Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni comments on striker situation


Argentina nationmal team coach Lionel Scaloni commented on Argentina’s striker situation.

Lionel Scaloni did not have Lautaro Martinez who is Argentina’s number nine as he is out due to COVID. Scaloni played Joaquín Correa and Correa could have had three goals in the 3-0 win vs. Venezuela but did not score. Speaking about it at a press conference, here is what Scaloni had to say when asked about the attack:

“Good. In principle, the idea was for Messi to play as the nine and (Nicolás) González and Joaquín (Correa) on the wings. After that, we saw that the match was a certain way, we changed to have Joaquín in the middle.

“Offensively speaking, we are happy. Alexis (Mac Allister) also got to it. To fail, you have to get there (be in a position to score). Joaquín had clear chances. I would have liked for him to score a goal because he deserved it.

“Everyone will have their chance to play. I was happy with the match Joaquín played. Had he scored a goal, we would be talking about a great match. With important players who understand each other well. I’m happy with his match. The team created chances. Julián will play.

“The most important thing is not to believe that because you win, everything is fine and if you lose, everything is wrong. You have to realize that it was done well but there is still room for improvement. As the games go by, we will improve. It’s what we expect.”


  1. Excellent match from the boys and interestingly the team became much more energetic at the last 20 minutes than they were in the first 70, thus showing an impressive amount of tenacity and fitness. I should also note that Scaloni has greatly improved the team’s capacity for coutner attacks, which was a clear weakness in copa.
    DePaul was MOTM for me, with 2 assists and a ubiquitous presence throughout the game. Lio was another standout, showing everyone that he hasn’t lost a step and I have no doubt that he’ll shut all his doubters up and have the last laugh.
    J.Correa and Alexis are getting a lot of criticism and I have to say that it’s fair, MacAllister looked lost and apart from his participation in the first goal he did very little unless you mention that big miss in the 2nd half. I still think he’s a good player and at 23yrs he has time to grow but with Nico Dominguez and Palacios I don’t see him going to Qatar.
    As for J.Correa, well he knows how to get into good positions but unfortunately his finishing is wayward and he’s definitely not the person to get you a goal when needed. For me personally, Dybala (if fit) should be the back to Lautaro and please don’t tell me that “Dybala isn’t a 9” because he can most certainly play as one.
    Lastly I should give big kudos to fideo, when he plays on the right side he’s almost Messi-like in his ability and I should also give a shoutout to Nico Gonzalez, he’s not a world beater but his atheleticism and tenacity creates a lot of space for the rest and that shouldn’t be underestimated.

    • yeah totally agreed.on dybala he can do the job.i think its more a question of profile, in Scaloni`s mind, messi and dybala cannot play together. he prefers to have strikers who press

  2. it will be good if scaloni integrate lucas boye in the team from the next.. it seems boye has some good pace.. he will be very good beside lautaro in striker position.. boye also brings something good in upfront something like pace or holding onto the ball and lautaro brings something as workhorse even when he is not in goal. lautaro and boye will be good substitute to each other,, each brings something good.. also alvarez is better.. but he is not total number 9.. i think argentina no need to worry about number 9 position.. alario always decent header but he waste his time in wrong club.. lautaro,boye,alario not bad front option

  3. For those mother fuckers who don’t like this playing style or certain players
    go fucking watch some other country football don’t waste time here,

    I’m loving what i see
    most importantly they are playing like a family
    immotionally towards the nation.

    Under which fucking coach did we play this beautiful football before

    Go fuck yourself watch brazil, portugal or france if you dont like dont waste time here.

    every team will have coach favourites
    I don’t fucking give shit as long as we win.

    Vamosssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss !!!!

  4. Argentina is in pot 1
    Pot 2 will have: Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Croatia, Denmark
    Pot 3 will have: Iran, Japan, Korea, Serbia
    Pot 4 will have: Saudi Arabia, and a lot of unfinished matches

    It is too early to predict but I want something like Argentina, Croatia (revenge), South Korea, and an African team group

  5. You know Alexis did just one good thing in the game, the pass to De Paul that led to Argentina first goal. Other than that he was an absolute shit. I am just afraid that Scaloni saw it differently.

    Currently he already beats Palacios for the 4th midfielder spot (below De Paul, Lo Celso, and Papu). I would freak out if he makes the final 26 and say Palacios is out.

    I mean u see that yourself, he is below average (not even average) in everything. I have never seen someone that short and at the same time that slow. He is even slower than Riquelme. He can’t protect the ball, he doesn’t have the technical ability, he is below average in passing or shooting. He just covers up everything by making back passes all the time so his stats wouldn’t be that bad. He defends yes but very average. Someone like Lamela is much better defensively.

    He would waste one spot if he makes it really. Man why we always have at least one weird player that the coach always loves? Meza, Sosa, and now him.

