Nicolás Otamendi, Enzo Fernández, Nicolás Tagliafico, Lucas Alario play on Friday


Four Argentine players could be playing on Friday with the start of the major European leagues getting underway.

Nicolás Otamendi and Enzo Fernández are both in the Benfica team for their opening league match of the season vs. Arouca. Enzo scored his first goal for the club on Wednesday in the Champions League.

In France, Nicolás Tagliafico could make his Lyon debut. The 29 year old signed for Lyon just a few weeks ago as he joined them from Ajax.

The Argentine has also been included in the Lyon team for their match vs. Ajaccio on Friday.

Lucas Alario could make his club debut for his new club. The Argentine joined Europa League champions Eintracht Frankfurt from Bayer Leverkusen and they play league champions Bayern Munich.


  1. nico gonzales is integrated player in scaloni system. when he play and find ball in the middle of the field he tries to speed up but weakness in his play is that his holding onto the ball little poor, and whenever he finds himself crowded he becomes slow in decision making, he has pace , and he is good in air, he is one important player strategically but argentina has some new strength, new jewel in that part of the game that is gernacho, i see garnacho important player for scaloni in this world cup, he could be a trump card for scaloni in this world cup.

    gernacho is must included player, a lot of people may says he is still young he needs more time.. this is really big wrong

  2. Can someone please tell me when the Argentina all or nothing series will be released in the USA?
    I know that this is Roy’s sight, but my God every date the guy has put out on release in the USA has been wrong, including his tweet on July 22 saying it would be released in the USA in two weeks, which is today, and still nothing. Any accurate information would be greatly appreciated.

  3. Watching Benfica live Enzo with another volley goal between the goalkeeper legs.i am thinking he will get another bid in the same transfer window from man city if Bernardo leaves

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