Juventus interested in Ángel Di María of PSG


Juventus are interested in signing Ángel Di María of PSG.

Ángel Di María will not be continuing his career in France. Reports have come out in recent weeks that the club does not wish to continue to keep the 33 year old with rumors of a potential return to Benfica even surfacing.

Di María has consistently shown that he is one of PSG’s better players and he still has a lot left to contribute. Per a report by Gianluca Di Marzio, Juventus are looking to sign Di María on a short term deal.

Should the Argentine join Juventus, it would be after Paulo Dybala would leave the club. Di María joined PSG In 2015 and has won several trophies at the club.


  1. I watched last river match..Enzo came 2nd half.. But honestly he didn’t impressed me..he was Below average, de la cruz was good for river..And the Man Armani.. What a player? He gave some entertainment.. At least gets something to smile!

  2. FIFA decides that Brazil-Argentina match will be played on September 22nd 2022 in Brazil, just less than 2 months before the World Cup.

    So 2 times against Brazil? June and September or what?

  3. According to TYC, not only Juventus want Di Maria, but also Atletico, Barcelona, and Benfica too. Barcelona make sense because they will lose Dembele and Adama might not extend his stay there. Benfica? He will surely be a key player there.

    Atletico? Are you kidding me. Next please.

  4. Its unbelievable that dybala being free agent end of season and no big teams going after him imagine if this was 3-4 season ago uff he was wanted by all top clubs during that time, even at the start of the season allgeri told this is dybala’s Juventus we dont need ronaldo, now at the end he got kicked out, ability is never the question about Dybala,may be everyone worried that he has a potentiol injury every now and then.
    Hope he will join with lautaro at inter and they will make a deadly combo in Europ that everyone scared to face.
    And if they build a chemistry like Suraez-cavani that will be a huge blessing for us in the post messi Era

    • Past couple seasons Dybala has been a liability to Juventus. Every time they thought Dybala was going to be their main player he would be out for a month due to injury! There is a reason a player of his caliber is available for free and no big teams want him.

  5. Our strenght is not “Individual Stars” anymore, its a collective team strenght now. With that being said. I would be thrilled if we can mold another star like ADM. Lets not be Illusional. Forget about Messi. The world wont find another Messi.
    So I would wait and be patient and see who is our next big thing. Until then I am “Over The Moon” with the team we have right now. And hopefully we can bring the WC home.
    I ve been watching the WC since 1986
    Beside 2002 and 2006, I think this is the strongest team I have seen.

    • That’s a big statement only will be proven true if we win the world cup because from 86 to 2018 we won a wc reached final twice and played the best football in 2006.i don’t see the fluency of 2006 midfield in this midfield and also the forward line is not as strong as 2014 one. All 4 higuain dimaria messi and Aguero in their prime just unfortunately we lost them to injuries

  6. I am not sure Di Maria would be a regular starter at Juventus if he ends up there. Perhaps at this stage in his career a return to Benfica in a decent league is a better move in terms of getting enough minutes before the World Cup.

  7. There is an outside world and then there is our Mundo :), with our favorites and not so favorite ones. There are some biased and few objective views. I have been here over 10 years and watched the game for over 35 years. Here are some of my takes, with full understanding that not all will agree 🙂

    1. Underrated: Di Maria: The best winger Argentina has ever produced. Yes, I have seen him at Benfica, Real Madrid (not 2021-2022 version of Real Madrid) and Argentina (at various age levels). I have seen Canniggia, Kily Gonzalez, Claudio Lopez, Pavon, some Vargas at second division Espanyol and many non-Argentine wingers too. Di Maria is top. Somehow, he is not popular and respected here. Though he is getting some respect lately. Di Maria is doing better too, he acted headless for us often, that is also true.

    2. Overrated: Current players, with lot of love here are Palacios, Lo Celso, LMQ (top 3 comes to mind now) etc. What can I say? Palacios is a damn average player. I have now seen over 50 games of him and no idea what is so special about him. He covers and double teams. Whatever match he is playing, his main contribution is double teaming as the second one, not even the first one. Not bad, just average. Lo Celso is better, but sorry he is no Luka Modric. I take that reference, because someone here once mentioned that Lo Celso is better than Modric. He is very critical for our team though. He is very good at breaking the lines, very important for 35 year old Messi to function. LMQ is another super ordinary and less I talk about him is better. We have many better than him. Finally, I am not syaing any of them is totally bad, otherwise they won’t be playing for Argentina NT.

    3. Objectively rated : Foyth, Otamendi, Emi, Cuti, Lautaro, Messi, Nico Gonzalez, De Paul, Correa and many others. Many are my favorites too. Often rated objectively. When they play well, we say good. When they play bad, we critisize. I think that is fair and should be like that.

    That is how world is. It is biased and objective at the same time. Unfair and fair at the same time. I am hoping we continue this solid defensive and cohesive approach. We might have a good run. After that who knows. Vamos.

  8. I like this discussion of Enzo Fernandez. Looks very promising and a great product. The type of a player we would like in NT…but wait…! It’s still early..! We have many examples of promising players and how they failed or struggling later…many..!

    I had huge expectations on many players. But they somehow didn’t reach the potential. I will name few.
    Some of them failed; like;
    1. Pavon
    2. Gaich
    3. Mammana
    4. Vietto
    5. Bustos
    Some of them still struggling; like;
    1. Ascacibar
    2. Zaracho
    3. Quarta
    4. Palacios
    5. Dominguez ( Still, I have high hope on him.)

    So, I will wait until ENZO proves either in NT or in European league. I won’t be overjoyed now(no overhype).

