Alexis Mac Allister of Brighton comments on Argentina debut, World Cup


Alexis Mac Allister of Brighton commented on making his official Argentina national team debut and the World Cup.

Mac Allister had been previously called up to the Argentina national team and did play two friendly matches. The first in 2019 was a 0-0 draw vs. Chile and the second a 4-0 win vs. Mexico. However, he did start both of Argentina’s last World Cup qualifiers.

He played 70 minutes in the 3-0 win vs. Venezuela and 59 minutes in the 1-1 draw vs. Ecuador in March. Speaking in an interview with TyC Sports, here is what he had to say:

“Being able to debut was something nice, something that I dreamed about for a long time and didn’t happen for different reasons.

“I felt very good, they were two very positive matches for me. I believe and feel that I could have done a lot better but I joined a team that has been playing together for a long time. Taking that into account, I accomplished very well what Scaloni asked of me.”

In regards to the Argentina national team at the 2022 Qatar World Cup:

“Argentina are going to be a team which no team will want to play, a very tough team. We have the best in the world, I believe we will be there fighting. I think teams are going to fear them (Argentina) and we have earned it.”


  1. I hope the hype arround Enzo fernandz wont make him under pressure in this form we discuss all these talents then they fade away, once we al thought thiago almada is going to be future messi then he end up in Mls
    I remember how hyped he was in this form 3-4 years ago. Same with E. Palcios, matias palicios
    Then recently at the end of last season we were
    disscusing about luka romero then start of season we find matias soule now mid season its about garcho and enzo so talents will come but never put pressure on them until they fully emerge they are all just future prospects. We have settled mid and forward pools already at least for this worldcups lev them alone

    • U don’t have to worry about that with Enzo .all the players u mentioned are promising but Enzo is already delivering I Am watching his games he is already a top player he just has to keep growing . his first touchs are amazing . I think if he plays one match he will convince scaloni

  2. When Barcelona started their first season under Koeman, Messi was underwhelming. The reason was all attack was going through left. Coutinho and Fati. Once Fati was injured, team went back to usual. Messi saw more ball, turned the season around.

    The same thing happens in PSG. All attack goes through left. Veratti and Mbappe. Mbappe, like his idol wants all glory for himself. When Messi was not there, he fought with Neymar. Once Mbappe leaves and a more competent manager arrives, things will go back to normal.

    During recent rumor of Messi being back to Barcelona, it is reported that Pique, Ter Stegen and Fati opposed it. Messi had verbal fight with Pique and Stegen after Liverpool match. Fati wants stardom for himself.

    Barcelona was just having a good form with new motivation. But problem is still there. Pique, Ter Stegen, Alba and co remains the same player that faced bayern and Liverpool. They could not sustain it for long time.

    For us, it is a different story. We completed the rebuild with Messi involved and celebrated with a major trophy. It is quite a success.

    • It is still baffling me that core players that were responsible for UCL collapse like Pique, Busquets, Ter Stegen, Alba are still there and they somehow blamed Messi and asked him to leave. I still dont see them competing at top levels with those players and add to that new trash players like Eric Garcia, Torres, Auba, Adama and Auba.

    • But France prez macron trying to convince mbappe to stay and psg hoping mbappe to stay now if mbappe stay thn again messi will face the same problems

    • With Mbappe and Poch gone, next manager will be brought in to win the Champions league. Not that Mbappe is a bad player but PSG had to put him on Pedestal in hopes of him changing his decision but once he is gone along with Poch and Leonardo, next coach if smart will make sure Messi sees more of the ball and that means more opportunities he will create. However when it comes to goal scoring , we all need to accept his form is a combination of bad luck(hit post 10 times) and bad finishing. Like everybody else he is also bound to his habits and instead of taking a direct shot at the goal like Mbappe and Neymar he still looks to either dribble or passes , expecting a pass back. He already seems to be working on his shortcomings past few matches.
      I honestly believe he is healthy and fit enough to play atleast 2 more seasons in Europe .

  3. Unpopular opinion but I think lo celso is as much important as de Paul for us. We don’t have world class finishers(including this version of Messi) anymore so we need to create more chances from midfield and flanks.
    We need de Paul intensity however his passing is okay-ish unlike lo celso who has the ability to disbalance the opposition’s defence with his passing.

