Gonzalo Montiel, Julián Álvarez, Exequiel Palacios rumored to start for Argentina


Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni will make several modifications to the team for Tuesday’s match against Ecuador in the World Cup qualifiers.

The team will fly to Ecuador on Monday for Tuesday’s World Cup qualifier as coach Lionel Scaloni will hold one last training session on Monday. As we reported on Sunday, Julián Álvarez is expected to start up front with Lionel Messi and Angel Di Maria.

Juan Musso is set to get the start in place of Franco Armano who started against Venezuela in Friday’s 3-0 win vs. Venezuela at La Bombonera. Per TyC Sports, Gonzalo Montiel is back from suspension and is also rumored to start in place of Nahuel Molina.

Guido Rodriguez is also rumored to start in place of Leandro Paredes with Exequiel Palacios replacing Alexis Mac Allister. If Angel Di Maria cannot start, Lucas Ocampos is expected to replace him. Here is the rumored eleven:

Musso; Montiel, Pezzella, Otamendi, Tagliafico; De Paul, Guido, Palacios; Messi, Julián Álvarez and Di María or Ocampos.


  1. Guys today i have a feeling that North Macedonia will knock Portugal out of world cup and to make it worse for CR, Messi will finally win World Cup and Another ballon dor.

  2. General consensus here seems to be that Dybala is poor man’s Messi , in other words Messi from Wish. Scaloni needs players with high work rate to fit his style of play. The reason our current team has been so successful is high intensity pressing and Scaloni can’t afford to have 2 players on the starting xi who doesn’t do much pressing! Coach does seem to be losing his patience and trust on Dybala and I won’t be surprised if he not selected for the world cup. However in my opinion players like Dybala who on their day can change the outcome of a game single handedly shouldn’t be left out, especially considering our lack of backup to Lautaro!

    • Agree. In todays football team with most work ethics shines. Opposite happens to Team with full of Stars who considers defensive work is poor’s man job and they are too high and mighty to do it. You got PSG for the perfect example of that. No more bs. Work hard and Win. If you don’t then go pack your bags.

      About Argentina. Although Messi isn’t to keen on Pressing, He still covers it up with Great output in attack. Meanwhile Dybala will play above average in attack and Act like Messi in defensive work which is not acceptable. You either cover your weaker side by giving more in Your strong side to balance things out. Dybala can’t even do that. So what’s the point? I back scaloni on this. If Dybala got dropped in WC, Its not a bad decision.

    • Omitting dybala because of players like Ocampos, Joaquin correa will be suicide. Talking of patience how many chances has dybala been given for last two years. Only once. Ocampos and Joaquin had their chances but have disappointed.
      I have watched all juventus game this season and he is more creative than that Joaquin who may be talented but below average when it comes to finishing.

  3. I think di marria gonna score us more goals in worlcup than any other player i love to see him coming at the second hallf
    His finnishing skills got unnotice during the ERA OF MESSI AND AGUERO

  4. Both J correa and Occampos is very useful in both wings. Occampos is a backup choice in right wing in place of Dmaria..He is useful because of the physic tht Arg need. He is fast and tall..Similarly J.correa possessing these qualities.J.correa also a backup for N.gonzalez.Nico is also a very valuable player for scaloni at the moment.Inclusion of Dybla is a problem for Scaloni now. The current foam& fittness of dyble is question for scaloni before worldcup. He is also a very imp player bcz of his most prime time going now..He can do wonder if he keeps his fitness steady..

  5. Scaloni has not decided yet the direct back up of lautaro. In that sense dybala has still chance to make it to the wc if the squad strength is 26. Alvarez should perform well against Ecuador if given the chance. But still I think dybala has 50 50 chance to make.

  6. Well, we missed the back up of Lautaro, a lethal striker. Fortunately we still have Alvarez, Ocampos, A Correa and J Correa plus Lucas Boye now. It is the insight and instinct of Scaloni to select them; Beside the striker, opponents can’t ignore Di Maria, Nico and De Paul plus Papu availability to score And Messi is the force.

    As long all works together as a unit, the team is ready to score and win. Work in process till the final selection to Qatar 2022. Scaloni have tried and called many players. He knows very well the character and skill of his selection. Yes, we missed our favorite player in the N/T and disagree and quesrion the selection. But the coach knows how is the player inter connection with others at N/T not just technically skill but the chemistry of one unit team; the team should be joyful and can work together.