    Remember today it would have been a bad match had MacAllister not been substituted. After he was substituted we played like real Argentina. Before that, we were lucky it was 1-0. It could have been 1-1.

    I really hope Palacios regains his starting spot against Ecuador. Palacios at least is very good at 1-2 pass.

    • Dear,
      He was quick in that first goal.. don’t count him like Meza and Sosa… Scaloni and coaching staff rate him high ..he will improve by year ..he’s still only 23..

      BTW..I like Palacios very much..these are two different players…now Palacios is playing more like DM in his club even though he is a CM…so he will be backup of Paredes,Guido than LM or CAM role for NT..I think, thats how Scaloni planning. He looks for club performance and positions.
      Moreover Palacios is injury prone… can’t trust for a tournament.

      • No Palacios in the past always replacing either Lo Celso or De Paul. Guido and sometimes Nico Dominguez always replacing Paredes.

        I disagree on MacAllister. He is 23 but he plays like he is 38. No speed, no energy. Messi was criticized to be slow in PSG but compared to MacAllister today, Messi was like a speedy Gonzales.

        My prediction is in a couple of years he will be back to Argentina or to Arab league or something. Just because someone is young doesnt mean they will definitely improve. We had a lot of young players that never developed their games in the past.

  6. Alexis Mac Allister doesn’t deserve this criticism.
    Who given that great Pre assist for the most important first goal..? He was very quick to react to that ball and passed it to DePaul. Check again. Also this is second match for NT…and he played after 3 long years…

  7. Watched the replay – oh boy, what a match!! The most impressive aspects of this Argentina are: INTENSITY, PRESSING, FAST, QUICK TRANSITION, DIRECTNESS, DETERMINATION, RUTHLESS. Anybody watching Argentina will be sacred to face us in the Qater. This Argentina is a cross breed of Argentina and Germany’s DNA. After watching the game, who could say that we were missing 5 of our regular starters today! Our second fiddles are as good as the starters. Here is my player rating:
    Armani: No comment

    Pazzela 6/10: Either way, he is going to Qater. After all, how could you axe him right before the world cup. If any of our CB reserve could be questioned, it is LMQ, not Pazzela. After all, what has been LMQs progress over the past years – falling down in the packing order, as Romero and Lisandro solidified their positions within a much shorter period than LMQ.

    Otamendi 7/10: Still the first choice CB to partner Romero.

    Molina 7.5/10: Superb going forward and relatively solid defending. Montiel is as good as Molina.

    Teglafico 8/10: I think Tagli had a solid game. I do not know if it was because of Nico”s presence that allowed De-Paul to enjoy the freedom to roam all over the field. Very happy to have a player like him as a back up for LB position.

    Paredes 7.5/10: He controls the tempo and dictates the game from deep. He has improved a lot lately with both PSG and Argentina. He may not move his body in the field that much but he moves his feet very quickly – quick to move the ball when we play fast and slows down the pace when we need to reorganize.

    De-Paul 11/10: What a beautiful Monster he has become!! I will not trade him with ANYONE in the WHOLE WORLD in the midfield. He start moving freely all over the field and unleash his playmaking capacity as opposed to defending/sweeping in his early days with Scaloni’s Argentina. I hope he can keep his offensive display even when we are playing with a stronger opponent and not bog down in defensive duties.

    Alexis: He is not the guy we are looking for on the left. I want to see Lanzini in the coming match. Also, wonder how will Dominguez do along with Paredes to give De-Paul the much needed freedom?

    Messi 11/10: He knows what he needs to win, i.e. the world cup with Argentina, not the Champion’s League trophy with PSG. So, keep your energy and stay injury free for Qater.

    DeMaria 10/10: He is kind of a player who can change the game in just 20 mins of play!! What J Correa could not do in 70 mins, Angel did it twice (one goal and one assist) in just 20 mins.

    Nico Gonzales 8/10: So glad that he scored a goal. He is phenomenal when he scores and very good when he does not score.

    J. Correa 6.5/10: You could talk good about his (as did Scaloni), but I do not think he is the back-up of Lautaro and deserve to be in the 23-man squad.

    A. Correa 6.5/10: He should be given a 70-min spell as other are given. He is no DeMaria to alter the game in just 20-25 mins.

  8. You know what I feel is if Venezuela hit the target, it will become a goal right away with Armani being there. He looks old, slow, very unfair for other keepers in Europe not to make WC because of Armani

    • As I always said, he couldnt even catch aerial cross as you can see he punched one of Venezuela’s cross that luckily didnt land on one of their player.

  9. Argentina is getting better touches are becoming more smooth and flowing. A. Correa and Lanzini should get starting role.A. Coorea is very good in making late runs to penalty box. If J. Correa plays Argentina lacks goal threat.
    A. Correa is far better than J. Correa I do not know why Scaloni never gave him full match.

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