    • Actual prblm is DePaul is needed because he has to cover for 2 players 1.messi who doesn’t press or help in defense much only does defensive work occasionally and 2.molina/montiel who are defensively weak. So depaul needs to play more defensively so his attacking side is not fully utilized. For this foyth is needed and scaloni can use 4-2-3-1 formation and use messi more centrally

  4. Best WC squad for Qatar :
    Emi Martinez

    L. Quarta

    De Paul
    Lo celso
    Enzo Fernandez
    Nico Gonzalez

    King 👑
    L. Martinez
    A. Di Maria
    A. Correa

    This is the best squad I believe 🔥🔥🔥 please forward these to Scaloni ✌️😎

    • Playing 11 for group stage should be 4-3-3
      Foyth Romero Medina Acuna
      Lo celso Paredes R de Paul
      Messi L. Martinez Papu

      Playing 11 for knockout should be 4-4-2
      Foyth Romero Medina Acuna
      Dimaria locelso Paredes R de Paul
      Messi L. Martinez

      Note – Medina is tall and fast, will be better choice than Otamendi to start
      Bring it on 🔥🔥🔥💙💙

        • But according to Scaloni height remains the main factor when u play against teams like England, France or Germany who likes to attack by header eg. Harry Kane, Benzema…We all know licha is far better thn medina but I have taken medina according to Scaloni’s choice and he is a good defender…he can substitute medina with licha as well in the 2nd half of play when the opposition forward will get tired

          • Lisandro Martinez height will not be a problem. He is quite good in aerial duels. Spain won a wc with puyol who is same height of lisandro. Romero has good height foyth has good height paredes dimaria also can help during corners

    • Why would you select 5 cb that too to select a mediocre defender like quarta?? Nico Gonzalez is a forward not a Midfielder. Where is lautaro Martinez replacement?? Again i shall repeat its too early to predict our squad. I believe only messi, lautaro, depaul, emi, Romero is sure in starting eleven. All other spots are up for grab

      • Nico gonzalez always selected in team as Mid . not as FW.. thats why everyone who makes there team here put in mid rather than FW… if wc of 23 players very unlikely. Then only 5 FW you take… In that case. Nico gonzalez will come under MID. Not in FW….

          • @Anuparno Scaloni can make him to play as a striker look at mancity how pep change his striker from foden to grealish so for national team these adjustments can be make… otherwise it’s tough include other in 26 players squad

    • Great callls !!!!!! But I still want someone to replace LMQ, (Senesi maybe, hopefully he will have a good Europa League performance)

    • That’s the best squad someone has comeup with so far. No McAllister, Dominguez or Joaquin Correa. My only is scaloni to call Senesi to replace LMQ. Otherwise that’s a very good squad.

      • Thanks @Asaph Mark 👍….I just want the best playing 11 against top teams and their substitute…if senesi get chance I don’t think he will get enough minute tasty LMQ is now a substitute option for his club so he might get few games to play in the 2nd half

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  6. What’s the packing order of midfield? Just because McAllister started last two games doesn’t mean that he has ascended to the packing order of LoCelso, Papu, Palacios and Dominguez. Palacios and Dominguez is ahead of him in class if not in current form and injury considerations. I wouldn’t be surprised if McAllister doesn’t make the 26~man squad. Let’s see

  7. Boys, we still have 200 days or so till the cup…. It’s impossible to even set a full call up today, anything can happen…. Unless everyone here is speaking hypothetically as if the cup is in 45 days.
    We all know who the base core of our team will be, so the first 15-18 players are already chosen unless there is injury or an oddity… Which is all possible.
    In terms of Mac allister, I am not convinced to be honest… But at the same time I don’t see a large number of options in his area of play with the system we have set.
    It’s a blessing and a curse that we already know who the main core is and that we don’t have so many options.

    • Scaloni needs to evolve if he wants to win the wc. What worked in Copa not necessarily work in wc with different teams different style of play different conditions as well. We have to be little attacking this time. I want to see if we concede 1 or 2 goals in the first half can we comeback or not?? That will test our mental strength. But if we don’t have enough attacking options it will become too tough from there

  8. This is called over confident and arogant from barca point of view.xavi is a arrogant manager who think he is best.this is why tiki taka is so boring when it matterd most.

  9. Looks like Barca are missing Messi. Idiotic barca fans turned against Messi, Suarez and took the side of Pique, Terstegen and now they get what they deserve. Remember Messi had argument with Pique, Ter Stegen because he wanted to win. Now they have dembele(headless chicken), Ferran Torres who miss 100 chances before scoring one tap in and Auba who cant control a ball.

      • So true. Messi cared and carried that barca team for long time. On other side Madrid are madrid and same with or without Ronaldo. That is the difference.

