Messi is aging but he always deliver the best for N/T; more importantly he s covered and surrounded by great team mates nowadays. De Paul, Parades, Nico and Lo Celso, Lautoro ( missed him today) and good coach Scaloni.

    Scaloni may have many players option, but should realize only a few are N/T material. Mac Allister, J.Correa; are work in process; maybe after the WC could be recall not for this WC.

    Tagliafico on the second half did an excellent job. He should be played as DM rather than left back

  7. Win the WC and go work for Burger King for all I care LOL.
    This is it, last WC whether we like it or not, he’ll be 35 in the summer and as I said many times, playing for PSG is what the doctor ordered……….no need to carry anybody on his back anymore, he did a lot of lifting for many years already

  8. Once Messi started to get the ball passed back to him , vintage Messi was back. At Psg he barely gets any balls let alone pass backs!! If I am not mistaken he only had one clear cut shot at the goal and he scored. His free kicks weren’t bad but I was expecting him to test the Venezuelan goal keeper more. However his playmaking is unmatched. His ability to create chances out of nothing will be huge advantage in the world cup and that is why we need more clinical finishing.

    J.Correa’s positioning and pressing is quite good but when you play as a sole striker you need to score and he couldn’t Again!!. Dybala who is a much superior goal scorer would be a better selection than J.Correa. Next match A.Correa needs to start, he is far better finisher and deserves atleast starting 60mins and J.Alvarez should be brought as a sub. DePaul’s pass to Dimaria reminded of copa america final, Simone has been wasting him by playing Depaul way deep like a DM.

    Scaloni has turned this team into a machine. The pressing to get the possession back is insane!! We had 5 starting players missing and still played great!!

    • Dybala is much better than this J. Correa all-round. His has been given opportunity but fail to impress. Scaloni must go with the best and stop with his favoritism. Secondly pezella and Armani will be our undoing. Marcos Senesi by now should be starting to play for NT ahead of Pezella and LMQ.

      I repeat again scaloni should not make that stupid mistake of picking likes of Pezella, LMQ, Joaquin Correa, Armani at the expense of players like Dybala, Senesi,Musso/Rulli.

  9. The games owes one to Leo
    The world owes one to Leo

    For the amount of joy he has brought for so many people around the world

    For the thousands of kids who want to play the game because of him

    I know so many Brazilians who love him. Says lot

    What an ambassador he has been

    The world owes him one now

    • Hey olive I am not a great football expert and give me your wise opinion on how Messi played today bcz it looked like some of his plays were great and some were not to me……..for example the area just before the opponents penalty box…… used to be Messi’s hub but this match he could not dribble through players like he used to

      Also dont roast my butt for this comment anyone please

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