Argentina FA, the AFA confirm they will appeal to TAS game vs. Brazil


The Argentina FA, the AFA, have released a statement confirming that they will appeal to TAS the game vs. Brazil.

Argentina do not want to replay the World Cup qualifying game vs. Brazil. The match, which was stopped after only 5 minutes in September, has yet to be played.

FIFA released a statement on Monday announcing that the match would have to be played. However, as we reported, the AFA were set to appeal the decision.

Following FIFA’s decision, the AFA have released a statement announcing that they will appeal their decision to TAS as they do not want to play the game.


  1. There is no point of playing that game. We already know who are we possibly gonna play in semifinal of world Cup and fifa wants us to play qualifying game. Ridiculous

  2. Usually the home team is penalized in these circumstances but since its FIFA’s favorite child they won’t! I personally prefer to play this match as we need a team strong enough to test us. AFA should try to move this match to Europe to reduce the unnecessary traveling atleast!!

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