Enzo Fernández to join Benfica from River Plate


Enzo Fernández will be joninig Benfica from River Plate!

Fernández will join Benfica at the end of the Copa Libertadores. Per Pedro Sepúlveda, an agreement has been reached between Benfica and River Plate for €18 millino.

The 21 year old midfielder had been linked to several clubs. As we reported earlier this week, AC Milan and Wolverhampton were also interested in signing the Argentine.

Benfica have a rich history of Argentine players at the club. Most notably Ángel Di María, Ezequiel Garay, Pablo Aimar, Javier Saviola, Nicolás Otamendi, Eduardo Salvio, Nicolás Gaitan and Enzo Pérez.


  1. Portugal league is perfect for midfielders: Vitinha, Fabio, James Rodriguez, Joao Mario, Renato Sanchez, Witsel, Danilo, William Carvalho, Moutinho, Bruno Fernandes, Bernardo Silvia all signed in big clubs

  2. Most idiotic decision by Enzo Fernandez. If you go to Benfica why not go right away?? For enzo copa libretederos is more important than world cup?? 🤦‍♂️ with no European football he has practically no chance. That’s his biggest opportunity lost. He maybe playing next addition in 2026 bt u never know u maybe off form at the time u maybe injured also there will be no messi, dimaria so team will be most probably not among wc favorites like now. And even Argentina nt would have immensely benefitted with his inclusion.

  3. Im dreaming eye opened. My best 26 :

    1) E. Martinez
    2) J. Musso
    3) F. Armani

    4) N. Otamendi
    5) C. Romero
    6) L. Martinez
    7) M. Senesi
    8) J. Foyt
    9) N. Molina
    10) G. Montiel
    11) N. Tagliafico
    12) M. Acuña
    13) G. Pezzella

    14) A. Di Maria
    15) R. De Paul
    16) G. Lo Celso
    17) L. Paredes
    18) G. Rodriguez
    19) E. Fernandez
    20) E. Palacios

    21) L. Messi
    22) L. Martinez
    23) P. Dybala
    24) J. Alvarez
    25) A. Correa
    26) N. Gonzalez

    Please Lord, make everybody fit, and bring us to the TOP !!!

  4. This is a good move. This is better than going to a big club of Europe. You still play in UCL, which is high level of competition and has tremendous visibility. Like Godin said below, if he is good and develops he will go like some others have recently.

    I will ask you to notice what is happening with Portugal. There are lot of players who are making big moves from Portuguese league. Darwin and Luis Diaz for example. There are also lot of demands for coaches from Portugal. They have developed the modern game well and therefore producing well groomed modern players. Hence the demand. Whereas, Italy is old school and league is falling behind. the players are also not developing well. Hence, I am more excited our players going to Portugal compared to Italy. Portugal is a better stepping stone to get to next level.

  5. Respected journalist Cesar Luis Merlo wrote on Twitter: “Alexandro Bernabei, a 21-year-old winger, will arrive in Scotland this week. Once he has passed the medical check-ups he will sign for five years with Celtic. Lanus sold 90 per cent of the economic rights and kept 10 per cent.”

  6. Benfica It’s great place for enzo to start his career in Europe, I can see Benfica selling him over 50 million euros in few years .

  7. Very good team to start a European career with. If he is as good as advertised, in the second of third year, a big club will buy him for sure as it is the case with Darwin Nunez, Luis Diaz, Viera, etc.

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