    • Win against Real Madrid made Barcelona president to speak sht against Messi again. Now see..where they are. Messi back is free now…no need to carry a team like this on his shoulders. Let them understand where they are. Their treatment of Messi will be a bad mark for their history. And now they want Mbappe, Lewa, Halland…all of sudden they have cash. They can sign new players…woh…
      Pique wanted Messi out..! Ter Stegen was happy as Messi left…woh…

        • Pique and Ter Stegen did not like Messi and Suarez. They said Messi-Suarez friendship is reason for barca collapse when the reality was otherwise. Pique and Ter Stegen caused Roma collapse and when Messi pointed that out, they blamed Messi himself.

  10. Pressures per 90 in last 365 days of club football:

    Paredes 14,71 bad
    Guido 22,97 good
    Ascacibar 24,93 elite

    Lo Celso 22,42 good
    De Paul 19,80 average
    Papu 11,83 bad
    Macallister 24,59 elite
    Nico Dominguez 24,53 elite
    Palacios 22,85 good
    Buendia 20,97 good
    Lanzini 19,16 average
    Pereyra 15,65 bad.

  11. Hope for the best… Matches against brazil and italy comes at the right time.. To test the players…. Hopefully we will won both the matches…. Lets see how scaloni select his teams

    • Yes Enzo Fernandez again played well and scored also he is forcing scaloni to call him and in a interview he said he thinks he has a chance to be selected in the Argentina nt wc squad

  12. I stand by and say Simeone is idiot. He always play not to lose hence no UCL trophy. He did same in 2016 final, 2014 final and other countless times.

  13. I watched 3/4 Briton matches.. He looks below average.. i don’t know but somehow i think he is good player if he run..He is pshyicaly strong..maybe scaloni have a plan like what he done with depaul!
    I didn’t much watched nico dominguez.. Is he good option?

  14. If I were to rank our midfielders based on national team performance , DePaul would be undisputed number 1( our number 1 midfielder is not good enoughto start for a team fighting for 4th spot), followed by Locelso, Paredes, Papu, Guido. Before his last injury Palacios was playing extremely well for both club and country and Dominguez has been regularly picked so I would have both ranked 7th. MacAllister and Bundia are on 8th position and after all of them comes Lanzini sadly. The reason Scaloni has been calling the latter 3 is to prepare them as a backup incase of any unfortunate injuries before the world cup.

    In my opinion the final list of midfielders will be
    MacAllister/Bundia and Lanzini(backups)

    • Palacios and Dominguez are worst Scaloni had plan for them for future but now Mac Alister is way ahead of them. They have to improve

      • Dominguez was one of the best midfielder in Serie a this season are u kidding me mac Allister are not ahead of Dominguez he was not selected in the last two selection because of injury

      • Mac Allister is nowhere near ahead of Palacios who has much more talent than him and Dominguez who was one of the top performing midfielders in his league this season. Ridiculous and clear bias in favor of the EPL

    • As things stand now should Enzo Fernandez replicate same class and form for next 5 months likes of McAllister and Dominguez should forget about Qatar 2022 unless Scaloni becomes Sampaoli v.2

  15. It looks like Palacios is not going to WC he had done nothing both in club and in country. It is going to be either Lanzini or Mac Alister in place of him.

  16. It looks like Foyth and Lo celso getting stronger physically they are good in duels.
    Lot of people criticizing Mac Allister but he is a good player I can include him in midfield squad.Mac Allister is good in ball progression and in positioning he has good speed and with time he will evolve more.

      • Yeah Mac Allister has good speed he is playing in fastest league Premier League where everyone has to have at least good speed and he is regular player in his team.

        • He’s not a fast player but he’s not slower player either. His quick interception/pass lead to the first goal against Venezuela. Whenever I am watching Brighton I can see his quick response in those types of situations. That’s very important. Scaloni like the players who can hold the ball in tight situation and the player who is ready to help defensively. Allister is good in both of that. Plus his positional sense is very good. He always getting into great position to score. Also his shots are good as well. Every coach will love that.

        • The Bundesliga is actually faster paced than the EPL, flawed logic. As if the pace of a league would influence how fast a player naturally is to begin with

    • One think I am afraid of is if he in included in the final world cup roster and then Scaloni suddenly overthinks about a match and decide to start MacAllister instead of Lo Celso or Papu.

      I mean shit like this happened. Scaloni is not Sampaoli, but Sampaoli decision to start Meza in the second match against Croatia after a “bad” match from his original starters against Iceland was also 100% the result of “overthinking”.

      So far Scaloni has been almost flawless when it comes to key decision making such as: starting the half injured Cuti in the final, starting Di Maria in the final, starting Emi and never rotate him with Armani, and so on. But you never know what’s next.