    As a fans, we just hope that no intervention from outside and be objective with the selection. ADM have stated that this is his last tournament so did Messi; Otamendi, Papu Gomez.

  7. Dybala doesn’t deserve to go world Cup for following reasons, physically fragile, mentally weak and most important never delivery for Argentina despite having 30+ caps.

    • I wouldnt say he’s mentally weak. He assisted the winning goal in away game againts Uruguay after winning the ball in midfield. Remember Juve 3-0 againts still prime Barca in UCL? Dybala outshined Messi with brilliant brace. Dybala had a goal & assist in Copa 2019 despite very limited playing time.

      He just seems to lack strength and endurance, easily gets injured…But that could be fixed with proper diet & training like Messi did after 2008.

      30+ caps dont mean anything since 95% of those caps were as late sub or being subbed early.

      • That team wasnt Prime barca. Rather declined one.They lost to PSG 4-0 in the same tournament. Lost to 3-0 roma in next one, 4-0 Liverpool in the next and 8-2 bayern after. My point is barca was turning lazy from 2015-16 season and reduced their pressing to significant level and that contributed to their one of worst defence any big team had in last 5 years. Dybala scoring double against that team doesn’t mean anything. Coutinho did that when playing only 15 minutes + an assist.

        If Dybala is so big of an influencer we wouldve seen these big games moments coming frequently not only 1 time his career and that was too against a team which has weakest defence.

        He is weak and Overrated and Even Xavi believes so. There are reports his agent offering Dybala to Barcelona and Xavi showd zero interest to sign him even for free . He would rather buy Rafinha from Leeds paying 50 million +

        • Rafinha is just a shit infront of dybala. Dybala is much more than a one way traffic like that shitty player. These overrated Brazilians playing for these big European clubs is frustrating than anything. Jesus ederson fred militao even marquinhos. Dybala potential is equal or more than Coutinho. That means if Jesus can play in city then dybala can easily play in a team like Barcelona. Barca defeated real which includes some shitty Brazilians. And Xavi has no interst in dybala. He has interest in Ferran Torres and other shits😏. Yeah yes dybala is an Argentine.

          • Remind you I am an Argentina fan but Being objective is better than blind and deaf always. Why dont you think Scaloni doesn’t count in Dybala ? Is he a Brazil fan too ? If Dybala made his mark in big games frequently than he would get his deserved respect from Managers and Fans. He is actually overrated and Really don’t deserve to play for club like Barcelona who are flying right now going back to roots of pressing high and running until you can’t do that anymore. A successful ball recovery is now considered great contributions and managers take notice. A lazy player like Dybala will only makes barca vulnerable in counter attack and Xavi is right ditching free Dybala over Priced Rafinha. Cause this guy is workhorse and he has one of highest ball recoveries form a forward player in EPL. Same time he has as good number of goals and assist like dybala when playing in much lesser team. I don’t need to hear which player is from which country when you are talking about individual quality. Country is irrelevant in that matter.

            Also You must be crazy to call Ferran sh1t who did so great for barca so far having 12 ( goal + assist ) in 14 games + lots of ball recoveries and constant pressing.

            It’s modern football and player who are too comfortable to work hard are irrelevant. Get it already. That’s why Argentina is now working. Cause almost every player runs and give their last breath to press and defend. Makes us solid in general. Both Dybala and Icardi are liability and won’t have a career in national team. The sooner you accept the fact the better.

    • Dybala did some good stuff for NT. Despite not getting many Minutes.
      We hat the 3rd Place thx to Dybala in Copa vs Chile…

      And as I said many times before. He is one of the best Argentines at Club Level right now. Juve only plays good when Dybala is fielded.
      I really hope he will be selected to NT for WC

    • Agree. I rather take Simeone who is doing great and offers us a warrior mentality like Lautaro, not a talented princess. We got talent already.

  8. so as i have see till now things is like this.
    in second pot will exist Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Croatia, Switzerland, Mexico, Unites states and Uruguay.
    Obviously Uruguay can not be in our group so 1 of the rest.
    if one of Germany or Netherlands come to our group it will be better to be crossing with group of Qatar in second round.
    if not come one team from Europe from 2nd pot then they will send to our group sure Serbia or winner of Poland/Sweden game. Just the most important for me is if exist a group of death then it will be better Argentina be in that and not cross with that group in second round. it will be nice too if Qatar take in his group one of Germany or Netherlands.

