Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni on Paulo Dybala’s exclusion from national team


Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni has spoken about Paulo Dybala’s exclusion from the team.

Lionel Scaloni did not select Paulo Dybala for the World Cup qualifying matches. Dybala has been struggling with fitness issues and has been left out of the team.

Scaloni spoke at a press conference on Sunday regarding the possible eleven against Ecuador in Tuesday’s World Cup qualifier and Lionel Messi and Angel Di Maria’s Instagram posts. Regarding Dybala, here is what he had to say:

“He has not had the continuity that we all would like and that means that when he comes here, he is not in the best conditions. In the end, the national team loses because we need them to be well when deciding.

“That doubt does not have to be due to a physical issue but due to an issue that the coach sees. Let him play for his club and make a difference.”


  1. I am sorry but the coach has got to be either drunk or stupid to pick Mac Allister, Lanzini, Alvarez or Lucas Boye, let alone uncapped club youth team players like Paz and Geralnik over Dybala even if he is not 100%. Especially stupid given Dybala’s form this season. It will be a travesty if he is left out of the world cup for half-arsed reasons like that.

  2. Latest probable starting line up by TYC has:
    Musso instead of Armani
    Montiel instead of Molina
    Guido instead of Paredes
    Palacios instead of MacAllister
    Di Maria instead of Nico Gonzales
    J Alvarez instead of J Correa

    So: Musso; Montiel, Pezzella, Otamendi, Tagliafico; Guido, De Paul, Palacios; Di Maria, Messi, Alvarez.

    It looks like a better starting 11 on paper but we would be quite weak on the left as there would be no threat there. Palacios is a box to box but not really an AM. Di Maria would lose his effectiveness if played on the left. That’s where we clearly miss Lo Celso or Papu.

    Or Scaloni would do what he did against Venezuela: make Messi a false 9 and Julian Alvarez play as left winger and Di Maria as right winger. That could work.

    • Ecuador would be a real test for our cbs. Long aerial balls would have to be defended by pazella and ota. I think di Maria can cover the attacking strength of the team when both palacios and Guido in the team. If Nico is there then Paredes should be really needed.

  3. Watching the Denmark and Netherlands game is some what a worrying sign. Both are not seeded teams. They playing like they are in the top 5. Wingers are top. With Christian Erikson Denmark is playing beautifully. 2 of these teams have fast attacking wingers. Argentina lacks in this department. I mean we need to use the full potential of our available wingers in the wc. How can scaloni implement di Maria in the right wing? 4 3 2 1 formation is not useful for Argentina like Brazil. 4 4 2 is the only option left. I still remember paraguays Almiron just ran out Romero completely in the wcq. Counter Attack is a threat seeing this Denmark Holland game.

    • Both teams will be serious opposition for us. It will be a good thing to have Germany or Netherlands in the group. If we both progress, we would not meet them again until the final. Our track record against Netherlands and Germany over the past 50 years isn’t that great. Against Netherlands we won in 1978 (final in overtime) and 2014 (penalties), we lost in 1974 and in 1998 and had a draw in 2006 when both teams already qualified. We beat (West) Germany in 1986, all other WC games we lost.

      • I want Germany in the same group together with 2 easy teams. We can test our strength against Germany and also avoid the remaining path until final..if both reach…!

    • We topped the group that has Netherlands in 2006, also topped the group that has Italy in 1986.

      Chile beat Spain at group stage , Uruguay even beat Portugal , Italy and England in recent World cups.

      Netherlands had history of beating Spain 5-1 and Argentina 4-0 but Argentina and Spain beat them when it matter, the final. Besides, pass record means nothing, Argentina never beat Brazil in Brazil in major tournament, then it happened.

    • Yes, it was a great match to watch as those 2 teams had not met each another i think more less in the past 20 year’s, if i’m correct and i think Richard or Rattle or anyone please correct me if i do remember wrong etc..,

      Specially Van Gaal’s 3-4-1-2 which they been practicing lately was used at least by this version or edit no.3 of his Netherlands for the first time against Denmark and Yes indeed it seemed to work very well specially in the first half as at second half Denmark clearly change their way approach to the game and what a moment was to see Christian Eriksen back in Denmark’s shirt as who would have thought of that happening so soon as even the coach Hjulmand had said that it was more likely to hapoen in june during the Nations league game’s etc.

      But, whou would have have quessed him to score such an beauty straight after his beginning of secondhalf introduction and alao what an screamer he hit the post from outside of the box as the Dane’s played much better when Skov-Olsen and Rasmus Christensen and Dollberg were brought in as they were Still missing stryger-larsen, Simon Kjaer, Andreas Christensen and Daniel Wass for example.