      Oh one more thing I almost forgot. We lost in WC 1994 not only because of Maradona’s drugs but also because of Basile overthinking. He suddenly replaced the legend Goyco with Luis Islas in the WC. Islas cost us the match against Romania with poor goalkeeping.

      • Very good point. I don’t think this coaching stuff will do that mistake. I have very high hope. In term of tactics and player selection they have been excellent. They didn’t scare to drop Di-Maria at beginning of their reign and now they more settled so players are more eager to prove themselves out of fear that they dropping out. I think MacAllister was just an experiment and I hope so. No offence to him but I think he can wait more.

      • I think you are over thinking. First let him get included in 23. At current form he won’t be starting or even going to the WC(23 squad).
        If the squad is 26. He has chance now. That’s it. Rest, will depend up on lots of factors. The main thing is Allister has to improve his standard. Then our starters should be out(injury, suspension or form out). Can’t deny the possibilities. But it’s just possibilities. Otherwise no chance. You don’t worry about that now.
        If Enzo can be a great player, this is applicable to him as well(whoever there as second backup for the midfield role).

        • You sound as if he is the third coming of the next big thing after Emi and Cuti. He is not. Sorry to disappoint you, but everyone can see Emi and Cuti quality from the very first debut, but the same cant be said to MacAllister.

          I remember one time u said something like you won’t be surprised if Scaloni would start MacAllister in the World Cup. Yeah right.

          It is no brainer that Emi and Cuti are way ahead of others in their position so they always starts. Everyone can see their quality, but this MacAllister just because he started in the last 2 matches where Lo Celso and Papu were unavailable and we played shitty in those 2 matches. It doesn’t guarantee him anything.

          I am not getting delusional, I am talking about the fact. He is the next Sosa/Meza for me. And please don’t write off Palacios that quickly. Against Italy, everyone should be available. You’ll see the real pecking order there.

          • Why Emi and Cutie in this discussion? You can’t read my comment there I clearly explained those. Now you say I said “something like..this” bla.bla. Scenario I explained. It MAY occur. Also I said he has no chance in 23 currently. But you are blind on that and stubborn. That’s it.
            Pecking order will be based on the form..and how they can perform on the training.

      • “One think I am afraid of is if he in included in the final world cup roster and then Scaloni suddenly overthinks about a match and decide to start MacAllister instead of Lo Celso or Papu”. -Never gonna happen

    • Already discussed here. Lanzini is better in attack. No doubt. Palacios and Nico is better defensively. They are good players…but Allister is a balanced player. That’s why he’s above Lanzini and Palacios. He’s more suitable to the Scaloni’s system than others. If he improve his game, he will surely go to the world cup. Currently less chance to be included in 23.

      • Stop backing such shitty players like McAllister. For heaven’s sake we need to see NT performing well but am afraid we will struggle should scaloni insist play likes of McAllister, Pezzella, Ocampos, LMQ, Dominguez. Just like rest have said, McAllister is not up to the standard of playing for NT and let’s not be deceived with his form.

  17. Argentina and scaloni should call Enzo Fernandez he is in red hot form even if its a weak league doesn’t matter. We saw many players going direct to Argentina nt or European league from Argentina league and performing well. Atleast start him in some friendlies before making a call. He also has the capability to shoot from distances very few does that in Argentina squad. Paredes and depaul sometimes shoot from distances but i haven’t seen them scoring from distances often.

  18. 23 or 26. This guy is a no for me. He is one of the reasons why we performed badly against Venezuela (before Di Maria came on replacing him) and Ecuador.

    If we need the 4th midfielder, the I would vote for Palacios. Or Nico Dominguez or the new comer Enzo Fernandez is worth a try to me. I see him very similar to Jose Sosa. So a big NO for me.

    Oh btw his Brighton is up against the Spurs on Saturday. Their first meeting about 2 months ago, MacAllister was one of the worst on the pitch. Let’s see the second meeting in 2 days.

    • For Scaloni, currently Allister is in 4th place after DePaul, LoCelso and Papu. Papu is first backup for LoCelso and DePaul (If DePaul out LoCelso will move to right..Papu will be at left.)
      Nicolas Dominguez has big chance as he can easily fit into CM/DM second backup role. Palacios currently lost it…he should change his club and avoid injuries. Otherwise chance of him going to WC is very less. Let Enzo also compete for that spot. I like competition.
      Why you are giving so much attention to only Brighton match? Other players not playing coming weeks? If he perform well you will change your opinion?

      • I won’t. Watching a lot of games of him is enough for me to know what kind of player he is.

        Final verdict: He is below average. Period.

        I am not gonna change my mind even if he scores an hattrick against the Spurs this Saturday.

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