    • Even though Germany are not as strong as 2014, I would prefer to have them in our group. They have psychological advantage on us!!

      • Maybe, the German’s will not be so equipped that 2014, though even injured Arg was way more superior to them in my eyes, but unfortunatly luck was not with us, but the way or another as u said the German’s do have advantage over us and also i would not estimate Hansi Flick’s Germany as i fear them the most dangerous team from all Europe at the moment! They have many players playing allready together at Bayern now and also from Hansi Flick’s Bayern and they do have some dangerous youngsters too ! That is why it will be good to face them at group stage allready!

    • Yes, my friend absolute correcto! Let’s play either German’s or the Dutch and if not those 2 then the dane’s for the obvious reason’s u allraedy explained well!

      Stay well and greetings to all your family as i’m having hard time’s as my son who will be soon 9 year’s old is wanting to move over to Argentina, he has allready developped very good eye and inteligence and understanding of football in general as i let him watched the Venezuela game at his own at replay as i was watching at 2 am, lol!

      Saludos Ricky

      • thank you so much my friend. i wish you health and peace for you and all your family members. as about your son well i wish him grow up healthy and strong first of all and after if it is for his good may God make his desire real.
        take care my friend.

  9. we should all prey for ocampos to not be included in the world cup squad he is the most untalented one skill winger argentina has ever created. j correa is not a striker he a second striker or a winger or a no 10 but he is a very good player you can not compare ocampos with j correa ocampos is bad really bad. j correa also more talented than a correa and nico gonalez but a correa for club and nico for country are delivering better than him he has been injured all season once he is fit i think he will start to deliver better

    • Yes my brother. Ocampos is bang average. J correa is way more talented than him. But scaloni is using correa as a striker. Trying him in the left wing is good for us especially in the counter. He can take on the defenders and is good at 1 on 1. Also he is the type of player who enjoys giving the pass than receiving the pass in the final third. It clearly shows he is not a natural striker.

      • J. Correa is way more talant than Ocampos for sure. I like Joaquín Correa and he will score goals
        He is kind verstile forward/ winger managers like.He is fast Dribbling player, beat players 1vs1 easily. People in here treat him as he centre forward but he ain’t , He plays there cuse his movements and quick feet.

  10. Julian Alvarez must get a proper chance. Jury is still out on him. Yes he has proven himself at River. But not at all for the NT. I still remember the start of Lautaro at NT. He grabbed his chances with both hands. Alvarez is not young. He is 22. I still doubt him.

    Otamendi and Foyth as center back pairing only ensures 2-3 penalties for the opposition. We must avoid that. More game times for Licha would have been good. Even Romero is hot headed, though he is thousand times better than Genoa days.

  11. The latest news have all but two not confirmed:
    Musso; Montiel/Molina, Otamendi, Pezzella, Tagliafico; Guido, Palacios, De Paul; Messi, Alvarez, and J Correa.

    The one not confirmed is Di Maria’s. Maybe he is not fully fit yet. It was rumored to be Ocampos replacing him but no. So they guess it is J Correa again. If it is J Correa again then it is confirmed. Scaloni really loves him.

    The other one is the right back. Ole.com says Molina will start. TYC says Montiel. We will see.

    • No one has any idea who is going to start. This is good. Before, our starting lineup was known days before the match and opposition will plan accordingly. Now that has changed.
      If Correa and Julian start.. Correa will be in center and Julian at left side..? This is not good for Julian…I hope it will be reverse. If not, Ocampos and Correa may be used and Julian may be left out again at the last moment.

  12. This may surprise people given my previous disagreements with Kevin but I would like to see Foyth paired with Otamendi as a center back. Our back ups are Lisandro and Pezzella which doesn’t fully cut it (we essentially only have one back up at the level of our starters which is very thin) and it’s time we reluctantly accept that Senesi will not be called before the World Cup. My main concerns with Foyth are a) his error proneness and b) that he’s not exactly a modern full back. Those two concerns are mitigated by the fact that he’d be playing as a center back alongside Molina/Montiel and that we are already qualified so there’s no serious risk. Scaloni has to drill into him to not try and be fancy, reckless, or lose concentration at crucial moments. I think Ecuador can be a good test. This is just a thought though because I doubt it will happen.

    • Yeah, Foyth has all the attributes to be a pretty solid central defender, particularly on the right side of a back 3. As long as he avoids brain farts of course. I don’t mind him starting alongside Otamendi either.