      But, well played and deserverdly won in the by the Dutch 4-2 as both teams could have score a couple of more, perhaps…

      Yes, both are dangerous teams as we know allready from the Dane’s euro succes which was no surprise in Europe as everyone was expecting allready back then big things from them once again after sometime and specially allmost and bit unfairly beaten by English at front of full Wembley crowd with a bit suspicious penalty at xtra time, well it allmost looked like another Viking invasion to England which was back then run by Saxmen who origanalky crossed overseas from the coast’s of Northern Sea and where they had mostly settled as one of the many Germanic tribe’s during those days etc.,

      And as what happened to Christian Eriksen in their first euro game at their home at Parken against Finland was just way over nothing that i seen with my own eyes, though offcourse there are unfortunatly even more sad and dramatical stories which have even ended up players loosing their life on the pitch etc,,,

      Still totally shocked by this Denmark was able to go allmost all the way to final of the Euro’s, so i give them big credit for that as Eriksen has alkways been their main or key player, but they do have others too, which are not maybe so well known, but allraedy showded at Euro’s that what they are capable of etc…

      And now Eriksen back and also his dream been fullfilled as it was allways to play at WC at Qatar so, Yes this is a big advantage to Denmark who been able play greatly even without him etc..

      And also what comes to Dutch team, well again it has risen from the shadows and Ok, at Euro’s they lost it to Checzk’s 2-0, but also their coach Frank De Boer was not and is not the greateast, so now with Van Gaal’s 3rd edition and this new style of play which Van Gaal clearly said that if they want to taste succes at Qatar it will be their’s best chance as 3-4-1-2 a d he also critizided totally FIFA arranging WC at Qatar and call it completly bullshitt and said that according FIFA’s statement to arrange WC at Qatar is due to try build up and give the most benefit’s by this to Qatari football was just an exuse and full of lies from FIFA again as their typical propaganda etc…

      Well, way or another those 2 teams are certainly dangerous and playing goid football at the moment and i will expect even more things coming from the Dutch, but we will see what will happen in the end and in a way i feel Denmark is a bit more dangerous team as it is so versatile team that can easily,y change they way of aporoach to the game even during the game’s very easily and this make’s them dangerous, indeed as the dutch i expect to play as Van Gaal said 3-4-1-2 and certainly it worked well against Denmark at least this time so, Yes it is intresting to see and more team i think that will be super dangerous from Europe, maybe even the most dangerous team at the moment from Europe is Hansi Flick’s Germany, Ok, tney lost against Northern Macedonia at home 1-2 and everybody was laughing, but i don’t think anyone is laughing anymore certainly not the italians and those who expected Italy to kick out Penaldo from Qatar, hopefully Northern Macedonia will repeat what they did to Italy, but i highly doubt it as Portugal and specially Penaldo are just somehow alkways super lucky and, Ok if Lenaldo was not playing for Portugal, well then i won’t maybe Mind Portugal that much, but as long as Penaldo is there i will allways be against them as i’m against the English and as they say their dear Froggy’s too !

  4. Other similar things to 1986 which was unusual in football history, France and Italy won the two previous big competitions and Denmark playing exciting football.

    • Yes, gongratlutions! And, indeed it seems like history repeating it Self once more so, let’s hope this will be a good omen for Arg finally winning again for the 3rd time after 1986 WC at Azteca&Mexico! And it is quite funny that Italy who won at 1982 could not Qualify from group stage at 1986 as now they were knocked out by Northern Macedonia and France who lost twice against West Germany in semifinal as at 1982 and 1986, and had such a great team comparing to West German’s in at least quality wise as they were quite superior at 1984 Euro’s were the dane’s lost Spain by penalties if i remember right in the semifinal and also back then Poland had good team at 1982 and 1984 and X-Yugoslavia was also,very competive as the Serbian’s are now qualified too as they won their group ahead of Portugal etc…

      Hopefully, though history will only repeat itself in terms of football level as things in Europe are not looking at great at all as Poland and another baltic Countries are calling fot NATO to Bomb Russians and shoot down their planes, and as we all know they have bad taste in their mouths from second world war and are now calling and crying for justice for their own sake, more than Ukraine’s sake who is under Direct invasion!

  5. Wonder what is the next club of Dybala as Juve will not renew his contract. It’s reported that he wants to join PSG or Barca but he’s not seen as the top priority of those 2 clubs. I only see Arsenal, Betis, Atletico Madrid, AC Milan or Bayer Leverkusen as the few options that can go with his profile but all those club have already good player in his position and honestly speaking most of them are better than Dybala.

    • Which players are those? Why should dybala downgrade to go to a club like Real Betis for heaven’s sake.By the way who will replace dybala at Juventus? Berardi the guy who missed open goal vs Macedonia? Zaniolo that player with worse injury record? Juventus are simply playing politics and that’s why Cr7 left that team. It’s dead team.

      So want Scaloni to chose deadwood like Ocampos, Meza and Joaquin Correa over Dybala? Excuse me.

      • Which players are those? Fekir, Joao Felix, Wirtz, Odegaard and Brahim Diaz. All of them are on fire with their club, why Dybala can come and take their place? I am talking about the present and not Dybala 5y ago. For the Juve, I don’t know which team they will put next year but the fact is they don’t renew his contract. Again, I support Argentina as a team but I stay very objective and neutral on the players individually.

