Argentina’s 2010 World Cup qualifying campaign – Diego Maradona


It’s a new series on Mundo Albiceleste’s Youtube channel as we review Argentina’s 2010 World Cup qualifying campaign!

With it being World Cup year, Argentina have had some memorable World Cup qualifying campaigns and matches. We will review some of Argentina’s more memorable runs to the World Cup.

In part 2 of the new series, we will look at the 2010 qualifiers with Diego Maradona as coach! Lionel Messi wears the number 10 shirt, the 6-1 loss against Bolivia, Martin Palermo’s goal against Peru and the entire qualification!


  1. aaaaaaahhh what you remind me now. 2010 world cup was made from the dreams of every Argentine. my most loved world cup. DIEDO as coach and LEO at his prime. if we could win that world cup SURE it will be the most historical ever. the most memorable ever and the most loved ever world cup in the eternal history of Argentina. i am sure it could pass even the days of Eva Peron. that kind of world cup win i am sure it would be reach popularity over events beyond sports in the history of Argentina.
    BUT sometimes the most wonderful dreams it remain wonderful dreams because reality is not working sentimental. DIEGO wasn t coach and reality hit us hard unfortunately.
    in 2010 we go with auto pilot and with guide just the football experience of DIEGO as player.
    this is the reality. BUT anyway the 2010 world cup will be my most loved and i will keep it in my heart as long as i will live even if it end wasn t the one every Argentine dream.

  2. When I look back, I am not sure if the selection of Zanetti, Cambiasso and Lucho could have changed anything in 2010. I remember the Germany team dominated us by their pace, physical challenges and defensive discipline. 12 years later, the football style of those 2 countries become quite similar. They play better with the ball and we are more disciplined tactically and we play more physically. Will be nice to play against them in group or in semi final.

    • We wouldve won the game. Simple. Argentina played without a manager. The squad we had, If it was managed by someone Tactical like Sabella then we would definitely meet Spain in Semis. Remember the 2014 german team was much better than 2010 and Sabella dominated them playing Macherano and Biglia in Midfield. In 2010 he wouldve had Cambiasso, Riquelme, Veron, Samuel, Zanetti to work with.

      • Yaa our mangers always loose the coolness when its arround the worldcup
        Its okey to loose when we tryed all guns fire but its sad when we were not using our weapons

  3. It goes without saying that we all love and are completely grateful for Maradona. But like everyone else I can’t deny that he wasn’t meant to be a coach at all. Diego was too crazy and wild to be a coach. I still can’t get past the fact he called up Ariel Garce because he saw him in a dream instead of Zanetti haha. The memories are funny but sad too because of the circumstances. Anyway I am sure he is helping from above in his ways regardless 🙂

  4. I was so saddened before the cup started as I actually purchased tickets to south Africa. I was so sad that he brought that fool from Newcastle in place of zannetti. Even the locals in Cape town, where I landed, were confused as to where was cambiaseo and zannetti. The stand out memories of that cup were all maradona actions, rip. When he taunted Germany in the press conference, when he was hugging every player coming out of locker room, and when tevez denied his hug 😂. Our defense was so shit the whole tournament, if only he had zannetti and cambiasso. I really thought we would win it when I bought the tickets, but step by step things went bad, from riquelme leaving to the inclusion of Palermo, etc. And then when they landed, instead of training, maradona gave the team 3 days off to go vacationing in south Africa!!!!!! 😂 I love maradona tho.

  5. Always unfortunate for Argentina. 2018 we were not favourites but if we reached 1st in the group we were the ones in the place of croatia. It was so sad and unfortunate. Destiny, poor managerial tactics and some times low mental strength all costed us. Destiny is not with us but the rest we can improve.

  6. Scaloni is sticking with 433 and he has successfully implemented this. I hope he goes with this team against Ecuador. He has to test all the backup available in each positions.


  7. I’m very happy and kind of impressed by the young players Scaloni called up. But with all due respect if you watch the numbers from Garnacho, who is doing great, He’s got equal numbers like Gavi.