    Yes, there are many young players developing well in European league; like;
    1. Lautaro
    2. Lo Celso
    3. Lisandro
    4. Romero
    5. Foyth
    6. Molina
    Really wish Enzo and Alvarez join this last list rather than the first 2.

    • @insider yes yes nothing hurt more than thiago almada and gaich here we ere discussing abouth them so long, i never thought a player could be next leo messi until i first heard of thiago almada, i really expected him to be a messi at least a dybala but he is too got it downwards infact i hears of him first when he started to practice with argentina squad in 2018 worldcup boy now he is in MLS
      Same with gaich

      • @Nabeelamigos there will be no messi. I don’t see any player right now in the world not only in Argentina that has the skill set like messi had in his teen years. How many players r there who can dribble past 4-5 players constantly and score goal?? Noone.

    • I think Enzo path is similar to Julian Alvarez in that they were not really the hottest prospects in Argentina. I followed Julian since his debut with Argentina u20. Yes he looked promising but not at the level of the young Aguero or Messi or something like that.

      But Julian Alvarez improved a lot after the Copa America. He suddenly looks like among the world young best forwards along with Haaland and Vlahovic and Darwin Nunez. The same with Enzo, he was not really the most talented one, but under the guidance of Gallardo, he improves a lot.

      I mean if 4-5 mega teams are interested in you that means you are special. I don’t remember the likes of Barco or Almada or Gaich were wanted by Europe top teams for example. Only a couple of MLS and a Russian team wanted them. Almada in my opinion is quite talented, but he never makes that drastic improvements unlike Julian Alvarez.

      All the youth that you listed above are just good young players whose ceiling is just “good players” not world class players. So they are where they are right now in terms of true abilities.

      • There were periods when Almendra and Pavon were scouted heavily, but Boca didnt let them go, they wanted much more money. Almendra to Napoli for 20 mills in 2019-20 then his problems started and Pavon to Arsenal after WC for 20-25 mills, that was not enough for Boca. Almada and Barco too, first the biggest clubs, then realistically smaller ones, but their agents ruined their careers, poor argentinian clubs like Velez, Independiente want instant money no matter from who. In MLS improving is mission impossible. Maybe some of them would have failed in Europe, some would average, but some would have improve to NT level. Without trying in Europe out of your comfort zone none will class international player, so must try it.

  9. This Enzo Fernandez guy looks like a real thing. He looks much better than MacAllister or Buendia to me. I mean not even close.

    This reminds me of something. Back then 2-3 years ago, Scaloni tried to promote LM Quarta. We all thought that he would be the one for the future as Scaloni relied on Otamendi, LM Quarta, and Pezzella… before someone named Cuti Romero showed up.

    Cuti won the serie A defender of the year and the 8th best player of Champions league rating wise. Scaloni could not ignore him. When Cuti joined the squad, it did not take a rocket science to figure out that he is way ahead of LM Quarta. Scaloni immediately saw that in the very first practice. No wonder why by that time the likes of MU, Spurs, Barca, and City wanted him. I remember what Scaloni said after Cuti debut with Argentina: “He plays like he has more than 100 caps with us, not like a rookie”.

    Now the situation is kinda similar. Scaloni desperately opens the audition for the 4th midfielder of the seleccion. He already knows Palacios, but he needs to see more options. That’s why he tried MacAllister. But then suddenly someone who is more superior in everything, younger, and play in a local league, AND play for River Plate, Enzo Fernandez is coming to the scene. Just like Scaloni was promoting the wrong defender in LM Quarta 2 years ago. This time he promotes the wrong midfielder too, MacAllister.

    But this time there is no way he will not call Enzo. Just like Cuti a year ago wanted by many big teams. This Enzo always wanted by City, MU, and Madrid at least. I also read the Spurs and Arsenal want him too. This time my prediction is the same as Cuti before Copa America: Enzo will be called up and Scaloni sees him as the one he has been looking for.

    I won’t go as far as Enzo is the next big thing after Cuti and Emi Martinez, but the whole process of trying to promote a less superior one in Alexis, and then the more superior one coming in Enzo. We have been through that before. And the result was: Copa America champion.

    • Nice to hear about Enzo Fernandez, Any chance that scaloni calling him for the next matches. If he really wants a river plate player then it should be Enzo, not Armani.

    • This McAllister guy is below average. He has had more than enough chances to prove himself but always flop. Especially in Olympics he was terrible losing 2-0 to Australia but once coach swallowed his pride and started playing Thiago Almada team performed much better.

    • This McAllister guy is below average. He has had more than enough chances to prove himself but always flop. Especially in Olympics he was terrible losing 2-0 to Australia but once coach swallowed his pride and started playing Thiago Almada in next matches team performed much better.

      • I hope you r right about enzo. Also I agree about McAlister, he is a good player, but I don’t think good enough… McAlister would be an asset for alot of teams, but not Argentina, I feel we have a number of players who r better. Also, I’m not a big fan of palacios. If he gets the call and playing time, then I hope I’m wrong. And finally, does anyone know if Dominguez is still being considered ? I hope not

    • I think Senesi will be in the squad soon. He is one of top defender in Europa Cup. I think he needs a chance plus it will be justify as LMQ not even getting match time properly. It will be crime to snub him now as Italian trying to steal him from us

      • Let’s not forget that the Dutch league only has 4 good teams and Senesi often plays against average opposition sides and mediocre attackers. The match with Marseille will be a good test for him.

    • El Principe, I also think the exact same pattern could be happening with Correa, promoted by Scaloni as a Lautaro backup while Alvarez keeps on showing more and more why he should be selected

  10. Dybala will leave for sure. Di Maria is perfect for Juventus as the right wing position is free and he will get to mentor Soule in case they don’t loan out Soule next season. Di Maria still gets the juice. He is still the prime Di Maria.

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