Jeremías Ledesma of Cádiz wants to make Argentina national team for World Cup


Jeremías Ledesma of Cádiz has stated that he wants to be part of the Argentina national team for the World Cup.

Ledesma has had a solid season with Cádiz. He has kept 11 clean sheets, most recently in a 1-0 win vs. FC Barcelona where he made six saves, three of which from inside the penalty area.

The Argentine was the goalkeeper at the recent Olympics where he was one of the better players. Speaking in an interview with ESPN, here is what he had to say:

“I always dream of that call and these matches, like the one against Barcelona, are ones that make it closer to achieve your goal.

“Gero Rulli, “Emi” Martínez, Musso and Franco (Armani) are at a very high level but I have to continue on this path to be closer to that call up.

“It’s difficult that they call you up from an Argentine club if it’s not Boca or River. When I got to Spain, I played two games and they called me up. It’s logical because I am in the second most important league in the world.”


  1. @ vishnuvenu only 4 players are world class in France national team. 1.mbappe 2.benzema 3.coman 4.kante and all others r good to decent but not world class. So they’re not a super team what people think they are.

  2. Aramani gonna be included in squad is what everything wrong with Argentina’s football. No other Football FA/Manager will take this 36 year old useless muppet over the young Energetic blood who is doing extremely well in top level football, But Yeah it doesn’t matter cause the friends,lobbying, connection comes first. I think Argentina is the only Team who are always suicidal with their squad selection/tactics in basically every world cup after 2002. No wonder they have underachived in the tournament. With the talent they produced they could win as many world cup like Brazil by now, But Of course the people who are/were in charge of making decisions had to be idiot every time without exception.

    • Well said. River plate players are having huge preferences over anyone else on the team maybe armani is bigger than Messi. Even scaloni started EMI not on performance only because Armani got covid otherwise he would have been an undisputed starter.
      LMQ is another waste slot being occupied

      • Nobody is bigger than messi. Scaloni said previously only messi is a surity all others will be picked with their form in mind. Armani is picked to satisfy argentine press nothing else

        • @Anuparno
          If Argentina really wants fill the qouta of Domestic league then there are better option than Armani. Alvarez and Enzo Fernandez. Argentina press won’t mind dropping out Armani if Scaloni pick the other 2. I think its more friendship, lobbying rather than Media Pressure

      • @suresh
        That’s why I believe Scaloni is overrated. If Armani never had Covid then Argentina wouldve lost the Copa. There was zero chance Aramani saving 3 penalty against Colombia. Same for 2 crucial saves against Brazil in Final. We only won Copa cause Armani’s misfortune open the door for Emi who was ignored by Scaloni all along. So whats the Credit for winning Copa for Scaloni when it was luck who made the key decision for you ? If TaTa martino had a keeper like Emi than he wouldve won 2 copa America with some eye catching football. Scaloni’s team was painful to watch in knockout games. Ultra defensive like Atletico Madrid.

        • Because we lack great players. We have decent players but only 2-3 are world class. So its better to play defensive otherwise we will be smacked like 2018 knock out match vs France

          • 😂😂If defensive strategy is due to lack of great players means then France should be mentioned first. Look at them played against Belgium. Many Belgium players even reported France defensive football as trash. Is France lacked great players?. So each of our players are world class considering the NT unity. They may look normal in a club team but when putting the NT jersey they are different. Even your prodigies like pedri and gavi or luka Modric can’t match our players desire in the NT.

  3. Liche martinez may follow Erik ten Hag to man utd. I think it will be good move for him even though man utd are going rebuilding process under Erik ten Hag.
    Hey EPL is exciting league to see my boy lich playing there and be successful it will make me very happy , if he move to utd and play well I can see him starting world Cup for us.

    • If Licha follows the coach that knows him well then it is good, although MU is generally not a good place for Argentines but again the competition is tough there as there are Varane and Maguire (no matter how error prone he is, he will always start).

      • Yh I agree it will be a competition for him against Maguire and varane however both will struggle to adapt Erik ten Hag high lane defence stlye especially Maguire who so slow so I can see licha starting over him based the stlye of the manager if the move happen of course … Maguire is English man and it will be very hard to be dropped no matter what but again utd fans had enough of him even sent death threats to him and his family so better for to go and I can see that happen too maybe Newcastle will come for him to 80 million again.
        Argentina not succed man utd is not true .Heinze and tevez even di maria to certain extend all Succed but no veron yes who was overrated to me never like him I remember before 2002 him fall out with his teammates diego Simeone and juan sorin.

        • Correction no remember rather I have recently heard that juan veron had fall out with diego Simeone in 2002 But definitely I remembered him and juan sorin no like each other before 2006 world Cup.

    • You want Licha to go to that cul de sac of a club? Why?
      I really can’t understand why some of you want our boys to go to places like no growth Spurs and Man U, nothing good can come out of it.
      I would be very happy if Licha went to Barca, since Pique isn’t gonna stay much longer, Eric Garcia is FAR from the finshed product while the french pair Lenglet and Umtiti are most likely done with the club, all of this would mean that Licha won’t have too much trouble starting for Barca especially since his ball playing skills is exactly what is required at Barca.

      • @Mamoun
        I read some rumours that licha will link up with Erik ten Hag at man utd,I like EPL and I think man utd will be different under ten Hag. i will never want licha to go utd if wasn’t under ten Hag having said that all your points are very valid and legit as always plus I heard xavi wants to bring him to fcb too which I would love to. all I want is licha move to big league if its fcb under xavi great if man utd under ten Hag good.