    The main difference is, Garnacho is ManU Under 20 and Gavi palys for Barcelona and Spain NT. I think Scaloni should have the balls to try some youth players in Freinedly Games…

    As for Ecuador I hope we line up strong I wanna win that Game not just draw or even loose. We wanna win all Games before WC…

    • If grancho and luka was spanish they could have playee for spain alrrady i love the sytem and spanish manger policy to give young guns early chances he is making sure young prospects will become legends

  8. All due Respect to Diego ( rip) his arrogance cost us the 2010 world cup. The team was no less than Spain individually and 4 of Argentina player were highly responsible to kick GOATED barca team out of UCL in 2010. Milito, Samuel, Zanetti and Cambiasso, None of then played any key role to his team. Zanetti and Cambiasso werent even picked to the sqaud. Not to mention his feud with Riquelme made him retire from the national team too

    Zanetti Samuel Otamendi Heinze
    Cambaisso Macherano
    Messi RiquelMe Di Maria

    Backup = Tevez, Higuain, Aguero, Maxi Rodriguez, Veron, Pastore

    This team was more than enough to win world cup if we had a tactical manager.

    Probably the greatest argentina world cup squad end up with most disappointing performance.

    • That 2010 team was considerably better than our current squad. Too bad we did not have someone like Hector Cuper managing the team with Diego as assistant instead of decision maker.

    • Talent wise 2010, 14, 06 squad were better than our current team. But those teams were not only knocked out in wc but in copa too. 2007 copa journey was wonderful till final. Then in final we couldn’t stop their counters. 2015 and 16 copa also same low mentality in the finals against a team like chile. If those finals were a friendly or a group match then Argentina had easily beaten chile atleast once. I think in 2015 and 16 our semi final wins were so dominating due to messi. That made chile to play 101% in defending us. In 2021 copa our semi was not that good in some areas. This made Brazil to make same strategy that is to lock Messi. But we were more than that this time around.

    • What you bring up is interesting. Personally I see this as proof that you don’t need the best squad to win, you need the best team to win. I have so much belief in the talents of our squad, of which most Europeans are unaware about. Regardless I know there are teams out there with more depth and overall talent. France, Germany, Spain with the exception of their attack, even England in terms of their young talents and depth (I know people will disagree but I think they have some exceptional young talents like Bellingham, Foden, Sancho, TAA, Rice etc, albeit they can be overrated by their press). What distinguishes us from these teams are these factors:

      -in comparison to France we have a closely connected locker room and team spirit. Apparently during the Euros the France’s players moms were fighting each other. No you did not read that wrong. I also think Deschamps is a very average coach and it also speaks volumes that one of our worst teams ever in the world cup scored three past them and was the only team to go ahead of them.

      -With England, like I said I think some of their talents are incredible but still the team is very overrated by their press and experiences a lot of pressure. Both things can be true at once, them having a decent squad while still being rated above that. The most important and crucial thing I wanted to mention about England however is that many of their core players during the Euros have from drastically to even slightly dropped form due to burnout and horrible confidence. If there’s anything our team has it’s self confidence. Examples include Kane, Grealish, Sterling, Maguire, Shaw, Rashford, Sancho, and also Phillips, Chilwell, and Calvert Lewin (those due to injury), I am sure there are others I am not even aware of. If even half of this bad form continues into the world cup that would be very beneficial.

      -With Spain I think they have a really good squad and team but again their attack isn’t great and their shining lights (Pedri and Gavi) are incredibly young. They have demonstrated that they play like they were several years older but I wonder if under all this pressure they may crack or even just seem inexperienced in this sort of competition.

      -Like others have mentioned, the only legitimate concerns in Europe are Germany and Denmark. Germany had an average Euros but is now coached from Hansi Flick so I don’t know what to expect. Denmark has a very balanced squad with decent players in all positions.

      -Portugal has many decent and even world class players but don’t play good football and aren’t much of a threat.

