Argentine players in the Champions League: Lautaro Martinez, Cristian Cuti Romero


The Champions League continues on Tuesday with a possibility of 11 Argentine players taking part in the games.

Leonardo Balerdi and Marseille host Sporting in the early game on Tuesday. Marseille presently lead 2-1 in the first half.

Lautaro Martínez and Joaquín Correa host FC Barcelona. Lautaro is a doubt for the game while Correa is healthy.

Rodrigo De Paul, Ángel Correa and Nahuel Molina travel to play Club Brugge. Simeone’s Atletico Madrid are on three points after two games.

Lucas Ocampos and Ajax host Gio Simeone and Napoli. Ajax are on three points with Napoli leading the group with six points.

Lucas Alario and Eintracht Frankfurt host Cristian Cuti Romero and Tottenham Hotspur. Both teams are on three points in the group. Here are the games involving Argentine players:

Olympique Marseille (Leonardo Balerdi) vs. Sporting

Inter (Lautaro Martínez and Joaquín Correa) vs. FC Barcelona

Atletico Madrid (Rodrigo De Paul, Ángel Correa and Nahuel Molina) vs. Club Brugge

Ajax (Lucas Ocampos) vs. Napoli (Gio Simeone)

Eintracht Frankfurt (Lucas Alario) vs. Tottenham Hotspur (Cristian Cuti Romero)


    • balerdi , perez they still needs time to fully matured,
      but this man facundo medina he is ready in player due to his fine level of concentration, obviosly he will increase level of defence in team, but he lack Aeriel ability this is the only things leveling down gift another great defender for argentina, he has height but somereason his aeriel ability is not good like romero, i’m really frustrated about his aerial strength otherwise, romero,medina,lisandro three world class level defensive player could have in this term

        • he is 3x times better than pezella, only advantage pezella has his air ability, yes his passes and long passes are very good, he is a pitbull type of player as like as lisandro, i wish he could improve in air

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