      • Scaloni was a fullback in his playing career, he knows that a modern fullback has to contribute in attack, create width, stretch the play. Foyth does not do that but he can be a solid CB though if he stays concentrated and does not do stupid stuff like back passing and dribbling in dangerous areas.

    • Foyth and Otamendi pair at CB?
      my friend it sounds to me as horor film honestly !!
      But in a friendly game i can say yes.
      after i will take the tape of game and give it in schools for coaches.
      it will make the perfect lesson in the class “what you should not do in the building of one defence”.

    • Yes, i think Foyth should be tested and now it is most propably the best time to test anyone whoever is in Scaloni’s plans etc…?

      Personally i won’t Mind Foyth pairing with Ota even it may end up in future schools of Argentina by our friend as referring to cox4 post, but of so at least it will be then used properly at least to learn not to use certain defenders, lol! Just, joking with our goodfriend cox4 post’s : ” after i will take the tape of game and give it in schools for coaches.
      it will make the perfect lesson in the class “what you should not do in the building of one defence”.
      Yes, that is good one indeed and maybe apperance of Foyth will make our cox4 quite busy running around with that tape, lol! And in otherhand it will make Kevin, most propably super sad, as world is not allways or should i rather say never as we would like it to be! PEACE IS WHAT WE NEED IN THE END ALL OVER THE WORLD !

      And in my oppinion if Scaloni now don’t start with Julian, well then i don’t see him that important, yet to Scaloni, but i might be wrong about Scaloni and maybe he is keeping Julian in his sleeve as for surprise everybody in Qatar, but also i would like to see one more even younger player to kept as an ace in a sleeve of Arg, who could perhaps in the end make the difference when all players are getting more tired and specially if games are going on to xtra time etc…but, as i have not see really any of those called up youth’s never really playing a game, wellthen it is hard for me to say or talk about it more and perhaps someone else here on Mundo who has seen those youth’s play or know more about them and their qualities and what can they bring on the table, well that kind knowledge will be hugely respected and appreciateted, indeed!

      Personally i want to see Alvarez and A.Correa and what can they bring, though as it is only one game, well there won’t be or can’t be that many analysis made just by one single game and that is why i hoped and wished allready sometime ago for Sacaloni to start testin different players as single game is simply not enough and i have nothing against J.Correa,but why to play him all the time when he is available as others are just sitting on the bench as we know allredy what J.Correa can bring on table etc…

      It simply don’t make any Logic to me only if J.Correa is far better than the rest and i higly doubt so as i see them all very good and usefull players, but how are we or how is Scaloni going to find out that or do Scaloni just simply trust on what he see’s on training and don’t show us all yet, no i don’t think so, though that would be brilliant if so,.,etc.

      Personally i belive that every player on radar to WC at Qatar should be given 2-3 chanches at least before to judge them completly and judging is never really a good thing in the end as it may just build up more pressure on certain players and only those who are mentally so super strong can cope with that as i see this case with Dybala also and by reading Scaloni’s latest comment’s and thoughts about him etc..

      Which i do understand that everytime he has been with Argentine more or less things have not worked his away, though offcourse he has had some great moments too, but why is it so ? Well, howmuch he been actually given time to play ? As this is the thing also that stresses me about Alvarez, A.Correa, O.Campos and the rest including Foyth too and i think from all of our bench players who are available for Ecuador game i think, though i might be wrong also is that Palacios is the one with most minutes so far…as i’m not talking about now our fullback options, because i’m more concerned about CB back ups if in case of injury’s or another posessions more further up the up the pitch…etc.

      Ok, i agree that Arg has quite well covered every posession so far and maybe some players like Senesi and Benitez and perhaps Simeone should been called up, but as they have not been, well it is pointless to talk about it until they are called up as i see it more like Scaloni likes to call up as many players as possible, but rarely use’s them in the way that those players might need to be used even they are more or less regular starters for their clubs etc…

      Also in the otherhand Scaloni has called and tried more players than previous coaches of Arg if we drop out Sampa from this topic, lol!