        • Yes, u are absolutly right about those names u mentioned in those clubs who are playing in their position as i Wirtz who is now injured the most for the future and at some point Leverkusen will sell him as they sold Havertz to Chelsea etc…

          So, Yes it is a bit of dilemma for Paulo at the moment and i truly hope he can sort it out and Still become that player he once was etc…at least if end of this WC both Messi and Di Maria decide to retire from Arg NT, well in form Paulo will be a good asset as even now i wish him to get quickly back to his best before the team will be selected to WC at Qatar

        • Why would dybala go to betis for heaven’s sake. Joao Felix is a good player for only 60minutes but then gets fatigued. Rest are not of good qualities c/f to dybala except Wirtz. Dybala is not interested to go to Arsenal in the first place. At Atletico Madrid he will get minutes.
          Suarez is no longer reliable. Cunha is not that good. The only consistent player in Atletico is Angel Correa.

          Let’s worry more about Argentina coach selecting shitty players like Joaquin Correa, Armani, Ocampos, McAlister, LMQ and Pezella

    first and second half replays of the game for those who missed all of it or part of it

      • Just injury got in way otherwise Dybla is one of the best. In 21 Serie A match he scored 8 goals and 5 assists that is good for a player who is consistently injured throughout the season.

      • Dybala is Overrated? So tell me about Juaquin Correa and McAlister. How is he overrated? Because of injuries? No one get’s injured intentionally. That overrated guy has scored 113 goals for juventus in his career.

        So you prefer Scaloni takes deadwood like Ocampos, Meza and Juaquin Correa over dybala?
        Mr Brown you are simply a hater. Let me remind you Form is temporary but class is permanent.

  7. Dybala is inconsistent and didn’t suit with the Scaloni formation. Wasteful if he is sitting on the bench but did not contribute much if he played alongside Messi, Di Maria or Papu Gomez. Unfortunately, Scaloni didn’t give him a chance to proved on this last two games. He can be optimize as he have a good shooting outside the box.

    • How many chances has he been given before you talk about consistency. For the last two years dybala has been sidelined and those who got their chances only papu Gomez and Nick Impressed. Joaquin, Ocampos have always flopped. Stop lying here! Dybala has been sparsely used because of similar position he shares with messi. Remember when dybala was only used for less than 15 minutes in the worldcup because of shitty players like Pavon and Meza. So when you tell me he had his chances I wonder which chances are those? Can you specifically point out those chances in any major tournament.
      If you hate dybala just say it instead of giving false information.

      • No hate on Dybala rather feel sad about Dybala,,, he is supposed to be the backbone of N/T, many chance had been given to him since Sampaoli era. Compare his goals scoring record for N/T to Nico or his assist. He simply did not perform well at N/T. So did to his club on his last season. Not because he is not good but not lucky enough. He is indeed too good to be just sitting on the bench. Before this he was being called but got Covid. I do always try to be objective with no like or dislike.

        Compare what ADM did in 15 minutes against Venezuela games. If Dybala can do similar things; no coach will overlook him.

        • Sampaoli never gave Dybala a chance. You forgot entire worldcup dybala played for less than 15 minutes where he came as a substitute when Argentina was trailing 2-0 against Croatia. Kindly get your facts right. Sampaoli was a clown who played pavon instead of Dimaria.
          Bottom line Dybala has never been given a fair chance to prove his worth especially last two years.

        • Last season was his worst season sidelined due to injury. No one is debating that. But this season he has been impressive considering he has been playing as deep in midfield as playmaker. Mark my words dybala is an asset NT can’t risk to leave out.

      • @ Asaph Mark Amen. Very few players of Dybala’s class have been treated as unfairly by their national team. He should have played for Italy. If he had played in place of Berardi in the last game Italy would have won lol.

  8. pappu gomez and lanzini two very exciting profile in midfield… lanzini stay or play little deeper in midfield while papu is little upfront.. they are equally better player .. but will they both get space for the final selection for worldcup.. there is also lo celso sometime people complain about lo celso.. but locelso also great quality of player.. now question will lanzini make it in final selection in worldcup.. r. depaul will surely make it.. there is need another de paul in the team for his back up.. so who will it be.. i think midfield is pretty decent for argentina

    • Rodrigo De Paul is irreplaceable at this moment till WC. The team need him badly; the golden passed to Di Maria in the Copa Final can’t be denied and forgetful. His superb control and extra stamina made the team. He is the motor and dynamo for the team. Guido or Lanzini can be his subs. but not equal to him. Lanzini is good but injury prone; a glassware. Lets see how Palacios is doing and the main thing is drop Mac Allister

  9. Fellow Canadians, Canada has made it to the world cup for the second time, their first world cup being 1986 which is also our last world cup win!!!

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