  4. Argentina defence is fully loaded for WC 2022.
    CB- C.Romero, Otamendi, Lisandro Martinez, Pezella
    LB-Tagliafico, Acuna, Medina

  5. J correa in the left wing is more than good. He is also good at counter attacking and when had space made beautiful splitting passes and can cut inside and take a shot. I am against him playing as a CF. He is a true left winger. Would be impactful against teams like Mexico and Poland.

    • We don’t need players for Mexico and poland we can manage them tell about someone who can contribute again Netherlands, spain, Brazil, Germany, france etc

      • It’s all in the hands of our master brain scaloni. Our team has the versatility and unpredictability moreover most of them knows each other like their family members. That means any player can easily adapt to scalonis plan. Till 2019 copa locking Messi was a way to shut Argentina. Now the team has grown in such a shape that scaloni could make tactics with that opposition plan of locking Messi and the strength of the opposition team. And if dybala is considered out of scalonis plan then it is a right decision.

  6. This guy Ledesma. He needs to cool it and take a seat and not add any complexities to our call up.

    Ocampos was great today. Papu also held his area of the field well and kept defenders marking close.
    Ocampos may get a call up, but I like how he was playing somewhat as a defensive midfielder throughout segments of the match

      • Pappu and Messi combination against group round teams would be great. That would make our attacking threat more against teams like Saudi. I think the only team we can make use of papu as forward in the LW.

        • Oh for sure I agree. Papu is already on the list of call ups for this world cup unless some bad twist and injury. He is in the 2nd tier of players for us, actually he is top of the 2nd tier for us…so he is always considered to maybe start or be substituted in any match.
          Acuna also did well today, as he is a first tier player for us, in that he will be chosen as he is 75 percent starter unless injured, suspended or tagla gets the start.
          (Our first tier Messi, DePaul dimaria, locelso, lauturo, paredes otamendi, Romero and molina
          2nd tier is papu, tagla, Nico g, Correa, LMartinez, Montiel, lucho, pezzela)

          • I don’t agree with ur 2nd tier theory surely nico Gonzalez is a starter and its humiliating for lisandro Martinez for terming him as a 2nd tier he is even better than Romero or otamendi

  7. did ocampos ever played as Right back. if he played in right back position how was his defence.. he could be better option than foyth.. if his defence is decent as right back bcs foyth is not good in offence

    • He has, once, it was in the CL last season or the season before and he did pretty decent and I don’t think he’d be too bad if he played like that for Argentina also but with Molina, Montiel and maybe Foyth Argentina isn’t desperate anymore for a RB like they were pre-copa.

    • Its a world cup not a ping pong cup that u try forwards in defense converting a player to a new position takes years of time foyth or Molina is enough

      • 😂 ping pong cup.
        Yo u r right about Nico in 2nd tier as he starts.
        And u may be right about L Martinez being better than our starting defenders …. But in pecking order he is 2nd tier. My theory on second tier is the order that they have been played and utilized. Both Romero and ota have started more that Martinez.

  8. This 26 man roster perhaps is our current best:
    3 – Emi, Rulli, Musso
    8 – Romero, Acuna, Medina, Otamendi, Foyth, Molina, Licha, Montiel
    8 – Paredes, De Paul, Lo Celso, Papu, Guido, Di Maria, Dominguez (?), Enzo(?)
    7 – Lautaro, Messi, Ocampos, Nico, A. Correa, J. Correa, Alario/Alvarez

    • Teglafico will be there as LB…. Alvarez is going 100%. Only one of enzo or dominguez. One from EPL. Bundie/lanzini/mac allster.. Ocampus/ correa/ dybala… One of them. ++++ senesi…. There is chance of him

      • You’re right…Totally forgot about Tagliafico! I would definitely want a like for like replacement in the forward line for Lautaro but would probably prefer Dybala there as he wouldn’t fit in unless Messi is below par/injured. I will keep the rest of them and not have Alvarez (He’ll get his spot if he performs in Europe well later… ) as well as only one of the Correas depending on who’s in form prior to the WC.

  9. In-form Ocampos is a big asset because of his characteristics. He can play in a number of positions too: LWF, RWF, CF and even RB. However, when given a chance for us he did not exactly shine. Still, if he is in good shape by the WC I would be tempted to include him.

    • He’s hardworking, technical and physical but at times not penetrating enough when he’s not on his game and that’s what’s stopping him from being a regular starter. But you are right, definitely worth it considering he can play several roles similar to Acuna and Foyth…We’ll need these types of players for those 7 games.

    • We have a lot of players who are good in defending and tackling. Our mid field trio are all good in man marking and defending. Just we need a player who can attack and take the game away from quality oppositions. Look at di Maria who made headache to Brazil in the copa final. Ocampos is not really needed. We must aware about circumstances when we trail in a match and at that time we need perfect players in attack. Just remember that 0-0 qualifiers against Paraguay and how many chances j correa missed. A true CF is a must.

  10. Today also Ledesma playing superb. Stopped a penalty..they scored in rebound though…

    I wish all inform players selected for the WC. I have hope in Scaloni.

    • Yep i am the biggest supporterof him in this form. I really like him he is complete asset give 100% to defence and attack.
      Technics and physicality he is a modern day gem

  11. Scolani should use anyone but Armani but i know it is just a wish. Only hope is Armani carry black magic so we could win World Cup 2022.

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