      So i must also give credit’s to Scaloni and his crew as Arg is stronger than age’s, maybe not with the quality of the squad, but more asetan working as one unit and all for the same goal etc as that is clearly to be seen from the players face’s and also from their comment’s and this is alkways the most important thing in the end, but Still if injuries does happen and the team has spot’s which have not been fully covered or should i say that those cover up players have not have enough minute’s, well that might be a problem in the end as margins are so small in nowdays football that basicly every player in the WC team must be fully prepared and ready tested etc…

      So, Ok we have 2 full back’s on both sides, but is that enough in the end? What if they all are more less injured, well, who are Arg using then as fullbacks as this same Logic applies pretty much to every spot, luckily for the middle and for wingers up front there seem to be enough players who in my oppinion can be played if one is injured, but also some of them have not yet played that many minutes at all!

      And what about Cb’s if Cuti and Licha+Otamendi are injured booked and banbed to play, who will Arg use then? Pezzella, no sorry to say, but his game level is not up to level aquired at WC, LMQ or Foyth? Well, hard to say really as they are not hardly given any minutes and Senesi is not coming, there is simply not enough time for that, only if all of Arg’s CB’s are injured, though Still i have feeling that maybe it is better to use then some local Argentine players which might be more familiar to Scaloni and the crew.,,? Well, i dont know really? As the same question Still to cover up Lautaro not only with one player, but instead it should be 2 who can deliver Arg those needed goals

      I don’t Mind Di Maria playing as everytime he plays it is such art of an beauty to watch him, but as we all and also Scaloni knows that and also he has had so many great games lately so it is guaranteed what he brings on the table, only inpray god him to stay fit and form til’ the very end of WC! As same goes for Messi as it obvious who he is and what he is about and the only thing why want him to play is to keep that good feeling he is getting after every NT game and also that Arg and Scaloni would be allowed to try as many different options with him as we know he and Di Maria with De Paul and Paredes can really run the show if there are those who will press hard as N.Gonzalez&J.Correa and i belive Alvarez can do that to also for sure A.Correa can press too with high tempo and also know’s how to defend and have plenty of skill too..

      So let see and wish for as many minutes as possible from Scaloni to Alvarez, A.Correa and Yes, also Foyth and even LMQ and Palacios and alk the rest who have not get that many minutes yet, but might be going to Qatar Still…?

  13. If Scaloni uses Palacios that means De Paul will play the attacking midfielder. I think it makes sense given that Lo Celso didn’t give full satisfaction so far and Papu injured quite often, Mac Allister not ready yet. That won’t be an issue for De Paul as he was the playmaker of Udinese. Would like to see Lanzini for at least 1 half time.

  14. Hope that will be the real starting line up. Scaloni knows this line up is stronger than the first one that’s why he uses it against a stronger opponent, Ecuador.

    I agree with Alvarez will likely be the left winger, Messi false 9 and Di Maria right winger.

    The fullbacks are a bit unbalanced. Both Tagliafico and Montiel are defensive minded full backs. If it is Montiel, the partner should be Acuna (unavailable), If Tagliafico plays, the partner should be Molina. Let’s see if it is Montiel or Molina here.

  15. I think Gonzalo Montiel is better than Nuhel Molina, Joan Faith. If Julian Alvarez starts it is very good. Julian Alvarez will play on the left side and Messi in the center and Gonzalez or De Maria on the right.Ecuador is the third best team in this conmeble qualifier. If Argentina can play well with this team then the confidence of the team will increase even more.

  16. Where is Lanzini ?One of the most creative midfielder is not in Scaloni’s radar.It looks like Scaloni has very less respect for creative players, he wants players who can only run and recover the ball no matter even if they gonna miss millions of chances upfront. Lanzini,Dybla are suffering because of that mentality.

    • There is no doubt that Langini is a good player but he is not consistent. Covering distance is also a big tactic in this modern football. Look at Liverpool? Do Liverpool have a lot of creative midfielders but they are great. Klopp said you can contribute as much as you can with the ball, even if you don’t have the ball.

          • Yeah totally agreed. France just totally believed in that famous statement “Attack will win you matches, Defense will win you tournaments”. Look at the energy level from Pogba and griezman and how they just tracked back and helped in the defense. Griezy just there with our leo in that round of 16 match. Except mbappe all supported 100% in the defense. A true striker mbappe was also a big plus for them. Pogba and griezman are the real threat. When they are playing for their nation they are like our emi and DePaul. Also 3 perfect strikers with jiroud Benzema and mbappe.

          • France became champions solely bcz of player powers lol they had and still do a bunch of monsters of players and individually they were on fire. I never thought they had a lot of creativity, unity, structure, chemistry etc. going on really (actually commentators were talking about it) but the players were giants and they were intense and thats how they won….

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