      -Brazil? We know how to beat them

      -Belgium remain first in Fifa rankings but are nowhere close to the 2018 version

      -we can never rule out the possibility that an underdog could complicate us or beat us but this team despite already being qualified doesn’t underestimate the opponent and goes into every game with every intention of winning and does it (Chile, Colombia, etc) so I don’t anticipate serious slip ups.

      Basically what I’m getting at is that having the best squad doesn’t mean you have the best chances of winning. 2010 like you mentioned or 2002. I look at almost every other European team and I can spot some sort of weakness. I am glad Italy are out because that eliminates one and we can still practice against them before the WC

      • Hi, Olive
        I really like your great analysis and your thought’s about those Europeans teams and if i may add one more team on that list who have been starting to rise again from their past shadows are Netherlands who again is coached by Van Gaal and having Danny Blind as one the or maybe the assistant coach….etc.

        Anyhow way or another their new style of play which Van Gaal said that will give them the best chance of winning in Qatar from all of their different approaches is if i remember right, please anyone correct me if i’m mistaken or remember the order of this system now used by Van Gaal wrong etc…

        I think he said 3-4-1-2 and with this they will be using also using one player as pure 10, which was Berghuis from Ajax in their last friendly against Denmark which ended up 4-2 and was very entertaining game indeed, though Denmark was missing their captain Simon Kjær and also another defenders and players such as Daniel Wass, Stryger-Larsen-Rasmus Christensen etc.

        Also Van Gaal said his oppinion about WC at Qatar completly straight as calling full of bullshit and specially that FIFA’s is statement arrange WC at Qatar will improve Qatar’s football in all in all is just pure propaganda from FIFA etc…

        Frankie De Jong and Bergwijn who scored a brace as Memphis scored from penalty and Nathan Ake from corner as he was completly unmarked by Denmark’s Defence etc..

        Denmark, though in oyherhand didnot play that badly, though i seen them playing lot better too, but offcourse the highlight of the match was Denmark’s intoduction of Christian Eriksen at begin of second half as he scored anabsolute beauty straight away from inside of box to top corner assisted by Skov-Olsen and with that goal he equaled the Denmark’s alltime top scorer Michael Laudrup.

        So, Yes the game ended rightfully 4-2 for Netherlands as they were leading 3-1 at halftime by first one being a great header from Bergwijn who have not plaed that much under Conte, yet, but also scored the last goal by great shot to back corner at 70+min as Denmark had change their aproach at second half and by that limited the Dutch chances and were more in control of the game and had chances perhaps to score at least one more or perhaps 2 goal as they had to finish the game with Meahle withdrawn by head injury and as Denmark had used all their subs allready and offcourse Eriksen was super hot by not only scoring a great goal, but also hit post with absolute screamer from quite from outside the box etc…

        So, Yes Hansi Flick’s Germany and Van Gaal’s Netherlands and Hjulmands Denmark are perhaps the most dangerous opponents from Europe at the moment, though i would not fully count of also Serbia.

        Well all that said Arg must not fear anyone and just be fully prepared to face any team at any moment and also be aware of their way of play and also specially Denmark as i see them the most versatile team as they can change their way of play so easily during game’s having a lot different options available etc..

        But, some how i have the feeling that Hansi Flick’s Germany will be the most dangerous from Europe or perhaps Serbia could teally pull it out, as we never know until every game is played until the end…

        I was kind of sad that Italy as current Champions of Europe were knocked out, but that is hard side of football as anything is allways possible and this i belive Arg must really concentrate on and i think this time they can concentrate on that as the whole team is such strong unit as a team and as it was also said and seen so many times before that best squad with most of the quality will not necessarily win allways as i also see it more in that way that the best team as unit working together has more better chance to win it at the end…

        Let’s hope that history repeat’s itself and if Canada will be at Qatar as their secondtime ever in WC and if the first one was at 1986, well then let’s Re-write that history having Arg winning their 3rd WC !

    • The team could have made anyone scare boy look at who is the finisher a super polished inform Millito fresh from champions legue as winner and 3 suppliers for him riqulme the best ever, then messi assist king, di marria the record assist holder during la liga that season
      And as DM masch and cambiaso
      Uff football god never helps us to put our best 11,

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